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    Outstanding finish from the "Blue Cafu" today.
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    Morning Looking for some help from as many football fans as possible regarding a survey I’m conducting for my university dissertation. I’m looking at improving the relationship between Football Fans and their Clubs and also improve Fan’s overall experience with Scottish Football. I’m trying to get as many different views and opinions of fans from teams across Scotland as I'm sure fans from every team will have lots of different opinions on the issues. It should take no more than 10 minutes and by completing the questionnaire you are also entered into a draw for a £15 Amazon voucher! Here’s the link: https://strathbusiness.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_8HMD9AiSXbVmKa1 Thanks in Advance Kimberley
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    If you do, don't forget to pay the tax.
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    Game is on. Park is still a bit soggy but it will be fine.
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    Earlier on today a muslim guy in front of me dropped his wallet. I caught up with him and gave him his wallet back. He was very grateful and said to me "Don't go to the Celtic game today". When I asked "Why not?" he replied "Because they're playing tomorrow".
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    If we had Jan-Apr 2014 Higgy in this team instead of Amoo, we'd be smashing.
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    Silly, silly goals to give away but a great performance, team didn't let the early blow affect them. If Samuel had come on a few minutes earlier who knows what might've happened. Then again, I was calling for him to replace McCluskey seconds before that delicious finish. Rangers tear-stained missile throwing is an obvious highlight as well. GIRFUY you dirty, sectarian, dead, bigoted b*****ds.
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    That sucked. I think, on balance, a draw would have been the fairer result - Stenny had the better of the play, especially in midfield, while the Rovers had the better of the chances (and probably should have gone in at the interval two goals up) - but our miserable run against ARFC shows no signs of abating. Their goal came out of nowhere - I didn't think there was much on when Gary Fisher lined up to shoot but the ball took a bounce that lifted it over Matt Gould. It goes without saying that he really should have done better with it. If Jason Scotland had scored that penalty, I think we would have gone on to win the match but when it whacked off the post, everyone in maroon looked visibly deflated and the defeat seemed inevitable. After that, Stenny just punted balls into the area with no effect. Mick and Ross Dunlop both played very well but it was all too easy for them. I don't think I could really fault anyone in a Stenny shirt. Ross Meechan keeps on getting better, Kieran Millar was fantastic for the first hour or so, Jon Robertson had his best game for the Warriors and Anthony Marenghi did well (that said, Gould was responsible for the goal and there's always a silent air of panic whenever the ball goes near Stuart Malcolm). There was just a lack of incision. Albion Rovers were dogged rather than delightful but fair play to them. A good win.
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    Came down to one thing: none of the United players are Thistle class.
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    First time we've won whilst wearing our away kit for quite some time.
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    Hibs fans going absolutely tonto at salvaging a home point against Falkirk. What a minter.
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    Just looking up Aberdeen Heritage to check on a similar 'WTF' bizarre unforced handball by Davie Robertson at Parkhead to give Celtic a 1-0 win in a very tight encounter. 2nd December 1989, penalty converted by Andy Walker. Anyone else recall that one?
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    A decent parody Bennett, but not really relevant to the discussion. Like with Tedi yesterday, it's much easier to attack extreme positions that nobody on here actually holds, than to address the developments that have in fact unfolded. Hiding from reality hasn't gone well before, but that doesn't seem to matter.
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    Add in 3 12 hour nightshifts Wed, Thurs and Friday in my main job, yeh it's been a struggle. Ps Rock1884 and Dumbarton Rock are both me.
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    Things you know now you wish you knew then
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    Ok to make your answers easier, I'll rephrase / simplify: 1. Are games never off outwith the Nov-Feb period? 2. How to you fit in two extra months of football into the shorter playing season (Jul-Jun / Mar-Nov)? 3. Midweek games statistically mean smaller crowds - how is the shortfall made up? 4. You argue it's not more hassle for committee getting the park ready etc for a midweek game... have you been on committee? Midweek games are a pain in the arse. 5. How do you play midweek games after mid September and before mid April? 6. How do you schedule cup ties in the above period without major disruption to the league fixture list? Midweek games after mid Sept are a 'no go' which means any games put off after then have to be played on saturdays. 7. What if the season overruns (likely because of cup ties) and the weather is bad in December like now? 8. When does the park get re-seeded if you cannot close it for a month in May/June time? Grass won't grow in January. Burnie_man has a potential solution in a compromise but a full-on switch to summer football needs to address serious logistical questions and perhaps some of the above general house-keeping issues. I think player / committee availability is something that is a year-round issue but the above are fundamentals.
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    What a strange conclusion to reach. Remember that time you compared us to Rangers for having soldiers at Dens to commemorate the losses made at the Battle of Loos, then St Johnstone had soldiers at McDiarmid the following week? I do. You made a c**t of yourself that time as well.
