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    What about a Labour / Conservative coalition. They have virtually the same policies anywway.
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    What if the hokey-cokey actually IS what it's all about?
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    So would a manic depressive Sevconian be a bipolarbear ?
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    Why don't you read the thread where every point in this post has been addressed in depth? Nobody is denying his right to rehabilition, absolutely nobody, but it should be absolutely untenable for him to be hired in the entertainment industry. Venues wouldn't book Ian Watkins to play a gig, no club should even entertain the thought of signing Ched Evans for the exact same reason.
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    Flippantly, anywhere! Seriously, local shops and/or the internet. To be fair, theres nothing specifically wrong with buying from PC World, as long as you're not bothered about a) paying over the odds for something or b ) you can get a good deal or something in the sale. What everyone should avoid is going into PC World and asking for any kind of advice from the staff. You'll get far better information on the internet, contacting local shops or even by email from online retailers like e-buyer.
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    We do it every home game. We got pumped. I'm more concerned about first teamers getting fit from the experience and youngsters taking something away from the game. As it is, all it showed me is what many Falkirk fans already routinely say, Phil Roberts doesn't have the correct attitude to be a footballer.
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    Up till the glasses bit I thought she wanted to meet Peter Griffin.
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    The fact that Simon's dog was better at the paper round than you never fails to amuse me.
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    It's bad enough just buying success. It's worse when it's someone else's cash and you don't pay it back. Me and my mates have often discussed Falkirk having a Man C situation and it seems very unappealing. To be honest though I very much doubt the newco fans would see it like that. It's all about being better than THEM. WATP and all that.
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    Lauren Jack - Queen Of The South
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    No it most certainly isn't. No I wouldn't. No I don't, I never said that line at all. Yes it should.
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    http://www.fifetoday.co.uk/sport/football/raith-rovers-94-where-are-they-now-part-1-1-3597846 http://www.fifetoday.co.uk/sport/football/raith-rovers-94-where-are-they-now-part-2-1-3598030 http://www.fifetoday.co.uk/sport/football/raith-rovers-94-where-are-they-now-part-3-1-3598042 http://www.fifetoday.co.uk/sport/football/raith-rovers-94-where-are-they-now-part-4-1-3598061
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    Al Stewart - Year Of The Cat
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    "Ashley has all but confirmed.....", ,,,,"A source........".............blah dee blah dee feckin' blah................. Bend over and spread those cheeks, Sevco fans. Here comes another buttf*cking............
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    Aside from a few Rangers supporting roasters, why wouldn't we? The anger comes from the fact that we are in direct competition with Ireland and that we'd be a far superior side if you took them from their starting 11 and put them into ours. They can cry "bigotry" all they want, like they do with just about everything, but if the tables were turned and we had Coleman and Long playing for us because of a Scottish granny they'd react in the same way.
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    First picture from the comet just in.
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    Missing me Teds? Still offshore matey just don't like posting on a board full of casual racists. No8, I've never even received a warning in my decade plus of posting on here.
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    No you just need cover for 100 seating or standing for entry level
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    I must have missed the tourist information point. Who is thinking this shit up? What do tourist come to Dumbarton for? Dumbarton Castle. Where is our ground? Dumbarton Castle. Where's the new ground? Across the other side of town. What tourist attraction will we tell tourists about? Dumbarton Castle. And we'll have a sign that says "Rab eh Bruce woz 'ere". I really can't believe we're going through with this shit.
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    Hurry up and get a new stadium built. Would be seriously good news for Scottish football to have a strong Aberdeen with a new stadium challenging every year.
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    Winston Bogarde applies for everything, let's get him.
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    I heard the SFA have despatched their fastest carrier pigeon this morning. It will seek out Mike Ashley before delivering a wonderfully worded letter asking him, if its not too much bother, if he wouldnt mind, just when he's free of course, popping into Hampden to have a nice wee chat.
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    Little Stevie Wonder - Fingertips (first 45 I bought)
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    i dont care when, how or if it happens but the next time rangers are crowned champions of the premierl league will create perhaps the biggest variety of meltdowns the site has witnessed. posting will probably only consist of me , tedi, bennet, no8, snafu, redrob and youngsy for a few weeks
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    Ffs..first we have hbqc with daft pics. Now we have the country bumpkin with this. What part do you disagree with?
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    I have four brothers, but my sister has five - it's not fair.
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    Dr Hook : A Little Bit More
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    1. Boko Haram 2. Al Shabaab 3. ISIS/ISIL/IS 4. Al Qaeda 5. Taliban
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    Why has the racist bigot not been banned from this site,that is the most pertaining question?
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    I'm in full employment Robert and I've got a 5 figure income!!
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    Easily Gray. Allan & McGeouch not too far behind him though. Jordon (with an O) Forster has massively improved also.
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    Tomorrow's game will take place at Firhill with a 2pm kick off. It's free entry for all and, to my knowledge, the Jackie Husband stand will be open for any spectators wishing to watch the game. We even open up a kiosk so you will be able to purchase a half time pie and bovril.
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    We've all had enough of you and your aliases Clarkston5, Reynard or whatever sad and pathetic alias you've trolled up today. Pick one alias. Stop behaving like a twat in EVERY post and maybe you'll start getting heard more often. That is clearly important to you. Why else would you post under multiple aliases. BTW as for the "mods check my IP address" guff. It's not exactly hard to swap IP addresses to make it look like you're coming from somewhere else. Just fucking cut it out. This forum isn't just for you.
