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    It isn't down to being unlucky, it's down to being shite
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    For those scrolling down for a brief synopsis here you go - Self-pitying word salad.
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    I'm off to the back garden to kneel down in the grass and punch Scotland in the fuckin face.
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    Hi Everyone Was going through my Kickstarter App last night and came across this Kickstarter by Kevin Toms. The creator of 1980's Football Manager. He has a campaign to bring the game to a new audience and medium. As I sunk hours in to that game as a kid, I felt it was only right that I pledged and also tried to get it as much exposure as I can. Have a read: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1488757895/football-manager-1980s-rewrite-by-its-creator-kevi
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    We can't have had many poorer captains than this utter no mark. Chasing shadows the entire game until you see him square up or get a sly dig in to a player he could only dream of being. No matte who the manager is, we simply won't improve with this imposter stealing a jersey. Should have played his last game tonight.
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    Likes Liverpool. Doesn't like boobs You've made a very powerful enemy today.
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    Have you two met? Let me introduce you.
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    Because the government have convinced the public that these people are at fault for the country's ills. Look at all the "poverty porn" shite like Benefits Street on TV. When was the last series or journalistic investigation into tax avoidance by large companies? Or the last special on benefits unclaimed by people that have entitlement? Both of those are far in excess of money spent on benefit cheats.
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    You're a big man, but you're in bad shape. With me it's a full time job. Now behave yourself.
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    In October 1995 we were in our second season in the SFL as the amalgamation of Inverness Thistle and Caledonian. We were still playing at Telford Street, an old school atmospheric ground but basically a 3rd division standard stadium by today's measures. Steve Paterson had taken over as our manager following the resignation of Sergei Baltacha. Our first season in the SFL had been disappointing, a relatively promising start falling back into dour performances, negative tactics and little excitement. Paterson came in fresh from leading Huntly to the Highland League and freshened up our team signing a number of Highland League stars - Iain Stewart who went on to become our leading goalscorer, Iain McCarthur from Elgin City and eventually Brian Thomson and MIke Teasdale. Although we fell short in 1995/96 these players made up the core of the side who won promotion the next season. Off the pitch there was an ongoing saga where Inverness Council held back from paying nearly £1m from the Common Good Fund to help pay for our new stadium. This was eventually resolved and the new stadium was built. The funding still saw us fall into debt and we only really came back into a sustainable position when David Sutherland took control of the club in 2000 and restructured the finances. You can really build our last twenty years into several phases I think Phase 1 - Rise through lower leagues 1995-2000 Paterson built sides that won promotion in 1997 and 1999, featuring players who are legends now. The likes of Barry Wilson, Paul Cherry, Scott McLean as well as the players mentioned above and stalwarts of the Highland League like Hercher, Christie and Jim Calder, were all massive during this time. Off the pitch there were financial issues and, in the early years, some remaining legal challenges relating to the merger. I don't think you can overstate the importance of Paterson and this group to our club. If the playing side had failed there was a real possibility that the entire club could have collapsed but Paterson's team played great attacking football and was filled with real characters who had a connection with the fans and the area. It was a great time to support the team and it culminated in.... Phase 2 - Super Caley etc etc and full time consolidation 2000-2003 February 8th 2000 was a watershed moment in our club. Although Celtic had lost to First Division clubs before I think the shock of a Highland club, made up of primarily former Highland League players, winning at Parkhead against Celtic really announced our arrival. We also fully deserved to win, dominated a lot of the match and played excellent football throughout. Financially, the boost from the fourth round ties against Aberdeen and the TV money helped us over a hump (David Sutherland has said that we could have ended up in admin were it not for that result). Following up from that we spent three seasons in the Frist Division, really establishing ourselves as a full-time team. It was a new experience as in the Second and Third divisions we were always one of the biggest clubs in terms of crowds, budgets etc but now we were facing up to sides liek St Mirren, Falkirk, Dunfermline, Ayr Utd who had more money and expected to swat us aside. We also had to move on from the tried and trusted Highland League players and Paterson did this by hoovering up a lot of players rejected by other sides - Bobby Mann became our defensive stalwart, Dennis Wyness eventually overtook Iain Stewart as our leading scorer, Barry Robson carved our the left wing for himself, Stuart McCaffrey, Russell Duncan and Paul Ritchie also came in after leaving bigger clubs and helped us transition to the next level. 