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    I just googled this. Makes sense tbh.
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    Heart warming story on stv news, with Dow and his utd mate serving meals to the old people (were you there Danger? tucking into the stew and pudding?) also, the old guy at the end who said he didn't like it and it would have been better with Dundee players.
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    Ooft. "The tax scheme may have reduced the need for shareholders to provide higher levels of funding so, as I have tried to make clear in the past, any advantage gained would have been to the company and its shareholders, not the team" "The steroids I took may have reduced the need for USA Cycling to provide higher levels of funding for providing training, equipment etc. so, as I have tried to make clear in the past, any advantage gained would have been to the advantage of the company and its shareholders, not me" "*Certain players may not have signed for the Club without the perceived benefit of personal tax savings but there was no general advantage for the player squad, or the performance on the pitch.* We would still have signed players of equal abilities if one or two had decided they didnt want to sign under different financial circumstances." "I'd still have won even without being juiced up on steroids" "Finally, it is extraordinary that representatives of other Scottish clubs who admit the damage done to Scottish football by Rangers removal from the Premier League should even wish to re-engage with this issue." "Finally, it is extraordinary that representatives of other cycling organisations, fans and cyclists who admit the damage done by my removal from the Tour de France should even wish to re-engage with this issue. "This is a misguided attempt (that will ultimately fail) to rewrite history and defeat Rangers off the park when their teams could not do so on the park at the time." "This is a misguided attempt (that will ultimately fail) to rewrite history and defeat me on the track when other cyclists could not do so on the track at the time" "However, that is now history and I have publicly stated, with the full support of the recently installed board, that we wish to put the past behind us and move on in partnership with all clubs throughout Scotland to improve and restore the image and quality of Scottish football as a whole. This will be to the benefit of all clubs." "And by improve and restore the image and quality of Scottish football as a whole I do, of course, mean a return to the glory days of Celtic and Rangers crushing everyone else like ants, fighting it out for double's and treble's rather than giving even the slimmest hope to anyone else of ever winning anything" "demotion from the premier league" OH COME ON
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    James Doleman ‏@jamesdoleman 2m2 minutes ago Brown. "I realise that Rangers being the same club is a matter of life and death to some," Havin ago at tedi now, not on
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    Fucking hell. That Dave King statement Absolutely pathetic. The gist is, - Oldco were treated harshly - He claimed Sevco were demoted - He cried a lot - Many teams apparently say Scottish football has suffered without Sevco in the top league - Weeping - There was no advantage on the pitch - Some of fans of other clubs care more about stripping Oldco of titles than they do about their own team - Claiming victimisation - Lying - Cowardice - Crying - Threatening other clubs Basically it's like when a coward bully doesn't get their way and lashes out. Imagine actually supporting Sevco. The fucking shame.
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    @jamesdoleman judge says will that fanny Dougal stop cluttering up the forum with individual tweets and show some common sense.
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    Smoking thread for this pish.
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    You get a better class of people standing outside a pub with a tab in hand f**k THE HATERS
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    Only park av seen where you hit a daisycutter 30 yards out & It ends up over the bar ha ha
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    From what I've heard it's pretty much banter and casual taunting apart from when the Raiders and 49ers used to play in preseason, when there was a lot of crowd trouble. Thing is, away fans at NFL games are pretty rare, with the exception of teams like the Steelers who have fans all over the country.
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    This could be utter nonsense but going by snapchat it's like rugby or cricket, my mum and dad went as well to Oakland Raiders and they said the banter between the fans sitting together was brilliant and incredibly friendly. My Auntie and Uncle live in Livermore which is why I picked San Francisco 49ers, spoke to my uncle the other week and he tells me he's an Oakland fan!!! Definitely made the wrong choice but I'm sticking with the 49ers and plan on getting to a game when I visit him.
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    On a cold, wet and windy night it's good to come on this thread and feel the love.
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    The Beatles - Hard Day's Night
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    Lying King statement Can you feel the seethe tonight..
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    You'de still manage to get down the sides of our 7 centre midfielders.
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    " It is time those individuals, who represent other clubs, recognise their legal and fiduciary responsibilities to their own clubs and shareholders rather than submit to the uninformed ramblings of a few outspoken fans to whom attacking Rangers is more important than the wellbeing of their own clubs." When he's right, he's fcuking right.
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    I phoned and left a message on the work answerphone whilst blitzed one night. I only remembered doing it when the boss told me the following morning about half an hour into my shift!
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    Greenock's leafy West End is home to square miles of the most stunning property and views in the country; and of course, Dougie's sweetie factory which pretty much shits money by selling sugary dross to toothless Scots. Paisley's leafy West End is, erm, the junkie-ridden shitehole of Ferguslie Park. These are facts.
