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    I love how Souness says people must regret cheering Rangers' demise because Celtic's gates are down. The cretin doesn't realise that that just makes it yet more enjoyable. Yet another disrespectful idiot who thinks that Scottish football is basically the OF and that's it. Why the shit of a man most intimately involved with Murray at Rangers, the man who took an unexplained EBT years after leaving the club, gets a platform of any sort on this, I've no idea.
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    What about a Labour / Conservative coalition. They have virtually the same policies anywway.
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    What if the hokey-cokey actually IS what it's all about?
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    So would a manic depressive Sevconian be a bipolarbear ?
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    So Ashley has loaned another cool £1 million into the Ibrokes coffers and has given up the naming rights for a poond and everything is rosy at Ibrokes because it won't be called the whatever arena. Happy days for the orcs . What Ashley gives with one hand is sure to be taken away by a bigger hand and it appears that the merchandise revenue to the club has been cut, but hey the good news is that Ashley won't be renaming the stadium !, but someone else will unless the naming rights were sold back to the club WHOOPEE !, unless the holding company then decides to sell it off to the highest bidder and guess what ?, the money raised from the naming rights gets loaned to the club and the fans have to pay back the money for the stadium possibly being called "The Mothercare Arena". And why the fook has the SPFL & SFA not stepped in by now ?, are they complicit in this demented regime at Ibrokes ?, have the associations given their backing as long as they can field a team they will keep out of the clubs affairs to get this abortion of a club to the top tier of Scottish footy ? I'd go as far back to when Chucky first reformed and cloned the club back to life that the associations then SPL & SFA and now called the SPFL & SFA have given assurances that they will help the demented brainchild by any means possible without breaching the rules to achieve their initial plan "A" get the club into the top tier. Any other club as badly run as the one at Ibrox would have dragged into Hampden to explain their reckless spending habits and give a financial bond to show they could complete this seasons fixtures, but not their Frankenstein creation they helped clone out of a dead club. Ashley is now slowly edging his big foot into the front door at Ibrox as the controlling owner, the more he loans to the club the less it can pay back and the debt owed could most likely be exchanged for shares into the holding company giving Ashley a controlling majority and we all know that the SPFL & SFA will just take it up the arse without lube releasing a statement that it was best for the club as long as the two clubs he owns meet in Europe to which they will still more up the arse to keep a Rangers FC in the leagues without liquidating their demented brainchild.
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    Southern Ireland are by far my most hated international side. Just an irritating bunch of jumpy bin dippers. Hope we shaft them and it's a rough sail back to Bhelfast.
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    Aye, because baby fucking is just the same as disputed consensual sex between adults.
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    Tbf to the Sheep they were one of the 5(five) clubs that was only weeks away from administration when newco Rangers were forced to start in the bottom tier. #armageddonbutonlyforrangers
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    Why don't you read the thread where every point in this post has been addressed in depth? Nobody is denying his right to rehabilition, absolutely nobody, but it should be absolutely untenable for him to be hired in the entertainment industry. Venues wouldn't book Ian Watkins to play a gig, no club should even entertain the thought of signing Ched Evans for the exact same reason.
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    Thank god that article gave us the viewpoint of respected local peeping Tom, owner of Willow's Cafe.
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    Has anyone told Ashley about EBTs. Loans don't get paid back at Ibrox.
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    Not the world. Just most of Scotland. The world neither knows nor cares a f*ck about SevcoRangers2012.
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    People accept the results, it doesn't mean they have to give up on their own beliefs however. Had the result been the mirror image, no doubt the No side would've been going through their own version of this - where pro Indy groups push for the broadest devolution possible, with a view to having another referendum 5 - 10 years down the line, anti-indy groups would no doubt now be pressuring for the closest possible analogy to Union as possible from Indy negotiations, with a view to winning a mandate to negotiate some other type of Union (or other close relationship with the rUK) 5 -10 years down the line post Indy as well. Unfortunately for those who want a settled decision for all time, 45/55 either way was not going to deliver it. That's simply the reality of it: We are going to come back and do this again, not as soon as pro Indy folk would like but a lot sooner than anti indy folk would hope as well, and we'll keep doing it until one side or the other is reduced to an insignificant level of support.
