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    She pulled up at the Burger van.
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    It's Perth. Are they not taxis?
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    NF down to seven (claiming they could have stood more were it not for their latest split, but that's bullshit), BNP down to eight. Mutters of "alliances", but in reality both have finally been crushed beyond all repair, and if the continuing Social Democratic Party beat the NF in Hull East (where Mikey Cooper has been a well known local oddball for the NF/ND/BNP "cause" for decades) I don't see them surviving the humiliation. Time to say "I told you so" about UKIP doing in four years what Searchlight, the ANL & their ilk failed to do in forty years? Mind you, they had good financial reasons to keep the BNP & NF alive, but that's another story... UKIP was always essentially a party of the Home Counties and Channel shires - traditional middle class Tory & Eurosceptic liberal territory. The BNP's main strength was in the north, and all of the far right enjoyed permanent sustained interest in the Black Country and within London. But above all, it was with white blue collar & low income white collar workers. For UKIP to break into the big time, they needed to nick support from somewhere - and there was a big reserve of latent far-right voters waiting to be hoovered up as the far right did what the far right always does best: ie. indulge in party squabbling the moment they taste the smallest modicum of success. By pushing the immigration issue to the fore & stating it in a manner likely to get support from descendents from Commonwealth communities - ie. points system & an end to favouritising those from the EU - UKIP massively trumped the BNP's own stance of stopping all current immigration & offering cash inducements for existing immigrants or anyone non-white to leave (which in itself was a massive softening down of thirty years worth of "if they're black, send them back" bonehead rhetoric). For those white people who had given the BNP their vote out of frustration but against their better judgement, now they'd a valid alternative. But also at a stroke, UKIP appealed to those of the Afro-Carribean (which is far more "old Tory" in attitude than is often given credence) and South Asian communities seeing friends or relations denied the opportunity to come to work here because EU citizens took precedence. Plenty will have saw black and Asian candidates in UKIP (indeed, Rusty Lee was one of UKIP's earliest candidates) but still been wary, now they had all the proof they wanted that UKIP saw them as friends rather than racial undesireables like the so-called "racial nationalists" of the NF/BNP. They also knew every UKIP candidate beating a far right candidate crushed their desire to continue locally, knowing they'd had their one & only issue of any electoral value whipped out from right under them & couldn't get it back. There is also a small "revenge" element amongst those Afro-Carribeans and South Asians who feel they've been patronised and treated as "noble savages" by Labour, the Tories and the LibDems happy to play footsie with racism when it suits them over the decades to appeal to Alf Garnett types in marginals. It's no coincidence that UKIP's first breakthroughs occured in the East Midlands - an area of the country of diminishing returns for the far-right by contrast as the non-white population increased - when many Asian run small to medium enterprises (which ought to have benefitted from the EU) suffered badly from Labour & Tory governments giving favoured status to multi national big businesses at their expense, often employing EU migrants on minimum wage and enforced overtime at normal time rates to drive down costs. Quite simply UKIP capitalised on two large groups of people with nowhere left to go & promising them a return to a not-so-Good-Old-Days-but-better-than-this - and the more the three mainstream British parties cry "oh the humanity!" about them, the more attractive they appear. If mass fracking in the Weald becomes reality over the next five to ten years, it may well be the Greens turn to enjoy the fruits of successive governments thinking they have to vote either Labour or Tory because they've nowhere else to go on the environment. Most important of all, Farage runs his party with a rod of iron - anyone remotely iffy gets booted out without second chances or exceptions from expedience (see Alistair McConnachie and Mike Nattrass for details). It's a powerful message to the electorate he's trying to appeal to that they are not a safe haven for the sort of cranks often to be found (and encouraged tacitly) within the likes of the NF, BNP, etc. over the years. There's a long of hand wringing about UKIP's rise, some valid, some little more than airheads espousing fashionable rhetoric. But as someone who remembers only too well the sheer evil and poison people like John Tyndall, Colin Jordan, Richard Edmonds (sadly still around) and Martin Webster injected into the British body politic, seeking so-called "racial nationalism" being starved to death make UKIP a price well worth paying in the long run of making this country just a touch more civilised than it has been since the shameful days of Smethwick and Orpington.