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    I was at this 2002 final though I don't recall EK being 'huge underdogs' as the guys you've listed * were more than decent players for Thistle. Unfortunately for Bellshill,the dismissal of the goal machine that was Dingy undoubtedly tilted the game in EK's favour,and was a major factor in the final outcome. * Afaik,wee Shearer was still turning in decent performances last season in the Amateurs.
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    very emotive subject I can't remember have we always had the minutes silence in the past ? would have thought the SFA would have sent something or instructed referee's can understand fans wanting the club to observe the minutes silence personally I find the most poignant time is 11/11 think the most important thing is the people gave up their lives for free speech and freedom of opinion and we should be eternally grateful to them for that
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    Why be prudent? A complete end game with the final tally of titles reduced would do.
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    Haha. Superb!! Perhaps we don't mind them so much as we are capable of beating them... Unlike your squad of utter no marks. Your team has had it's success for the decade, achieving top 6, and it's now back to a few seasons of being premiership deadwood before the inevitable relegation back to the more familiar territory of the division below. I never called anyone diddies, you just did. I'd far sooner play teams round about us for ease of travel, bigger crowds etc. would be happy to see the Pars and Rovers back up for that reason. 'Acronym based patter' then uses DAB twice. You've got to love our gluesniffing neighbours
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    As regards the North East clubs in the last 23 seasons only six have took promotion. This boils down to two main reasons. The cost of taking promotion and the main fact that most of the players don't want to jump up to the EvoStick because of the extra travelling. Take Darlington out of the equation but every team that has took promotion have been on a life support machine because of the crippling running costs in that league at sometime or other. Newcastle Blue Star and Spennymoor United didn't live to tell the tale, Durham City, Whitley Bay and Bishop Auckland have spent years recovering from it financially. Another major aspect is most of the North East players can get as much money playing in the Northern League on their doorstep rather than be away all day on a Saturday for 12-14 hours on a coach as far as Birmingham, North Wales or Lincolnshire. Your quite right to an extent about Spennymoor. They are one of the many North East that have had their fingers burned by taking promotion to this league and the original club went out of business as a result of the operating debts they incurred. When the club reformed the new owner admitted he wouldn't take promotion until the club could sustain operating at that level over a number of years. I can see where your coming from but its not as easy as that. Certainly if you reside in Yorkshire or Lancashire where the bulk of these clubs operate then yes. But in the North East its different. Last season I was told my local club Blyth Spartans shelled out in excess of around £15,000 just in bus costs alone. Then you have to pay the players extra money to travel. Then take into effect that they loss lucrative local derbies and a lot of visiting teams hardly bring any fans especially midweek when the likes of the Manchester/Yorkshire head up.
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    Damage was done by then. The football great that is George Craig saw to that by promoting his pal, who is also back at Hibs. GC only got the job at your place as he was pally with the cock eyed lecturing bint.
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    ICW Imaginationland Birmingham is the next stop, and it's on Halloween. This has some importance at times, with "Bayley" Kirkwood on commentary. "Flash" Morgan Webster and Nikki Storm vs. Stevie Boy and Kay Lee Ray The NAK have a very Batman villain theme, with some cracking costumes which fit the group absolutely perfectly. Perfectly acceptable opening fare from these four. Disappointed that we didn't get to see more of Webster's more spectacular stuff, and hopefully that means we're going to mean that we'll be seeing more of them in the future. Once again, Storm and KLR take centre stage and once again telegraphing the final for the tournament. As I said, this was acceptable stuff. **3/4 Kid Fite vs. Wolfgang A bit of a nothing match this really. Almost feels like an excuse to make a nod to Bane with the back breaking ending to the match. And not much else to talk about here. Disappointing. *1/2 Polo Promotions vs. Tommy End and Mikey Whiplash Commentators try and play us like fools telling us that they didn't massively botch a move. They did though, and there isn't even a question of how badly it was botched. Thankfully that doesn't take too much away from what was a REALLY good tag match and a proper pick up moment for this show. Not seen Polo Promotions in a proper lengthy tag match much so it's good to see them do it, and also do it well. ***1/2 Chris Renfrew vs. Grado The brutal and serious Grado is tremendous viewing. The ending of this match fell a bit flat I thought which JUST stopped it hitting the 4* mark, but credit to both guys for a damn fine match with both guys going balls to the wall from the start, with absolutely zero comedy from Grado, and a good clean win with a bit of added anger and snide to add some edge to him. It's all good. ***3/4 Liam Thomson vs. Joe Coffey **** ... sorry. Gut reaction rating for this match on paper. These two guys had an absolute screamer at the Garage at the tail end of 2015 so I can't wait to see if they can do the same this time out. Incredibly, they don't actually manage it, but like the last match, they're not far off. The first two thirds of the match just sail right on by, but that last few minutes aren't great and take a lot away from things. ***3/4 BT Gunn vs. Trent Seven I absolutely loved this match. Both guys just decided to start hitting each other real hard from the word go and from there it just got more brutal. Trent Seven is a crazy fucker and BT Gunn is always willing to keep up on that score. **** In a big moment, BT Gunn shows respect to Trent Seven. For someone from the NAK to do that is fairly rare, so I hope that means Trent Seven is getting a good run in ICW. Jack Gallagher vs. Big Damo This was damn fine for a midcard sprint match. They basically did a classic big man/little man formula, but did it with such ferocity that it was hard not to get wrapped up in it. It's probably Gallagher's most stand out performance in ICW yet as well, as he got to show off new sides to himself, as well as the counters that we knew about. About as good a match as you're going to get in the time that they had. ***1/4 Drew Galloway vs. Rockstar Spud This is an odd match to watch. It's tremendous though. When ICW does overbooking right, it usually leads to the crowd going fucking batshit, and this is no exception as the crowd gets louder and louder as the match goes on. Jack Jester is the ref through most of it, but it doesn't take away and at times just adds to the drama of the whole thing. Weird as a main event, but it's the best match on the show, so fair dos. ****1/4 OVERALL From the first tag match onwards, this is a magnificent show with all sorts of good stuff going on. Definitely a must watch for the tour.
