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    When Alan Hutton went on a run down the wing, then remembered that he's Alan Hutton.
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    At this point WGS has put us in a solid position. We have Poland and Germany still to come to Hampden and ROI, Gibraltur and Georgia away. The Irish are ridiculously lucky. By all accounts the Poles looked the better side and so I don't see the Irish picking up a lucky win in Warsaw, but murphys law states... nevertheless I went to the Warsaw game in October and can tell you that, the place is incredibly difficult to get a result in. We played very well that night. Awesome stadium btw. I also don't think the Irish get a result versus Germany. Not again and that is their last 2 games. So with that being said if we can win our two away games versus Gibraltur and Georgia (surely we can get the 6 pts!) I think 4 points taken from Ireland and Poland games should see us through on 20pts in 3rd place. If we can sneak 6pts from those two, and WGS does the impossible, we can finish 2nd place with a very small outside chance in topping the group as we play the Germans on the last day. That would be great but highly doubtful though.There is no doubt this is by far the toughest group in the qualifying stages. I wasn't very optimistic when I saw this group. But WGS and the boys have stepped up their game. Some of the anti-Brown chat needs to stop. In october versus Poland he was the best player on the field. OK he had a bevvy out on the town...it happens, but Deila has them in tip top condition. He's not the smartest and looks like he's doing a stretch but he's been great this year and he's in better condition than Lennon had him in. Brown has shown some great maturity on the field this year and I am a Jags fan saying this. We are the ultimate in OF haters. Maloney has also been just tremendous this year. I think the move to Chicago will only help him as he will be a good technical player in the MLS and lead the youngsters there. It is good timing and a better level than coming back to SPFL. Also great to see Fletcher get his dues. He is absolutely what we need to lead the line. Again anti-Fletcher needs to stop. He could have had 6 yesterday. But hattrick huge for his confidence and he does so much off the ball to help us. Just hope he stays fit. Rhodes & Anya provided well and Naismith is a class act. All mature and professional. It's a good time in the final third for Scotland. Lots of hard work to be done, but we have the depth, the professionalism and the management to take this all the way. In the past we had none of this. It's the Tartan armys turn to up it and make sure our matches are well attended and plenty of positive discussion on the radio and TV. Forget the SFA and their idiocy on ticket prices etc. We can deal with them under the radar away from pre-match qualifying matches. We need to support the boys so our young kids can see Scotland at a finals tournament and kick on to qualify for the 2018 World Cup. I was 16 when we qualified for our last tournament in France.
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    Led Zeppelin - Good Times Bad Times
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    Very good Wrestlemania apart from Wyatt losing. That made absolutely no sense, guy built that feud up all by himself and Undertaker had nothing to gain from it, whereas Wyatt had everything to gain. Ending was spectacular. Feared that Reigns was going to pull it off then Rollins cashing in and stealing the glory was awesome.
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    Go collect your mother to take a drive , put G44 4AP into your satnav and get to location
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    Average White Band - Atlantic Avenue
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    LaddingtonBear, what a name
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    This person can manage to keep their jacket curry sauce free.
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    May is a jobber why is he even near the squad?
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    Bob Dylan : The Times They Are A Changing
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    I'm amazed that this question hasn't already been asked...
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    Colosseum : Those Who Are About to Die, Salute You
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    Scotland fans who can't sing '500 Miles' properly, and sing the 'na na na' bit when it isn't sung in the song, after the first verse.
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    The problem with Martin is he seems to be towing a caravan, when I've seen him for Scotland admittedly,not seen much of Derby ,really lacks the movement we require in my uneducated opinion. McCormack is like a slower version of Naismith, really intelligent footballer. Played some cracking stuff for Leeds, setting up and scoring goals. Could tell right away the move to Fulham wasn't going to work out for him. Rhodes is a goal scorer, can't put it any other way. Don't see much of Blackburn but the stats speak for themselves. Linked up well with Fletcher today, think he needs to step up a level in his club career now to really prove himself. Stevie May is still young, certainly not writing him off. Next year is a big season for him . Liked what I saw when he came on against England. Would have him in ahead of Martin, weird because Martin totally out scores him in the same league but May's movement and technical skill will fit more into our system.
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    My latin isn't the greatest (or existant) but does "labore et scientia" not mean "sold to the highest bidder for buttons"?
