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    Time for an I told you so tbh - Zing oooft... I'm quite fine thank you. Here is Jackies quotes with the bits emboldened by banana I think.... (I may have added another bold bit or 2 since it looks extremely ironic knowing what we now do....) Jackie McNamara, Manager, said: “I am very happy to sign Rodney. He showed great desire and application whilst training with us during pre season and he will add great quality to our midfield. “He has a fabulous pedigree and you can see his talent. He will become a fans’ favourite at Tannadice and this signing is a real coup for the Club. I look forward to working with Rodney and seeing him in our team this coming campaign.” I know this is old ground but I took a lot of pelters at the time for calling it as I seen it. Reading here and Mad it seems a lot of people are coming round to my way of thinking tbh. What a difference a month makes eh?
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    Cats are cool, dugs are wanks, I can let my cat out himself happy in the knowledge he want be attacking weans or shitting in the street and will see himself home, unlike thick dugs , who , you need to tie a rope round their neck and walk them in case they decide to maul a child or chase a car.
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    Most of the UK's defence estate is located in where it was thought would strategically be the best place to put it when it was planned, hence the fact the Army is located mainly in Hampshire/Wiltshire to counter a mid-19th century French invasion, the RAF is mostly around Kent/East Anglia to counter an aerial German threat in the mid-20th, and historically the Navy has laregly been based in Plymouth and Portsmouth to protect the Channel. It's telling that once it was realised that there were going to be no more armed insurrections north of the border post-1745, the only significant defence installation to be built is the one that nobody wanted - the one that painted a target on the back of most of the Central Belt.
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    Long and boring story coming up: A few years back I decided to walk from Gourock to Crail, mostly for the hell of it, but ended up doing it for charity. On the 2nd day walking between Erskine Bridge and Kirkintilloch over The Campsies it was torrential rain. The plan was to camp but I ended up in a B&B as I was soaked through. Stupidly I forgot to dry my shoes out and, even tho' it was sunny the next day, my feet were soaked and I walked all the way along the canal to Falkirk and then uptowards the bridge. My feet were in agony, every step felt like the worst pins and needles I've ever felt, and I stopped just before the bridge to take my shoes off to see the damage and a whole layer of skin came away attached to the sock. I ended up camping in the woods behind the Polis training centre that night but it took me an hour to cross that fucking bridge and, ever since, I can't think of it without getting sore feet. When I got over to the Fife side of the bridge I sat on my arse for about an hour. Two wee neds, who had walked across the bridge, asked me if I was alright and I explained the walk/situtation to them and they asked if they could help. I gave them a coupla quid and asked them to grab me a coupla bottles of IRN BRU. I never expected to see them, the IRN BRU or my money again. I never did either. Wee arseholes.
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    I don't get the ST bashing. People calling him a baldy snake can f**k right off...and not just because I'm bald. He has done great for the club. Sure he has made a few mistakes. But Jackie has been backed like no other manager since McCall. He is, however, just as shite as the fat rancid jobby. He is beyond useless yet his failures are frequently over looked by the media and indeed some of our own support. People saying things like, "he has to work in tough conditions, under heavy constraints". f**k right off, every other manager would love to have his budget, his facilities (other than Aberdeen, Celtic and Hearts). And yet he is being out managed by all of these other guys. He is so frequently inside the putrid wastepipe of Tommy Wright that he uses the little ghoul as a way to unclog his ring following a weekend of gorging on bean burritos. f**k off Jackie. Just f**k off.
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    Surely there are better options available than Danny Swanson? If there's wages freed up and to be spent then get someone else other than that dayglo wearing f**k knuckle, with his stupid hair and ecky jaw. f**k off Swanson.
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    "Cheeky 2-0" For f**k sake just kill yourself.
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    If Dunfermline employed the same tactics and had players quite happy to berate a player who is on the ground after that their teammate has blatantly just went out to injure then I would not be back at East End Park until those player and manager were removed. I'm all for a physical side to the game, but Peterhead are hands down the worst team I have ever seen for this.
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    He reminds me of Colin Nish. In that he's big and shite and that's about it.
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    If Martin played for Aberdeen or Hearts he'd be getting 25/30 goals a season and folk would be screaming for him to be in the squad.
