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    Sportsmanship is a load of pish anyway, it's a stupid concept that is filled with double standards and inconstancy. It isn't Hibs fault that Colvin is grossly incompetent and we had 3 centre halves unable to deal with a crossed ball. A polite applause from 300 people at a random league match in December doesn't mean very much if Rangers win the league by a point. The sacrosanct etiquette about drop balls is hypocritical seeing as football is probably the least ethical sport in the world, from the top of my head a great chunk of the game is filled with cynical play when: A player dives A player claims a throw in when they touched it last. Pulling shirts at corners to stop jumping Faking injuries handball not being 10 yards at a freekick moving forward at a throw in elbowing people timewasting kicking the ball away when the referee stops play Generally being a dick to the referee Football is almost entirely built upon generations and generations of cheating, if you want to be concerned about the spirit of the game, go watch some cricket or become a primary school teacher. Personally I wouldn't care if we had a team consisting entirely of cheats, WUMs, hatchet men and Iain Russell. If anything being able to cheat effectively and get away with it is an attribute that should be desirable in any form of life and separates us from the animals.
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    "All Jocks are c***s" - Jimmy Hill, May 1974. "The Scots can lick my fucking rim" - Jimmy Hill, February 1984. "I would nuke Scotland if I could." - Jimmy Hill, April 1993. "Bunch of ginger headed, skirt wearing wankers" - Jimmy Hill, October 2006. "Where am I again?" - Jimmy Hill, November 2015.
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    Got asked if I wanted to work on the 27th, even though the office is closed. We've a fairly heavy workload at the minute so they're throwing incentives for us to work over Christmas. Me and three others have bagged a whopping £44 an hour overtime rate for the Sunday.
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    That said, a little humility from the SNP's supporters wouldn't go amiss. The SNP don't have a monopoly on knowledge and would be better respected if they learned to tolerate differing points of view a little more. I have been "Yes" since the late 1980s and the SNP has come on so much since that time. But there are elements of their talk-left-act-right agenda that may come back to haunt them in the medium term. I think they are wrong on council tax and wrong on income tax. They also need to be careful not to let complacency and arrogance in. That's what killed new Labour at the turn of the century, with a similarly massive majority. Well, that and Tony Blair going mad. No one expects anything other than a vast SNP win next year. But a victory delivered on the back of a now slightly tarnished lustre and the laughably pisspoor quality of the main opposition parties can ring slightly hollow. Time for the SNP to be a bit bolder I think, rather than creeping around trying not to offend anybody. A visionary plan for a second majority term is needed along with the guts to see it through.
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    Wonderful news, the best Christmas present ever!
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    I'd like to nominate myself for both the best Rangers poster and the worst Sevco poster.
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    Alloa Athletic: Best - Big Fat Tabby Dave - Just seems like a loveable big bear Worst - Wilkinson1998 Dumbarton: Best - the Sonsteam of 08 Worst - 3rd rock from the sun - bit harsh I can't really recall a lot of their posters Falkirk: Best - Marshmallo - comes across as a good lad Worst - Bejizz - complete moron that is a dooms merchant pretty non existent recently probably because he has nothing to moan about. Greenock Morton: Best - Dunning1874. Worst - vikingTON - his patter is outdated and laced with tedious drivel Hibs: Best - The Grass Is Greener - another good lad that doesn't descend into the constant smiley face brigade hibs have on here. I'm guessing he is about ages with me (in his twenties) so he's a good yin Worst - Doyle by a country mile. I get the impression he still drops his trousers right down to his ankles when doing a pish at a urinal Livingston: Best - EdinburghLivi Worst - meh Raith Rovers: Best - Scary Bear. Worst - Zen Archer. Puns are shite. Rangers: Best - calum_gers - gracious in defeat Worst - Tedi - trying to justify getting stuff thrown at you is part and parcel of attending a football game was very cringeworthy. St. Mirren Best - Lex Worst - meh Queen of the South Best - PalmyCammy Worst - Monkey Tennis - some sort of obsession with Falkirk and posts on anything and everything to do with Falkirk. Still living in the past thinking Queens have some sort of rivalry with Falkirk bringing up the fact they finished above us last season then hit us with his usual tag line - "its a multi Club Forum"
