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    Thank you. And in return I'll give you a wee photo of what a winning team looks like.
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    Ah, the return of Isabel Goudie and the Auchinleck Calculator. Here are some facts... attendances at Talbot's previous Scottish Cup trips to non-league opposition, most of whom probably have larger home supports than BSC Glasgow, have been 488, 425, 592 (an Ayrshire Junior derby v Girvan) and 573 (prominent encounter against LL leader Edinburgh City in R2). So all have been under 600 and the average has been about 520. Why would this see you wanting BSCG stripped of the home advantage if the capacity were to end-up being 560? It would seem eminently adequate. Plenty clubs in the competition have limited capacities - and remember Lochburn Park is a Junior ground, incidentally - and in the last couple of decades the only ties shifted away from home venues have been a couple of Albion Rovers ties plus the Harestane tie as they use an open playing field. At least all-ticket arrangements are better than Culter v Linlithgow Rose last season... capacity of only 350 and admission based on 'first-come-first-served'?!
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    I'll put this down to bad timing.
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    Why even bother going to matches if they mean so little to you? Boring FFS, hundreds of thousands of Barca fans line the streets when they win the league, doubt they have the same attitude as you
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    Phew, was that hot! Grateful for the mist machines and the couple of hoses out on the course today, that was needed. As were the jelly babies I scoffed thanks to quite a few generous souls out there. The support was phenominal, people on both sides of the road pretty much the whole length of the course, and plenty of noise in places. Never seen anything like it for a half before, it really will take some beating. My hand took a bit of a battering with all the high fiving! The race itself I knew to be undulating but I didn't expect it to the level it was. I'd decided with Berlin in a fortnight I wouldn't race today; instead 10 miles at MP (7:44 miling)with 3 faster miles at 4, 8 & to finish. They were 6:50 (uphill and unpleasant), 6:40 going downhill and a finish I'm not sure of but my watch has 5:25 pace for the final 200m, so it can't be too bad! Finished around 1:37:20. Organisation was spot on. Found the buses for the baggage drop a bit odd - masses of folk piling up a double decker to drop off theirs, and no real checks on place to make sure folk aren't rummaging around up there before emerging triumphantly, but that's nit-picking. Got back on a bus almost immediately. Great day, can really see the appeal now.
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    You 2 quit it, or I'll be kicking f*ck out of both of you at 1/2 time, which will be around 1/4 past 2.
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    If only the lads had produced their CE marked Declaration of Performance covering Beach Toys and Associated Equipment. Thought the youngsters outplayed their opponents superbly. Controlling the middle and using the wide spaces well; quick, precise passing with some individual flair; great team performance and despite a couple of red cards they saw the match out comfortably. If only the same on the pitch...
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    Admittedly it's an unusual recruitment policy for a football club but we're in the position where we have to take what we can get.
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    He's just like any other plastic - all about The Rangers. And he'll be fucking gutted after Abhergreen horsed them at the hill of shite.
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    Willie Miller is slowly morphing into Gregg Wallace.
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    Shull, Cloners and Mikey. Nae c**t would ever expect these three to be together on a Rangers thread......
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    Can we just close this thread and start again?
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    Jamie Vardy just looks like the type who goes around battering 11 year old Pakistani children and killing stray cats.
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    So you would discourage the small teams from showing the towns and cities where they came from a trophy they had either never won before or had not won for a generation. Teams like St. Johnstone, Kilmarnock or St. Mirren for example don't win trophies every season so don't take it for granted, they want to party like they might never get the chance in their lifetime again. The other side of it is how badly Celtic fans take a rare defeat could be similar in an emotional swing to the joy a diddy fan from Perth or Paisley does when they actually win a major trophy. As a Celtic fan you do seem incapable of understanding what it feels like for a small team's supporter to have finally won something after years and years of failure. To put it in perspective imagine if Celtic won the Europa League or even the Champions League in this day and age and you might just get it.
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    Why would Aberdeen beating my team Inverness CT in a League Cup final be embarrassing, they managed to beat us in a Cup competition which is a lot more than your greeting faced mob achieved last season in the Scottish Cup semi final.
