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    Just read the Evening News article and Mr Johnstone has admitted that Bo'ness were told it was effectively a three match ban for the player, and then he has the cheek to talk about integrity! What an absolute joke.
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    It really isn't a side show for the vast majority of fans. Celtic fans will get hammered for what that group did but that was 150 out of 25,000. Do we apportion equal blame to the 24,850 who didn't attack the mini bus and didn't put up 'sectarian' banners? The guy attacked outside the pub was probably attacked by celtic fans but until we know who they are we don't know if they go to the games or are the ones we see every weekend walking about their Lanarkshire town centres wearing teams colours when 'their team' are playing 20 minutes up the road in a half empty stadium! I am usually out working after these games in Renfrewshire and i see the trouble first hand and i know for a fact those causing the vast majority of the trouble are not genuine football supporters but are idiots who attach themselves to one side of the divide or the other and use this game as an excuse to get pished and attack each other. As for the singing inside the ground. It is never going to offend me....ffs if that sort of thing bothered me i would need a new line of work..but it does frustrate the hell out of me. Both clubs are doing what they can to stamp it out but in all honesty i see the good work that has been done beginning to go back the way. We have this seige mentality at Ibrox that has the youngsters 'rebelling' against authority and thinking it's cool belting out TBBs and Super Rangers and on the other side we have their youngsters playing at politics for a country that most of them have never even seen. I don't have the answers and tbh i am just sick fed up by the whole thing. I have been loud in my condemnation of our supporters in the past but there is a new generation that look backwards and believe that is their heritage and singing these songs of hate is their right. It was always going to be a long road but i believe what has happened in the last few years has made that road a helluva lot longer.
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    Should provide a great chance for Muirhead to get a run of games up front.
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    Well yeah. Not all traditions are a good thing and if you are supposed to be representing Scotland in Europe, you should do so in a positive way. If you can't ditch the pish about bobby sands et al as it goes against your traditions and history, then frankly f**k your history, it doesn't deserve to be remembered or revered.
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    Easy money making tip if you have Weetabix and someone half pissed in the house (other than yourself): Say to the other person "I bet you a tenner you can't eat a dry Weetabix in under a minute". Then let them make the bet in a cocky manner and watch them take the first bite, only to see that look that says "Awww f***, I've just lost a tenner" as every drop of saliva from their mouth gets sooked up like the milk you'd normally pour in. You can thank me later, although I'll accept a 10% finders fee type donation. I must have won at least £50 out of this, even though one guy actually managed it once. ETA: Woah, woah, woah, hold the bus (I just read the post properly). It's normal for people to heat up their Weetabix? P&B does it again as this is almost on a par with that moment I realised that some people on this forum actually stand up to wipe their arse. FWIW, I have two of mine served 'bleu' with cold semi-skimmed milk and a good covering of granulated sugar, white. Half of the Weetabix area should be exposed (post milk sook) to avoid a mushy mess within a minute. Oh, and if you're on dishes duty, the bowl should be washed shortly after finishing to save you breaking your wrists trying to get the dried bits off later that day.
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    We're just letting him train. The fitter he gets, the faster he can get tae' fcuk out of Paisley.
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    This is the 21st century not the 1980s, no fans of any club should have to 'shat it to go to Ibrox' as you put it. Perhaps instead of acting the big man on the internet your fans should start sorting out the unacceptable behavior within your support by firstly admitting you have a massive problem. Sectarian singing, intimidation of opposition fans, missiles thrown for 90 minutes, buses attacked, opposition fans assaulted and these are all regular occurrences at Ibrox. You all then wonder why everyone was delighted to see your club die while opposition fans were more than happy to toss Dundee. Morton and Dunfermline a few pounds to help them save their clubs, I will give you a clue it wasn't that they were jealous of the trophies Rangers won.
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    The sad thing is that both sets of gloryhunters actually believe that. As for not having the answers? There are followers of Killie, Ayr, QOtS, Dumbarton, Albion Rovers, and many other clubs who seem to have found an answer. Basically, it boils down to not supporting, financially emotionally or otherwise, any institution which bases its business plan on encouraging division and separatism. No amount of silverware can remove the stench of bigotry from "traditional" songs and abuse. Really, really, not rocket surgery.
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    I saw the same ad, and well my bloody cat walked over the laptop whilst I was hovering over it!!!! Ended up on the page and then he sat down on the number pad and just bloody entered my card details!!!! Lost me £1258.36 and I want a refund from Div.
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    This is why all right minded fans hoped the gates of Ibrox would be welded shut, after all the cheating and liquidation. Instead we have to continue to live with this shite. I hope everyone at the SFA/SPFL is delighted with the match at the weekend. Dicks.
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    Least he was leaving the country. This wee hillbilly lad genuinely thinks the wee city along the road from his native hamlet is the big time. He's like Jon Voight in Midnight Cowboy, he'll be a gay prozzie in Dundee before long.
