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    We were gaining momentum today and the players were getting confident trying different things and looking as well as we have been for a long long time. But no.. the tossers in our support have got to grind an axe again, and could not even support us when we were playing well they had to turn the positives into a negative not supporters in my book utter p***ks and they should stay away, the club would be better of without their money.
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    Just for the record. If you want to behave like an arsehole on P&B condoning violence as a justifiable reason in response to a few songs sung at your knuckledragging support, you will be treated like an arsehole and get no sympathy.
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    This thread once again shows the fallacy of the 'Armageddon' claim and we should be celebrating this fact. Let's not turn it into a pissing contest between the cities of Dundee and Aberdeen.
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    Not really football related or Dundee United related but I proposed to my girlfriend earlier on top of the Law at sunset (romantic as shit really). She said yes which is obviously great! Just thought I would mention it. I suppose it is kind of related to United, Granny Danger will be getting a wedding invite, better get a new hat!
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    The one that makes me smile the most. "How have you found the SPL/SPFL without Rangers then?" Apart from numerous clubs winning cups that aren't Rangers and being able to attend 90% of games without hearing sectarian singing or fearing for my well being. Aye it's been shite.
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    You realize the irony in what you've just said Livi? CIC is portrayed as the means by which the fans own the club, make the decisions and ensure it can't be run down by one individual. The owners already have the power to do whatever they want, eg, it only takes 41 to call for an EGM to discuss anything. It's easy for like minded owners to communicate with each other, whether via the OS forum or privately via the site. There's nothing stopping you setting up a group who can ask relevant questions and voice your concerns en masse There's already over 400 owners who are well aware of the precarious position Clyde are in on and off the park. That's not an insignificant number. Despite that, you appear to be saying that one of the main problems lies with all those who aren't owners. Why? Are you inferring that the majority of your fellow owners are either ineffective, inactive or don't appear to think there's any problem, so you need more new owners to counteract that? You ever thought to ask those who've never joined or didn't renew membership why that is? I've suggested that should the owners start to act in a way in line with what's been portrayed as the original purpose, it may well encourage others to join. Or is it the case that in the event of everything going tits up, this is an early exercise in deflecting responsibility? What exactly are you asking others to join & do that you & the other 402 owners can't do yourselves? I do acknowledge the actions of some owners in the past week putting forward the question, and if that can continue to develop and be seen as a CIC operating correctly, it's encouraging and likelier to attract other current non members to add their voices as part of it. If 5 working days goes by without a reply, a courteous reminder would be in order. If another 5 days go by, you're entitled to pull them up. The system either exists or it doesn't.
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    Great to read of the rejection felt by a bigoted bumpkin from Wigtown.
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    If Rangers fans feel justified to use violence in response to a little 4 lined song about their Club then I hope to fcuk no Magazine publishes any cartoons about them.
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    I'm starting to think we may have the worst set of supporters in the league (obviously excluding ra peepul) Between the constant barrage of shit comments on Facebook and a home support that are desperate for a wayward pass to boo. The second halves atmosphere today felt no different to when we were getting pumped for the like the fifth time in a row. If I stop going to Starks Park from tomorrow it would have nothing to do with the manager, the team or the football played but the miserable, whinging b*****ds that sit around me. I remember if we conceded a goal, we would stand on our feet and sing "come on you Raith" What has happened to us? We have just won our third game on the bounce, two away from home!
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    "Celtic aren't as scummy as Rangers" type post. They're both equally vile, let's get it right.
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    In terms of individual match attendances no, no they shouldn't.Why should they? If your cretinous season-ticket holders don't actually use their ticket to go through the turnstiles then that's their issue. Why should a factual account of that match's attendance ie those who actually watched the match include them? Be extremely specific.
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    It's not far side of the moon you're talking about. Frankly the SJFA should be looking at the long term for the game. I don't think they are right enough, they're still trying to do a Lowland League on the cheap (no licence). As things stand my club has had a longstanding reputation for investing in its facilities - hence the club licence. But the income levels in the current structure are pitiful. We're now at the stage where our floodlights need a real overhaul but what's the point? Everyone is allowed to refuse to let us use them. There is almost zero incentive within the current set up to invest in facilities and it's been that way for a long time. Where it is happening, it's self driven or a realisation that community engagement is the way forward. Clubs who are prepared to try to improve on and off the pitch should be feeling the benefit but they don't. As far as the grade is concerned, they mightas well not have bothered.
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    Here's a point to ponder. When Aberdeen and Dundee United were mopping up the trophies & doing wonders in Europe, most neutrals wished them well. Not so Rangers - no other British club (bar perhaps 1970s Leeds) has so many openly celebrating them every time they come a cropper. Whenever a side apart from Celtic beat Rangers, that side's derby rivals fans seldom hide their pleasure about it. When Celtic got to a UEFA Cup final in recent times, most grudgingly wished them well. When Rangers did so, there was universal hope Zenit St Petersburg would tank them, and that was long before their fans caused chaos in Manchester. Maybe, just maybe, the sheer hatred of them by other clubs is down to a century's worth of being scumbags on & off the pitch with a ludicrous sense of entitlement because they believe supporting or employment by Ibrox bestows automatic life membership to some kind of fuckwits' master race?
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    I think 30 years age gap is fine. Sincerely, I. Watkins, 35.
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    I'm surprised that there isn't a thread on this. It starts on the 29th of January on Sky Atlantic and it looks excellent. http://www.sky.com/tv/show/fortitude
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    You normally don't get warned for being an arsehole but in this case you deserve it.