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    40,000 Scotland fans allowed to stand for an entire game in an all seated stadium but 25 young shire fans bring some beach balls to the same stadium and put 400 seated fans safety at risk. Fucking embarrassing!
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    I'm probably not the guy to answer that having stopped posting there about five years back due to howlingly poor moderation and a 'cover your mates back, regardless' policy. But, yeah, it does seem to be a haven of over-reaction at times, with the best posters being those who also post over here (Tee, Vodka Vic/Bucky etc.) Ah! I feel bad about choosing the Dons v Celtic game over taking my youngest boy along to the party. Had I known so few Rovers fans would go, I would definitely have made an effort. My boy was the ball boy on the stand side (the one who spends most of his time blethering to the crowd, sometimes whilst oblivious to the ball!) and he said the families on the Airdrie side were talking away to him and having a laugh; he certainly doesn't know anything about the automatic 'Airdrie = Bad' attitude that some Rovers fans have. The above all said, there has been pish from Airdrie fans in the past, most notably vandalising the park the night before a game about four years ago (and yes, I have heard all the joke about it being impossible to vandalise a dump), and a spot of pugilism caused by poor stewarding a bit further back. However, we really need to move beyond that and the Trust work is a really good start along that road.
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    “It’s something that doesn’t happen in Scotland. No disrespect to teams here but they’re not clever enough players or quick enough thinkers to punish us.” john bhoy collins, 11th August 2015. It does now!
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    I'll go for 5 pages. 5 pages of meaningless shite.
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    I have taken my disabled son along to Easter Road on a number of occasions and never had a problem. It's pretty simple. Call the office, they put aside tickets in our name, turn up with proof of entitled (DLA Letter normally) and pay. The office staff and Ground staff have always been very helpful. It is not unreasonable to prove you are disabled if you are claiming a disabled discount.
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    I know the lad and have done so for many years . Yes he is passionate about the club . Yes he can take it to far at times , but overall he is a decent normal guy who enjoys his junior football like most on here infact most Rabs have a chuckle with him at the games due to the state some like this charming individual from clydebank above get into and the drivel they aim at him . As ever Mon the famous Rabs !!!
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    Congrats to The Famous. Keep it up.
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    Well that'll teach me for being such a negative, pessimistic b*****d pre match. That was magic! To show such character with 10 men shows what the new sumer signings have injected - steel, character, belief. Shinnie, Quinn and Taylor were superb for us today, Jack after a quiet first half stepped up to the required mark as captain second half versus Scott Brown. Not quite sure how Andy Considine stays on the park after conceding the penalty, superb ball from Mulgrew and movement from Griffiths. What McInnes said at half time worked a treat, we came out with a real fight and a lot more quality in our play. Idiocy from Boyata for our penalty, well placed by Rooney. The red card for Hayes at the time seemed fair enough from my angle, not so sure having seen it briefly on the highlights. How Scott Brown escpaed without a caution is beyond me. But both sets of fans can agree that Craig Thomson, as usual in big games, was utterly woeful The character shown with 10 men was incredible, a real sea change from last season. When we needed quality, Niall McGinn stepped up to the mark with an excellent delivery and Paul Quinn shook off Scott Brown and Tyler Blackett with ease to score the winner. The scenes at full time were extraordinary. Something I've not witnessed in a domestic match at Pittodrie. Just a shame the wee 10 year old lad and his dad next to me missed the full time celebrations after the young lad got struck with a coin thrown from the Celtic end in stoppage time at the end. The amount of coins and fag lighters thrown over after both goals and at full time was vile. It's a game of football at the end of the day. Suck it up, take a rare defeat with some dignity and class. Overall, a great day to be a Dandy!
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    Hibs do support the disabled. I mean, look at the manager FFS.
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    Will you ever learn bud ye just canny help yersel eh ? Whether true or utter drivel do we really need to know this on a public forum ? Most clubs keep inside behaviour to themselves how can ye no just leave it at that ?