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    If you want to vote labour then vote for them. I've been in the SNP for about 20 years now, I wish I was I had a pound for every time I was told 'yer vote doesn't matter'. I've sat at branch meetings in Kinross when it was me and the sec of the branch going 'there's no much point' but we both kept going. I've been spat on, threatened, verbally abused, had on one occasion a punch thrown at me, ridiculed - especially on here, I've had my car scratched, my neighbour have a shouting match (we still haven't spoken since September when I called her 'aggressive') yet I have never once waivered in my belief that Scotland should be an independent country. The easy option would have been for me to become like the rest of the population, not give a shit and settle down to watch mind crushing, soul destroying crap telly and f**k those worse off than me. 102000 members now agree with me and 1.6m believed in the dream I had for as long as I have been politically aware. So vote for who the f**k you want to vote for, and stop going on about tactical voting, it nips my tits.
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    I'd shout "Allahu akbar!" at the top of my voice for two reasons: First, imagine the flight investigators' faces when they hear that on the recording... Second, you never know...the 72 virgins in paradise might be an actual thing, so you may as well hedge your bets just in case.
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    Can't blame Nade for the anti-Hibs malarky. It's all harmless, but it's hilarious how difficult he's made three of the games after their fans happily slagging him for years.
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    The galling bit was the hypocrisy in not admitting Rangers to the SPL to avoid upsetting fans of the clubs there; but then putting SFL clubs under pressure to admit them in order to minimise any top flight pain. It was despicable.
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    No. I wouldn't pish on you if you were on fire.
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    To be fair you must've been about the only one. The one-eyed section at the corner of the stand were all doing the "haud me back" routine and foaming at the mouth.
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    Because he hasn't. What has he done in an England shirt that can be described as 'incredible'? Just scoring goals doesn't make you an incredible player For what it's worth. Gary Lineker scored 48 in 80 caps. Jimmy Greaves scored 44 in 57 caps. Rooney has scored 47 in 102 caps. Bobby Charlton scored 49 in 106 caps but was a pivotal part of the team that won the WC in 66.
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    Harsh. YU gt2 B tht wai, blud? Volunteers needed to console mizfit's mum - 'mon lads, leave Mozza's wife alone for one night and do your bit for the elderly. Did my post leave a bad taste in your mouth?
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    Fowlers signed a contract extension for next season clicky Good news and good timing too
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    I'd use her shite as toothpaste.
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    Not hate, well not from me. Its just banter at the football, a player who used to play for a rival is always going to get stick. I actually laughed when he pulled up his top after scoring, for me that's what footballs all about I would be asking why he only tries against us, though.
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    This is actually something more common now and pretty annoying. Folk who justify being a bit of a moron by putting "lad" after it. You're not a lad, you're a dick and nobody's impressed.
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    The SNP is quite proud of its puritan alcohol policy and that's not going to change any time soon. Ensuring that they don't pass horrendous classist shit like minimum pricing is the short-term priority.
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    I'll be on holiday during the playoff final. Gutted I'll miss us being promoted
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    Dunno if I'd drop Jason Cummings for him tbh.
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    Ironic coming from an Airdrie fan...
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    You have reached your quota of positive votes for the day.
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    Just a pity you were pipped to that punchline by about 64 posts. And by a par at that. Still, in the backwater that is Motherwell I suppose that's classed as bang up to date. Next time you post best get your appropriate adult to read the entire thread first.
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    I am really looking forward to next Sunday's game and will be even more exciting if QOS take something from Hibs on the Saturday. Hearts this season have been very professional and very very good. Apart from one defeat their consistently has been unbelievable. However this Rangers team is improving all the time under McCall. Playing at a high tempo with a game plan. Hopefully both teams end up with 11 and the best team wins.
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    Roll on the day when you have a fucking clue what you're talking about.
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    You sleep in a Yorkshire river? Christ. You should speak to the Four Yorkshiremen. I thought they had it tough etc.
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    I just read it. He dies at the end.
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    it's your attention span that's the problem not the number of episodes.
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    Carlisle is admitting that he tried to top himself after getting the drink driving charge. Nice of him to step in front of a lorry and potentially put the driver through hell, the selfish c**t. http://m.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/31142797
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    Would he have given up on Celtic so easily in response to a crank call from a solitary nutter in a payphone?
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