2000/2001 and 2001/02 were relatively lean years as we adapted to our new circumstances. 2002/03 saw us mount our first real challenge for the First Division title - the period running up to when Paterson left for Aberdeen was geniunely the best football I've ever seen us play. The inevitable happened through and Paterson departed. I remember speaking to my mate at the time and just couldn't believe he was gone, I couldn't even picture our club without him. HOwever, looking back, it helped our club. JOhn Robertson came in and toughened us up a bit - we became much more solid and he used his contacts to sign up David Bingham and Barry WIlson, whose experience saw us claw back Clyde in 2004, win the biggest game in our clubs history up until that point at Broadwood and move into the SPL. Phase 3 - Becoming an SPL club 2004-2009 We didn't have an auspicious start to our stint in the SPL. A legal melee that summer saw us up, then down, then finally up again albeit playing in Aberdeen for half the season. We also lost another manager, with John Robertson taking the move to Hearts and I think a lot of pundits through we were destined to go down. However, our team retained the toughness, organisation and drive that we had in coming up and moved away from relegation trouble - we nearly made the top six in that first season and coasted to the end of the season. During this time we built a really solid side. Again, guys who'd been released from other teams or younger players used us as a base to rebuild or launch their careers. A spine consisting of guys like Darren Dods, Ian Black, Graham Bayne, Barry WIlson and Craig Dargo saw us carve our a role as a consistent SPL side, never really in relegation trouble but not really pushing for top six either. We changed managers again with Brewster leaving to Dundee Utd, Charlie Christie taking over before Brewster returned. 2008/09 saw us really face up to a big crisis for the first time - we hadn't replaced guys like Dods or Dargo, we were leaking goals, were toothless and couldn't build any runs of solid, good results. After an absolute horrorshow of form we went into a head-to-head at Hamilton and another dreadful performance in front of a big travelling support saw the first real fans protest against a manager. Brewster became our first managerial casulty that week and we moved onto the next phase. Phase 4 - Building a new SPL side, winning the cup, Europe and beyond 2009-present Terry Butcher came in with a remit to rummell us up and save us from the drop. Our form improved but he didn't manage to save us. Our first ever relegation was a gutting experience - we lost our final two games to go down, we weren't favourites for the drop at any point in the last few weeks and if you look at our side we are probably one of the best teams to be relegated from the SPL in recent years. However, if we had stayed up we wouldn't have undergone the rebuilding that eventually saw us win the Scottish cup and qualify for Europe. The board gave Terry Butcher the go-ahead to rebuild with a budget to match - for one season only. Butcher and his team dipped heavily into the English market signing up Jonny Hayes, Lee Cox, Eric Odhiambo and others. There were a few teething problems and we were well off the pace in the First Division into NOvember and even trailed Ross County after losing the first two derbies. However, the team gelled with Adam Rooney shaking off a stop-start first season and growing into the goalscorer he has become. Stalwarts like Grant Munro, Ross Tokely, Russell Duncan found a great mix with the new and the second half of that season saw us overhaul a moneybags (other people's money of course) Dundee side and romp to the title, finishing it off with nine stragith wins over every other side in the league. Moving into the SPL with that team
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    Alternatively, you could read other threads and seethe in silence. I wish Scotland had made it too but, when I read some posters on here, a tiny little bit of me is pleased that you didn't, while being disappointed for my mates who are Scotland regulars.
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    The man is a transphobic and paranoid nutcase. His Vice interview was a great example of that. He might do a lot of research into subjects and may expose a lot of shit that the unionist press shares but it doesn't excuse the fact that he is a dreadful, dreadful arsehole.
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    Ten! Knew most, but two or three guesses of varying dark-stabbing level. Well chuffed!
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    Not bothered by other home nations doing the business tbh. They've earned their places, as did we. So be it.
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    A nation of Harry Clarkes.
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    Dear SFA, What is the point? Regards, Silly people in kilts.
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    No one will remember that we were 15 minutes from qualifying as it's massively untrue.
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    I hear the piper is currently being talked down from the roof.
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    This is the most Scottish thing ever. We'll probably qualify for Qatar 2022 and it'll end up being abandoned.
