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    Move to Japan. It's probably already tomorrow there. Take Sevco with you.
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    People that drove 2-3 hours in rush hour traffic from Arbroath to support Sevco GIRFUY
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    Just to be clear, Motherwell can take free-kicks from wherever they like tonight and can elbow keepers in the face to their hearts content. No criticism from me.
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    Kenny McIntyre, Gordon Ramsay, Terry butcher, chick young, Jim traynor, Stewart Regan, Neil Doncaster, Campbell ogilvie, Charles green, Graeme souness, duff and Phelps, fat ally McCoist, Mark hateley, Walter Smith, dick advocaat, dick fucking advocaat, Your boys took one helluva beating.
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    If 'Well go three up I fully expect Rob McLean to throw the mic down in horror and refuse to continue.
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    Absolute fantastic result. I'm a drunken mess. Tie not over, really hope we can finish the job. Get it round every mutant bigot for the time being though.
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    Who would have thought earlier in the season that Stuart McCall would manage to turn things round and keep Motherwell up ?
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    What an amazing thread this has been . Supporters of every club united in shared joy against Sevco and Celtic.
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    From KDS.. Club Captain Joined: 17 March 2006 Favourite all-time player Cesar Jolly Bhoy Jon 28 May 2015, 09:11 PM Subway loyal started yet? Traffic Scotland reporting delays in the Ibrox area adding at least a year to your journey.
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    McCall chasing that ball like a bairn chasing a balloon in a gale.
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    Can somebody assist me??? I'm drowning in my ain pish. Lol
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    If it was Henri Anier who was accused of biting someone the club would probably use it as an excuse to punt him. Similarly, Dundee would have treated Phil Roberts differently had he booted police officers on three different occasions. Dundee fans sing songs about Paul McGowan assaulting police officers, United fans call him a thug. United fans sing songs about Paul Paton punching Zaluska, Dundee fans call him a thug. Football clubs are pragmatic and cynical as f**k. Football fans are hypocritical, subjective and will defend their own club regardless while loudly condemning others for the same offence. In short, everyone is a c**t. Close the thread.
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    Who do they support these days?
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    Well, it's harder to find one when you have no mates
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    It's interesting that these days the unionists line up behind any party, MP, media publication or journalist that isn't the SNP or an individual whose sympathies lie with the SNP. It's interesting because, as much as everything SNP used to - in their minds - be a metaphor for indepence, it's now all about the union for these people. It's where they are drawing their battle lines. It's why we now have Labour supporters quoting the daily mail and the Telegraph as ammunition. The reason? Lack of identity, lack of relevance in a new revitalised scottish political landscape, lack of an alternative and mandate to offer an alternative to the Scottish voters who increasingly reject the Westminster old boys club - they must respect their paymasters after all -, lack of support. Most of all though, Fear and defiance. The Union is dead and they know it, so they'll hang on to the coat tails of anyone who can give them any final breath of hope, and that doesn't matter if they are Tory, Liberal or left wing. All moral compasses have been re-aligned and lost in the midst of the desperate longing for a once mighty but now impotent, union.
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    Heading off on holiday and will miss the final. Want to wish Falkirk all the best and hope they bring the cup back. I worked for five years in Falkirk, and Falkirk FC were one of our clients. When I was doing the 'Farewell to Love Street' book for St Mirren, the girls I knew in Falkirk's commercial department set me up with an interview with Yogi for the book. We wanted some stories about memories of playing at Love Street from non-Saints. Yogi and the staff at Falkirk could not have been more helpful, and we got some great stories from Yogi for our book. On one other occasion, I had two football-mad cousins from Australia visiting, and when Alex Totten was in our office looking over some artwork we were doing for the stadium, he told me to bring them along the next day for a wee tour around the ground. Alex Totten himself showed us around the ground, and showed us personal memorabilia from his days at Liverpool. He then arranged for my cousins and myself to get coffees and a bit of cake up in the stadium cafe, on the house. My cousins were made up - they bought Falkirk beanie hats and stuff.... A good club and good people. Come on the Bairns!
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    To be fair, all the credit has to go to Stuart McCall, he said at the beginning of the season that he would do his utmost to keep Motherwell in the SPL
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    You're on a Motherwell thread in the Premiership forum, bud.
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    I bet George Long has a fantastic tadger.
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    Always thought McCall was the man to keep Motherwell up
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    Dick Advocaat? He said he was giving up football management so he should be a shoo in.
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    Alas there's always too much month left at the end of the money.
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    Although quite sensible I'm going to label this post a meltdown and nominate it for heads gone. Thank you.
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    Spare us the usual tedious repertoire and predictable catchphrases VT. You're boring. Just stop embarrassing us.
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    It's worth remembering that that same Motherwell team lost to 2-1 against St Mirren in Paisley a matter of weeks later, there only goal coming from a dodgy penalty. It's a case of what Motherwell team decides to show up.
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    Huge congratulations to Jonathan Tiffoney on his career progression since leaving Somerset. Silly wee ringpiece.
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    If you are a Dundee United fan, then yes. I remember the time an ex-colleague in London referred to me as Scottish and my instinctive reaction was to drop to the floor and bite him on the leg.
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    Poor lassie in Boots is in for a shock when she develops those.
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