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    Phew, was that hot! Grateful for the mist machines and the couple of hoses out on the course today, that was needed. As were the jelly babies I scoffed thanks to quite a few generous souls out there. The support was phenominal, people on both sides of the road pretty much the whole length of the course, and plenty of noise in places. Never seen anything like it for a half before, it really will take some beating. My hand took a bit of a battering with all the high fiving! The race itself I knew to be undulating but I didn't expect it to the level it was. I'd decided with Berlin in a fortnight I wouldn't race today; instead 10 miles at MP (7:44 miling)with 3 faster miles at 4, 8 & to finish. They were 6:50 (uphill and unpleasant), 6:40 going downhill and a finish I'm not sure of but my watch has 5:25 pace for the final 200m, so it can't be too bad! Finished around 1:37:20. Organisation was spot on. Found the buses for the baggage drop a bit odd - masses of folk piling up a double decker to drop off theirs, and no real checks on place to make sure folk aren't rummaging around up there before emerging triumphantly, but that's nit-picking. Got back on a bus almost immediately. Great day, can really see the appeal now.
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    Admittedly it's an unusual recruitment policy for a football club but we're in the position where we have to take what we can get.
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    Renault? Lest we forget trucks ain't even Britesh no more! Fucking frogs, they done nuffink in the war.
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    Sunday's the day the kids come back from their dad Thursday's my day of rest!
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    So do I. And criminals. Ra berrz love 'em, mind - except when they're the "victims".
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    What kind of team loses a 2 goal lead....
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    The bus would only break down.
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    Funny as f**k ???? The braw looking steward comes marching upto him and shouts "out" right in his face The boy holds up his blue hands saying "it wisnae me" ???????? "I seen you light it"
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    You are certainly doing a fine job of avoiding answering the question. You've started a thread with a rant at Hibs about the way you were treated yesterday but not been clear about what it is you are annoyed about. You've also twice now avoided answering that question when I've posed it directly. What is it that you are actually complaining about? Nobody can consider whether or not they agree you were poorly treated if you keep avoiding telling us what exactly they did wrongly.
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    He's not the messiah, he's a very.....etc, etc!
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    Michael Foot and other diddies didn't "shift the centre ground" anywhere other than to the right in the 1980s. Nor did William Hague or Iain Duncan Smith do the same as Tory leaders. Party leaders without a credible chance of gaining popular support only make it easier for the incumbent to shift the centre towards their politics. Fairly straightforward stuff tbh. Corbyn may shore up the Labour vote in northern England where it has been sliding to UKIP, but cannot win power on that basis. So he'll be shit, probably knifed by his party anyway, and will continue the process of Labour's terminal decline.
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    A couple of guid roars will soon sort things oot.
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    Being delighted at a player breaking a leg, that really is low.
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    We've just wrote more or less the same thing at the same time there
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    Yvonne Elliman - Everything's Alright
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    Danny is clearly the better manager. Hibs capitulation to a dreadful Sevco team in the playoffs reeked of being lead by a loser. They won't go up this season.
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    Sorry I don't agree with some of the opinions on here - the one thing we asked for was patience but here we are with folk talking about punting managers again - it took 5 games last season for that sort of stuff and now just six - this isn't a game of Football Manager. Patience means a bit more than saying at outset x is not my choice as manager but will back him and then just wanting change 5 minutes later. What about the fact that team is almost completely new - the most starts last season for us by any player in the side yesterday was just 15? So what about giving the guys a bit of backing and a bit of time - staying at home and a crowd of 301 won't solve our problems or help the club either - real patience not a couple of games type stuff. Discipline isn't that bad and red cards are distorting the story - we aren't conceding an inordinate amount of fouls for example but of course anyone can come on here and just say the stats don't lie. There is a saying about stats and lies though. Presume Robbie rather than CJ was subbed given it was felt CJ would be more effective tracking back so not very controversial. I don't know why anyone would criticise Pat for stepping into the breach with Chopper out and playing for the jersey. Left back well Kenny was injured at Stenny so there is no big mystery why Mo was preferred. Al suggests a mid table finish - well that means challenging for 4th spot which is in line with initial target. Why was it expected that we should readily sweep Peterhead aside when historically games v them have often been competitive and they had already beaten the Pars and Falkirk this season?
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    Fire all these sub-standard refs, replace them with the better refs who want in but can't due to refereeing being over-subscribed, IMO.
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    What if you don't have a child, but fancy a wee kick about and a panda painted on your face for the game?
