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    That said, a little humility from the SNP's supporters wouldn't go amiss. The SNP don't have a monopoly on knowledge and would be better respected if they learned to tolerate differing points of view a little more. I have been "Yes" since the late 1980s and the SNP has come on so much since that time. But there are elements of their talk-left-act-right agenda that may come back to haunt them in the medium term. I think they are wrong on council tax and wrong on income tax. They also need to be careful not to let complacency and arrogance in. That's what killed new Labour at the turn of the century, with a similarly massive majority. Well, that and Tony Blair going mad. No one expects anything other than a vast SNP win next year. But a victory delivered on the back of a now slightly tarnished lustre and the laughably pisspoor quality of the main opposition parties can ring slightly hollow. Time for the SNP to be a bit bolder I think, rather than creeping around trying not to offend anybody. A visionary plan for a second majority term is needed along with the guts to see it through.
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    Well Ross, seeing as you're a long term member that actually contributes to the site I will be happy to complete it. Those c***s that join for solely that purpose and ask us to fill it in with their first posts can f**k off.
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    Scott Brown player/manager/lego-eater.
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    Gerry Rafferty : Baker Street
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    They aren't, they are claiming that they are being penalised for not employing enough teachers regardless of their intentions. I know that in Aberdeen City and Shire there have been massive problems in recruitment of teachers, especially secondary schools. Aberdeenshire had to pony up £8000 relocation assistance and reduced rent accommodation to fill their vacancies. Meanwhile Aberdeen City have spent £700,000 on advertisements for teaching positions and have "lost" £300k of funding for not being successful. The current policy from the SNP government is lunacy and the sooner they recognise this the better it will be for kids at school.
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    Gareth Glasgow is the biggest welt on this board. Worse than they St Johnstone wanks.
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    I've got to say, all this "I'm not going to back down" stuff from Lyle is pretty embarrassing. It might be an idea if he grew up a bit. Having watched the highlights, there's no doubt that the match just ends bizarrely. It looks to me as if the ref was fed up with Queens' antics and wanted to punish them. He did so however, via an option that wasn't actually available to him. I don't have a great deal of sympathy over us being a man down at the time of the goal though if I'm being honest. We had no need to be and if the scoreline had been different, I think Hutton would probably have just got on with it.
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    My opinion of him went from shite Cafu to white Cafu the moment he put that delightful ball onto Peaso's head for us to win the Championship. Get well soon Gary. You'll get a gig at Morten or St Mirren or something.
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    I'm pretty certain that Charles Green was a Protestant.
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    Rolling Stones - Under My Thumb
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    It's all very well saying that, but what evidence is there that they're not sitting back and relaxing? I can't think of much that really defines a direction the Scottish government are currently taking, other than treading water and not upsetting anyone. A lot of big talk, but I'm not seeing too much action.
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    “He was arrested and taken to the police station. “During the course of the journey he requested officers to pull over immediately and rape him in a lay-by. “He repeatedly shouted, ‘Pump me.’ to both police officers throughout the journey.”
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    As a fully paid up member of the tinfoil hat brigade, I feel I need no explanation. Ok the truth but don't blame me if you can't handle it. The tinfoil is actually mirrored gaffer tape, it's holding on the fake Morrissey quiff on top of the helmet. The shirt has wee images that have been ironed on, the pictures are from sponsors. I rode the bike from Pilton to Waverley station then took the train (with a fellow cyclist bedecked in similar garb) to Piccadilly station in Manchester & we cycled to the Salford Lads Club, Ordsall & met up with the rest of the bikers on the Bigmouth Bikes Again ride, we cycled around Morrissey's Manchester landmarks (get yourself a copy of the book Morrissey's Manchestert, you might recognize 1 of the names on the credit page). The Lads clubs roof was falling in so we raised money to help get it fixed. & that dear friends is how I met Frank Sidebottom. Grimbo
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    "Er, John McBeth es bueno, Senor Blatter es el diablo"
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    How many picks do we get? For Worst can I just put 'Hibs' to save me listing them all individually?
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    I don't like the idea of folk pumping my sister but that's because she has been dead for a couple of years now!
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    What's everyone's problem with EWB? The guy is not long in the door and it seems he is already being hounded out by a select few.
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    Glorious. If we are struggling for injuries I've heard he's a decent centerhoff.
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    Can you post a link to evidence of anyone undermining Bollan? Or anyone "gunning for his job". People seem to take unfounded opinions on here as fact.
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    Rolling Stones : Street Fighting Man
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    That's the fucking worst chant in the world. I've heard it at most of our games this season. I even heard it in the background on Open All Mics on Saturday. Please stop it, now.