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    Interesting reading on the last page or so, I also can relate to lots of what is being said. When I was younger I really didn't give a shit about what people thought or acted towards me. But after a few bad experiences and not being able to fully trust most strangers as a result I think others pick up that I'm suspicious or something, dunno what it is. Basically in bullet point form this has been my life since high school Popular and confident up to age 14 Got in with wrong crowd, one friend betrayed me badly and turned others against me Hang around with them was never the same and slowly stopped going about with them around twenty two ish and threw myself into working all the hours going. Lost all friends as one decent friend left to go to armed forces. For the next five years or so never met anyone new other than the occasional work mate and night out. I really didn't even realise that anything was wrong as I was either working or getting pissed in the house on occasional day off. Worked seven days most weeks for years. Got what I thought was a good job, was very wrong. Job and company were great but boss was a total asshole and I was bullied for years. Ironically as I started to push back I really looked at myself and realised how much of my life was wasted due to what has been happening when I was at school. Finally got my act together and moved on to another company, workmates seem ok. Started to panic about social situation after the effects of the previous bullying wore off and for some reason try to get back in contact with old friends. Doesn't work out, go out a few times and there's a bad atmosphere and doesn't feel right. At the same time was in contact with other decent friend who was really close but they passed away in tragic circumstances. That was last year, since then I've hardly been out socially and made an attempt to go on a dating site but really didn't feel that I have the confidence to go out on my own or meet strangers. Seem to be in some horrible loop. Not really happy with social situation. Don't want to go out drinking every weekend. Find it hard to speak to strangers, and trust them too. Probably look a bit fed up most days at work, unfortunately recently been asked to work all the days going again. Don't really want to be there, it's a bit toxic too at times. People seem too busy getting on with their lives to give a shit, or so it seems? Sometimes it's easier just to stop fighting it or wallowing in pity, I usually exercise every day to take my mind off it and feel positive. The spotlight effect holds true with me, at times I feel like I'm a target for arseholes who just dump their shit onto me and due to lack of confidence I just take it. Most of it is probably just banter and they're expecting a ribbing back but when you're already down it just hits you like a brick and then you get the feeling that they even enjoy it. Got into obsessing about how I present myself. Do I seem confident? Do I seem needy? Did that person just sigh at me? I know I have said on here that if only someone showed an interest and dig a bit deeper they would find me a good laugh but I think people can sense that I need them more than they need me. Anyway, does anyone have real friends or just people they sit next to in the pub? I thought I had friends, really good ones but it's amazing how quickly things can turn around. Can't go back now just wish I could just flick a switch and stop caring, maybe I will meet someone or a bunch of people who are good people but it's extremely difficult after shutting down for so long. Sorry for the long post, I do find this cathartic somehow, would never speak this openly to family members tbh.
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    The boy must like a bit of dark meat, there would be plenty on the inside of her thighs where they rub together. She must be absolutely stinking and looking at the arm to torso ratio, there's absolutely no danger she is able to wipe her arse properly. Frankly I'm astonished all the flowers on the wallpaper aren't deid.
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    1. " Im deleting Facebook , like this if you want me to keep it "
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    Genuine question. Are the people who hound McGeady the same people who are very much opposed to Morrison or Gilks playing and very much in favour of Steven Fletcher? ...Because those guys have some seriously conflicting views when it comes to nationality... It all depends on whether you have a Scottish accent, more often than not. My guess is these guys wouldn't give a damn if McGeady had chosen Wales.
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    B b b b b but we were told on here months ago that Rangers had accepted the Dundonians offer.... Philip said so .... JACKIE McNAMARA is desperate for Dundee United’s cash row with Rangers over Charlie Telfer to end. The clubs are locked in a stalemate over the Scotland youth star’s summer switch from Murray Park to Tannadice. Telfer has made four appearances for United – scoring in the 3-0 win over St Mirren earlier this month – while he made his one and only top-team appearance for Rangers as a sub in April. Under SPFL rules clubs can receive compensation for developing and training players under 23 who move as free agents. Rangers argue they are entitled to six years’ cash for the player between the age of 12 to 18. United, meanwhile, believe the Championship side should only receive money to cover two years since liquidation in 2012. Tannadice chairman Stephen Thompson was even claimed to have said “you’ve only got two years of history”. With both clubs unable to decide on a fee for the player the dispute will now be heard by an independent panel. And McNamara said: “For everybody it would be good if it was sorted, especially for young Charlie. He came in last week against St Mirren and he was excellent. “He was a bit unfortunate not to start the game at Motherwell on Friday but for all of us it would be good if we can get that resolved so we can move on. “There are all sorts of things come in to it, I’m not an expert on that. That will be up for the people in charge of the tribunal to decide.”
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    Will Deila do that cringey dance that him and the players did at full-time at Pittodrie yesterday? Celebrating getting to the top of the league in mid-November like they'd just won the Champions League despite having a budget bigger than all the other teams put together. Embarrassing.
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    He's a p***k and has been for years. Get him to f**k, and savour the pleasure that this'll be his last stop on the old boy's club gravy train.
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