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    "Votnev is not a rancid"
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    Stranraer and Forfar are complete diddys.
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    I am not even remotely surprised at the reaction of the celtic fans but their condemnation (and no doubt subsequent witch-hunt) of Logan for his tweet is beyond even their usual stupidity; Celtic fans are all over social media practically howling for his blood. There’s more than one fucking idiot spewing bile at Logan alongside a pic of Samaras with the caption “man’s greates love should be for his fellow man”. It is beyond parody. He was racially abused and I doubt if he feels anything other than loathing towards the racist. This isn’t a spur of the moment flare-up between two footballers that is forgotten after 90 minutes and handshakes, this is something that goes to the very heart of humanity, utterly disrespecting another man because of the colour of his skin. You should be fucking ashamed of yourselves.
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    Interesting comment given your allegiance.
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    I think it was actually "Please Mr Referee, Sir - might it be possible for me to draw your attention to a minor personnel infraction which I believe to have occurred as a result of a no doubt honest mistake on the part of our valiant opponents this fine afternoon?"
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    I'm no legal expert but I'm pretty sure that the testimony of a victim is considered 'evidence'.
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    Could have written up a few of the 'Best & Worst posters' in the time it took you to write that up. #ForShame
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    Most top flight clubs are now at sustainable levels, hibs are about to clear £9 million and hearts are in a better state financially than they have been since the mercer days. Rangers have been in the seaside leagues for two years, spunking £70 million in the process, struggling in the championship in a crumbling stadium in front of the lowest crowds in a generation with an inept manager they can't afford sack! Feel free to take your bile to whichever league will take you, let the other arse cheek come with you and everyone will be delighted! Oh wait, no one else wants you, do they?!?! Karma really is a bitch!!!
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    Before the start of the season I predicted Stranraer to finish second and Forfar to finish third. Like most I expected Dunfermline to win the league, and still strongly suspect they will. I don't think Ayr fans expected too much this season, but were probably fooled a bit by their start to the season (largely helped by Morton). I predicted that they would finished 9th, just below Morton. Duffy made 13 new signings in the summer and signed 4 others to new contracts. That leaves only 3 players in the squad that he wasn't repsonsible for signing. He is responsible for the players being at the club, he is responsible for overseeing their training, he is repsonsible for picking the team, drilling them for games and setting their structures and tactics. If you really think the manager doesn't make a big difference then why don't you send Aitken up the road and we'll send Duffy in return. And for the record, I think the standard of play in this league has been awful so far and that's why we're doing better than I expected. This current Morton team is probably even worse than the one we endured last season, and that's really saying something. There have been times this season that any sort of decent team would have annihilated us, even Airdrie should have put 5 past us in the Scottish Cup tie, we're lucky the standard is so poor (especially in forward areas).
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    Christmas Nativity in Auchinleck .. Merry Christmas to you all
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    Caught 5 mins of the Radio Clyde phone-in tonight with Jim Delahunt, Roger Hannah and some other no-mark tube pundit. Rangers fan phones in saying the SFA should show a little discretion and a bit of leeway to Rangers in regards to the Mike Ashley case "as any right thinking Scottish football fan knows that the top league needs Rangers". The tube pundit says that if Rangers don't get promoted it could be "catastrophic for the Scottish game". Aye, haud oan and we'll allow the rules to be bent for Rangers to get another couple of mill to spunk while the rest of us get by within our means. I can't believe that folk are still peddling this pish after the armageddon predictions hilariously failed to materialise despite Doncaster doing his utmost to destroy the game.
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    The board say they'd like us to reach the league where Cowden and Raith play. As lofty ambitions go it's not quite Claude Anelka levels of delusion.
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    So he denied saying anything, then admitted he said something but nothing racist. Then he claims he hasn't heard the word c**t, no wait he has heard it but doesn't know what it means. Then it's the winds fault that Logan believes Tonev is a racist. Solid defence imo, Don't know how they failed the appeal.
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    Presumably the result of a strong pyramid system.