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    In fairness to Baraclough, it looks like he might have a point about the first goal in particular being offside. Although I'd probably be more concerned about why no one seemed to bother picking up Balatoni rather than complaining about a tight offside call.
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    City centres buzzing for this. Just seen a boy with a saints top under his jacket eating a baguette.
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    Yes. Get it right up these fucking c***s, especially that wee skinny AIDS ridden b*****d that won't see 18. .
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    You could always change your user name to DUGOOT GALOOT and then we wont know who you are
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    You've given some very interesting opinions there, I was going to say "maybe" but you've made me reconsider my stance.
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    Don't worry our feet are on the ground the team have been there often enough
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    They letting you out for the game?
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    I would like to say something about sticking by Labour after the Iraq war etc. Before the referendum, the Labour party always appeared to be a party with dunces for leaders, but a party which was open to all (at least all on the left anyway). There was always this idea that if you didn't like something the party was doing, that you could fight for the party from the inside to try and change it. Away from the status of Scotland, that may well still be the case. However, the referendum has completely shattered my faith in the Labour party. Not just the leadership, but the entire party. The things I have seen from Labour supporters could be put down to some bad apples if the example hadn't been set by the awful behaviour of the leadership itself, not in having a Unionist stance but in the way it went about it. I have seen decent, Labour people banned and blocked from facebook groups all for daring to stand up to claims of the SNP being the Scottish BNP, etc (including myself). It doesn't matter if you're not SNP, it doesn't matter if you're Labour, it doesn't matter how even handed you are or what you think of the SNP. If you're not a Unionist, you are scum, you are to be shunned, vilified, and ostracised like a leper. By contrast, I have torn into SNP members of pro-independence groups (including admin) for tarring all Labour members with the same brush with not so much as a word in my ear. The difference in class is reflective of the difference in class between the leaderships of the 2 parties. Even since the referendum, the SNP have been handing out olive branch after olive branch to the Labour party but all Labour can do is have the attitude of "anyone - including the Tories - but the SNP". You would think the party were founded by the Trade Unions primarily to keep Scotland in the UK. If you can't even fight for the Labour movement outside the party, how the hell can you fight for the party itself from within? You can't. I am from a Labour family, I have handed out leaflets, attended fundraisers, and stuffed envelopes on holiday on Easter Sunday. But because I just happen to not be a Unionist, I am scum. How can I vote for a party which thinks I'm scum?
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    It'll be utterly glorious to see Curran out on her arse on Election night. I live in her constituency so will take great pleasure in being a part of that arse kicking.
