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    If Rangers fans feel justified to use violence in response to a little 4 lined song about their Club then I hope to fcuk no Magazine publishes any cartoons about them.
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    I'm starting to think we may have the worst set of supporters in the league (obviously excluding ra peepul) Between the constant barrage of shit comments on Facebook and a home support that are desperate for a wayward pass to boo. The second halves atmosphere today felt no different to when we were getting pumped for the like the fifth time in a row. If I stop going to Starks Park from tomorrow it would have nothing to do with the manager, the team or the football played but the miserable, whinging b*****ds that sit around me. I remember if we conceded a goal, we would stand on our feet and sing "come on you Raith" What has happened to us? We have just won our third game on the bounce, two away from home!
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    I'm surprised that there isn't a thread on this. It starts on the 29th of January on Sky Atlantic and it looks excellent. http://www.sky.com/tv/show/fortitude
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    This is nothing short of disgusting
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    There's a St Mirren and Ross County fan love-in on the train back south. Perhaps aided by raspberry Absolut vodka. Good to see folk getting on so well after a game in which so much was at stake ❤ Also, County were rubbish. I'm bored of the Premiership now anyway.
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    Personally, I'm glad that the people at Sportscene have decided to cover the Rangers v Hearts game rather than any Championship match which actually took place.
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    The Pretenders - Brass In Pocket
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    Yes they do because we're not incapable of watching a game of football with supporters of the opposition team without the potential for a riot.
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    Is that a Frank Spencer convention?
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    Did you know he has a Belgian cellmate called Phil Rouge?
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    Arquin was off-balance after a barge from another County player. It looks to me as though he then tried to stretch for the ball and it was a coming together. Much ado about hee haw....yet again!
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    The missing t has damned you there.
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    http://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/spfl-lower-divisions/farcical-scenes-abound-in-insurrection-at-rangers-1-3664258 Premiership Tossers
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    I'm afraid the arseholes are supporters too. And yes, it can be very annoying when people overreact to things. It isn't going to go away anytime soon, no matter how much people complain of it. Lack of objective judgement, unrealistic expectations, differing opinions and frustrations building up over time are just some of the factors that cause it. That's very disappointing to hear. I'm not a fan of Murray, but the board demanded results improve and they have. Booing and going berserk about things when we're winning is poor form given there were actually things to properly boo about only a month previously. As I've said before, two spells of abysmal form over the last year have caused a hell of as lot of damage that isn't easily repaired. This is where pent-up frustration and lack of objective judgement come in - many people have made their minds up about numerous things. I'm still don't have much confidence in Murray, but he's delivering on what was asked of him. That being the case, there seems little point in laying into him regardless of my own feelings on the matter. Things currently aren't so bad; we can all cheer up a bit!
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    Bandwagon? Not a P&Bism as such but used pretty frequently. Anyway... an easier one:
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    She had a large vodka on her deathbed- because you have to finish with a double.
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    just in case I was unclear. It's murder writing long posts on the tablet, always end up going off track
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    Complete and utter codswallop. We've been through this one before, but when Liverpool were hoovering up everything going in the 70s, they were the cuddly Melchester Rovers of world football everyone loved, housewives favourites, etc. Chelsea and Millwall by comparison won zip but were universally despised even by people who weren't into football - same as Rangers. Reason? Their low life fans (& in Chelsea's case also an owner Ken Bates with a ludicrous sense of entitlement over a nothing of a club). Man U dislike had more to do with them becoming (& in many ways being pioneers of) Brand Name FC putting money above all else to the extent they forfeitted FA Cup entry one year (to add insult to injury as its holders) under the excuse of having to play in some tournament in Brazil (as if they hadn't a second string good enough to easily overcome whatever third or fourth tier side they'd be drawn against) because it was "beneath them" in financial terms (they have later made excuses about "government and FA pressure to take part" in the Brazil fiasco). That was the unforgivable moment - they became a totem of how much the game had become divorced from the fans that had sustained it and clubs had turned into plutocrats' playthings. It still didn't prevent Eric Cantona being widely revered as a legend, but only after him Chuck Norrising some scheme goblin BNP thug who turned out to be a Fulham fan, not a Palace fan, going along to cause trouble. Which brings us full circle. (BTW the fan in question got to give his sob story version of events c/o who else but the ever contrary Guardian, pity for them only three years ago he proved himself still to be a scumbag by punching a manager at a children's football match for not giving his son a game!)