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    Got to be happy with that, although it really should have been more......but let's not be greedy. It all seemed to come together and even the shake up of the defence didn't seem to affect us, although the goal we lost was poor. Shire helped by being a "mob" (I think the phrase is). They looked quite nippy on the break and once the keeper had had his mad moment, he pulled off some terrific saves. That apart, they were undisciplined and didn't look particularly fit. Could be a hard shift for them this year on this display. QPSAFF has got it spot on with Duggan; but although sometimes his final ball wasn't the right one, he's at least producing the chances. He's powerful and tricky and I think that the partnership with Galt, who had a great game, should be persevered with. Good performances all through the team and the strength in depth was demonstrated with us being bale to bring on the likes of Carter and Bradley. I'd imagine that there are sore bodies today though, as Shire seemed to be taking it in turns to whack our lads. It's all part of the game, I'd agree, but the referee should have taken a harder line on more than one occasion. After complaining about a couple of ridiculous penalty decisions last week, it was great to be on the receiving end of a poor one yesterday. After a shitey 7 days of football, it was great to shake off the blues. All cedit to the feral kids in the Shire support and their beach balls. Haven't laughed so much at a game in years. I was embarrassed for the stewards who were told to chase after the beach balls. It's a sad day when this is seen as necessary when the kids were only having a laugh, far from everyone else in the stadium.
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    Not for me, I like relationships with no strings attached.
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    Also, all this chat of sending video evidence to the SFA and on the Dunfermline facebook page, one fan said and I quote "This is the reason Scotland get beat by teams like Georgia" :lol: Calum E. McClure, if you post on here :lol:
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    Totally deserved win for Airdrie. Rovers played some decent stuff especially in the first half but if you defend like that there is only one outcome. Things might have been different if we had taken one of our chances before half time - but again the majority of our final balls wasn't good enough and Airdrie looked dangerous on the break. Despite our early second half goal you could write the script , Airdrie were getting stronger as we tired. Mullin was our best player while I was disappointed in Willis who had plenty of the ball. We walked to the game talking to Airdrie fans before and after absolutely no problem.
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    If he gets a cut does that mean he'll get a few crisps.
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    Is that actually him? For some reason I imagined Deestruction much older.Tbf all the Dees are sound c***s regardless of age. f**k the Arabs and McMamara!!
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    Agreed mate and our very own Andy Reid had been doing it for 8 years now . Loads of guys chuck themselves into a lobotomised footballing frenzy and andy reid seems to always find himself with lots of time on the ball. Such an elegant footballer .
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    3 points, clean sheet, season starts now. Don't worry tazz keep playing like today, you'll soon replace us at foot of the table.
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    Irish teams aren't clever or quick enough to trouble Aberdeen.
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    Ayr fans obviously didn't catch onto the new rule at the beginning of the season. You are not allowed to tackle any Dunfermline players
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    Least you'll no have to pay them big bonuses you can't afford pars.
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    Port 1 v 2 camby Thought fabi was ports best player today. Very vocal...........from the sidelines ????????
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    Nothing will be as funny as when Rangers died.
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    Yeah and they all performed the same role as Fletcher.
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    I challenge the entire Dunfermline support to a physical confrontation.
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    Is this in response to women boycotting you?
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    Absolute shitehole. I was there a couple of times in October and it's probably the grimmest city I've been to. Getting to/ from the airport can take hours due to traffic so you need to allow a bit of time for that. Also, when you leave the terminal building a policeman may look to direct you to a particular taxi company but this is just a scam and you'll end up paying vastly inflated prices. Just queue with all the locals and sex tourists at the taxi rank. Mall of Asia is supposed to be the biggest shopping mall in Asia and is worth a look. It's proper shops selling legit gear at fairly reasonable prices if I remember correctly. Other than that I can't really remember much else that I would recommend. Filipino food is pretty dreadful as well so I'd definitely try a few dishes but you'll probably be looking elsewhere after a couple of days. The best thing about Manila is the pretty cheap flights to all the other places in the Philippines like Boracay, Cebu and Palawan although it sounds as though this isn't really going to be an option for you. Also, watch out when drinking the rocket fuel that is Red Horse. After a night on it I ended up refereeing a midget boxing match which is an undoubted low point in my life.
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    Okay looks like I got it wrong about the tackle for the injury. The tackle on falkingham is bad though. Would like to see the Fordyce challenge from the other side? How did he get injured so badly? Have to say after seeing our captain get stretchered off after the falkingham tackle I thought the worst. We had a young player get badly injured a few weeks back and I lost the plot a bit. Ayr deserved to win and did use all means necessary. We need to get used to this otherwise we will never get out this league. Apologies for the earlier rants.
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    Celtic won the midfield battle in the first half and were well on top. dons got the break with penalty out of nothing and from then on in never looked like losing. The winning goal was a pleasant surprise
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    Will there be an open top bus parade when Aberdeen win the title?
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    Manziel warming up, could come in for McCown.
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