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    Angry fanboy's timeline of seethe:
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    It must be terrible being the most successful clubs in the country - we should all go out of our way to make things easier for them. Actually, no - they can f**k off - if they want their young players playing first team football, send them on loan, or - here's an idea - maybe they could play them in their own first team. Mainly, just f**k right off, though.
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    I have considered it. It's a shite idea.
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    Yesterday's highlights:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qShSrpc8azI
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    Pish yourself. You'd blend in and warm up at the same time.
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    See if you put as much effort into finding a job as you do trying to be funny on here, you might reduce your chances of being an odd smelling, creepy student in your forties.
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    Putting this in here seeing as I imagine it would affect the bottom 2 leagues the most.... Deila today suggesting B teams playing in the lower leagues would be a good thing for Scottish football.... http://m.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/34881803 Personally can't think of anything worse? Totally devalues the competition and all the part time/lower full time senior sides. Why can't they just set up a full time reserve league??? What's the consensus on here? Personally, I'm thinking, Deila can go and take a flying f**k to himself. Awful idea and I'd be appalled if this was to happen.
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    £1000 per month when you have dependants isn't very much. Let's look at rent, probably £300 a month per head, bare minimum in an urban area. If you live alone, could be £500-600. Then council tax, typically £130-150 a month. Then electricity/gas, typically £50-60 a month. Then transport costs, about £40 a month per person on public transport. Probably at least the same when running a car if not more. That's bare minimum. We are talking £740 a month just to have a roof over your head. Then you've got to clothe yourself. Let's allow £40 a month for that, which gets you two pairs of shoes a year, 4 or 5 jumpers, 3-4 pairs of jeans, underwear and maybe a suit, 2-3 shirts and some t-shirts. That's you up to just shy of £800. Even if you're spending £50 a week on food, the minimum wage only just gives you a fairly rudimentary standard of living. If you have a dependent you have £4 for food per day. If you have a child who has a school dinner and you buy a coffee on the way to work, you have about £1.50 per head to provide breakfast and dinner. I'm no economist, but that doesn't exactly sound like Ubiquitous Chip. Let's say your washing machine breaks down. This has happened to me twice before. To have a handy-man come out to look at it, and fix a relatively common fault, you're probably paying about £80-90. Or say the heating element goes on your cooker. Likewise. Let's say your car's clutch fails on your way to work. £300. The last time I checked, joiners and garages don't tend to do credit as a matter of course in their businesses. You need to stop talking down the lives of others. You're showing yourself up as a really unpleasant individual.
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    Those are the worst things i've ever seen.
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    Probably the only man in Christendom at the time who could make that claim.
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    Yes it is- the shell of Clydebank were bought over before they could be liquidated, then renamed and moved to Airdrie, taking their league membership. Rangers on the other hand died. Clydebank technically just moved and rebranded.
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    Smokey Robinson - Tears of a clown
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    I can kind of sympathise with where hibs is, I fell pregnant with my third and it took me a long while to be happy about it. Don't get me wrong I wouldn't change my youngest for the world (well there's days!) but we'd had a rough 15 months with our second due to allergies, reflux and a couple of convulsions. The thought of going through it all again just wasn't something I was ready for. But she was a great baby and none of the issues her sister has. She's a total character and I wouldn't change her for the world but I was at least half way through my pregnancy before I was comfortable with the thought. There are 2.5 years between my 1st and 2nd and 22 months between 2nd and 3rd.
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    Back in the days of MSN Messenger, I had Dougie Imrie as a contact. After he scored an absolute screamer for Clyde against St. Johnstone, I sent him a wee message to say that I didn't appreciate his goal. He said, ''Y not?''. I said, ''Because I'm a St. Johnstone fan.'' He said, ''Aye, bt it was a rly gd goal.'' That was my one and only MSN Messenger chat with Dougie Imrie.
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    James Tavernier says he is staying for European Football. Anybody know where he is staying? Lol FANNY Lol
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    Using a terrorist attack to give your "1st choice kit sponsor" some media exposure is fairly embarrassing. Still, as far a shameless PR exercises go, it's a good one.