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    Some of the hand wringing from Pars fans regarding the refereeing is pretty pathetic tbh. A lot of them are starting to look and sound like paranoid Celtic fans. You get some, you don't get some. "If you're good enough, then the referee doesn't matter" Quite simply, on Saturday we weren't. If we were then we would have beaten Smith more than once from open play.
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    Indeed, presently we're no very good and may not come back up for many years. No big deal, we are just a diddy Club and get what we deserve. I never expect anything more of my Club, but I live in hope. Keep yir Walls safe. And when you've got a minute, gonnae explain to me how your Club which has many millions of fans worldwide...... MANAGED TO FUCKING DIE
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    You're definitely a gamergater. Criiiinge.
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    If you like Top Trumps, you should come to me. I've got about five different sets. Don't try to beat me at Monster Trucks, though, 'cos you won't. My speciality. I would know what cards you've got immediately just through what cards I've got. I used to play it by myself, with a dummy hand just testing out every different scenario of which cards would beat which other cards for hours, sometimes three or four at a time. But put in the work, the rewards are obvious. So I'd know exactly what card you've got in your hand from what cards I've got and I would know, probability wise, exactly what feature to pick on my card to defeat, statistically, any card that you could have in your hand at that precise moment. You will never win. Could still be fun, though.
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    Yeah, ok then. Your last line explains why it's alright in my book. But back to Warburton...
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    Well if the vest fits...
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    But they haven't and if they did. Liquidation law is the authority that counts.
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    Dogs are great, but cats do shade it for me, purely on the smell issue. But dogs are still great. That said - the pedigree breeding business is simply organised and bizarre cruelty. You will end up with an animal that will have, to a lesser or greater degree some congenital health defects. Also, anyone that doesn't own a threshing machine and has a dog with a docked tail is subhuman scum.
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    Hopefully we get a result on Friday as we will be receiving a pumping on Saturday night !
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    Foo Fighters - Enough Space (in tribute to their protest against the Westboro Baptists Looney Tunes)
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    Wit Money is 100% the reason why anyone slithers out their bed to go to work in the morning.
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    This is, to a certain extent, baws. Most employees want their employer to succeed. It usually means better reward, and before the tattie bogles come on complaining about their place of work, I said usually. That said, most employees take pride in what they do and many take pride in who they work for. Not everyone is out for themselves and themselves alone in singular mercenary mode. I don't think McKinnon is a mercenary. I don't know him, but he's no Ian Black. I think he does indeed have the club's best interest at heart, and of course he will expect some reward if he can improve fortunes. On the way though his motivation and inspiration will come from job enrichment and enlargement. He will get satisfaction and pride from improving the club. He'll also get financial reward. I don't believe the latter is driving his actions and thoughts.
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    McKinnon will be doing his best job, no doubt, but football fans need to realise that by and large players and managers are not in this game for the clubs they play for and manage. Ray's heart is in it but it's in it for Ray and not Raith.
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    Has much as I hate Alex ferguson had he been judged on his 1st few seasons then the scum would not have been the success that they once were. Sammy's got a good nucleus of players & like every manager wants to add more. I know teams have off days but we haven't (well maybe the Preston game, which we didn't lose) but I've been to every game so far this season & yes I'm frustrated that we haven't been converting our chances but the football on display as been excellent. If you only want to watch a team that just wins go watch Celtic in Glasgow or City in Manchester. It's not quite clicking just yet but when it does someone is going to take a right tanking. Yes I am biased but I am their watching the team develop. 3 of the team have come through the ranks, I suppose next you'll be blaming Sammy for using the kids next, he's in a no win situation with the folk that don't go watch us just still like to bash us. I believe we will be 1 of the teams fighting it out at the top come the end of the season. It's still early doors & a long way to go yet. Grimbo
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    Nah I have to side Edgarus here. In the real world, unfortunate things happen to people meaning they can struggle from time to time. She called the company to let them know about the problem and offered a reasonable solution. Obviously they don’t have accept this solution, but to demand £500 for missing the payments is ludicrous. If there are charges for missed payments, these would be outlined in the terms and conditions and you couldn’t argue about them. There is no way however that they would be anywhere close to £250 per missed payment. I suppose it’s their right to reclaim the car as well, but it certainly wouldn’t be in their interest unless she was an unreliable customer, and two missed payments, that she got in contact with to resolve, does not constitute a unreliable customer. This actually happens all the time (although with a small percent of customers of course). As I said, in the real world people often face circumstances which can make things a struggle for a period of time. For some it could just be a month or two, or for some longer. Banks are usually fairly understanding about missed payments, if it's just one or two, and although would look less favourably upon regular missed payments, often give customers every chance to make up missed payments. Repossession is the very last resort and can take a long time.