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    When I launched this thread in a fit of boredom, I never anticipated the utter genius of some of the responses.
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    No other manager in the UK could've ran away with the title like Ferguson did in his last season. That was the worst United team I've seen and they won it at a canter.He bested Arsenal's greatest team and he bested Chelsea's greatest team. He's the best manager in my lifetime. No doubt about it.
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    The SJFA seemed to think it might in a document circulated and presumably they would have run the concept past SFA officeholders before doing so given they are both based at Hampden, or maybe that's an assumption too far? In England, the Isthmian League was added as a feeder to the Conference well after its initial launch despite overlapping geographically with the Southern League.
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    FFS 70% off from on of their major shareholders shops and still Sevco couldn't afford to buy enough to clear the pitch !!
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    just to set the cat among the pigeons here's Spartans Chairman Craig Graham writing in today's Spartans v BSC programme "I'm not sure quite why but the Lowland League had really pushed on community clubs with large youth sections like BSC, Gala and East Kilbride and I am sure this will be the predominant model in years to come. Indeed we were speaking to a similar outfit in Fife this week who may well put in a Lowland League application..." I have heard rumours of plans for a new football complex in the Rosyth area and I believe there's a youth team there but perhaps someone knows better...?
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    Foxtrot uniform delta ! Spot on!
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    Very unambitious Mikey boy. By the time your flaming, aquatic cortage drifts slowly over the Clatto reservoir we will have improved on that scoreline.
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    This thread has reached a new high From the commentary feed To be fair if he tried to take the penalty with his head then I'm not surprised he missed.
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    We played very well in that first half, limiting Dumbarton to only a few long range efforts. Elliot was impressive in the early exchanges, as was Anderson and it came as no surprise that those two would link up for one of the goals. Penalty looked a stick on as well - the lack of complaints from the away end seemed testament to that. Elliot gets a lot of stick from our fans, some of it warranted and some of it not. He is still far too interested in winding up opposition, or telling the ref he's wrong for me, but he's now at an age where that won't change. He frustrates the life out of me, but on his day - the first half today - he is a cut above anything else we have in the final third. He hasn't scored in the league for over a year, which naturally leaves him open to abuse, but at times it's like he's got eyes on the back of his head when it comes to picking a pass. His movement drags the defenders all over the place and opens up the play and he was a total thorn in Dumbarton's side. I thought him staying on the park and hooking Stewart was the correct decision. Conroy was effective as always, his positioning is excellent and he gives us the right balance on the left side. McKeown looked better today and had a good game, his header at the front post a high point, I'm warming to him. Ross Callachan has been the revelation of our season for me. It's so pleasing to see someone who we've likely spent a lot of money on developing over the years come through the ranks and perform as he is just now. Fans today were infuriating, it's like the team can't please them. It is absolutely no surprise to me that some of them refuse to applaud them at the end of any game, it certainly seems to me that it is orchestrated and has been spoken about in the dressing room. I'm absolutely in agreement with them over it as well, I wouldn't applaud anyone who boo at 2-0 up. Three wins out of three and Malpas is looking like an astute recruitment. Credit to Murray as well, I was all for getting him out a few weeks back, but you can't argue with the results. I'd love to finish here by saying it's nice to have a good feeling about the place again, but I can't help but feeling like there will be no pleasing some of our support.
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    I also feel sorry for the decent Rangers fans. They're a lovely couple and shouldn't need to put up with this I'll get my coat
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    Your position is that you think Hearts fans are as much to blame as Rangers fans are. That's fine. It's out there for everyone to see. And laugh at.