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    fixed terms are pish. I liked the threat of snap elections and stuff like that. Much more fun
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    Kate Rusby - The White Cockade
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    Flippantly, anywhere! Seriously, local shops and/or the internet. To be fair, theres nothing specifically wrong with buying from PC World, as long as you're not bothered about a) paying over the odds for something or b ) you can get a good deal or something in the sale. What everyone should avoid is going into PC World and asking for any kind of advice from the staff. You'll get far better information on the internet, contacting local shops or even by email from online retailers like e-buyer.
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    Not that bizarre really.
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    Which arse faced pars twat? They have so many to choose from.
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    We do it every home game. We got pumped. I'm more concerned about first teamers getting fit from the experience and youngsters taking something away from the game. As it is, all it showed me is what many Falkirk fans already routinely say, Phil Roberts doesn't have the correct attitude to be a footballer.
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    He probably asked folk to tell you he was dead.
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    Captain McQueen: “I played alongside the likes of Bob Wilson and Bruce Rioch, who were born in England but they always considered themselves Scottish." General Melchett: Splendid fellows, brave heroes risking life and limb for Blighty! Captain McQueen: “I hate that: I’ve got no time for these players. You’re born in Glasgow but then you go and play for somebody else? What’s that all about? I’m not having that at all." General Melchett: Filthy *** weasels, fighting their dirty underhand war.
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    Leigh Griffiths is starting his own team.
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    You call them on the Thursday instead.
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    Up till the glasses bit I thought she wanted to meet Peter Griffin.
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    http://berwickrangersblog.wordpress.com/2014/11/12/tributes-paid-to-sammy-reid-berwick-rangers-scottish-cup-hero-of-1967/ Excellent piece by Martin Inglis.
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    First picture from the comet just in.
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    No you just need cover for 100 seating or standing for entry level
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    We have been worse since he has had contact with players 5 days a week!!!!
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    Balloteli is probably the most over-rated player of our generation. How he has commanded such high transfer fees in his career is beyond me, he is bang average, some times even less than that. When he's not on his game, he's worse than a man down.
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    You have them lining up already to tell us all how not raging they will be No.55 will be the sweetest of them all
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    Don't know why the fans are so para about Canzo! He was sensational before he got injured! Get the captain back in the team and stop all the fannying about
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    Why has the racist bigot not been banned from this site,that is the most pertaining question?
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    Maybe for some it's an issue that they chose the ROI. I certainly wouldn't tar everyone in the Tartan Army who objects with that brush.
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    That's the point that needs said again and again. If we were just staying alive and struggling on with some hapless no-hopers then maybe we would be happy "to just have a team" That's not the case though, not even close. We could and should be doing a hell of a lot better with the squad available.
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    Fucking Hell! Did that fat cunto go dressed as Ibrox?
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    Highway to Hell is AC/DC's best album - ain't no doubt about it.
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    We've all had enough of you and your aliases Clarkston5, Reynard or whatever sad and pathetic alias you've trolled up today. Pick one alias. Stop behaving like a twat in EVERY post and maybe you'll start getting heard more often. That is clearly important to you. Why else would you post under multiple aliases. BTW as for the "mods check my IP address" guff. It's not exactly hard to swap IP addresses to make it look like you're coming from somewhere else. Just fucking cut it out. This forum isn't just for you.
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    First Scotland International !962 Scotland 2-0 England - goals from Davy Wilson and Eric Caldow. The crowd was over 130,000! As a wee boy, I was spoilt in those days as, for the first few years of the 1960's Scotland were virtually unbeatable at Hampden. The Scotland team of that era was the best I have ever seen. In 1961 they lost a play-off to Czechoslovakia 2-4 (a.e.t.) and the Czechs went on to reach the Final in '62 where they lost to a great Brazil side. These may only be names nowadays but to me they were giants who would walk into the current team: Brown, Hamilton, Ure , Baxter, Law, St John, White, Gilzean etc, etc
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    out of interest, who banned Dryhorce? Did they bring the screens out like at the races?
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    1. " Im deleting Facebook , like this if you want me to keep it "
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