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    Time to close this clusterfuck of a thread. It's beyond embarrassing.
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    My favourite ever singer. He had it all. Was mental though. Anyway this track is from a complete LP that was left in the can until released on CD a few years back. Class DAVID RUFFIN -"I'VE GOT A NEED FOR YOU" (1971):
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    For what it's worth, I always liked Davie Robertson when he was at Tannadice. He was never first pick but he was a very capable squad player and played plenty of games in the SPL. He's an ungainly bugger, which tends to attract derision, but technically he's fine, he works hard and he's a team player. He's also an excellent finisher and makes great runs. Or did when he was with us. I've not seen him for a couple of years but I'd be very surprised if he was finished at 28 and would expect him to be a very solid League 1 player.
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    Further to this, a wee glimpse at our keepers head-to-head across all competitions this season:
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    All Joking aside, Robertson is feckin awful. Was on a fortune with us and was brutal every week. Didn't do any better at livvy by the sounds of it. In saying that, Declan McManus didn't impress at Alloa and he is one of the best players in the league so he might have found his level and mccall might just get something out of him. Will be curious to see how he does. Hope you stay up.
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    You keep coming out with this nonsense. You are the one who lied on the match threead. You were the one who brought up the child abuse issue and lied about it....you claimed the story was made up FFS!!! When i corrected you what did you do? You started ranting about me using it to point score. Liar. IT WAS YOU THAT BROUGHT THE SUBJECT UP AND LIED ABOUT IT!
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    Think we should both give up mate. Rangers are going unbeaten and winning the league with these super on loan players from Newcastle's under 20 side
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    Bob Dylan - Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
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    What a strange and unhealthy thought.
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    So are Hibs and Dundee United but they don't seem to feel the need to bang on about it every two minutes.They are Scottish Clubs started by immigrants from Ireland. Sounds familiar ? Their history (beginnings) has never separated them from other Scottish Clubs. Why is that?
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    What Rangers and Newcastle have done is to be fair quite shite. But at the end of the day it's within the rules so whilst it maybe calls the integrity of the game into question, it something the SFA and FIFA would need to answer. I can understand why fans of fellow Premiership relegation/Championship promotion contenders would be angry. I would be too, but no rules have been breached so it is what it is. If FIFA turned round tomorrow and blocked the transfers and implemented a rule prohibiting mass transfers between two clubs it would have my support. Until then, hopefully these signings will improve the Rangers team. No doubt they will as the current team can't be bothered whilst these signings have a point to prove. Will it "guarantee" promotion? Of course not.
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    Actually, wiping your arse with Shredded Wheat. Would that work? Edit: It doesn't.
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    Don't know about any other clubs but our pitch is out of commission every summer for at least 4 weeks while the groundsman does vital work When would this work get done if the club played on it all summer? LADESIDE
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    I was married to an American woman. Her mother was shot in the head by a family member who had psychological problems. She survived but requires near constant care in a country that has no nationalised health service and she basically can't travel any where for insurance reasons. Even if violent crime was no more in the United States than it is here, which is not the case, it would be in the national interest to restrict gun use due to the colossal insurance and health costs. Knife wounds, if not fatal, rarely require intensive medical aftercare. That is not the case with gun wounds which often paralyse, or cause serious brain and head injuries that require medical treatment for the rest of that persons life. In fact the cost of medical treatment for gun wounds in the United States is more than the amount spent by the NHS on cancer treatment, nearly $4 billion dollars per year and the total cost of gun crime is nearly 10 x that per year, estimated at $37 billion dollars. Secondly the gun issue is not just a crime issue. The number of accidental deaths due to guns is enormous and virtually all of these deaths could be prevented with restrictions to gun usage. Thirdly, the number of suicides, as you have alluded to, in the United States is also much, much higher than in the United Kingdom. There may well be a whole range of social economic issues for the higher suicide rate in the United Sates but the availability of guns makes it much easier for people with mental health problems to take their own lives. All three classes of people that I have mentioned deserved and ought to demand from Government better protection from the high availability of weapons. One of the fundamental purposes of the State is to provide protection to it's citizens and in this issue the United States government has completely failed. To say that there is no gun problem in the United States is utterly preposterous.
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    Have to credit the spirit and resolve if the people of Taipei in their response to this disaster.
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    Considering how terrible the current government is, Labour should have had this election in the bag without Scottish votes. If the tories win, it won't be down to the SNP, it will be because Labour are unelectable. They should have went with Dave, not Ed
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    I'll wait for Jock001's comments before I post further on the subject.
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    1 celtic poster comments on it and that is to have a wee dig at the OP for daring to mention this.