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    He follows me around the site ,on threads he never posts on,just to red dot me,such a loser.
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    Captain Beefheart & his Magic Band - Moonchild
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    Our home crowd will drop, for certain. We get more home fans against Dundee and United than we do Celtic or Rangers, by a fair way too, its a horrible atmosphere when they visit as you either lose or spend the time it takes you to get home being abused and spat at. But of course thats what we need to "save our game"....
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    It's easy to get carried away and buy loads of stuff for your first one, especially if you listen to everyone who's had a kid tell you what's a must have. My first had everything imaginable from our parents as it was both their first grandchild and most of it was never used or didn't help. First one had all kinds of gadgets to help her sleep or stimulate her when awake, I don't think any worked. Third one got dumped in a bouncy chair in front of the switched on dishwasher with my jumper over him to nap and given a remote control to play with when he woke if we were busy with the other two and he was happy as could be. Wee bit different as the health visitor is your Mum but some of the advice our HV suggested was frightening, we've still never seen her since our third was born and he's two in January.
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    All we need now is for Ashley to let it be known that on the reviewing the EBT era events that it would be the proper thing to do to concede that these trophies should be declared void, clearing the way for a New Rangers fresh start and getting the rest of scottish football 'onside'
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    Yup. But it's also contrary to the bible as well. It just takes a bit more balls in an Islamic context, because there are some much more serious consequences. Just because something is haram, doesn't mean it doesn't happen openly. It is something I write about.
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    Bah. Stole all their songs from American blues musicians. Now that was real music. None of yer fancy moonwalkering and half-naked lassies. Why, when I was a young 'un, you'd never catch me hingin' aboot wi' nekkid girls.
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    Findlay is performing well for us, a sound loan signing. He's calm on the ball and likes a tackle too, fearless. This coming season will be significant to his development. On current form and also considering Celtic's atrocious defending of late, he would walk into their team.
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    There is no deflection. I'm simply waiting for you to ask a coherent question and I'll attempt to answer. It may take a while.....
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    Wee wisbit in his St mirren jammies getting told to keep it quiet from his mummy. Seriously, who in their right kind and actually talks like that? Overspending, aye maybe bit but was it against SPL rules? Were we the only team to have debts? Hearts Dundee utd, abersheep etc have all recently carried large debts (most now replaced with soft loans) yet Rangers were singled out due to an orchestrated campaign which gained momentum. Ebt's are despite what you read not against the law and as LNS stated did not breach SPL rules. Yet we're apparently to be punished again because the vocal minority are screaming and shouting. Rangers also paid off all football debts despite being accused of " accepting no responsibility " and were punished severely yet some people just won't let it go. If it were Celtic most bears would leave them to it, like we did in the 90's, none of our business. "These fans" aren't on a moral crusade, its nothing more than a witch hunt, settling percieved scores and trying to justify it all as sporting integrity. Strings are being pulled by a handful of bloggers and a lot of people are lapping it up.
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    Says the roaster that follows Vicky around , and dots him nearly everyday.
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    "If he'd hit me any harder with the bottle I could have died!!!11!!!!" The bottle smashed. Shut up.
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    For every 2 or 3 good songs there was always 1 that was rank rotten. The Ballad of John and Yoko must be one of the worst songs off all time. Thrown in amongst Lady Madonna, Octopuses Garden, Fixing a Hole and Sun King which are all terrible awful musical compositions
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    If you don't dip/slather your cooked pizza in coleslaw you are doing it wrong.
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