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    "the youngest MP in the parliament, Mhairi Black, has said she would donate any pay rise to charity." https://www.commonspace.scot/articles/1911/mps-get-10-pay-rise-one-week-after-uk-government-announced-four-year-public-sector-pay-freeze Choke on it, dickhead.
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    More revisionism. Clubs were threatened that fans would walk away from the Scottish game should the scale of financial doping, tax dodging and general misbehaviour of the original Rangers club be ignored and a replacement Rangers allowed direct access to the SPL. No one promised to put money into clubs as a bribe, our threat was to withdraw financial support for our clubs.
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    See, this boils my piss. Corbyn is no radical - suggesting that there may be ways of balancing budgets that doesn't involve massively regressive budgets and fucking over the poor is hardly the work of a Marxist. The political centre is a subjective construct, not a fixed point, the idea that 'to be serious about government' means tacking massively to the right and trying to be ersatz Tories is ridiculous.
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    I wouldn't be so sure about Kairat Almaty progressing, I've read a few St Johnstone fans saying "Alashkert are no mugs".
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    Because I'm actually a Killie fan.
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    I hope we do qualify but the bold Chick has a heart attack on the way to the plane.
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    http://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/news/we-ll-give-7000-pay-rise-to-charity-say-snp-mps-1-3833229 ‘We’ll give £7000 pay rise to charity’ say SNP MPs" The hits just keep on coming.
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    This was a favourite of mine from a few years ago
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    To be fair, that's as many wins in one European game as the mighty Rangers managed in their last 25. Surely something worth celebrating.
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    Nothing , but why does it have to be on the telly for you to support who you want , oh that's right you can't be a glory hunting bigot unless you can see your team on the telly
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    I think we've won a watch with Warmbottom.
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    Pete's Frontier Probably best just to ignore him. Like other people of his mental aptitude - young children - having a little tantrum, if you starve him of attention, eventually he'll stop. Bit late to the party, but Mhairi Black's maiden speech was utterly outstanding, and the SNP MP's decision to donate their salary increases to charity should win yet more favour with the populace UK wide. A pretty good start in PR terms. Long may it continue.
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    And just about everything else associated with that utterly tragic nothing club.
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    On the phone so no idea how to post a link but the Rangers fan singing along to his toy organ with all the WATP shite everywhere is the cringiest thing on the Internet. I can't even laugh at the poor c**t.
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    Sorry Adam it was a girl. Isobel 7 pounds and half an ounce by c section 3 and a bit weeks early she's a wee bruiser as well. Thankfully her mum hasn't turned yellow and it's all going like it's supposed to.
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    Just for a laugh I google mapped the journey, 86 hours in the car. An Almaty long journey
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    Tiger Woods never knew about tides until he played the British Open and asked Paul Lawrie why the beach had disappeared.
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    Is this it now? An Under 20 Coach has left and some players want to follow him so we've got a big crisis on our hands and we should all just chuck it? Seriously but, wrap this p*sh. We've got a new chairman who appears to be ambitious and all the fans want to do is focus on the negative. Its been the same with every piece of business the club has done this off-season. Its getting really tiresome.
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    I think there is a process we are all following, and everyone is at different stages.1. Not really interested in Scotch politics. Trust the BBC. Big events aren't "News" till confirmed on the BBC. 2. Taking an interest in politics watch, read, and listen to BBC Scotland more. 3. Noticing that the coverage isnt always very fair, but then, nobody is perfect, right? 4. Coverage is definitely skewed, Reporting Scotland is bullshit. Reading newsnet, but Wings is too far. 5. Watching the BBC to laugh at it, but actually getting your news from alternate sources. 6. Starting to read Wings now. No longer watching the BBC much. Spending more and more time slagging the BBC off. 7. Boycotting the BBC. Everyone I know is on that progression somewhere. Its all about the journey. I was an early adopter. I was on step 7 when the main Unionists on here were still loyal to the good old BBC. As for now, I'd even be tempted to vote Lib Dem if they promised to burn Pacific Quay to the ground with the BBC news team locked inside. Im not sure what step that is. Im not a fan.
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    No you wouldn't, Magee. You'd have shat yourself and fucked off. You're exactly the type who uses the word "mate" a lot when someone is aggressive towards them. "Oh, I'm sorry, mate! Please don't hit me, mate. I was only joking, mate". A stinking, greasy coward, that's you.