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    Sorry, perhaps he meant the company is f*cked because as we all know, the club and the company are separate entities. Because, rest absolutely assured, the company is utterly f*cked. The club is going tremendously well in a league where it has at best a slim chance of promotion, distantly trailing as it is the former basketcase Hearts; it has just been easily turned over in the diddy cup and will very likely see the same occur in the Scottish Cup. It has two managers on gardening leave, one being so entirely demented that he still turns up for work; it has been rooted twice by Alloa. Shirts are sold on its behalf but the company receives a pittance, the whole of the rest of Scottish football considers club/company/clusterf*ck to be the dictionary definition of a laughing stock and the club's best prospect is to be a shell club being kept alive for the benefit and only the benefit of its disinterested financial backer. But the club - I reiterate the club -has plenty to play for? I hope to Christ you have a more local team worth follow following Rob.
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    Still not quite grasped the workings of an open forum eh? Perhaps we should try finger-puppets, or simplified diagrams in crayon for you.
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    Look on the bright side, you had a nice wee sing song.
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    Aw diddums, were you pissed off Celtic had better players than you? You don't like playing bigger teams than you? c**t! you've got a fucking cheek, how do you think the rest of us felt playing you lot when you had Gazza, Laudrup , Etc,for instance? Drink it in and remember now you are worse than us diddies, you're nothing more than cheating hasbeens who think they can still lord it up over everyone. Sorry, those days are long gone!
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    His face looks like someone has drawn a sad face on their scrotum
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    As promised Mozza. The first line refers to the fact that I told him not to slag my voice again after a show he did a few years ago and asked a member of the audience to shout out a card suit. When I shouted out 'spades' he proceeded to give me pelters. The c**t: 'Ha!Ha! I have vague recollections of that voice...where was the gig? > Thanks for writing and thinking of me. I couldn't come because I live (?????) in London..and also I couldn't possibly condone marriage. what a waste of time. can't you just go to Switzerland and top yourself?? make sure you remind the lucky cow (no..youre NOT the lucky one....thats what they want YOU to believe..the whole things a fucking scam to get you to provide for them!!!!! and their litter!!! and btw...at least with a mortgage and a flat youre investing in bricks and mortar..a flat will last nearly a hundred years with a few minor repairs, but contracting a female is a BAD investment...their looks last only three years (five tops)after which youre stuck with an ugly old boot whose only purpose is to keep an eye on you. WHO THE f**k NEEDS THAT???. And the only way things are going to last after THAT, is if you remain "good friends"...well thats what the guys with you on the stag night are for!!! you dont NEED new friends and if you do, you will get some sensible male ones who at least know the value of jokes, beer and football. Worse yet is if you or her file for divorce... Not only do you lose HALF YOUR PROPERTY but youre going to make a couple of fucking lawyers needlessly richer. and all because the stupid bitch has a great pair of legs or tits or whatever which BELONG TO YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!! Its your DIVINE RIGHT to possess that and its only a truly fucked up "evolved" society, combined with the female propensity to WORM THEIR WAY INTO THE MALE BRAIN WITH LIES, in this case the lie of "love" which does not exist in any real way, shape or form but is a trick of nature to ensure the propogation of the species while the woman gets what she wants, i.e. a CONTRACT because they are all in essence WHORES. > Make sure you read the above out at your stag do.....if theyre DECENT friends they'll hopefully PUT YOU OFF THE MARRIAGE and NO this is NOTHING to do with me being bitter!! I PREFER socks and hankies, and I DONT LIKE TALKING when im having sex...WHAT A FUCKING SCAM!!!! you have to ENTERTAIN THE c***s AS WELL AS BRING THEM OFF (which is a fucking myth) during the ONLY BIT THAT YOURE SUPPOSED TO GET TO ENJOY!!?? Do you talk to the fucking DINNER PLATE when you're starving and shoving food in your mouth??? In my case its a fucking POT NOODLE but at least I DONT HAVE TO TALK TO IT. > And if this email has come too late and its all signed sealed and delivered, then try and have a GOOD ONE. Im here if you need any further MORAL SUPPORT. > love (the actual REAL, MALE, GAY kind) jerry'
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    Any support from our friends in the Juniors greatly appreciated.
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    You signed paul heffernan. You lose
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    Chicago outskirts
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    Good to see a club wanting to remain at their home rather than move to a new ground with a tin shed stand complete with useless green seats. Best of luck.
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    It's a lot of things i suppose and one of those isnt absolute classic.
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    1. Apologies. I should have made myself clear. I meant that nothing was allowed to get in the way of his getting pissed up on other people's money. 2. I'm fairly sure Ann Budge never referred to one person as "Hearts fans", nor described one incident thus: "As far as the trouble goes. A few Hearts fans walked by the demonstration before the game and started chanting at the Rangers fans. There was a scuffle and a few punches thrown. IMO they were lucky it wasnt far worse." (My highlight, your explicit admission that the expected response from your fans to a bit of piss-taking is violence)
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    Any decent journo wouldnae work for the Sun..it's a right wing Tory propaganda shite rag just like the Daily Heil.
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