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    Storey's goal Doolan's goal Stevenson's goal
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    Just to expand on AFJ's succint summary, Crusaders won 3-1 at Warrenpoint, getting off to a good start with a seventh minute penalty. Cliftonville also won 3-1, beating Ballinamallard at Solitude. The Reds' should have been 1 down after 15 minutes, as United missed a penalty - more accurately Conor Devlin saved it. He messed up for United's goal, but by that time Cliftonville were 3 up. Coleraine beat Carrick with 2 goals in a couple of minutes round the hour mark, but had to survive a nervy last 10 minutes after Carrick pulled one back at the Coleraine Showgrounds. But 2-1 to Coleraine, and a win's a win! Glenavon beat Linfield 3-2 at Mourneview, gaining revenge for their 4-3 defeat at Windsor, in what was by all accounts another thriller. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/34890734 Dungannon get a welcome point at the Oval, drawing 1-1 with Scumtoran Glentoran. The Swifts took the lead early in the second half, but they should really have been 1 down, Jonathan Swift seeing his first half penalty saved. He spared his blushes by getting the equaliser. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/34890966 Portadown get a draw at Ballymena, 1-1. So, Crusaders still top, and looking good, with 42 points, 5 in front of second placed Cliftonville. Coleraine are now third with 36 points, 3 ahead of fourth placed Linfield. Glenavon are fifth with 31, 7 ahead of sixth placed Glentoran. Bottom half: Portadown seventh with 21 points, then Ballymena with 19. A 4 point gap to Ballinamallard, with Carrick a further 4 back on 11 points. Dungannon now have 9 points and Warrenpoint are bottom with 4, having lost 11 consecutive league games. Everybody has played 17 matches, except Carrick and Dungannon, whose outstanding fixture was again postponed this week, and is now due to be played on 17th December, I think. Next week Crusaders are at home to Ballymena, Cliftonville are away to Carrick - tricky enough, perhaps - and Coleraine are at Ballinamallard on Friday, that won't be easy, either. Interesting games: Portadown v Linfield and Glentoran v Glenavon. Meanwhile in the League Cup the semi-final draw is Warrenpoint Town v Cliftonville and Ards v Coleraine, first named team at home.
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    Can you imagine the job interview; Q What is your greatest achievement ----A 60,000 insult ridden posts on Pie and Bovril Q Tell me about a time when you made a mistake ----A Word salad Q You need give a specific answer--A scrambling for relevance Q You won't get far like that. ---A verge of tears Q I think that this interview is over---A sobbing uncontrollably Q This has been an absolute disaster for you Brick, Idiot found ---A its all Jim Duffy's fault,
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    So basically, much like huge cash payments that never have to be paid back were "loans", cheating isn't cheating unless there's a specific rule that declares that precisely this form of cheating is cheating. The really glaring thing about every defence that's come from Rangers over their cheating - or financial malfeasance, or bad sportsmanship, or whatever you want to call it - is that you can only make sense of it if you screw your eyes up, stand on your head and work from the assumption that it's perfectly normal for people in sport to tell stonking great lies, if it's in their interest to do so.
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    Shame it's not a game against Celtic, we could have brought Jay Beattie out wearing a beret.
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    What a great way of welcoming new people who show an interested in your club. lol
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    Cheats then, cheats now, cheats forever
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    An NFL full kit w*****
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    Laura Branigan - Self Control
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    Have only managed to see them 3 or 4 times this season but they are now unbeaten in 9 games. It's not going to be as easy as you may think.
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    Probably posting on The BRALT.
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    A superb strike indeed - 99 times out of 100 that would landed at Coatdyke cross- deco my goal of the season so far. On the downside the goal we conceded was pretty poor - either Barrowman or Willis ball watching also it was in the 6 yard box which would normally demand a challenge from the keeper.
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    Biggest team in Mexico, but they were at home to league leaders Pumas so probably not the smartest bet. I'm sure you're aware of that, considering you were pished and all.
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    Excellent. It continues in the same sort of vibe throughout. Vocally he's like a male Nina Simone, in my opinion. One of my albums of the year.
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    From a football perspective i don't have huge problem with reserve teams, but they would need to play by the same rules as everyone else, players oniy moving between the first team and b team during transfer windows etc. From a development point of view its highly questionable, we have a perfectly valid loan system for larger clubs to get players competitive football, if players aren't getting loaned out then there can't be any real complaints. From a commercial view point it makes absolutely 0 sense, nobody wants to see their first team play b teams and very few want to watch their own reserve side.
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    ^^^^ Raging when we lose, raging when we win! It could well prove to be another false dawn but the last three results and performances have been great. I thought Barry's time was up after the Formanite debacle coupled with the league games at the time but fair play both him and the players have proven me wrong.
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    Trying not to get carried away Throbber but Klopp looks the real deal and to come in and lift the squad the way he has is very (very) exciting. Well maybe not for a number of posters on here who have gone into hiding since yesterday evening Rodgers did have a big impact too in first 18 months and a lot of that came from working with who he inherited so I don't think it's overly fair to keep beating him with stick at the moment about his last few months. The last couple of aways have been different class beating Chelsea and Man City 3-1 and 4-1. Swansea home, Newcastle away, West Brom home, Watford away, Leicester home and Sunderland away coming up now heading into the new year. It's a big chance to rack up some points with Man Utd and Arsenal both coming to Anfield in mid January.
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    That's nothing. At Peterhead yesterday the entire Cowdenbeath team didn't turn up at all!
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    Last minute victory and Jagfox is on one. What a time to be alive.
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    He loves an an ejaculation more than anyone I have ever came across anyway.
