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    Well.. where do I start? That was the Meh Derby at its finest. It's unusual for the sequel to improve upon the original, but that's certainly what happened today. Firstly, that 'parade' was intimidating. The message from the Armed Forces was very clear indeed: 'DON'T indulge in violence or we'll f**k you up.' It did very little to influence the players' behaviour though. The bad guys took a dramatic early lead before attempting to break up play by pushing and elbowing the Saints players at every opportunity. Steven MacLean almost got involved in a full-on brawl with one of their no-marks after about 10 minutes. Josh Magennis was clearly keen for 'Round 2' with the Ghost of Jim Morton, but Ghostie refrained from conducting himself in such a manner. It soon became clear that Saints were finding Killie's aggressive style of play somewhat distressing. Steven Anderson shat his pants and was forced to put on a new pair of shorts at the side of the pitch. It was a humiliating moment, but the team put in an improved performance after that. They wanted to win the game for Ando. The inevitable eventually occurred. A Barcelona-esque attack culminated in a fine piece of play by Steven MacLean (when I'd thought that he'd maybe held onto the ball for a tad too long). He laid the ball off to the superb Michael O'Halloran who finished it well. Of course, Killie's violence resulted in an injury for our star striker Graham Cummins. Hopefully he recovers quickly. He was replaced by his young apprentice Chris Kane. ''Do it for me'', said Graham. ''It is your time, young man.'' In an emotional turn of events, Kano scored the winner. Finally, the aggressive Kilmarnock finally broke the calm resolve of the St. Johnstone players. Liam Craig had suffered enough. In short, it was time for revenge. A deserved red card, but his actions were totally understandable given the sordid circumstances of the afternoon's events. The good guys won the second battle. A satisfying end.
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    The premise of Rangers only getting 5p for every £1 spent is a bit confused anyway. How much would you expect? They're mixing up turnover with profit. The implication is that they are only getting a twentieth of the retail profits, but that's not true. Anyhoo, here's another one: For every £1 Rangers fans spend on season tickets Rangers lose £1.20. Boycott Season Tickets.
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    #Tedi tantrum memories A nomad will be in place long before the 30 days.....now that is me confidently assuming something
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    Why be surprised when you yourself do it every day.
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    Did you cry in 86 though?
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    Nothing much else to add to what is already posted really. Thought Motherwell were on the back foot for the opening spells and had no penetration in the final third when breaking forward. Moult put in a decent shift for us but wish he was better in the air. We put plenty of crosses into the box, but the excellent centre backs (Meekings and Devine?) coped really easy. Meekings for me reads the game really well - he intercepted a number of chances for us and made the difference for ICT who benefited on the counter attack. Well deserved win for Caly Thistle.
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    What happened to the "club", admitted to the league, before Sevco 'bought' the assets, of the one that died, from BDO? Is there two 'clubs' occupying one league/association membership? Remember, the old club voted on the acceptance of the new member. Where did they hide the "horcruxes"?
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    Funny how this thread has polarised over the years. The grey and green plankton have got more vitriolic as they realise that reports of our death are greatly exaggerated and their diddy fellow-travelers (such as the complete pellet which is Jupe) just follow in their wake.
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    #teditantrummemories why would we have stars on our shirts in the sfl those are for spl titles
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    The_Kincardine seems the type to have a "Sovvy" on every finger.
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    FC supporters quit Man U when they were at the top, but we're uneasy about the governance of the club. Rangers supporters lapped up the success and didn't give a shit how it was achieved. There has been numerous opportunities for years to draw a line and start their own club, but it's not in their collective psyche. They want to win, be "better" than Celtic and maintain their traditional values.
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    Ages ago, dozens of Jambos invaded P & B, jamming threads with JJs and Greggys, and I came over for a look. Later, when I was banned from Jambos Kickback for being a c**t, I started posting here. I'm still a c**t, but haven't been banned yet.
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    This really is a key point. If there was a suggestion here that Rangers had made an honest, unintentional error with the tax scheme, or if they'd been misled by a fly-by-night Lionel Hutz type, there might be a bit more sympathy for them re: titles stripped. Not a lot, but a bit. But that's not what happened. We know as a matter of fact, not of conjecture, that Rangers sought to conceal the EBT scheme at every step of the way - from the football authorities while they were cheating, and from HMRC and everyone else after the fact. They fought tooth and nail to keep it all secret, because they knew they were cheating, or at very least suspected that they were. The competitions they won should be voided* and asterisks attached saying "No award due to financial corruption at Rangers FC". It's a nonsense to do anything else - it says that crime does pay, that cheats do prosper. *I know this won't happen, but it really should.
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    I'm currently drafting my response. COME AT ME, BBC. Edit to add my response: Hi Nicola, I am writing to you with regards to your response to my complaint. Having read your response over, I feel you have completely missed the point of my initial correspondence. At no point did I mention the running order of the program being an issue. At no point did I infer any bias towards a particular team. My point was based around the frankly disgraceful amount of time dedicated to half of all the fixtures. You say you focus on "striking the best balance during the show". When you take in to account that there were 10 minutes highlights of the game at the top of the show, while there were a whole 12 seconds of highlights of Kilmarnock vs Motherwell it is hugely apparent that there is little in the way of balance. You say you take into account "the level of incidents, newsworthiness, quality of action" yet we had a game where there were 6 goals, a penalty and several bookings. This game was shoehorned into an appalling montage which lasted less than three minutes. The same montage that also included a game which had a sending off and a controversial penalty decision. The whole production of Sportscene smacks of laziness and a lack of any real ideas to improve the quality of output. There are junior team supporters who put together highlight packages with higher production values. With all due respect to these people, it is an embarrassment that people in their spare time can produce better quality than the state broadcaster. I look forward to your response.
