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    Here at the Edinburgh Home For Football Dinosaurs we're ready for your donations of unwanted Jims. This week we will be making kerbside collections in Greenock and Dunfermline. If you have any Jims you no longer need, please leave them outside your football stadium clearly marked "Get this c**t tae f**k" and we will pick them up in our special padded cart.
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    Bit annoyed with Gomis tbh. If you're going to go diving in like that, at least break one of Brown's legs.
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    And list every poster for every team? If someone starts a Thickest c**t 2014 thread, you have my vote.
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    Why are folk having a go at us we are the only ones who try to get some atmosphere going at the games.No one was drunk and there is a lot of young lads on our bus aswell as older ones.We try but maybe we shouldnt bother as no one else is interested.You will get peace at dumbarton as hardly any of us are going and ibrox in april as we are boycotting it.As for the game itself stirling played well and probably could have been 2 goals ahead before we scored.The 2 goals we scored are in with a shout of goals of the round.All the best for the rest of the season and i for one hope you stay up.
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    Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, don't mention Spartans? I metioned it once, but I think I got away with it?
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    Never played this team before.
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    No idea why anyone feels embarrassed about a sport played in thier country. FWIW i fucking love Scottish football. It is what is and doesnt pretend to be anything else, and the poor quality and atmosphere make those moments when everything works or when your chasing a team down in the final minutes and everyone roars so special. Man City didnt sell out their stadium and then barely sang at any point agsinst Bayern. f**k being part of that, id rather watch Saints go toe to toe with Ross County with 1500 fans who genuinely do care about the result
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    The BRALT has been locked. This is like the bit where Truman found his way out of the show. Nothing will ever be the same again. What's on the other threads?
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    Really not wanting involved in this shite but that's utter nonsense. And not the first time either. Jardine was rightly criticised for behaving like an eejit at the time of his march, that has nothing to do with your innuendos. If you think he's been unfairly criticised then argue your case. Absolutely no need for this nudge nudge, wink wink stuff about a very serious matter, imo. I'm out.
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    I think I will take the choice from you,take a few days off old chap and calm down.
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    Think you need to familiarise yourself with football this side of the 1970s. Beating Brown to the ball and not touching him doesn't mean it's not a sending off. He's lunged in with both feet off the ground ffs, definite red card. Collum's a tragic referee who had a shite game as per usual but that's one decision he quite clearly got right.
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    The Hearts hammer throwers at it again.
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    I’m completely in agreement with you and my initial response ran to several hundred words and meandered off into the middle distance… Suffice to say that almost every league in Europe in the medium and smaller countries are trying to find the magic beans that will get more people through the turnstiles and watching on TV as the Big Leagues get more and more in revenues. I don’t think there’s much that can be done to get more folks inside grounds week in, week out the best we can hope for is creating a set-up that produces more games with something hanging on them because that’s what brings people to the grounds more than anything else nowadays.
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    Brilliant result for everyone involved at Spartans......flying the Lowland League flag high.
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    Cheers mate. Oh aye just in time for your teams game.
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    You know who i am talking about. If only he had gone to the police with what he knew
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    Cream : I'm So Glad ETA... Paul Jones doing a tribute programme for Jack Bruce - tomorrow (Monday) night - 7pm : http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04q0x5v
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    To be fair, I was there yesterday and the way we played for 80 minutes was fine. We were well in control and only a fluke goal brought them back into it. For perhaps the only time in the game, we didn't deal with a set-play at the end and it cost us. Yes it was disappointing and frustrating, but the result doesn't tell the story of the match. And we still have a replay which I'm confident of winning. Stranraer to their credit kept going and they got a break. We had a third goal disallowed for offside. That's fitba'.
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    Dear God, there will be nudity 24-7-365 in some parts of Belfast.
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    Never sealised that. Wow. That is telling. We must be the biggest laughing stock just now. Every other fans of different clubs can see he is finished. They wouldn't put up with it if it were their club with the biggest budget in the league by quite some distance. Why should we? Just because we have been through administration? Didn't stop Dundee and look where they are. Sick of Jefferies and his post match drivel. It's the same cliched nonsence that portrays you as a loser and unwilling to accept it. At least Aitken has the balls to see a game for what it is. Wish we had someone like him in charge. Someone that can actually read the game and be honest instead of this bullshit we hear every week that we have a good team and we are underachieving. Absolute nonsense. We have a decent enough squad that should win the league quite comfortable but we've fucked it already and playing catch up to Forfar Athletic and Greenock Morton. Drastic.
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    I've always wanted a Seiki...
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    Chinese, Japanese, Siamese, look at these.