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    Bollan on balance did a good job with no money at Airdrie, and his face clearly doesn't fit now Jim Ballantyne is no longer chairman. He did well enough at the perpetually insolvent car crash that is the Franchise. Forfar, until the last few weeks, have been where all the Angus clubs want to be; top half of League One with a good shout of going up via the play-offs. And now you have appointed a manager who has a track record of getting Airdrie out of tight relegation situations and has had them in the play off hunt at the right end of the table. Forfar is a plum job for a part time manager at present. Honestly, what more do you guys want? there's no pleasing some of the Stadlers and Waldorfs in the Station Park support. it's not like Mournho or Pep Guardiola were in the pipeline but withdrew when they heard Gary Bollan lived round the corner. I was at the game when Forfar finished bottom of the table in 2008. The progress made under Dick Campbell is remarkable, on the whole. I really can't see Gary Bollan ruining it.
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    I've always felt this was an unfair argument in that it suggests Guardiola just had everything handed to him on a plate through taking over a side with great players. In reality, Guardiola's Barcelona were one of the best club sides ever because Guardiola made them one of the best club sides ever. Guardiola took over a team that had just finished third, 18 points behind Real Madrid and 10 behind Villarreal. He won a treble in his first season. They'd had Xavi, Iniesta & Messi the previous season and hadn't gotten close to that kind of success because simply having those players didn't guarantee anything: it was playing under Guardiola that elevated them to being that ridiculously good when Rijkaard simply couldn't get that much out of them. Messi went from scoring 16 goals in Rijkaard's last season to scoring 38 in Guardiola's first. Obviously inheriting great players is a significant advantage, but it's hardly a coincidence that Messi improved that much. His improvement was down to Guardiola making him the focal point of the team, just as Xavi and Iniesta played the best football of their careers under him. It didn't happen by accident. It was Guardiola who introduced a system that played to all of their strengths, it was Guardiola who in that first summer alone got rid of Ronaldinho, Deco & Zambrotta and rebuilt the side, bringing in Pique, Alves and promoting Busquets to the first team. Playing under Guardiola was a significant factor in Messi becoming the player he is. Barcelona were so good and so successful because Pep Guardiola is a brilliant manager, not because he just happened to inherit some good players.
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    Just like 'Rangers, 1872-2012' then.
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    "It was the company not the club"
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    For anyone unfamiliar with 'Go the f**k to Sleep': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pk9Akeby12s
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    Matthew Southern Comfort - Woodstock
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    Know! I'm knot saying. I do knot want John Lennon (peace loving wife beater) or Neil Lemon (wife beater, burd threatener) bit dont mind Danny. That i do no.
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    Well Ross, seeing as you're a long term member that actually contributes to the site I will be happy to complete it. Those c***s that join for solely that purpose and ask us to fill it in with their first posts can f**k off.
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    Here's 3 things the SNP could do that would give them the appearance of a radical cutting edge without costing too much: 1. Raise income tax by 1p to cover the cost of protecting local authority spending on education. I'm sorry, but people have to see that if they want good public services then they come at a cost. This fantasy land of magical public services being provided without an increae in tax needs to be broken. For 30 years, as voters, we have expected Scandianvian style public services on Thatcher levels of tax. it doesn't work. 2. Urgently re-visit the Forth ferry crossing /hovercraft crossing which, if it had actually been invested in, would be taking a lot of the strain off roads. The SNP are addicted to roads; majorly the wrong long term transport and environmental strategy. 3. nationalise Trump's fucking golf course and let it go back to nature, without compensation, thereby drawing a line under Salmond's shameful kow-towing a few years ago and active intervention to promote the buffoon's fantasy bullshit about "thousands of jobs being created". None of these policies are hugely radical or frightening of too many horses. But ti woiuld get people talking about the SNP as a radical party of government, willing to take bold decisions, rather than the dour penny pinching grey suited pragmatists they are becoming.