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    Was never a foul throw from Stevenson. The appeals from Tansey in the build up were for Dumbuya's handball. Great to hear Bannigan going mental on the highlight's commentary, was sure that would have been cut! A bit of opportunism/fotune from Stevenson to bag the winner, and maybe, just maybe, our luck is turning now. If Stevenson has as good a second half of the season as he did last, he'll be a key player for us as we push on up the table. We were extremely poor for the first 10 minutes, but I feel Williams missing the opportunity to make it 2-0(knocking wide from six yards) turned the game
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    Stuffy St Johnstone. Easier to spoil than create etc etc.
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    That, for me, is the funny thing - outside of seeing him standing over a set piece, I have no real issue with him. Yet that image comes to define him as a player for people, and I confess I start to see him only 'through that lens' all too often, and disliking him for it... the stupid part of that being, our frustration should surely be directed more at the manager about that, than at Woods himself? Anyway, a pleasing result. Probably the biggest positive for me was Boyce getting (and taking) such a chance. I thought his confidence was seeping away the longer the game went on. He does so much more for the team than just scoring, but he thrives on goals and I think the rest of his game starts to suffer the longer he goes without a goal. Anyone else think his celebrations were very measured, like "it was only a penalty"...? His chance-taking from open play recently has been in stark contrast to the first couple of months of the season. Hopefully 'only a penalty' will give him enough of a boost to stay on top of his game and also get back in among the regular goals again.
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    Known where we're from as "doing an Arbroath".
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    ^ Romeo would need a strap to position it on his forehead.
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    For my breakfast today I had a bowl of wholemeal porridge and skimmed milk, some organic diced fruit (mango, pineapple, melon) with natural yoghurt and a small cup of green tea.
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    There must be prominent pinky-pullers in the Ayr support that could speak to him at a meeting on the quiet, or at least fix him up with a particularly aggressive goat. I don't know what happens at lodge meetings so I'm relying heavily on stereotypes
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    Regardless of if he said it or not, it's a disgraceful idea dripping in arrogance and an undeserved sense of privilege. It would benefit, in the short term, just one or two teams (guess who) to the detriment of the rest of the game. In the long term it would be detrimental to them as well. No one except some Celtic and Sevco fans and an array of sycophants wants it.
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    Think they may have to sell Ibrox and/or Murray Park in order to have any sort of future (edit: still playing at Ibrox/training at Murray Park, just paying a rent sum each year. Would there be anyone that would pay, say, £30 million for Ibrox and charge £2million per annum for use of the stadium to the company, plus use it as a concert venue or the like to get other income in? Or mortgage Ibrox with a bank/building society, secured with a fixed/floating charge? Getting some of that Champions League group stage money would be the only real chance at running the company sustainably, and that's a long, long way away. Do wonder if any of these shareholder loans have a fixed/floating charge on any of the assets? edit: will also say that having net current liabilities (i.e. creditors falling due in less than 1 yr > short-term assets available over the next year) of £7million pound is crazy. Don't think they'd get away with a Craig Whyte and withholding PAYE/income tax this time either! All it takes is one creditor owed more than £500 to start chasing them for debt and it can snowball into a complete disaster for them.
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    Poor old Goudie, as usual his heart's in the right place but his heid's up his erse. Lucky the rest of the Talbot fans are usually quite reasonable rather than the billy big baws nonsense and this from a guy who's never seen a LL or EOS game in his puff. Surely you have to put these diddy teams to the sword before you start whingeing about what round you're in. To be fair, you probably drew the worst supported 3 teams in the LL but let's nip in the bud all this shite about players friends and family before it takes root. Now take my club, a village half the size of Auchinleck but a traditional club in a mining area and on a par with Tranent that you're bending over backwards to praise. We only get 120-150 for an average league game but that's no worse than 95% of junior teams. For cup games the people of Midlothian can turn out in numbers assuming Bonnyrigg Nitten or Penicuik are not playing a big game. The LL has plenty of traditional clubs apart from us, they're no just 'made up' which is another myth you're trying to create along wi your Bankies crony. As for the luck of the draw, we had 2 cracking games with Wick and that's us out. Previous years we matched up to Highland and SPFL clubs and it's never been 'boring' with some great days oot.
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    A sevco fan calling someone 'gullible' .... Buy many shares?
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    It was before a league match between Dundee United and Saints at Tannadice. My mate and I were walking to the stadium, but we took a little detour so he could get some money out of a cash machine. With a debit card. We're not criminals. Anyway, the colour of my scarf was noticed by a group of United supporters who had been heading towards the ground. They shouted vitriolic abuse at me, calling me a 'St. Johnstone b*****d' etc. It was really offensive stuff. When we took our detour, they decided to follow us. We went on a rather strange route to try and lose them, but they continued to follow us and shout abuse. Eventually we saw a group of Saints supporters walking towards us and the United fans scarpered. It's hardly the frightening story that United's P&B representatives have turned it into. Nonetheless, it's just one of many experiences which further prove that Dundee United's fanbase is a dislikeable one.
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    Berwick Rangers Brechin City Brora Rangers Burntisland Shipyard How many more B teams do you want?