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    My Chemical Romance - Welcome To The Black Parade
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    Aye but warbs has harmed and threatened no woman in the process
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    Presbyterian food. Baked beans. Wee orange b*****ds
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    Stubbs basically doing the "The referee got the decision spot on in my opinion" option from FM when you get a goal which was clearly a mile offside voice there
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    Yes, maybe if he starts posting obvious spelling mistakes , we will all think he meant it and wasn't a fanny.Eta, no doubt on of his fellow Klan members will red dot this for him, probably the multi banned racist.
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    To be fair I don't think MT at any point "insists" that it's a penalty, just that he can understand why it was given. I'm sure can probably all agree on the undeniable fact that Willie Collum is an absolute shambles of a referee and that Rangers both having a dodgy penalty awarded against them, then missing a dodgy one given to them in stoppage time was fucking comical.
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    Agreed. They're making themselves look rather foolish now, even moreso since yesterday';s highlights are now available. And "the guy is a busy man etc etc" just doesn't wash, Pollok people. We demand to see the evidence - you know you want to!!
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    All I can say is Well played Falkirk , the way things are going j would take a point next week , utter shite
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    Well the game was a pisser but when I found out Collum was ref I put £50 on a penalty being awarded. So every cloud.
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    If you think religion is a lot of divisive shite then check out the politics forum on here. Religion isn't the problem. People are just arseholes.
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    Gone back and added. The people get what the people want. Now quit greeting.
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    Not all SNP supporters *are* strongly in favour of EU membership, although the party is. Broadly I am, as an SNP voter. The European Union *isn't* "so similar to the British Union" - many British Nationalists just like to claim that the EU is somehow plotting to turn several nations into one sovereign state (the "ever closing union" they're always banging on about). Apparently this is a bad, bad thing, because incorporating union is terrible and something we must pull out of the current EU in fear at the very prospect of. Yet Rees-Mogg, whilst telling horror stories about loss of sovereignty and dangerously close union beckoning gleefully cheers on the loss of sovereignty and incorporating union that *already* exists on these islands. In fact, he actually pretended last night not to recognise a difference between the semi-federal EU and the incorporating UK, which I don't believe for a second he isn't fully aware of. The pretended ignorance simply suited his attack on the SNP position. I have no problem with people who want out of the EU and the UK (although to me it seems isolationist); or people who want out of the UK but not the looser EU (as one is an incorporating union and one is not); or people who want out of the EU but not the UK (that's the British nationalist position which also threatens isolationism to me); or people who want to be in both (the British nationalist position which believes in the ability to retain Westminster sovereignty within the loose EU). However, people who claim to be unable to understand how the SNP can wish to remain in a semi-federal union of sovereign states but wish to leave an incorporating union of regions which gave up sovereignty are either slow-witted or pretending to be slow-witted to score political points by appealing to the slow-witted.
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    Since it went all-in in 2007-08 it's Lochee-Ayr (2008-09 R3)... off 5 times, took 18 days. Sat 29 Nov ... P-P Sat 06 Dec ... P-P Mon 08 Dec ... P-P Wed 10 Dec ... P-P Mon 15 Dec ... P-P Wed 17 Dec ... played* *finished in a draw - replayed went ahead at first time of asking on Tue 23 Dec Alternatively it's Inverurie-Motherwell (2008-09 R4)... off 4 times, took 23 days. Sat 10 Jan ... P-P Tue 20 Jan ... P-P Mon 26 Jan ... P-P Wed 28 Jan ... P-P Mon 02 Feb ... played If you're including replays then Stenhousemuir 2-2 Threave Rovers was played on 2010-11's R3 day, Sat 20th Nov... however the replay didn't go ahead until Wed 12th Jan after suffering 15 postponements . Went past R4, completed 53 days after 2-2. Sat 27 Nov ... P-P Mon 29 Nov ... P-P Wed 01 Dec ... P-P Mon 06 Dec ... P-P Wed 08 Dec ... P-P Mon 13 Dec ... P-P Wed 15 Dec ... P-P Mon 20 Dec ... P-P Wed 22 Dec ... P-P Mon 27 Dec ... P-P Wed 29 Dec ... P-P Mon 03 Jan ... P-P Wed 05 Jan ... P-P Sat 08 Jan ... P-P (this was R4 day) Mon 10 Jan ... P-P Wed 12 Jan ... played
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    Always thought she wasn't human, never mind a female.
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    was it an Albino guinea pig ? Poor thing.
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    Rangers fans deserve abuse whether they're children or not.
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