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    The quotes from players about title stripping are just laughably irrelevant and part of a gormlessly crude Daily Record agenda. I don't think title stripping will happen. I think this because the authorities would far rather not have to make such a bold decision. It is one that should be made though. There's no need to speak of 'financial doping', or even 'cheating', although that's basically what we're dealing with. The facts are that Rangers deliberately offered false information regarding players' contracts when registering them, in order to conceal a practice that has been deemed illegal. That really should be open and shut. Now when the initial FTTT ruling was reached, many Rangers fans, including Traynor, called for the title stripping inquiry to be called off. That was daft because title stripping was never about breaking the law of the land; it was about breaking football rules. By the same token, Wednesday's revised ruling should have little bearing on the issue. As I said at the time though, the initial ruling seemed to mark a turning of the tide back in Rangers' favour - it appeared to take the wind from the sails of the commission and give an out to LNS. (By the way, I've seen it suggested that his title stripping ruling referred to the FTTT verdict - is that true? If so, I suppose there's an argument for Wednesday making a difference, but I remain sure it won't.) I suspect the 2012 verdict did matter in this respect, but it shouldn't really have done. The point about other players not wanting a medal though, is completely irrelevant and intentionally misleading. My team would have no just claim on the 2008 Cup as Rangers had 'beaten' several sides before meeting us. The fair thing would be to declare the competitions void during the relevant seasons. That way, it's clear what Rangers did and piles on the disgrace that the club's behaviour deserves.
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    He wasn't much of a soldier if that's his reaction to the sound of gunfire.
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    Someone funny should host this thread next year.
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    Did Alan Shearer just say Remy should have been given a penalty even though the keeper didn't touch him?
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    You are right, every goal scored is amazing everyone conceded should have been avoided. One thing for certain is that today's game was a great advert for junior football. 6 goals, both teams attacking right until the end and the rain always helps the atmosphere at Newlandfield as everyone gets packed into the shed. £6 is a bargain. Really pleased to get 3 points as we really have struggled in the Super League against Beith in recent years so a massive 3 points for us against a good side with very dangerous attackers.
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    ^^^^^^^^Doesnt understand the difference between rain covers and frost covers type post IMO.
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    Steppen Wolf - Born To Be Wild
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    All those no-mark votes cast for non-descript posters on this thread.
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    Beginning to get itchy....
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    Thats the problem, it seems that Thomson is the master plan, but the c**t is a perma crock, Calder should have been on from the start, there is zero pace in the side, its like slow motion.
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    Not bad for 6 days. Of my customers said I look like a sex pest,yeah let's just say looks like one.
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    I believe the appropriate response in these circumstances is "Mind your fucking business you nosey c**t" followed by a swift headbutt to the nose, irrespective of age or gender.
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    Looks like the only 'little holiday' Lex will be enjoying is a league trip to Elgin next season. Back in your box.
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    Would guess that this is all it is, a rumour, as he is playing for Gosport Borough at the moment in Conference South and has only just signed for them
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    I like fake ........... Thanks, i will use that from now on. THE FAKE FC 2012
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    it's a tail, ok it's inconsistent but zombies by their very nature are inconsistent!
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    I joined in 2006 as a shining wit. I didn't know about spoonerisms a decade ago
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    Was it mad Phil? Was he wrong? Oh, that changes everything. This has in fact been a great week for Rangers then.
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    I feel we should take this to PM. Thank you.
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    I've never understood the zombies sticking up for people not paying tax. Who gives a flying eff about the legalities or otherwise of it. People are living off of food banks yet there are morons on here gloating because a bunch of millionaires got more money by dodging paying tax, just so they can get one over other people over a game of football. What kind of absolute mugs are you?
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    Seems a guid c**t. Obviously had his troubles and escaped to warmer climes to start again. Kudos to him. I'd take a hundred pissed up SlipperyP's posting incoherent drivel over one Dundee United and Celtic supporting Arbroathian racist.
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    Tedi has absolutely lost it Lashing out all over the place
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    Your Club died.
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    With all these new cup wins for various teams I am a tad worried about the availability of open top buses. Does anyone know if Douglas Parks fleet includes open top buses? Or would that be too much of a piss take?
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    What's the point in 'remembering' what happened in WW1 & 2? The point of doing so was surely to make clear that war is dreadful and should only ever be used as a last resort when all other options are exhausted in order to avoid the horrors of it all? Yet today the military is deified and the UK gleefully trots off to conflicts we should have nothing to do with. 'Lest we forget'? We already have. If you're taking a (state endorsed) set time to 'reflect', then you should reflect that sadly those who fought failed in the long run and their memories and efforts have been hijacked.
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