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    First 3 points we've seen at the ground in a long time
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    "Like this post and I'll tell you what (sic) cartoon character you are!" I already know what cartoon character I am. I'm Captain DeleteYouFromFacebook. c***s.
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    In years to come, David Cameron will forever be reminded of and known as, the guy who got a gammy off a dead pig. It'll be denied forever, but everyone knows it happened. And he knows it happened. Off topic you might say, yet pretty much bang on topic.
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    You'd be making a potentially hilarious point if you weren't in the league below us. But you are. Just let that sink in.
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    Forever_Bewildered trying to wind-up St Mirren fan by pointing out St Mirren are currently under-achieving a bit. Avoiding bankruptcy, administration and liquidation along the way, of course.
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    Oh, the irony of it.... Maybe if so many of our townspeople didn't need religious bigotry attached to their football we'd have a more opulent abode - maybe you should have stayed where you were.
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    Fucking awful parenting mate. Kids should support their dads team. Before you know it you'll be missing Falkirk games to take him to Tannadice. then you'll be wearing his old DUFC scarf when he gets a new one, Next thing you're knitting at half time. Then you'll wake up one day in Bell St having sexually assaulted someone.You'll be a DAB my son.
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    PMQs might be fun this week. JC: You're such a pigfucker, David. DC: Jeremy, why would you call me a pigfucker? JC: Well let's see. First of all, you f*** pigs. DC: Oh yeah!
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    Said it when the fixtures came out... October is when we'll start staking a claim in the league. Stay on the coat tails til then, I'll be happy with that. The fixture list wasn't kind to us. Added to that a ridiculous amount of injuries and suspensions! If we come out of this and we're sitting 10th at Christmas, I'll be over the moon. One things for certain, regardless of personal opinion, the management and players need every bit of support we can give them. If we get behind them, and it gives them an extra breath, we can say we've done our job as supporters. Any fan, who sits snyping on the sidelines, gets on players backs, at this point in a campaign? I don't know if they can call themselves a supporter.
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    Everything that's wrong with modern politics summed up in a single post.
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    "You can't put a maverick in charge of a country's security" says man suggesting a military coup in 21st century Britain.
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    It's fine for Rooney to shout in a refs face, you won't hear a pundit say a thing about that. But wave an imaginary card and you'll be chased out the country.
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    Haha f**k the Fife Yours Truly, Bob Malcolm
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    When we initially returned to this level after decades in the wilderness we were part-time and although we briefly topped the table it was never likely a part time side would gain promotion, especially in the pre-playoff days. We then had the transition from PT to FT which saw us hold our own but never mount a serious push due to a succession of dud players and dud managers. Aside from a couple of near misses at the bottom end of the table, overall we probably about punched our weight for our budget. We then had a budget that probably should have seen us challenge for the league but unfortunately it was frittered away on dross by Gordon Chisholm. Stewart Kean being on a grand a week still has me waking up in a cold sweat occasionally. We then had a huge rebuilding job to be done on a fraction of the budget which Gus Macpherson sadly wasn't up to and we ended up relegated. After winning the 2nd Division at a canter we lost a very good manager but kept hold of a very good squad. Jim McIntyre took them to 4th and split the opinion of the fans with many suggesting he should have done better. I'm of the opinion that he should have, but even then it would have been a stretch to have caught Dundee and Hamilton. Finishing closer to Falkirk might have been achievable considering it took Extra Time to split us in the playoff. However he had a rotten record against the teams above us and we stayed put. Off went McIntyre and along came Hearts, Hibs and Rangers. Our squad remained intact but fourth was realistically the best we could do. We managed it and in some style, but again fell at the first hurdle. Onto the present day and our squad has been decimated and in Rangers, Hibs and St Mirren you have three teams who straight away should be finishing above us. Falkirk will feel they should as well, and Morton and Raith both must fancy their chances. So to summarise you could say timing and bad luck have been big factors, as well as poor managerial appointments. Ultimately we haven't sustained a real title challenge in the last decade though because we've simply not been good enough, and there have been better teams in the league. The great work our current board are doing off the field, and the introduction of the playoffs gave me a bit of hope that it can be achieved but you just have to look at our home attendances to see the main obstacle that we face.
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    I'd suggest he plays coy for a couple of days then posts a picture of the boy's maw.