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    That'll do nicely. Kind of the Sons to spread around those sweet, sweet end-of-season points between the rest of the diddies - you're still the Part-Time Kings anyway, nae bother. Back to the tidy passing game, so I'm in love with Danny Lennon already, only this time we looked more dangerous up front. Everyone looked well up for it today; a pleasing reaction to last Sunday's shambles. Flanny obviously felt he had a point to prove and had a great game; fantastic free-kick to open the scoring. Kevin Cawley had a cracker too, all over the pitch and covering more in defence than I remember seeing. Brilliant to see him stick in another long range effort. Dumbarton had a few shots too, but were comparatively speculative and really didn't have their shooting boots on; not sure if they actually hit the target at all today. Took about twenty minutes to get going again in the second half, but the defence performed well and held Dumbarton at bay without difficulty in the meantime. Once Greig came on, it just seemed inevitable that he was going to get one, and he duly obliged with a lovely wee cheeky flick over the keeper for an easy finish. Seemed like we could've had a fourth, but it wouldn't have made much of a difference in the grand scheme of things. Great to see an accomplished victory without everyone firing on all cylinders. Officials had a bizarre day, seemingly happy to allow both sides to get away with wee touches with the hand and suchlike, before flat-out pulling decisions out of their arses in the second half. Didn't affect the result, thankfully, but I very much got the impression they'd been at the recreational drugs. Possibly hashish after the warm-up, followed by LSD at half-time. Has Chopra always been that colour, by the way? Was wondering who the new boy was until I saw the shirt number
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    Ardrossan Winton Rovers clinched Promotion to the Stagecoach Super League First Division with a fine 7-0 win against Dalry Thistle. After a nervy start with Dalry looking lively, Ryan Caddis opened the scoring with a fine header from Bennett's cross. Dalry's cause was not helped by the loss of young centre half Callum Hercus with a mouth injury that required hospital treatment. Caddis completed his hat trick, Jared Willet got a brace, Robbie Cochrane and Ian Cashmore rounded it up to 7. Winton can now hopefully go to Darvel and claim the title again with a win or a draw. Congratulations to Chris, John and George and all the players for gaining Promotion. Congratulations to all at Abbey Park on also gaining Promotion when Lugar were unable to overcome Annbank and therefore can't now close the gap on the top 2 of Ardrossan and Kilwinning Rangers. Hopefully things will become more secure for Lugar with a good response to their EGM next week.
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    I can just imagine Tedi thinking "for every five red dots the P&D's use I'll use ten", and in true Rangers fashion he'll issue dots he doesn't have by some dodgy offshore VPN server using an EBT alias.
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    Oh man this is just way too funny George Osborne ‏@George_Osborne 10 mins10 minutes ago On campaign trail today with my crack team...
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    As you can see, Partick Thistle fans are dicks. Come sit with the Motherwell fans. well known for our pleasant and welcoming carnival atmosphere.
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    Not many SFW ones on google images after you type her in for True Detective, but here's the girl in question. Incredible body when her clothes come off. She appears half naked quite a few times in it from memory.
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    Certainly don't see this as being the walkover some County fans think it will. Think back to the low-point of our season, the 1-2 defeat in Dingwall against 10 men. Surely there will be a reaction from the St Mirren players after Tuesdays disaster. I hope Midge scores, after he was robbed earlier in the season with that ridiculous offside call.
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    These threads are here for our amusement, not that of the Orc horde. However, you may feel free to contribute as it makes it funnier for us.
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    Although Rangers lost 3-0 they played much better than the game in December. It's a step back no doubt, but hopefully one we will learn from.
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    Why doesn't she move closer to the well?
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    Its pleasing to see Tedi red dots me so much he is now using his aliases to do it as well! What a fukin loser.
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    I don't like what you're proposing. It'll drag us down, down, deeper and down.
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    That picture just sums up why I voted yes.
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    There you go, a wee bit teeth whitening and some facial plastic surgery (click to enlarge for full effect) Still fucking mingers though!
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    Ex Dundee United and Hibs Player Mixer Pit A Line Oan
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    So! You'll be off work again just in time to see Alloa getting gubbed next Saturday? I hope.
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    Im telling my mummy on you killiepiyo you showed everybody how big a dickhead i really am with that video. lol
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    Also thought the fords goal by number 6 was a cracker
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    Watched this in work , Thompson was handing out cards like it was valentines day
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    Hurlford scoring must've made Talbot angry.
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    Cloudy with a chance of kicking your c**t in pal
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    you're just as obsessed with the Gers as Dhens mate give it a break its boring as f*ck, just follow your own Jakey mob
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    I think a lot of Motherwell fans are getting a bit carried away because we beat atrocious Hamilton and St. Mirren teams. Partick are much better than either of those. Hopefully we win though cos otherwise we are fucked baring a miracle in Paisley.
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    any chance of you recording a game in the east next month me and a friend of mine will pay your expenses and give interviews aswell
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    I would buy a Old Firm Supporter Vacuum if it existed.
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