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    Pie and Bovril: where you can read 500 word essays about why the Liberal Democrats will beat the Scottish Socialists to that coveted 4th place in Paisley and Renfrewshire South.
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    There's no Marvin Andrews in this part of town, lads - CLICK.
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    Its ok St.Mirren, Just look at the flowers (Only people who watch TWD will understand )
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    ^^^ Has a Lostprophets tattoo. Drinks piss.
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    Now you see, this is such total shit, but it's clearly resilient shit, because we constantly get treated to it. You seem to think that as fans, our dearest wish is for our clubs to have as much money in absolute terms as is possible. The reason you think this is because that's what you want for your big club as it'll bestow such advantages on it to ensure it wins most matches and many trophies. What you fail to grasp however, is that the actual sums our clubs have is much less important than having a more egalitarian game, whereby wealth and the resultant opportunities for success are better shared, however large the sums are. Rangers' absence from the top flight and Cup Finals (save the Easter Road Ramsden's) has afforded other clubs opportunities for success. That is much, much better than having a few more pounds, while two clubs rather than just one, have colossal advantages. You failure to grasp this is at the heart of your (and indeed all) claims that other clubs benefit from the presence of the OF.
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    Only a few sleeps now until Scottish Labour are projected to suffer an unprecedented rejection from the Scottish people and even at this stage, they have absolutely nothing to say about themselves. Eight years after negative campaigning and red-faced SNP obsession first manifested itself in electoral failure, they still haven't found a renewed dentity or sense of pride in their own party. Instead of using the remarkable level of focus and attention on Scottish politics to stand up for something - all they want to talk about is the Scottish National Party. It's almost sad.
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    If Montrose lose they'll be bust within 3 years. If Brora win they'll be in a division they don't want to be in. If Montrose win, they'll be in a league that they have never shown any ambition of winning. If Brora lose, they'll piss the division again next year and it'll be square one in 12 months time. Both teams should do the honourable thing and resign, leaving Edinburgh City to come up.
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    I bet she gave him a gammy afterwards. Wallies oot, the lot.
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    I disagree, to me it would mean wealthy areas like Scotland no longer sending the entirety of their revenue to a Treasury in London, and letting civil servants at that Treasury (who have a vested interest in London's prosperity, but not much interest in Scotland's) decide how much we should get back. It is because of this faintly ludicrous system that Scotland has been kept in an artificial state of poverty for at least the last forty years, though evidence suggests the scam goes back a lot further than that. If you want to run a successful business, don't let the rival company next door do your books for you. If you do choose to allow that, don't be surprised when you get ripped off. When you discover that you have been ripped off - deliberately and consistently over many decades - don't vote to continue that situation. That's my position on the Union. I agree with you about the unfortunate rise of megacities, or new city-states, though. It is an unfortunate global phenomenon, but not one that I think will be solved by continuing to funnel all the cash into the centre, and allowing all the power to go on residing there. The peripheries did not become peripheral through acts of God, but through political and economic choices made in the centre.
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    You wouldn't be 'forcing your way in' in front of me m8. Not a fucking chance.
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    That's rich coming from the pitch invading Spider-Man.....
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    It's not. It's fucking glorious. Seeing Labour and the and the Lib Dems getting absolutely horsed out of Scotland will be beyond what a Dale Carrick gif could ever convey
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    Yeah mate. Channel 0116 on Sky.
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    Blondie - One Way Or Another
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    It's time to do the decent thing County. We'll tell the kids that St Mirren have gone to live on a farm somewhere.
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    Scene(s) 2: The Greenock Galacticos head up to the arse-end of Scotland for a clash at a notorious bogey ground, and against Jim McInally's latest bunch of bottlers and failures. A tight match is decided - starting a trend here - by a last-minute winner from Tam O'Ware, sparking SCENES as The Famous march on.
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    And a Club who have spent £110 million have no advantage. The Joke F. C. Lol
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    It does react differently, in that the bounce is consistent and predictable, unlike on a tattie field where you may as well be playing with a rugby ball. Artificial surfaces encourage good football, if it is used as an excuse for losing then it is pathetic.
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    "The soul of the offering will maintain this withered flesh until the advent of the coming solstice. Red shall be the sky on the morn of this, the most glorious 8th!" Etc.