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    First to post market now live. Paulo on P&B - 10/11 David Cameron on Twitter - 10/11
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    Ach well, looks like nobody else is going to start it... Great three points for us in a very tight game. I really did worry we were going to get a doing early on as I don't think I've seen a team press as high as Stranraer did early on and we really struggled with it. Thankfully, it was never going to be a strategy that could be maintained for 90 mins and after half an hour or so we started to come into the game, although without creating a huge amount. Ross Davidson had his best game for some time and was key to how we managed to get past Stranraer's pressing line, making himself available for full backs and centre halfs and distributing the ball simply and well. I've been very critical of how wasteful Ross can be, but being the deepest midfielder in the absence of our manager really suited him yesterday and he obviously took the risks that come from playing there on board. The second half was a bit more even and Stranraer stood off us a bit more. That said, there was only ever likely to be one goal in it and we looked the more likely in the odd chance that we did create, whereas Stranraer were trying a lot of long range stuff, much of which ended up over the enclosure behind the goal. The moment that changed the game was bringing Gemmell and McBride on; Ally Love was knackered after a frustrating afternoon so McBride was an obvious replacement and his fresh legs started to bring us a bit more space. However, Gemmell was arguably the more effective sub, replacing the ineffectual and disinterested Barrowman and finally making Stranraer's centre halfs work. Whilst I accept that neither lone striker got the best of service, one was prepared to work with what he got, whilst the other wanted the ball either side of his big toe and was nullified easily. As for the goal it was a wee bit scrappy and I daresay Scott has scored better goals, but it was the reward for what was (Barrowman aside) a hard working and determined performance. We actually then could have put the game out of sight with Paul Willis wasting a great chance through on goal late on. So we're on 10 points from 7 games with Stenny at home next week. That's certainly exceeded my expectations and the pleasing thing is that other than Forfar and Airdrie, we've not played any teams that we aren't either better than or can't bridge the gap to through good organisation and work rate. Of course, we haven't had our first doing from Dunfermline yet (we go there in a fortnight) but the games against the Pars are unlikely to have much bearing on whether we stay up.
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    Being part of the 79 squad, not talented enough to hold down a regular starting slot, was great and even better is the camaraderie of that group of players to this day. So it was extremely sad to hear of Jim's passing. A tremendous character with an amazing capacity for lung bursting runs which turned defence into attack. I am sure I can say on behalf of all of the 79 squad that our thoughts are with Jim's loved ones at this sad time. Eddie G
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    Rolling Stones - Street Fighting Man
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    Pig fucking is clearly a gateway offence, you end up fucking the disabled and and the poor.
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    Looking forward to the game - but given we made real heavy weather of the game in Methil in the last round, we can hardly be over confident here. It's important not to go overboard about our form at the moment - we aren't good to watch but certainly aren't getting humped every week and so it won't be easy for Morton either.... One of my favourite nights (and the first time I ended up on the park at the final whistle) was at Cappielow in 91 - history lesson below (including the Aberdeen Manager taking the first penalty and Johnny Gahagan hitting one of the best pens I've ever seen later in the shootout).
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    The supporters team play Stirling Albion this Saturday at the west end park with a 10am kick off if anyone fancies coming along to watch. Also we've got training/7s this Wednesday 8-9pm at the Recs of anyone fancies joining in. £3 per head.
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    Yes, they have and they've made a pretty good job of it too. There's also a wee bar opened behind that stand too and from what we were told it was Rangers money that paid for it. I have to say I found the officials at Stranraer very friendly on Saturday. They've never been not friendly in the past, but haven't tended to talk to as much as at places like Forfar and Elgin. They seem very proud of the improvements that have been made and so they should be.
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    The pigs Boyfriend reacts to the news
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    What does Balustrade Hamyard have to say about all this?
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    2 of the worst teams on planet earth. Can see both teams losing this.
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    Irrelevant history thread for this pish please.
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    The Real Thing - You To Me Are Everything !!!
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    You should strongly advise them.