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    Out of 500 million worldwide ................. 14412
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    Fair point. Partick fans are sound.
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    The Corries - The Roads and the Miles to Dundee
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    In Scotland, 14 teams seems like a sensible option, it is probably the perfect cut-off between 4 times a season boredom and interesting games. Once Home, Once Away, then a 7-7 split = 32 games
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    You're not very clever if you can't grasp that the penalty put the game out of reach. Thats a far cry from a goal being incorrectly disallowed when you're already 4 up.2 different stages in the game so one doesn't really cancel out the other. Go back to your colouring book and let the adults talk.
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    Scottish football is rotten to the core.
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    It's the poor quality of the league that makes all this so frustrating. QP are apparently the second best team in the league, but looked very average yesterday. Thing is we were worse. But as we've said before, a decent run can see u move up pretty quickly. The QP fan who said it could've bee 4 or 5 nil is talking nonsense. It could equally have been 4-3, despite being a rotten game.
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    Another solid performance. We don't give him enough credit. He passes well, too. Our second goal was a sliderule pass out of defence into Murray's path.
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    Jefferson Airplane - Law Man
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    Mistakenly Greenied. I've been open about my health issues for months now, yet you continue the personal attacks. I stated years ago that I'd rather stick forks in my eyes than breathe the same air as you. None of your behaviour on here since has served to alter that view. Now you're coming over all concerned, yet still can't bring yourself not to use a nickname you've been told by numerous posters is offensive. Your pathetic stalking of me is beyond parody - giving me your daily reds no matter what forum I've posted in, without even bothering to reply to what you apparently find worthy of censure. You've spent years insulting me and, more offensively, my family. "Big enough to dish it out" is your mantra - well before you get to my wife and kids, who are obviously not users on here, you'll be needing a ouija board to explain that to either of my parents. Even now, you can't bring yourself to quote an entire post - can you really not just simply quote a post, rather than cherry pick? It's fucking easier, ffs. By all means carry on with your sad wee life, getting all the attention from the thickest posters on here. Keep on lying - I'll keep on pulling you up for it. A pathetic little man is all you'll ever be.
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    I don't know who Ewan Murray is but if he's laughing at Scottish football then I don't blame him. It's embarrassing, no crowds, no atmosphere, no quality.
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    Sounds like a waste of a good fish
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    What a state to get yourself into ffs.
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    Labour canvasser at my door there.
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    Mate we need to get one thing straight here and that's that i never once have mentioned any two names to the police in relation to the bottle incidents and never will simply because I never witnessed it and it would be lies if I put anyone's names forwards in relation to the incident. About an hour after the game myself and others were interviewed by the police and CID as to if we witnessed the incident ( as for myself I was interviewed in front of our chairman & secretary ). I simply only reported about getting the call for first aid which our physio , myself and PC cabe attended to. As for mentioning two names on here regarding the aftermath of the incident I firmly regret that as feelings were running high on Saturday night , I've been in contact most of the week with one of the lads parents and have told him that I'm more than willing to clear both names if my actions on here were to falsely incriminate them. As said before my initial post on here was in relation to the whole aftermath of the incident when all i witnessed was both sides gesticulating to one another when the priority was trying to help the injured party .
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    You can't be too careful when you hill people show up. Taking over a pub and gibbering away in a secret language. I'd be suspicious too.
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    "Yoor day will come wee man....yoor day will come" !! "Fucking scumbag"!! "Basterd ye,,,,, fuckin' scumbag" !!! "Your gonna get everyhin' ye deserve ya wee f**k"!!! "Yer no gonna be safe anywhere ye scumbag"!!!! "Yoor DEAD..." !! Breach of the Peace... Threatening Behaviour including an explicit death threat.... Incitement to endanger person(s) through violence.... Public disorder offences.... Cops: " He'll be back on Monday OK ? Away ye go" Quality effort from Police Scotlands' Finest....
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    Someone on the Morton forum has suggested a minute's stramash.
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    In terms of EU nationals there are 2.2 milion Brits abroad (1 million of which in Spain) and about 2.24 million EU nationals living in the UK. Assuming the other countries decided to do the same we'd be swapping working age and in many cases highly skilled labour for a bunch of perma tanned, bingo winged semi retired geriatrics currently swarming over southern spain like a plague (you wanna talk about integration of foreign nationals into your country, look at how poorly 'Brits' in Spain integrate into their local communities)
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    Gabi keeping in shape whilst still without a club
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnKiHYmSLUk&app=desktop Not sure if this should be in here or the Clips/Videos thread (or even just the Wrestling Thread) but this is utterly fantastic.
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