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    Will thirdco have to enter the lowland league?
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    Any idea where this has disappeared to? That's been on the go for years.
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    I had to lift my 7 year old nephew and leave the barrier behind the goal (closer to the East Stand flag than the goals) after we scored our 2nd against Raith as they came rushing right down the front and surrounded us. Not a soul around us before the goal and the players didn't exactly come up to the barrier. Was I standing in the wrong place as well?? The young boys make a good bit of noise, and when you score a goal you sometimes go a bit OTT. But I hardly think it's much to ask that the boys are a bit more aware of who's around them when they are acting a bit OTT. The stick the guy got on the MAD website is embarrassing and folk should be able to take their kids to Palmerston and stand or sit where they like without the worry that their child will be injured.
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    I could never eat something that's been in an animals mouth, give me an egg any day.
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    Sounds like that should be posted in NSFW.
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    Quick question, how many Celtic posters on here were at the Aberdeen game at Pittodrie? Did any of you boo Logan? I'd argue that (although not explicitly racist in itself) the behaviour of the Celtic fans who gave him dogs abuse was an example of the attitude which surrounds the untouchable nature of this club and the supporters of said club. "How dare you implicate one of us in a race row?! How dare you!" Even with, as you say, no evidence the mere thought that someone would step out of line against your club is so shocking to you that you simply cannot believe it. And so you abuse the fella, refusing to believe his side of the story. And when the story is brought up in a hearing (not a criminal hearing but a sports association hearing) and one side's story is less plausible than the other's, you still refuse to believe it! It smacks of the sort of behaviour which gives rise to much of the hatred in Scottish Football. An arrogance which is seemingly infallible despite the constant calling into question of your players', and more frequently fans', conduct. Its what sets you aside from us. An Aberdeen player does wrong, I'll condemn him. An Aberdeen fan does wrong, I'll condemn him. I'll allow a greater degree of leeway, no doubt about it, but if a line is crossed then action is needed. Celtic (and The Rangers) fans are blinded by their team.
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    I've got to be honest here, I find the reaction from some Celtic fans (and the club) quite puzzling. If an on-loan player from my club did this and he was found guilty twice then I'd want him punted immediately. The other cases that you can compare this to, like John Terry oR Luis Suarez, these were leading players at the club not some on-loan nobody. Everyone knows that football fans are capable of being myopic when it comes to their players but there's more than that going on here I think.
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    Were the same club, pay us the Telfer money ! Its the old clubs fine not ours ! fkn laughing my t1ts of at the joke of a club While your at it pay the debts you lot owe Celtic and all the other company's you ripped off you tax dodging tramps !
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    Oh dear. Out of all the people I expected to get with that, you were near the bottom of the list.
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    Because to get the old clubs licence the new club agreed to pay off the football debts of the old club.
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    Jesus wept - you are the worst poster on his forum. No contest.
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    No one thinks their team has a divine right to win the league or even to challenge for it. What Dunfermline and Morton fans do think is that it's perfectly reasonable to expect a challenge. While there's no divine right to challenge, it's still an entirely realistic expectation: two full-time teams with the two largest budgets in the league could easily be the pacesetters if managed competently. That's not to say that Forfar and Stranraer don't deserve credit for their seasons so far, but that doesn't mean Dunfermline and Morton fans aren't justified in being unhappy. For what it's worth I expected us to be fighting to qualify for the playoffs rather than challenge for the title at the start of the season, but if we had a competent manager there'd be no reason we couldn't make a credible challenge, which, with six defeats in sixteen games, Duffy is utterly failing to do. Both Jefferies and Duffy have done diabolical jobs and the criticism they've had is merited. As for Ayr, they're ninth and have lost eight of their last nine league games. It's impossible to make an argument in defence of Roberts.
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    That's my taking on all this.......then again, I've given up trying to second guess what is going on at Ibrox!