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    That's in the Shitting stories thread in the Gold Section by Shawfield Stallion. Can't get it to quote but I've copied and pasted. Possibly my favourite ever post on here
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    Amazing what a couple of months does. I'm feeling great right now. Work back on track, albeit part-time, doing plenty of exercise, emotionally a lot more stable, teaching again, self-esteem highest it's been in a long time. CBT really made a difference. I've been off medication for over a month now, and that has elevated my mood. Suspect they were being counter-productive. Occasionally find lethargic points, and self-doubt can kick in, but social anxiety is greatly reduced and I'm in as good a place as I've been for at least a year. Things do get better folks
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    And aye, best of luck Wasp, enjoy one (maybe more?) last night of peace. Perhaps the best place for it, but one of the guys in work is expecting, and he was asking about the moment you know you're a Dad. I remember it vividly. Everyone, even my Dad, was telling me it would change my life. I remember going back to my Mum's the night my son was born. I genuinely felt nothing. I was obviously over the moon (read terrified), but I was quite annoyed that I had potentially missed "that moment". As my wife had a section, she was in for a few days, so I had the house to myself at night, getting my usual eight hours. The first day bringing him home, he was perfect, but still the moment wouldn't arrive. I was getting a bit worried at this point, wondering if I was cut out for it. 10pm came, and we were both humped, so off to bed we trot. The wee lad decided this was the time to wake up screaming, wanting fed. To me, one of (what should be) the most basic human rights is to sleep when you're tired. And with this wee guy, he was having none of it. He wanted fed. I remember going mental (I mean, what was I expecting?!), and Mrs Adam sorted him out, but it was right then that I had my moment. I'll never forget it. I really don't want my littlest one to grow up. He's perfect as he is, totally sweet and innocent, and I know what's coming in later years with my eldest nearly seven now, so can totally relate to what KB was talking about earlier. Kids are quality. That said, if my wife came home to tell me she was pregnant I would probably burst into tears.
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    He's probably seen more of them than jackanory did....
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    Are you having a stroke?
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    I prefer the team to be picked based on footballing ability.
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    I have to agree that the old man hovels are indeed better than poncey student pubs.
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    You are a braver man than me Thunders, I wouldn't have her anywhere near my kitchen. & by Christ I've the constitution of an ox Grimbo
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    Fleetwood Mac - Man Of The World (very lucky to draw 0-0, Victory were the better team)
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    No, you're wrong mate. My birds dad works for Diadora and has got a pair for me. They are very much on their way in the post.
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    Get a fucking grip of yourself ya moron
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    He was one of our best players last night, and has been vital to the way we play all campaign. He was very poor against Georgia away and Germany at home, but other than that he's played well in my opinion. He brings others into play in a way that none of our other striking options can. It's no surprise that the 3 behind Fletcher, whomever they may be, have done very well in this campaign, it's because of the way Fletcher drops deep to create space and his hold up play is superb. The only other feasible option to play up front is Steven Naismith, and even at that he's better behind the striker. Anyone who thinks Leigh Griffiths should play ahead of him needs to have a serious word with themselves.
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    Strachan should definitely go. He's failed, ultimately pretty miserably. We should have learnt lessons. Twice in recent times, we've stuck with someone who'd failed badly already and given them the start of the next tournament. Twice, they've done enough damage in the first three or four games to ensure their successor can't repair it. Whoever comes in needs a run at the next campaign from the outset. Despite all the bluster, Strachan has been a flop.
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    Maybe Scottish fitba fans should be watching football factory and remember when it was a mans game. Hampden Park and Scotland in general is not intimidating, the left wing self righteous PC brigade have turned " No mean city" into "People Make Glasgow". People are drinking lattes in coffee bars before work. Game over.
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    I'd keep him, been a more positive campaign than any in recent years, he is a decent manager with very very limited players, doing as well as could be expected.
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    It must be some size of a fucking purse?
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    I hate Germany. They've been cocking us from the first match onwards.
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    You were wearing a Middlesbrough top to go shopping? Beast imho.
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    Congratulations to all at Wigtown, great achievement.
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    <<<<goes straight to Twitter. Unfollows Chris Jack.
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    Well fine guys! Managed 20mins of jogging this morning. Have ditched measuring distance for now as know injury and illness this yr means I'm no where near distance I was doing. Once back to comfortable half hr jog I'll add in distance. Would really like to do 10k in spring and gsr half next yr.
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    Had a cracker of a run today in the 10k. Got around in 36'53" which is my best time this year and 12 secs outside a pb (on a far quicker course). Really pleased with that!
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    Marvin Andrews will be working to cure the gay and lesbian communities from their sins when he retires. So he will be an employee of god .
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