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    Having read a good few pages of this, plus the guys blog regarding Cockwomble, the BBC stuff and a few other bits and pieces I want to know if I have got this right.. 1. Tax dodger Davo has bought 16% odd of shares from a hedge fund who have sold them at a vast loss. 2. The 3 Bears ( Daddy, Mummy and Baby) have also bought a lump of shares from another institutional investor who again has sold up at a vast loss. 3. The 3 Bears and dodgy Davo claim to not be working together .This is important and has to be said because, should they be working together, then as they have upwards of 30% of the shares, they would then need to offer all existing shareholders the chance to sell their shares to dodgy Davo and his three Bears at a price quite a bit higher than they are priced at now. This of course is exactly what dodgy Davo vowed not to do, as he wants his cash to go directly to Sevco rather than the gold diggers who populate the corridors of power at Ibrokes. Of course by buying shares yesterday he has paid money that won't be going to Sevco, but at least it won't be going to Sommers, the Easdales, Micky Gashly, Craig Shyte, Charles Green or any of the other utter shysters ( he hopes) How we doing so far?? 4 Given the dumping of shares by two large companies/hedge funds, do they know that the balloon is about to go up? 5. Cockwomble is either very stupid or trying to prepare the ground for Admin II. Either way, it would seem he has shat the bed and by spouting his mouth off to Piss McLaughlin has surely talked himself out of a job at last, given what he has said ( unless of course all our club chairmen agree but just haven't told anyone). 6. Micky Gashly is being pissed on and may well be pissed off. His dastardly plan is being derailed by the cunning Davo and his 3 bears. This may make him angry and he may fancy a financial or legal "Square Go" 7. Sommers, at least one Easdale and Llambias will soon be oot on their arses. Question will be though, how much of a golden goodbye will they be due?? 8 Sevco are still skint and need real money very fast otherwise ( see #4) 9. On the park, Sevco are still rank rotten, have a "new manager" who is pretty much the same as the old one, and they have no chance of winning the league. 10. They still have to pay Fat Sally about £750,000 for doing slightly less than he has been doing for the last 3 seasons. This is tricky because ( see # 8 ) 11. There is more than one current legal case taking place that could cost them even more money ( see# 8 ) 12. They have just sold their prize ( and some say ONLY playing asset) for enough money to pay a whole months wages ( maybe) 13. The entire club is a clusterfuck. 14. I am laughing as I type this summary. Have I missed anything????? Edited to add. 15. An existing shareholder has " Grassed " Davo and the 3 bears up to the stock exchange but we don't know who yet..
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    Sorry, I had to add some yellow lines in for clarification
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    Funnily enough, I'm eating twiglets right now and spilled them everywhere.
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    Worried that the pitch won't make it in time for the Arbroath game. Waterlogged by bullyweehutch's tears.
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    Yeah but you're an idiot.
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    It's more like looking under his shoe.
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    The question about McIntyre's signings isn't really if they're good enough, because it was after the transfer window. They were short term, and the only real question is if they were better than the ones they replaced. Reckord better than Celcer? By a country mile. Toshney, Quinn, Barr? All far better than Dreeson or Fenlon (Not sure about Balk, as he had potential). Woods and Dunfield were brought in due to our loss of midfielders to injury i.e. Rocco & what was supposed to be Brittain by now. The de Leeuw stuff was unfortunate, but just a matter of time regardless of who the manager was. The signings so far were a case of trying to make do and mend with the best of what was left both in the team and on the market, then it was just throwing shite at the wall and hoping some of it would stick. I've not been overly impressed by McIntyre so far but to a large degree his hands have been very much tied. The next couple of weeks will go a long way to showing us if he's up to it or not. The loss of Arquin doesn't concern me too much, as he was very hit and miss and moody. I'm a little more concerned about this guy Curran that he's brought in, but you just never know. How many times did we say similar about some of the guys Adams brought in, and some of them did turn out to be something special (of course a lot of them turned out to be utter shite too).
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    I very much doubt Derek Ferguson can read. He can barely speak.
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    St Mirren's next home game must be in doubt with a waterlogged pitch from all these tears.
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    Typical Rangers fan, Benny. Never your fault, always the fault of your board.
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    Ok, so he wants wants a transfer. That's fair enough, he still has year and a half left. So how much do we want for him? At least the rest of his contract and perhaps 10% on top of that too. If somebody comes up with that so be it, if not get your head down Bairdy, leave the sausage rolls alone and take your chance when it comes.
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    ^^^ And here was me thinking that Ecto was the worst poster on this thread...