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    Not totally convinced by the 'it isn't right but it happens' approach to this. If folk had taken this approach to something like racism in grounds then we'd still be in the situation where it would be acceptable to abuse players because of the colour of their skin because you could probably argue that it's human nature to be racist. OK, shouting at Grant Anderson for being unable to deliver a cross or Joe Cardle for his inability to beat the first man at a corner isn't on a par with racism or homophobia or sectarianism but it does help create a fairly unpleasant atmosphere at times. I've got up and moved seats at Rovers games in the past so my kids aren't having to listen to some red faced, vein popping, angry bloke screaming abuse at Rovers players. Call me a liberal soft arse but even when I'm at games without my kids I'd rather be in a crowd offering reasonably positive encouragement than moaning, booing or screaming abuse. It creates a shite atmosphere and suspect it does nothing to make the players actually up their performance.
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    Most of us said that too, but within weeks that sentiment had changed. Grounds like the old St Mirren Park and Fir Park are not fit for purpose now. The away stand at Fir Park is awful, and when we were in the main stand in a semi-final v Hearts 3 years ago I couldn't believe that it actually managed to get a safety certificate. Maybe the reason you hate it is more related to " I've also never seen us win at the new ground"
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    Two years ago: "How dare you make us start in the bottom division?!?! We're the same fucking club!!!" Today:"How dare you fine us for EBT's?!?!?! We're a completely different club!!!" The Rangers: the comedy gift that just keeps on giving.
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    Exactly. The (ex)Old Firm will argue the trickle-down effect - higher TV fees for all, for example - but, as you say, Rangers and Celtic just hoovered it up.
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    Lynyrd Skynyrd : Sweet Home Alabama
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    This pish is never going to stop unless they cease to exist or "get back to their rightful place". I hope it's the former. No one could disagree that the traditional hegemony of Rangers (as was) and Celtic perpetually competing for the top two places was a Cash Generator - but hey, guess what? all the cash generated was immediately hoovered up by Rangers and Celtic. And it still didn't stop Rangers 1872 careering off a cliff owing kazillions.
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    Any manager at Livingston indulging in horrific "back where we belong" patter should be sacked immediately.
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    The release of the Written Reasons of both Tribunals has been invaluable in putting this to bed once and for all, and for that thanks goes to Lord Iain Bonomy. Having read both sets of Reasons, it is clear that the evidence from Aberdeen was consistent and near watertight, suggesting a high probability that Tonev used the racist language. The grounds for Celtic's appeal were frivolous to say the least, and completely puts to bed any chance of them taking the case to CAS. There was absolutely no reason for Shay Logan to make it up, none whatsoever, and I am glad that the correct verdict has been reached. Throughout the case, Aberdeen have remained dignified in their handling of the issue, which I am thankful of. Celtic's handling of the case has been embarrassing, with the threats of CAS appeal, and the complaint about the system not being based on proving guilt beyond all reasonable doubt. Today's statement about ahorring racism flies totally in the face of one of their players being found guilty of being a racist. Here's the perfect chance to get rid of a player who has under performed and has brought public shame on Celtic. Will they take it? Will they hell, siege/victim mentality has already kicked in again among the fans and the club. Well done to the Scottish FA for their handling of the case. Shame on Celtic FC for their actions.
