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    sevco fans celebrating one of the most corrupt deceitful b4stards you could set a pair of squinty eyes on, being given the reigns of their new club. Celtic fans in tears that a corrupt shameless liar has taken over a club they claim to have no rivalry with. The pair of you are quite possibly the thickest groups of fans known to man! Don't ever change, you crazy fckin morons. Two cheeks, same arse. You couldn't make it up!
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    Mrs thinks we're off to the cinema tonight...
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    The Rangers doing their best to dodge the Ton on their journey.
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    He'd be our first wheeler-dealer Prime Minister.I can just imagine him leaning out of his Range Rover window on Budget Day announcing that he's offered to swap the NHS for Panama's Navy, Fiji's Police Force and Niko Kranjcar.
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    Why the hell should anyone show an atom of decency to a throughly evil little p***k who used threats & outright bullying in his time as NUS President to prevent them mounting any sort of meaningful challenge to Labour's proposal to replace student grants with student loans - something which was good enough for him to take for even more years than Aamar Anwar managed to squander from the British tax payer, but Murphy never even got so much as a Diploma at the end of all of it? Why the hell should anyone shed a tear over a "loyal" party member who did everything to undermine his own leader - Queen of the Shitgibbons though she may have been - so he could take what he thought was going to be her cushy number & swan into becoming First Minister next year to compensate for his thwarted career "expectations" at Westminster? He sought to undermine Scottish Labour even more than it already was so he could take it over with his London masters' blessing to "save it". Why the hell should anyone shed a tear over someone whose idea of discussing the issues is shouting over them (all of the TV debates), particularly women, like the worst neanderthal thug stuck in a 70s timewarp? If Jim Murphy was in Game of Thrones, he'd be the b*****d child of Littlefinger and Cersei Lannister, combining all of their worst traits - arrogance, sociopathy, paranoia, the charm of a dose of diarrhoea and a face you'd never tire of hitting with a sledgehammer - & zero of their best. Goodbye and good riddance to this revolting reptile, this pathetic excuse for a man that is now reaping all that he has sown - all those friends and "comrades" he betrayed without a second's remorse thinking he'd always get away with it because he'd always be heading upwards beyond the reach of retribution, let alone their help again.
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    Scored our first ever SPL goal, with a trademark free-kick.
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    The average Rangers fan will have pished himself today. Same as any other day.
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    Asda deliver in my locality. As do Tescos. But Morrisons don't. And they really should....... they could call it.... .. . . . . . Van Morrisons
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    A team of cheats, run by criminals for the entertainment of vermin
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    I just don't get the rivalry. When Accies played Hibs last year I was desperate for Accies to send Hibs down and come up. I know some good guys that support Accies and always happy to see them doing well. The rivalry is just not there between the teams, no matter how much you want it to be.
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    It just couldn't happen anywhere else, could it? Sense, reason and indeed prescribed articles just utterly discarded in favour of the misheld belief that Scottish football needs a strong The Rangers and the financial benefits of their sectarian rivalry with their opposite cheek. How a man who has been convicted of tax fraud in South Africa and was also complicit in tax skulduggery and the liquidation of the previous incarnation of The Rangers can be considered fit and proper is beyond me (although, as Pozbaird put it elsewhere, he's 'fit and proper for those c*nts'). The ruling body is every bit as corrupt as has been previously suggested; this is nothing short of an absolute disgrace on the game in Scotland (and I wonder if Fifa won't have something to say on this). I will be interested to see if the fawning media just roll over and get their tummies tickled again or if anyone actually pursues the SFA for the true rationale involved in this bizarre ruling. Either way, I'm satisfied that this will not end well; King has too much form as a corporate scumbag for The Rangers to survive his chairmanship.
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    Great performance. Great result. I would like to second what Tedi said. The Rangers fans were absolutely outstanding tonight.
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    Best support in the world - can't sell out their ground for a massive game when it's only a fiver, repeatedly pelted opposition players with missiles and failed to return the match ball, twice. Aye.
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    Sevco have never played in the top league
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    Hibs are born losers, doesn't matter who's managing or who's playing, they are guarenteed to fucking bottle it. You'd have to burn Easter Road to the ground and salt the earth so that nothing could ever grow there again before attempting to rebuild Hibs into a team with some mental toughness.
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    f**k off Hibs, just f**k off you crappy fuckin weirdos. You've got one fuckin job, just one fuckin job and you're fuckin it up big style you useless, useless fuckin bottling b*****ds.
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    Is Ross County's wage so low because most of their players are only there for half a season?
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    Or a walk-in part in one of those penguin movies? Hard to believe on tonight's showing so far that he's the league's top scorer. Horrible hair on the guy.
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    Shock shock horror horror shock shock horror
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    Funnily enough, Matt Elder.