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    You have too much time on your hands son
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    Early doors for that kind of comment Snudge, but to be fair they have started on fire and are a real decent side, but the Gman is correct "CRACKPOT " as is Big H, " calm yourself " long season in front of them and as soon as you start the way they have the sooner everyone else sees you as a scalp.
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    Danny Wilson - When I Was Mary's Prayer
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    Bono's the obvious answer. Surprised Tim Lovejoy hasn't been nominated yet. The best review ever... http://www.wsc.co.uk/the-archive/42-Media/145-no-love-no-joy
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    This is possibly the most Hibs post ever. Unsurprising given the poster as well.
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    The Rezillos - top of the pops
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    Derek Lyle is gonna single-handedly take out The Rangers!! He's got 3 arms for god sake!! We are all Derek Lyle!!
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    Aye, we ken, son, we ken. Thankfully they tend to keep a supply of huge socks at these things.
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    Not sure if anyone else cares. Please let Kelso United FC's good name remain, and stop posting here about them. You are bringing the club into disrepute and are presumably breaking your club and league's code of conduct. Kelso are plainly having a difficult start to the season, so the last thing they need is bitching about them on here. If you want to be a P&B hero, fair enough, but not whilst representing a club with a proud history.
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    The Thatcher government was seeking to negotiate with the IRA during their bombing campaign - for all but a handful of William Ulstermen it's absolutely irrelevant. What will be relevant is discovering that a mere checklist of left-wing policies without any coherent vision and oppositionalism - led by a seething mess when placed under the slightest scrutiny - won't attract more than 25% of the UK electorate to vote for the next busted flush party. And with Deputy Dug running the branch office, their fiefdom of Scottish MPs certainly isn't returning to them.
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    We having made up my mind which new bike I was going for, I went to the shop, saw another and totally changed my mind. Now the proud owner of these Biuanchi Intenso with Dura Ace & Ultegra and upgraded wheels to Mavic Ksyrium Elite S :wub:
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    There seem to be a bunch of Scotland fans with the attention span of a goldfish. Constantly bored if there aren't brand new shiny players playing every single game, regardless of how good they are. If Rhodes, Armstrong, Mackay-Steven and Cairney started the next 3 games then they'd be moaning come game 4 that Ryan Jack or Tony Watt weren't getting a chance. We are unbeaten in five competitive matches and are sitting in a decent position to qualify. How about, rather than constantly clamouring for the next flavour of the month, you just trust the manager who got us into that position to pick the best team. Picking players solely on club form would be a terrible idea - we'd be making 6 or 7 changes to the team from one double header to the next. The stuff about our team being packed with the same players who have failed in previous campaigns is nonsense too. Here's the list of the 11 players (regardless of position) who played most often under Levein: McGregor (22), Morrison (20), Berra (19), Miller (18), Adam (17), Caldwell (17), Naismith (15), D. Fletcher (14), Hutton (14), Bardsley (12), Whittaker (11). Only Morrison, Naismith, Hutton and Whittaker could be considered as first choice players under Strachan. Martin, Hanley, Mulgrew and Anya all made their competitive debuts for Scotland under Strachan, and all are first choice players now.
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    Why on earth would he start giving young guys a chance in squads when we are right in the he middle of a crucial qualifying campaign????? Absolute heads gone stuff Imagine a manager doing that at club level when his team were 4 games away from winning the league? Aye nae bather Courtouis/Cahill/Fabregas/Hazard you sit out this game I'm away to punt the young team on give them a chance. Mental
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    Listening to the Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers album L.A.M.F. It's very good. I need to listen to more punk stuff.
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