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    6 = Eminem The Marshall Mathers LP (2000) For most of the artists in this list, there was a ceiling to their success, an upper limit to what they could achieve commercially. The biggest rap stars of the early 90s were the much maligned MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice, hugely commercial with a pop audience, despised and continually dissed by hardcore rap fans. Like most genres which can be preceded by the word "hardcore", hip hop always had an inherent conservatism, the view that there was the right way to do things, and for all its sonic invention and open minded and liberal approach to borrowing from other forms of music, there was always suspicion over anything that went too far beyond the core audience. For the seasoned rap fan, Eminem posed a conundrum. Eminem is, and indeed was in 2000, a bona fide mega star, an unmistakeable pop icon, and a unique talent. The success of his Slim Shady LP meant that the follow up would always be huge, and so it proved. There's probably never been a hip hop album so readily praised and dissected by the rock centric music media. And so, many rap fans didn't know what to make of him - here was a (shock!) white trailer trash dickhead who people were being told was better than everyone else who did it before, who carried the patronage of Dr Dre, who could have Snoop Dogg guest on his album and could have legendary cult producer Mark the 45 King produce a huge pop hit for him. He didn't really rap about how great he was, although his second album is the most self obsessed spread of music you could imagine. He had the skills, he had the credibility, yet here was a character who for all the precedents we can think of, just wasn't like other rappers. As its name suggests, The Marshall Mathers LP has the air of autobiography to it, the other side of the coin to the cartoonish Slim Shady LP focussed on an alter ego. It's not quite that simple, Eminem still indulging his notion for horror centric fantasy on several tracks, but the album is about his fame, about the reaction to him as a phenomenon, and about how he is perceived. It's an album that achieves success by self examination, practically writing the analysis that would come in response to it. It's a type of meta fiction, an album about itself. Eminem has the flow, the lyrical prowess, the styles and the vocabulary to rightly be celebrated as a great MC, yet here he displays a cleverness too, and an ability to poke fun at himself, so that the whining about the trappings of fame never grate too much. Many artists develop so that the music that follows their opening statements becomes about fame, but few if any display the same level of creativity in making their finest work as a result. All of this makes the album sound like it's a difficult listen, and it really isn't. It had amazing singles - "Stan" may have sampled Dido, but her insufferable style is rendered as spooky chorus to accompany the tale of the too obsessed stalker who goes mental and mimics his hero by killing his pregnant girlfriend in his car, just before Eminem gets around to replying to him. Tragedy in pop never sounded so popcorn friendly. "The Real Slim Shady" continues in the hip hop tradition of dissing imitators, despite the knowledge that Slim Shady isn't even real in the first place, and including a fantasy of murdering Dr Dre. "The Way I Am" is a golden slice of righteous anger, a response to his fame and how he's perceived. The rest of the album offers up a number of gems, with guest turns from RBX and Sticky Fingaz of Onyx on "Remember Me?" and the school of Dre all stars with the man himself, Snoop, Xzibit and Nate Dogg on "Bitch Please II". "Criminal" entertains the notion of Eminem's thoughts and art being perceived as a crime, while horrorcore "love" song "Kim" acts as a prequel to "97 Bonnie and Clyde" from his debut as he plays out the scenes leading to him killing his partner, echoing the theme already revisited on "Stan". The accompanying music throughout, again helmed mostly by Dre and The Bass Brothers, is cartoon riffs over spiky beats, as if the good Doctor had never even heard a Parliament record and was instead obsessed with Danny Elfman. The Marshall Mathers LP was a smash, critically acclaimed and was such a defining point in Eminem's career that he made a sequel to it. I would imagine that the reaction to it on this thread will be mixed - some will be annoyed that it features so high in the list, some will consider it undeserving, some will be indifferent, some will hate it, but enough voted for it to be here so it's clearly well loved. In writing this I join the legions of those who have lavished it with praise, and I'm obliged to do so, whether I believe it or not. And so it goes. Consensus would be boring. And that's not a criticism that could be levelled at The Marshall Mathers LP, a clever yet emotional album that uniquely examined itself while conquering the world.
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    Erm no it doesn't: Tonev was judged innocent until the case was considered - on the basis of the case, in which Tonev clearly gave a far less reliable account, he was convicted of the charge. Fairly straightforward stuff here, which happens up and down the country on a daily basis. I can only imagine the seethe of these sheltered community posters once they discover that a police officer generally holds more credibility in a courtroom than an arrested scheme goblin.
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    Rangers in financial disarray and on the verge of dying (again). Celtic now in disarray by supporting a proven racist. Dumbarton in the Championship and taking points off both Edinburgh clubs. St Johnstone winning the Scottish cup and the national team looking pretty good for qualification to the European Championships. This really is a terrible time for Scottish football.