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    Fr. Andy Riley, Fr. Desmond Coyle, Fr. George Byrne, Fr. David Nicholson, Fr. Declan Lynch, Fr. Ken Sweeney, Fr. Neil Hannon, Fr. Keith Cullen, Fr. Ciaran Donnelly, Fr. Mick McEvoy, Fr. Jack White, Fr. Henry Bigbigging, Fr. Hank Tree, Fr. Hiroshima Twinkie Fr. Stig Bubblecard, Fr. Johnny Hellzapoppin’ , Fr. Luke Duke, Fr. Billy Ferry, Fr. Chewy Louie, Fr. John Hoop, Fr. Hairycake Linehan, Fr. Rebulah Conundrum, Fr. Peewee Stairmaster, Fr. Jemima Racktool, Fr. Jerry Twig, Fr. Spodo Komodo, Fr. Cannabranna Lammer. Fr. Todd Unctious
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    Taxi for the umpire.
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    Sunday's the day the kids come back from their dad Thursday's my day of rest!
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    Cardle should have got a straight red for the shameful way he took out the corner flag.
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    We know your character from your posts. You're a Rangers-obsessed fuckwit who has a nerve deriding fans posting about their own team. That you may also post on James Last and Jeffrey Archer forums is irrelevant. I don't. It was a phrase used about me and I copied it. That you regard it as noteworthy is a good reason to keep it. I added the missing 'in' so it now reads: It does make you well placed to give lessons in fuckwittery. I see you're living up to the description.
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    Since Nadal beat him on grass at Wimbledon over 7 years ago (2008) and became a genuine rival on all surfaces he has won four slams (not majors). Since the emergence of Djokovic in 2011 he has won one. Has he really invented himself? Roger Federer was virtually peerless between 2004-2007 winning 11 of 16 slams. Rod Laver won the the calendar Grand Slam in 1962 and 1969 and was banned from competing in the other events inbetween as he turned professional to make money from the sport. Until Roger surpasses 19 slams (Rod Laver has 11 traditional and 8 professional slams) there will always be a debate. Bjorn Borg has a better slam record than Federer too. Anyway on to tonight's match and I hope Djokovic wins with a few "lucky" forehands on match points again.
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    Yes, he's had a rant but is being very evasive about what it is he's actually ranting about. Hibs don't give disabled concessions at all but they do allow a free carer for those who need one and can prove it. So it can't have been that he was asked for proof of disability for a concession because he's not entitled to one. It can only be either: a - that he's not happy there are no concessions, which is fair enough but then the opening post about needing to provide proof is irrelevant and misleading. b - that he wanted to get someone else in free as a carer and had no proof of entitlement with him, or indeed isn't entitled to a carer and so Hibs wouldn't let him. If it's the latter then I'm not sure Hibs did much wrong. However, as the OP appears not for saying we're left guessing.
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    Please tell me you got them to pose for a picture with you! I don't know why, but I think a picture of me with The Chop and Geoff with the Lidl sign in the background would definitely be going up on the wall
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    McKay is a fine player, leads the line very well. Always busy, makes intelligent runs. Very unlucky with backheel attempt, felt sorry for him that Dow and Bodul fucked up his hard work.
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    Dafc.net has always been full of dreadful morons. Laughable fools. Anyway, as the season is now over, perhaps we no longer need to pay the players and so can make a huge saving, thus staving off the absolutely definitely happening administration 2?
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    Maybe we can all enjoy the leaked supervisor's report and hound the SPFL to get Finnie canned. Or is that only Celtic who do that?
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    Right well, thanks for clearing that up, Archie.
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    Why are 'The Greatest fans in the world' booing Shay Logan?
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    What sort of fucked up country puts the month before the date anyway? It's 11/9 you fat yankee fucks.
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    "Radical" is a pretty subjective and again meaningless term. I honestly can't profess to know his entire agenda but let's take the last policy I noticed being profiled and consider how radical it is in the context of a possible opposition leader. Government on housing: extending right-to-buy to housing associations and forced sale of LA property, essentially removing the last scrap of social housing in Britain. Corbyn on housing: Rent controls, removing Council's private procurement obligation for housing. f**k me, what a dangerous, radical b*****d this Corbyn is. Hopefully one of the "electable" Labour candidates wins and does f**k all to oppose the definitely-not-at-all-radical Tories cos aspiration and Waitrose and that.
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