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    We haven't even finished the games and everyone is eliminated this week! In See re-instatements below! Wk 1 Out (Incorrect Bolded) Spain - Dolphins & Seahawks lichtie23 - Bengals & Seahawks steelmen - Panthers & Browns gy diamond - Panthers & Colts Jute - Panthers & Vikings jagfox99 - Cowboys & Vikings gc_smfc - Bengals & Vikings spiggle - Packers & Seahawks peasy23 - Broncos & Seahawks Jambo Stu - Colts & Bucs Reluctant Hero - Seahawks & Eagles Wk 2 Out (Incorrect Bolded) Albertlegend (Cowboys, Packers / Ravens, Dolphins) Antiochas III (Bengals, Packers / Lions, Dolphins) Bully Wee Villa (Bengals, Packers / Saints, Colts) cal234ey (Bengals, Panthers / Dolphins, Saints) Calvin Johnson (Dolphins, Panthers / Saints, Ravens) Dee4Life1893 (Bengals, Panthers / Dolphins, Ravens) DensParkNumber1 (Dolphins, Panthers / Ravens, Saints) GingerSaint (Dolphins, Packers / Ravens, Cardinals) Mo Wonderboy (Cowboys, Dolphins / Saints, Rams) Paul Marnie (Dolphins, Packers / Saints, Falcons) Raidernation (Cowboys, Falcons / Titans, Steelers) Silvio (Packers, Panthers / Chargers, Ravens) Simplistic (Dolphins, Packers / Lions, Ravens) Slacker (Cowboys, Jets / Chiefs, Saints) Sloop John B (Bengals, Packers / Saints, Ravens) StevieLes II (Broncos, Packers / Saints, Colts) Strichener (Cardinals, Falcons / Bills, Ravens) Swarley (Dolphins, Panthers / Broncos, Saints) StevieLes II (Broncos, Packers / Saints, Colts???) The following did not submit any picks for Wk2 and are therefore eliminated: Eoin (Dolphins, Panthers) Lex (Falcons, Packers) Due to everyone being knocked out this week, the following rule is invoked: Re-instated for Week 3 GingerSaint (Dolphins, Packers / Ravens, Cardinals) Paul Marnie (Dolphins, Packers / Saints, Falcons) Raidernation (Cowboys, Falcons / Titans, Steelers) Swarley (Dolphins, Panthers / Broncos, Saints) DensParkNumber1 (Dolphins, Panthers / Ravens, Saints) *Extra Life now used Remember folks, entries to be in by 3pm on Sunday 27th September or 10pm on Thursday if you are going for the Broncos or Chiefs
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    Imagine if this was an SNP MP or Jeremy Corbyn? They'd be all over it like a tramp eating chips.
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    The cogs of the establishment fucking sicken me.
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    Are we sure this story's kosher?
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    "Can ya smell what the 'Rog is cookin" Who comes up with this pish?
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    This will get the fitba shut down.
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    I always put the tie-chord of my shorts through my key - never lose it that way. Well, except once... I was running a 10 mile route quite late in the day, about 9.30pm, and I had an urge for a shite with a good bit to go. As I got to the 6 mile point I realised I wasn't going to make it home, so started looking for a suitable spot in the bushes. By the time I found somewhere I was absolutely desperate and in fumbling around with the shorts I lost the key! Didn't help much, as I was too slow and suffered the indignity of having shat myself while wearing white shorts. I'd left a spare key at my mum's house, which thankfully was pretty close to where I was, but it was a wee bit embarrassing to be explaining why I was chapping her door after 10pm at night, while reeking of shite! Thankfully there has been no repeat... Unlucky there, Bishy, that would be annoying. Sounds like you're on the way back to where you were though.
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    They're top of the PremiershipMate.
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    Can you please point to me dwelling on result as opposed to looking forward to next one. The only crowd running a non positive campaign were the unionists Optimisism over pessamism
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    ETA: Preamble to this: "Tried to get on the 'Waiting To Exhale' waiting list. They said: Don't hold your breath."
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    I think if I had to go out without mates I would probably go and stand on my own then probably leave on my own. Would probably cry and want to die.