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    No, do carry on. They can be a pretty rich source of humour, as well as disdain. Just not in the same league as your lot. Just when you think they can't get funnier... "We'll have that money for Telfer, because we're the same club." "OK, send the cheque down to Hampden to help pay your club's fine for cheating then." ETA: WW beat me to it.
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    ^^^ Business Partners (Wet) Dream Team.
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    While it's tempting and even fashionable to think that terrorism is a new phenomenon, it's been going on since the first caveman whacked his neighbor on the head with a rock. It's naive and overly simplistic to think there is any one 'cause'. If we look at recent history then yes, the actions of the Bush administration caused all kinds of problems for world stability, the impact of which will be felt for decades to come. It was depressing to see the willingness with which Blair followed him down the rabbit hole despite all the evidence that this was a bad idea. And it's frustrating that Obama and Cameron show little heart for discontinuing many of these disastrous policies. However, the Western powers were interfering with the destinies of other countries for centuries before this. The headlong rush for political dominance required control of the globe and the full might of the military machine was used to this end. The industrial revolution further accelerated the process. Raw materials were needed in abundance and these could only be obtained by exploiting weaker nations. Colonial dominance was the goal and large areas of the map were 'claimed' as if the human beings living there were no more than marbles in a game. Decades later, with the European nations weakened by 2 World Wars, empires were no longer economically or politically viable. So, they withdrew, reluctantly granting independence to their (now much less resource rich) subjects. Often not until after years of bloodshed and usually leaving huge power vacuums and instability behind. The repercussions from this will also continue long after we're all gone. Among other things, this opened the door to the Cold War. Two major political ideologies striving for dominance and each with the attitude - "If 'we' don't control this region, 'they' will control this region and we can't allow that." More war, more exploitation, more instability around the globe. The Soviet Union is thankfully gone but the damage they did lives on. China, while to all intents and purposes a capitalist society, still retains many of its Communist era policies. And on a local level, political oppression occurs in every region of the globe. Many make the argument that the USA are the defenders of freedom but as we all know, they have a history of undermining democracies, fomenting revolution and sometimes just invading countries in their quest for control. Personally, if given the choice, I'd rather live in a country controlled by the US than one controlled by their enemies but when someone is dropping bombs on your house, shooting bullets at you or torturing your relatives, you don't much care what uniform they're wearing. You're going to fight back. And then of course you have religion. Not my thing but if people are comforted by the idea of an invisible being watching out for them then hey-ho-the-derry-oh. Except of course, it's never that benign, is it? There are those who use their faith as a weapon for control and exploitation. "God is on our side" has to be the most destructive phrase in the human vocabulary. We can (and probably will) spend the rest of our days arguing about which religion is the most fucked up but does it really matter? There are extremists nutcases in all branches of faith - and yes, non-faith too. If God does exist, he doesn't seem overly concerned about the vile things people are doing in his name. But until the day when humans evolve to the point where they start owning their own behavior instead of saying "My actions are God's will", we will continue to see religion used as an excuse for terrorism. Strip away all the shit though, Islam, Christianity, Communism, Capitalism, our true beliefs and their false ideology and what do you have left? Basically, humans are arseholes and will use any excuse to exploit, oppress and take advantage of those weaker than them. And they'll always portray themselves as the good guys and someone else as the enemy. Those on the wrong end of this exploitation will get angry about it and as soon as they have the opportunity, will fight back. Violence will continue to flow in both directions. When 'we' disagree with those causing the violence we call them terrorists and will try to stop them. When 'we' agree with them, we'll call them freedom fighters and we'll support them. And on and on and on it will go. Additionally, terrorism will never go away because those in power need it to exist. Governments since the dawn of time have adopted the tactic of creating an enemy, from whom we need protection. We need to be kept in fear so we'll give up control of our destiny in order to preserve what we think is our freedom. "The commies, the muslims, Eastasia, the imperialist pigs of the West...the terrorists - they're out to destroy your way of life. Let us take away your freedoms so we can secure your freedoms." Kinda depressing, huh?
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