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    Fantastic, something to do while I'm having lunch. Same procedure applies as the Premiership, looking at each team's thread and picking from the most prominent who have left an impact on me. Alloa Athletic: Best - Waspy Worst - Wilkinson1998 Dumbarton: Best - Do you even have a thread? Not that I'm being lazy or anything but the Sonsteam of 08 guy was actually my first thought. Worst - partridgeshrug.gif Falkirk: Best - An assortment of good posters from this lot, I'll say... Rugster. Worst - It is important to note that while whichever one of the Falkirk fans to have a three letter name beginning with Ga- and 1876 in their username, the one that loves Hibs is truly awful, yet still capable of posting relatively sensibly about football. Not even just his own team, sometimes. So, Mr Bairn wins this. A borderline sociopathic troll who would no doubt have shit views on football if I'd ever seen him post any. Greenock Morton: Best - Dunning1874. The boy with the Patrick Harvie avatar always has something insightful to say. Worst - vikingTON. I don't think he's their worst poster, I'm just tickled by the idea of him being voted as such and the meltdown it would induce. This scramble for relevance should at least give him some comfort in that he can insult me as a no-mark of some sort. Hibs: Best - A tie between The Grass is Greener and Mon Dieu. I genuinely can't pick between either of them. All the #flamegang boys are top, top lads, though. Worst - Doyle. Fucking hell. Livingston: Best - EdinburghLivi seems reasonable. Also seems to only post about football. Worst - There seems to be a tradition on this board of Livi trolls. I also seem to have missed it, but the spirit lives on in Ayia Napa Daz. Grim. Raith Rovers: Best - A lot more names I recognise fondly here than I was expecting, I'll go with Scary Bear. Worst - Zen Archer. Puns are shite. Rangers: Best - calum_gers is the only one I've never seen post about Rangers, he wins by default. Worst - bennett. Imagine having competition like Tedi, No 8, The_Kincardine and thepundit and being worse. He gets it for the utter beigeness of his inadequacy, while the others have some hallmark of atrociousness bennett is purely consistently terrible. Runner-up goes to 8MileBU who is presumably afraid to admit to being one of them full time. Always worth a giggle when there's a meltdown and the mask slips, though. St. Mirren Best - shull. Hero. Worst - When I first started posting on here one of the first things I remember seeing was a quote in someone's signature. It was a quote of Stuart Cosgrove, presumably from the radio mentioning a poster on Pie & Bovril who always supported his team, how this was good and admirable, yadda yadda yadda. I thought "hmm, here is a poster whose views presumably demand some sort of respect." Then I started reading Lex's posts and realised what a mistake I'd made. Imagine all of Rico's worst attributes magnified and made more hilarious by adding in delusions of expectation for his shitey team. Awful, awful poster. Queen of the South Best - Sloop John B. Good c**t. Worst - Mr. X is named after something from the 12th series of The Simpsons, so he's clearly a complete deviant.
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    Having seen the highlights, it looks a lot of nothing. Yes, the referee made a haggis of the drop ball, but poor defending cost Queens the goal in the end. From some of the early reactions on here you'd have thought that the referee dropped it at his own feet, took it himself and whacked it home using Derek Lyle's flute.
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    Knife wielding cretin welcomed back with open arms. Celtic fans
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    Scott Brown player/manager/lego-eater.
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    Gerry Rafferty : Baker Street
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    The grown man in the Sevco end giving it the 'w****r' gestures with both hands at the Falkirk penalty, jumping up and down when he thought it had been saved was magnificent.
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    What happened to Livi TV? That was one of the best highlight packages in the lower leagues.