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    I'd argue the similarities between Celtic and Rangers fans are considerably greater than Rangers and Hearts.
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    Don't know why this northern carbuncle nonentity has been allowed to play our league for so long. An absolute disaster of a place. No other club can postpone three league games before match day and get away with their location due to the "weather". The game should be switched to Broadwood immediately as these reprobates cannot host a match at this time of year. Either put up or f**k off Elgin.
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    UAE opening goal against Bahrain was the fastest in Asian Cup history at 14 seconds. Their winning goal was a nifty header from a Bahraini defender. UAE, Iran, Australia & South Korea through to the Quarter Finals.
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    I'm sure there was supposed to be some form of coherent point in the above word salad from the Juniors section's remedial case Drs (as ever over egging his cake). What it had to do with a club demanding the "right" to be part of a particular existing league "just because" is anyone's guess. The SPL clubs weren't demanding the "right" to be part of a particular league because they wanted to be in it - they left the existing league set up and set up their own - not even remotely close an analogy to a Highland/Lowland club refusing promotion to a tougher league. Oh, in case you haven't noticed, that separate SPL you bibdribbled about ceased to exist in June 2013 when it merged with the SFL to form the current SPFL. I thought you'd remember that one at least, considering it came partly from the fallout of your "big" team's arrogant zombie replacement being refused entry into whatever league it felt like & being told it was Div 3 take it or leave it. Great days, which hopefully we shall be revisiting again by this summer.
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    On the reorganising point: at the moment you have the Angus clubs, Peterhead and Elgin liable to relegation from SPFL; the Highland League with 18 clubs; the North Caledonian struggling along with 6 clubs (but they seem of largely 'Amateur' stance); and the North Juniors, organised: 14 10-10 with Superleague playing 26 games, and Districts playing 27 games. If the will was there I doubt it would be at all insurmountable for HL to drop from 18 to 16, the North Superleague increase from 14 to 16 to accommodate the 2 dropped from HL. 16 16 10-10 Incorporating the Tayside Juniors would be more complex: there are 14 of them, so you could form a third district, mixing the top clubs in higher up. But their current outlook is southerly.
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    It's actually one of County's Dutch imports, Llewelttek.
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    I hear Kilsyth have signed Kevin Thacker. Fantastic piece of business, a great player.
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    The Scottish football fans protest against Rangers at Hampden when around eight Celtic fans turned up, despite earlier claims that tens of thousands would turn up.
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    Grow up ya complete fanny. A group of your clubs supporters went round to the Mian Stand with the sole intention of causing trouble.. They were lucky to get away with a couple of slaps before the police came to their rescue.. If you bothered to read what i actually wrote i did blame the Rangers supporters for thowing bricks at buses etc IF that actually did happen. I did blame the Rangers support for the 'trouble' in the Broomloan Road stand. There is the difference between myself and fucking idiots like you. If the Rangers support are out of line i will say so.
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    Doff my hat to the Stranraer fans, very magnanimous in defeat on what must have been a very disappointing day for them. With both Dunfermline and Morton both slipping up it would have been an ideal opportunity for you guys to pull further away from the full time sides. The results now puts us in the mix at the top. Agree with what's been said so far, a thoroughly deserved win for us. We limited Stranraer to only one real opportunity. Wighton showed why there is much expectation on his shoulders - I understand he is away back to Dundee after today which is disappointing but you have to remember we were on a long unbeaten run prior to him joining on loan. Robert Thomson certainly not a bad player to come in! A good travelling support especially given the weather, time of year and length of journey involved. 13 games unbeaten and counting!
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    v Saturday 27th of December 2014 Easter Road Stadium Scottish Championship Match Kick Off: 12.15 Live on Ref: Hopefully The Rangers fans enjoy their 2nd ever visit to Easter Road. In their first visit to Easter Road this happened: Hibs to win 3-0 Malonga, Allan, Cummings with the goals.
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    Have you ever watched football on Alba? Anybody with half a brain turns the volume off anyway as Gaelic is a HORRIBLE language to the ears.
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    he has been piss this year
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