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    Did she type that for you with them?
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    The Porty Town Hall Open Doors Derby Draw Party tonight will be like Ignition Remix getting played at The Citrus Club at 2.55am. A few people delighted, a few people disgusted and everyone else awkwardly looking around to work out what they should be doing.
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    Good to see a clydebank fan taking an interest in the senior leagues
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    Ricki! Ricki! *motions a yard left* TTG Jim!
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    Hiya Heads gone thread for this pish. Yours Barrfields_Largs
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    I don't think it's right that we instantly credit Malpas with our two recent wins. He was in the door for a day or two when we beat an on form Falkirk. If Murray is capable of setting up the team to beat Falkirk, he's capable of setting up the team to beat Cowdenbeath. I know Murray isn't flavour of the week/month/year but lets not pass all the credit for these wins to someone else who probably hasn't had THAT much of an influence yet.
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    That 'bedlam' in the corporate boxes is horrendous. Never watched a game from one and that has just made sure I never will.
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    I would stop making predictions if I were you.
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    Crowd of over 2000, some effort.
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    Standard BerrSpeak. Every club would like additional funding, only one needs it to get to their "rightful place". A place they've never been.
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    Dire Straits : Walk Of Life
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    I thought I'd ended up on the Semen thread again.
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    "Bitches ain't shit." Dr Dre.
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    This really deserves more publicity than being hidden away on this thread. It's a fairly shocking example of plagiarism and the response by those at the Record is reprehensible. Just because the article is "in the public domain" doesn't make it ok to just copy & paste it without crediting the author.
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    Hope he finds a bar there that plays music he likes.
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    There is nothing wrong with the structure of the club, there just isn't any money. Don't have our own ground, own catering, own wee club house. You've just got a dedicated decent fan base, with guys knocking their pan in at the club out of a love for clydebank. I might slate some players etc etc but you can't fault the set up as we've pretty much overachieved for the past however many years with the set up we have with very little money.
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    Let me get this right, the same exact few posters are telling us that a) Hibs needed to win, whilst Hearts were only trying for a draw, and b) Hibs fans are now celebrating said draw, which is no use to us but mission accomplished for Hearts? All over the fucking place chaps
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    Stranraer's league to lose now so fair play to them. Eta: DAFC stay off dot net mate, it's no good for you. Full of roasters.
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    Can't see how the Ref could give a penalty so far into injury time after witnessing corner after corner with the same pushing and shoving that goes on all the time. What made this one any different? Hopefully this turns a corner at least, but hard to take...still hate that place, most self indulgent mob in football, the tannoy guy is absolute cringeworthy, that stuff at kick off was awful...singalong FFS, we were not at a Sunday school picnic.
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    After both sides dropping points, it's The Rangers Championship to throw away now IMO.
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    Who are all of these people complaining about the TV? I see people complaining about TV all year long, no matter what it is. So I don't really know what point that makes for anything. You do have a point on regional news though. Also, if you're going to come up with a percentage, I'd like you to point out which shows are actually aimed at this middle class audience, and actually try and not be a narrow minded fuckwit about it this time. Shows which also don't get big viewerships here.
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    Million% ... fuckin million % ... Our fans slate the new boys but expect them to run thro a brick wa on same breath...Cudnae make it up!!!!! STOFO...
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    The tear stained tantrums from the worst fans in the country are working wonders for my hangover. You would think they'd had all their giros stopped. They'll just need to take their drunken aggression out on their wives now instead of the north stand seats. We're Partick Thistle, we'll postpone when we want.
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    This is my game of choice this weekend Think Talbot starting to motor could be 3 or 4 I think
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    "Am I hallucinating or are there scabby-looking vermin in front of me?" "The latter, sir." "Who are they? What do they want?" "They're wee Hibby pals. They've come for the bingo card." "Let them have it - I want them out of my sight immediately. I need to be off - I'm to chair a high-level strategic committee on acquiring Belarusian orphans' biscuit tins. The transfer of Paco Alcácer to Hearts isn't going to fund itself." Exeunt The Right Honourable George Osbourne MP Enter Taio Cruz "Let's do this." I Throw my hands up in the air sometimes, saying eh-oh, wanna play bin-go.
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    Given Mark Kerr has been punted after a bust-up with (in his opinion) a piss-poor management setup, I couldn't really see him lasting long under Clueless Jim before taking a loaded shotgun into training.
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    Better getting a multifuel stove tbh. You can still put logs in but you can also put smokeless coal in for longer lasting heat.
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