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    While there may well be an issue with Colvin's usual, incompetent handling of the situation, all Hibs won was possession at a different part of their own half then before the break in play. Playing on from that position should absolutely be expected, much in the same way that if Colvin awarded a ridiculous foul, the beneficiary at no point gifts the ball back to the opponent to compensate. Indeed, Yoss's hail to the Corinthian values of sport flies in the face of the non-award of a probable foul in the build-up to his own side's equaliser on Friday evening. Raith didn't and of course shouldn't have waited on the officials to make the decision for them, and took advantage on the park. That's how the game has always worked, and a serious reality check is required by some on here. The undoubted highlight of the thread has to be SD's return to form in claiming that it was a "robbery". This is, of course, the same poster who spent quite some time constructing a forensic, still footage analysis to 'prove' that a Morton midfielder was committing a grave crime by, erm, tieing his shoelaces in the Queens' half at a restart, fifteen minutes into a match that Morton already led 2-0. It's been a while since he let his mask slip again, but it's always delicious, tear-sprayed viewing when it happens.
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    When they're referencing you, everyone does.
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    We're more the lyrical Edward Elgar types, really. That being said, sorry Eddy. If you want to compose for The Rangers that tash has to go.
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    Yeah, it's thanks to Derek Adams that we think Jackson Irvine's pathetic penalty claim and subsequent whining are embarrassing.
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    I'm pretty certain that Charles Green was a Protestant.
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    Stealers Wheel - Stuck In The Middle With You
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    SNP support by age; 16-34: 72% 35-54: 64% 55+: 43%
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    As a fully paid up member of the tinfoil hat brigade, I feel I need no explanation. Ok the truth but don't blame me if you can't handle it. The tinfoil is actually mirrored gaffer tape, it's holding on the fake Morrissey quiff on top of the helmet. The shirt has wee images that have been ironed on, the pictures are from sponsors. I rode the bike from Pilton to Waverley station then took the train (with a fellow cyclist bedecked in similar garb) to Piccadilly station in Manchester & we cycled to the Salford Lads Club, Ordsall & met up with the rest of the bikers on the Bigmouth Bikes Again ride, we cycled around Morrissey's Manchester landmarks (get yourself a copy of the book Morrissey's Manchestert, you might recognize 1 of the names on the credit page). The Lads clubs roof was falling in so we raised money to help get it fixed. & that dear friends is how I met Frank Sidebottom. Grimbo
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    County fans are always pretty sound. They usually have loads in the Woodside on their visits down here but there wasn't many in on Saturday, the few who I got talking to were decent sorts. The levels of seethe they generated in the regulars by taking over the Woodside last season (or the season before maybe?) in their Hawaiian gear was excellent. The cheek of the absolute b*****ds having fun on an away trip.
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    He's from linwood, home to the detritus and gutter sweepings of Paisley.
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    From one Roar to another. Give the job to Katy.
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    A nice wee away day is preferable on Boxing Day anyway. It's easier to smile when forced to mingle with the family members you've purposely avoided all year if you know there's a good day out the next day. You feel like youve earned it.
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    Numerous bad challenges on Gary McMenamin left out at least five especially those by Frye who should of got his marching orders 1st half by all accounts. Every red card left out. Least we clocked the expression of the pollok management when Rob Roy scored and the reaction by one of them to Gary McMenamin celebrating the goal this will explain the scenes at the end. Thanks anyway you do a good job in general nice editing . Never noticed you posting footage before with just the 'football bits ' not so sure you would have done this if it was the other way around.
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    If true at least he's ambitious leaving to continue his management career at a bigger club
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    Met Bobby before and not impressed, total del boy character. JA has my complete support because I have at least met him and aired my views, which is alien to most posters on here. Easy question find a replacement who will work for free and do the job, sorry if I fail to see the queue. As per far to easy to moan actually doing something about it is far different. Team going really well but still not enough for some folk.
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    Always thought she wasn't human, never mind a female.
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