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    2. The Dark Knight "Do you want to know why I use a knife? Guns are too quick. You can't savour all the little emotions. You see, in their last moments, people show you who they really are. So in a way, I know your friends better than you ever did. Would you like to know which of them were cowards?" One of the big cinematic changes of the 21st century has been the redefinition of the superhero film genre, which reached a milestone in the Summer of 2008 when Christopher Nolan ran with the story he pioneered with Batman Begins, and took a further step into unknown territory. The deviation from using "Batman" in the title says a lot: The Dark Knight deliberately looks much deeper into the comic book legend, giving realism and credibility to a fantastical story, and finding common ground with the crime genre- indeed, this is arguably one of the best crime films of the century in its own right. In Nolan's world, Batman is more than a hero: he's a vigilante, even regarded as an outlaw by some of Gotham City, who blame him for the deaths of policemen and civilians whom he couldn't protect. The Joker, too, is more than a villain: he’s a deranged terrorist, an anarchist who designs conundrums to test his enemies' wits and ethics. His clown face-paint, complete with a smile scarred onto his face, makes him look far more sinister than ever, and Heath Ledger has the character down perfectly, explaining his past in a series of captivating monologues, delivered with a psychotic cackle, usually immediately before an act of violence. He claims to a gang leader that he's seeking revenge for his treatment as a child, then later explains to someone else that it's for damage done later in life. Both of those stories are darker and deeper-rooted than anything in previous instalments of the Batman story. Our flawed hero keeps dark secrets too, and the distinctly dark mood of the film is a constant reminder of that. From early on it's clearer than ever that Batman is putting himself in grave danger every time he tries to do the right thing, and as such the battle between valiant good and merciless evil becomes less a matter of comic book capers and more a matter of fear, present danger and deep-thinking morality. Bruce Wayne is a deeply troubled man, wealthy enough to do anything he wants, and he chose to use his resources as a force for good; while the Joker chose to terrorise and destroy. Throughout the film the Joker tries to humiliate and expose his enemies, thinking that the best way to terrorise the people of Gotham is to deprive them of the hope offered by Batman, Commissioner Gordon and D.A. Harvey Dent. He even plays on Bruce Wayne’s affection for Rachel Dawes, now Harvey Dent's lover- an even crueler act than the Joker realises, if he really doesn’t know Batman’s identity. The very same attack that threatens Rachel happens to transform Dent from an outstanding public servant into a deformed, bitter monster. Near the end of the film, the Joker gives another Sophie's Choice to two ferry-loads of people: inviting each to kill the other, before he detonates a bomb to kill both. Ledger's Joker has some trademark snappy lines, but more important are his long speeches, outlining the dilemmas he has devised, and explaining his reasons for them- he's psychologically more complex than any previous Joker, and that suits the film. For a so-called “comic book” movie, the Nolan screenplay is surprisingly deep-thinking and poetic, shifting the entire moral foundation of the Batman legend. The characters most crucial to Bruce Wayne's life are played by two legends of our time: Michael Caine is a magnificent Alfred, Bruce's butler, who still addresses him as Master Wayne, but understands him better and cares about him more than anybody, always doing what's best for him, even when it means hiding information from him (namely a heartfelt letter from Rachel Dawes.) Morgan Freeman plays Lucius Fox, the learned and trusted CEO of Wayne Enterprises, but more importantly its former head of research and development, who helps design all of Batman's kit. Those men are Bruce Wayne's only confidantes, they're the closest to family that he really has. The moments he has with them are very important. The drama is sometimes so powerful that it upstages the spectacular special effects rather than the other way around, it's surprising how deeply touching this film is. The action set-pieces are impressive too: not all fights, explosions and elaborate chase scenes - although there are plenty of those, and they're extraordinary - but more memorably a rampaging bank robbery, which happens before we even lay eyes on Batman, and a virtuoso sequence where Batman uses Sonar technology to track down the Joker on a multi-storey building, while simultaneously stopping a police SWAT team from taking out a group of hostages framed to look like terrorists. The whole thing is directed with dedication and flair from the dynamic Nolan, who refuses a second unit, and directs every frame of the action himself. Complete with the sound and clinical resolution of spectacular 70mm IMAX, and an almost-constantly moving camera all the way through the action, it's also impressive to see a major modern film using practical effects as much as possible, rather than CGI: for Begins, Nolan had a real Batcave built, complete with waterfall, and rented an airship hangar on which to build sections of the slums and Gotham monorail. This time he scaled up even more with the practicals, not least flipping an 18-wheel truck across a street, and a full-scale demolition of a hospital. One of Nolan's inspired decisions was moving Gotham City from art deco New York to modern Chicago, bringing Batman into the glass skyscrapers of the 21st century and the grimy underworld that Gotham is supposed to be, with antagonists who are not mutant super-villains, but corrupt officials and organised criminals, giving the Batman story an unprecedented realism that makes his heroism all the more important. For all the film's scale and ambition and entertainment value, that grittiness and realism is what the Nolan vision was all about, and it pays great rewards. Game-changingly ambitious and universally popular, this film really was a milestone achievement. Its reception was as positive as its hype, as has been its legacy: The Dark Knight stands as one of the landmark films of its era as well as its genre.
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