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    Just when you think he can't stoop any lower in his cheap attempt to appeal to the dregs, here's his new stunt according to The Mouthpiece of Scotch Labour: http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/jim-murphy-writes-david-cameron-4999292 Entire country's up shit creek, homeless set to freeze to death on the streets this weekend if the forecasts are correct, & his No.1 priority is getting two hasbeens gongs because they led the Ugly Sisters? Someone tip a bucket of salt over him & I'd swear he'd shrivel up & vanish.
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    Ah, a taker. I'm more of a giver myself. Must be my Christian upbringing.
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    The doris is 8 months 25 days older than me. So I was probably getting shot up my old dear as she was getting hauled out of hers. Nice.
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    John Lee Hooker : One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer
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    That tweet doesn't make sense. Toshney's wearing white boots, Arquin black. If anything, that clearly shows Arquin going in on Toshney's ankles.
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    Would the only way for the board to show they 'give a flying fuck' be to sack Grant Murray? The board have taken steps to bring in an experienced coach to aid GM, rather than just sack him, which, in your opinion, is the sole reason for the three in a row', so to suggest they 'don't give a flying fuck' is wide of the mark, IMO.
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    Wee violins out for the fans at the end, leaving at half time, peepul no longer turning up now that they aren't vastly over powering teams on a fraction of the budget. They had a chance, they didn't learn the lesson and take it. Boo hoo. And no, its not there by the grace of god goes another team as they learn lessons and cut cloth accordingly (well, maybe not Dundee and Livingston).
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    The Youtube ones are available to people abroad from about 10pm on Saturdays. (Amazingly they can get a highlights package cut and commentated on in that time despite what the BBC wants to say!) http://www.youtubeunblocker.org/permalink.php?url=d5D4zsG3n1yrwOe1CfU%2FGgpOMVqlAOKvGJhJyUWKE08ayqbTFq0uzem%2FouELwSIWRa9dQPNGN7Y4Uj8WHLw1Lg%3D%3D
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    On the park yes, The other problem is off the park where it seems a sizeable amount of our support people attending in the home end are just complete arseholes.
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    This is nothing short of disgusting
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    Arrant nonsense. Leaving aside the casual use of "hated", do you really believe that Man U are despised for their success? I would frankly suggest that any negative feelings towards them had much more to do with the manager's personality, his arrogance, his intimidation of officials and the media, and the practises he instilled in his players. Not to mention the myth that the man was a genius, rather than someone who lucked into nigh-on a full side graduating from the youth set-up at once, and had the leeway to make many expensive mistakes in the transfer market. He did ban the BBC for a while, so I suppose you've got that in common. If success was the catalyst for "hatred", why did the Nation not unite in disdain for the Liverpool side of the 70s and 80s? I remember nothing less than respect for what is probably the best club side it's ever been my privilege to see. You'll notice I gave reasons for a dislike of Man U, and there are likewise many reasons to dislike the rangers and their Sisters. As for your "point proven", do you honestly believe that negative feelings towards the rangers and their fans are lessened now they're no longer successful? I would honestly say that feelings towards them have worsened as they continue with their arrogant bullying and cheating, with nothing but two extremely expensive titles to show for it. As for their fans, the behaviour of the "minority" is bad enough, but for those who claim to be reasonable fans to say that it is reasonable for the knuckledraggers to behave this way simply beggars belief.
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    Not a bad days work yesterday!
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    What a c**t, seriously, the violence witnessed by your knuckle dragging fuckwits last night was a throwback to the 70s and 80s, and you have the cheek to blame Hearts fans for singing some fucking songs? Get a grip you fucking welt!
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    What an absolute cop out. Seriously.
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    There's a St Mirren and Ross County fan love-in on the train back south. Perhaps aided by raspberry Absolut vodka. Good to see folk getting on so well after a game in which so much was at stake ❤ Also, County were rubbish. I'm bored of the Premiership now anyway.
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    The difference between how each set of fans took matters can be summed up as follows: Hearts: Rangers:
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    You missed the sole bit of quality football then Swankie great turn and cross and neat finish fron Denholm. Yet another poor performance from us but good result and with other results we are right back in the mix. highlight for me was referee giving a free kick when a Stenny player slipped on the surface.
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    Fans worldwide sing songs to wind the opposition supporters up. The difference between Rangers fans and the majority of other fans is that we don't take these songs as a reason to start attacking people. No longer can this be blamed on a minority of fans within your support.
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    Very poor today, but Brechin were far hungrier. They were solid at the back, and impressive going forward with real pace. Great to see a good wee crowd down from Brechin, fair play to them in this shitty weather !
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    O wad some power the gift tie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us.
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    No.8 Condoning violence over a few songs sung as a wind up
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    I like the bit about "U fucking Cretans". You wouldn't think there would be many Greek islanders about, but apparently there were.
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    My club Royal Albert priceless Formed 1878 years of priceless memories All the friends made from past and present players. The laughs from away days in Scottish cup priceless. All the friends made at other clubs. Not everything is valued in money. The juniors is worth more than that.
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    You had a club to support Then you didn't Then you did again. You soon wont again.
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    Is there any way of changing this to 7-aside? I feel it might give us a better chance, and we can use a bad weather / electricity forecast as an excuse. ASSUMING the answer's yes, here's my first attempt at a preferred lineup. I'm sure I should have put Reguero more central, and wasn't sure at all where to park the bus, but apart from that about right? Bunglebonce, mentor me
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    I think that is creepy as f**k tbh my dad is 30 years older than me and i certainly wouldn't like to have sex with him That boys prob in it for the money
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    Why are you so thick? Answers to most of these questions is obvious.
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