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    That was myself (my old username was gordon the gopher) Edit - Just logged in to her old profile. Laura turns 22 this year Just reading back on some of the early wall posts by P&Brs https://www.facebook.com/laura.stevenson.50159
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    I have no idea what you're talking about... That is the original image - Hibs digitally imposed Scott Allan onto the ad since he didn't show up for the photo shoot. I wonder where he wondered off to... ***believable
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    In 2005/06, before the introduction of the Premier League, Haddington were playing in a 10 team division. 13 is still better than that You can't legislate for clubs pulling out, no matter the structure.​
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    Can't believe folk still do the contact ads type of selling, considering the number of utter jakeballs who turn up and hope you'll give them a bargain just to get rid of them. I've probably already told the tale of the old degenerate who turned up to buy a computer from me and tried to get me to trade for a couple of spunk-covered old porn tapes. There was also a boy who arrived to buy a (tech snore alert) 486 DX2-66 processor and motherboard from me for £20, and was expecting to get a 266MHz Pentium II processor and motherboard combo, when that was basically the fastest processor available for home computers and would've set you back over £200. Arsehole started ranting that the advert had stated it was the Pentium II, so I pulled out the copy of ScotAds (or whatever) that it had been in to show him it didn't. He lost the place even more at being caught out in a lie, so I told him to leave or I'd call the police, as he very much seemed as though he'd like to take a swing at me. He then suddenly makes an offer of £2 to "do you a favour", which sees me reaching for the phone, at which point he calmly puts a £20 note down on the table, picks up the hardware, and leaves I know some folk seem to like that kind of 'bargaining', but I don't understand it.
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    England need to get 367 to avoid follow on. The 300 benchmark is more to do with how long it should take them to get there and even with a follow on, they can save the game by batting out most if not the rest of the match Fact of day - Bell's 5th dismissal this year for 1. Tied record for a year
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    With all those English lower league players signing for Rangers, is it possible that they might actually be as good as ICT in a few years time?. Took Terry Butcher 5 years to get it right and another year for Yogi to take it to the next level. Just saying Rangers fans need to be patient. 1st Division - Won title first time of asking, promotion to the big league. Challenge Cup winners. First season up - did well first half of the season, but fell away 2nd half and just missed out on top 6. Second season - Poor injury riddled season, not good enough for top 6 but too good to go down, summer clearout Third season - Horray!! best season so far, huge improvement, finished 4th Fourth season - Butcher out/Hughes in. Consolidated top 6 by finishing 5th, one less place than previous season but more points. 1st full season with Hughes - 3rd place, Europa league qualified for. Scottish Cup winners. Forget first time of asking Rangers fans failed there, Rangers need to aspire to what we had achieved when we were in the 2nd tier, win the league and the CC. Can Rangers do the double like we did?. Also going by above Rangers should qualify for the Europa League in 2020/21 that is if they can find away to live within their means.
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    Got a nice surprise this morning, a client from up North handed me this season's new Queens top and a couple of match programmes. I usually get food hampers or bottles of Scotch, but never anything as glamorous as this! I'll wear it tonight while I'm shopping in Sainsbury's in Watford.
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    Just noticed on Twitter that you have signed Marvin Bartley. I was a Bournemouth Season Ticket holder during his spell at the club and you've just signed a top drawer player. Bartley will boss most Midfield's and is an absolute class act. He was Eddie Howe's First signing when he left the club and went to Burnley and when he came back to Bournemouth for his 2nd spell he tried to sign him again however was allegedly told that e would have to stump up between £6-8 million for him. Not sure what happened to Bartley after that but I do know you've just signed a guy who'll take to very very quickly and will be amongst the best Centre Midfielders not only in the Championship but in Scotland.
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    It seems to me that you're the expert, DeadStar!
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    Just gonna leave this here for future use.
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    I know we've only been playing friendlies but the pairing of Benedictus and Toshney at the back has been an absolute stand out so far. Gone are the long punts up the park that were Watson's speciality, so from that point of view he won't be missed. He moaned a lot as well, mainly because it was never his fault when the goals went in.
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    Yes Craigan was there, quite vociferous at times,but boys looked sharp and up for it!
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    Why? I don't think anyone's suggesting it should be the *only* factor, but it's still a very significant one. Family is another one.
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    You wouldn't have a moustache by any chance?
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    Good luck mate! Does the other guy, who does the collections, drive a drop - off? If so you should swap vehicles. Good luck bud!
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    An old one but always springs to mind when thinking about awful articles. Chick Young slating Thistle's decision to sack his mate Gerry Collins as manager. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/p/partick_thistle/3299025.stm You wouldn't think our record when he got sacked was P14 W0 D2 L12
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    She sounded fine to me and I usually have a hell of a time trying to understand folk from around weegieland. It's a sad state of affairs when Scots turn on Scots because they don't talk in a 1950s style RP.
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    Agree with every word of this, however TV money rules. I long for the a return to the good old days of no seeding and just chuck abodies name in the hat and draw them out. Far more exciting way of doing things.
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    And he got hit in the face with a flag pole.
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    McCulloch was given the sending off he deserved.........A 6-1 pumping off Motherwell
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    Help me find so-and-so who is been "missing" for 12 minutes.
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    Thank f**k I hate that c**t,should never have got the job in the first place.
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