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    - Football players being role models. If you are that weak minded that you're going to try coke because of Jake Livermore or get drunk in a strip club because of Scott Brown then that's your fault you daft c**t. - Ownership/boardroom sagas. Interesting if it's your club but by f**k it's boring when they get onto the back pages. Rangers epitomise this but I remember the Celtic boardroom chat (Jim Kerr takeover?) and even when Eddie T was taking over Dundee Utd. So dull. - Crowd power-wanking. Caley get shit crowds, we know. - Sectarianism/bigotry/pro-IRA songs. Just let them sing it, who cares. - Prices, generally. Football tickets are probably too expensive but it's clear that if you cut prices you don't get consistently increased crowds - if Caley halved our prices we wouldn't double our gates for example. In the scheme of things £20-odd isn't much and football is brilliant so pay it. Also, these hatchet faced idiots who appear in the press to complain about shirt prices - just don't buy your fat ugly children everything they want you idiots, maybe then little Keiran wouldn't have "ADHD".
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    Gutted. I hope with the freeing of Cardle and Carey we can send out an SOS to Vigurs. RIP Brittain's County Career
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    I have said since more or less Day one I wanted Dave King in to take the club forward. Along the way I obviously was left a tad disappointed that he was willing to wait so long to make his move. That said I was surprised with that part of his interview...I am assuming it has something to do with his promise to the SFA that he wouldn't operate as a 'shadow director'. If he says he is going to invest regardless the SFA could see that as he was going to take control regardless. Dave King claims to be the most scrutinised person in Scottish football. It would be remiss of us not to continue that scrutiny throughout his time at the club. Rangers have lost around 10,000 regular supporters and I honestly believe if things don't work out for this board then we may never return ( yeh I know) to the top of Scottish football. Don't f**k it up Mr King!!!!!!!!
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    There are more than a few clowns on B&WA who seem to think Teale has 'found the winning formula'. This despite announcing there were 7 cup finals left, and the first 2 went 0-5, 0-3. f**k knows how he would have motivated the side if those games weren't cup finals!
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    Looks like some folk on here have their tinfoil Fedoras on.
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    Maybe they did indeed have better policies We'd never have known though because they didn't shut up about the referendum long enough to tell us anything else.
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    "Ibrahimovic... surely not... WOOAAHH..."
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    Right, now I've got a wee bit of time on my hands time to get tore into quite possibly the most ridiculous post I think I've ever seen in my 4 years on P&B. Alloa, Cowden, Livi, Raith & Morton, all finished below us in the past two seasons. But I guess we just got lucky, eh? THe loanees have almost all been excellent signings, bringing quality to the team that we otherwise couldn't afford. Stuart Findlay, Danny Rogers and Chris Kane are three of the best players I've ever seen at the club, they all have big futures in the game and I'm delighted that they played a huge role for our club. I wouldn't have let Prunty go, he's one of my all time favorite players but lets face facts here. He hadn't scored a goal for us since January (and that was from the penalty spot) At his age he wanted first team football and Muzz couldn't guarantee that hence they both agreed to move on. Chris Kane managed to win us 7 points last season in just 10 games that he played due to his injury. "Nothing special"? I'm sorry but that's just complete nonsense. I agree to an extent on Nish, although only scored twice he also set up 5. That isn't an achievement to take away from him, only Aggy assisted more all season. I've know idea what the point in the comment about depending on a 'keeper we can't keep is. We could've kept Stephen Grindlay but would you rather have him (nae offence to Shay) between the sticks or Danny? Van Zanten was dependable enough until his injury which wrecked his season. Mair was garbage to be fair, you've got that spot on. But "rushing off to get a Celtic youth player"? Rushing off? I'd rush off to get Stuart Findlay even if it was just for one match! The boy is different class. Dylan Easton didn't fit in with our style of play and Darren Petrie just didn't fit in. For every Danny Rogers or Chris Kane you'll get loanees who just aren't anywhere near the standard required. Duggan was a difficult one as he was clearly still struggling with an injury suffered a while back - hence why we didn't see him after Cowdenbeath. So, in summary, the manager who in his first season saved us when we were doomed. In his second season took us to the brink of the Premiership playoffs, a Scottish Cup quarter final and had us playing some of the best football we've played in years and who, in his third season, kept us up comfortably in a league containing three of Scotland's biggest clubs and the Scottish cup finalists with only 2 other part-time sides hasn't done an absolutely stonking job?
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    The Motherwell Horse will be back soon. Rangers or HIbs better look out....
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    Any truth in Allan Steiger joining for preseason?
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    I tried that the other day and it landed in a young girl's pocket. At least the insides of her jacket smell of Extra now.
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    Going by that post, you've started already.
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    Given the likely candidates, I'd say that this scenario is unlikely at best.
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    Why not tell him what you really think Miley...
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    Shite state of affairs from Saints. I'd much rather we sacrificed a squad player - McFadden for example - and pay the workers the living wage. No excuse for it, especially when you brand yourselves as a family club.
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    Good faith? Earlier you mentioned the spirit of gambling? Are you William Hill or Victor Chandler?