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    ^ gutted he can't flick between babestation and the results IMO
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    Hold up a sign above the head of the labour candidate saying "Seeething".
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    I've never even heard of Willie Rennie.
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    Totes. I give you SNP policy officer Rachel Heydecker.
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    Lou Reed : Walk On The Wild Side
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    Winning a one horse race after the split? Manager of the year imo.
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    Well, 11 days after the due date, my daughter made her way into the world in early hours of Saturday morning! Absolutely over the moon to be a Daddy!
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    Thanks to our well wishers above - much appreciated. Ok we've not set the heather on fire for a while but I think the situation we are in right now is bound to happen to somebody else (unless we stay up and it's us again) next year and only then will you really know how it feels - you never know it might even be Berwick! To some extent though the pyramid system has worked so far in that it has made several clubs get their backsides into gear when they hovered near the trapdoor position. In other seasons that might not have happened. Hope to see you again next year but whatever happens some of us, me anyway, will still support our club.
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    The simple truth is that every Rangers match thread on here is a thinly-veiled love-letter to Govan and a testament to our enduring popularity. That 411 posters were viewing a Rangers match-thread in a Championship match is a simple endorsement of our popularity. That posters then use pejorative terms once they've been found out simply smacks of, "Protesting too much". I just had a look at FF and its match thread has 957 posts and this one has 1,110 and counting. Ergo the collective Ps&Ds care more about Rangers than the most obsessive Rangers site on the interwebs. No surprise really. http://www.pieandbovril.com/forum/index.php/topic/217187-the-rangers-vs-clean-sheet-hibernian-fc-club/page-39
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    This might help; Sir Brian of Wake received a winner's medal the season he outed himself as God. And deservedly so, he should have got the fucking trophy.
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    Don`t be silly everyone knows that the authorities in general and refs in particular are strongly biased against both Celtic and Rangers.
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    I just hope the cnuts go out of business permanently.......then we can get started on getting shot of their ugly sister!
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    Their highest ever league place in their entire history. Kudos.
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    After a long hard season for both sides, six games from the premiership, shit is about to get real. Is 'The Journey' about to take a frankly hilarious diversion? Queens go into this game undoubtedly favorites for the first leg with their dominant home record this season against Scottish Football's fairy-tale team, who have overcome tremendous odds with a shoestring budget. To begin with lets look at the previous encounters at Palmerston: Queens hopefully learned a lot from their heartbreaking defeat to Falkirk last year and have nothing to lose whilst the vistors are under an incredible amount of pressure to succeed from the Board, to the fans, to the media, to the businesses that they currently owe money to. Sevco Scotland 5088 and Stuart McCall's record in crunch league and cup matches has been nothing short of awful this season and in the past three seasons and Ibrox could certainly be a bit twitchy next week for both sides. The Rangers players are very Corinthian in their attitude, spirit and playing for the love of the game rather than money but they know full well whats at stake for them and it's a test of character for them. Sink or swim time.
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    This thread is already brutal.
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    ^^^ Not enjoying the journey
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    I enjoy watching my live television events with a steady stream of relevant gifs appearing somewhere on the internet and I feel this will be a more pleasant experience than referendum night, so I'll be here. Expect to run out of greenies at around 12:27AM
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    There's one big difference fuzzy. The poll tax riots were needed because the establishment wasn't listening. Sheridan and the rest were in no way damaging those who opposes the tax. These protesters are helping their opponents. Actually helping them. Think carefully about that for a wee second. This plays into a regular media theme that the Nats have a nasty and aggressive element that don't allow opponents a voice. That they're bullies. They are desperate but these protesters give them a narrative. And as we saw last year the mainstream media still has an important sway in our society. People believe this shite. I'm all for protests. Take to the streets and knock yourself out but don't do it hours from a momentous election. We have the chance to wipe labour out in Scotland. We need a bit more discipline.
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    I finally figured out who Thundercunt reminds me of.
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    I assume they're newbies to the whole retro packing vibe that Lidl have going on. Anyone else mind the days when the routine at ALL supermarkets was that you put the shopping back in the trolley after it went through the register, took it over to the wee shelf on the wall, then did your packing there? ...waiting for Granny Danger to regale us with tales of shopping at Mr Tesco's farm by milking the cows and grinding the wheat
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    Considering he's playing for the team that dumped them out the CL, probably not.
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