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    Something I will say, even as something of an snp fanboi and solid supporter of independence (i.e. I can't envision any material circumstances which can change my view that Scotland would be better off governing as an independent country rather than as a region of the UK) is that there does have to be a bit of care taken to avoid blaming literally any and all bad news stories on our decision to vote No. It'll be better for your sanity, and really, it's hard on here sometimes to distinguish between being NOVOTEBAD and SNPBAD. There were without question some unrealistic promises made in the lead up to the referendum that have shown to be false edit: referring in particular to promises from some that a No vote was guaranteed to be a safer, more secure option when the reality isn't as clear cut as that, and some outright disgraceful tactics from for example Labour (scaring pensioners despite their associated pension liabilities, as I understand it, being guaranteed under the Edinburgh Agreement) but its important to at least try to look at things rationally.
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    do you have any Spartan branded bog roll....?!
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    Seriously CB, you seem like a good lad, why do you care at all what a long standing group of Bears do when we don't have a game!? It f*ckin baffles me? Do the Rangers fans on here follow every comment on the Celt*c threads!? I honestly don't know?ETA I'm fairly sure I've never posted once on your midden
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    Show her your posts on here and she'll save you the trouble of ending it yourself...
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    She'll almost certainly get you something, so you'd better do the same. As a cheap but cherished extra wee gift you could make a mix tape/CD/playlist - chicks be digging that
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    What a fucking mug. I hope bird B kills you while you sleep you pathetic excuse of a man.
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    Meanwhile, over on MumsNet, Burd B has recently posted a similar scenario in which Mr Bairn is described as 'Boy A'.
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    Yes, it's that time of year again. The sun has not yet set on 2015 (alas, the sun has not set on anyone on my 2015 list either) but it's time to start submitting your entries for next year. If you know the idea and have played in a previous P&B Dead Pool, send me a PM with your squad of 15 names and reasons for fame when you're ready. The rules are mostly as per previous years, with me not vetting picks when you submit. If you pick someone who's ineligible e.g. someone who's either too young or already dead (you'd be surprised how often this happens) then your pick will stand but will be ineligible for points. In other words, you'll be playing the game with a 14 person team. That's your gamble. Otherwise, here's the big changes: Rule Changes The Sub Rule - The big one, and all new for Dead Pool 2016... You can now make a substitution during the season. But only one. This must be done both via PM and publicly on this thread. Your substitution will not take effect until 2 weeks after you notify. If during that standing time your new pick dies you don't get the points AND you lose the pick you were removing. Substitutions are only eligible for base points and do not affect previous entrants solo-shots / deadly duos. Inelligible picks MAY NOT be subbed out. The Lauren Hill Rule - US College Sports stars or coaches will no longer be allowed. The Liz Taylor Rule - No, not that one. If the person is a relative of a famous person, is he or she also a celebrity? I'm going to go simple with this one; does the person have their own genuine wikipedia or full IMDB page? No, then no dice. CONFIRMED ENTRIES (99) (click on the username below to go to the list reveals) supermik tinkerbelle Bobby Skidmarks Chris_DK doulikefish dee_62 Wilkinson1998 Marr1 gkneil Billy Jean King expatowner BONACCORD1 Mr Bairn Spain the snudge Savage Henry Desp JustOneCornetto Staff Sergeant Dignam D.V.T. Jersey Bud JasonElgin weirdcal qos_75 Miguel Sanchez tree house tam microdave Bert Racoon thisal DA Baracus Lex David McG Mr Rational AsimButtHitsASix 53_and_counting invergowrie arab BigBadBassRock Deeboy Grim O'Grady nessies long lost ghost Michael W sureiknow The Naitch pub car king Sergeant Wilson Enigma ebbes20silkcut wisbit Cyclizine gingette Aberfeldy Sweaty Morph Mo Wonderboy lolls DBA Ross. alta-pete Bluetoon87 speckled tangerine cal234ey craigiemack The Master pawpar Sloop John B Gareth_Glasgow paulathame Eednud Aryj Arabdownunder Ned_Nederlander AberdeenBud DrewDon JamieStevenson Ben Twilly LoonsYouthTeam Sherrif John Bunnnel ChoirBairn mozam76 Fuctifano dave_binos Jarkko Wiss Njord smpar Oddy Raidernation lichtgilphead GordieBoy80 Once A Rover always a Rover Ziggy Bold Rover 50/50 Winner weejack johnnydun Albino Rover Cille Mhernaig jupe1407 BalticSaint honestrae95 cdisaccie ------------ STATS AND OTHER LINKS Opening Stats Solo Shots & Deadly Duos Substitutions (Live Updates) LATEST LEADERBOARD
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    all the best to dick campbell . wonderful character nice guy . great servent to forfar . sad to see you go dick . all the best mr campbell
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    You're right, I should know the names of all the talentless foreigners that slosh their way through the club every season.
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    Someone actually waited over a year to post this
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    Fellainis one of the most detestable folk on the entire planet
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    Aye but he's such a lovely guy and interviews really well. Think we should give him another 6 seasons at least to get it right.
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    A superb effort today, a draw full of pride.
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    We're better, we beat them 2-1.
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    nice one thanks Sent from my iPad using Pie & Bovril Kelv
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    I've heard from a reliable source that you're signing Stern John.
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    'mon the eagles
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    Went down there for a pre-season years ago and their fans seemed like a bunch of horrible Londsdale wearing scum. I'll laugh if they die.
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