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    This has been a complete and utter, shrieking meltdown by the London elite over the last 48 hours. I can't help but think they might be digging their own grave in terms of the campaign as the nature of the drivel coming out at the moment seems likely to get people's backs up more than swing opinion.
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    http://citizen.co.za/239228/eight-killed-butchering-dead-hippo/ They forgot to count the hippo! It shouldn't happen to anyone. No-one expects to go out butchering dead hippos and not come home again. Any PnBr's been involved in major catastrophies while dissecting exotic animals for food?
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    I don't think Bernard asked him a difficult question. Yet Darling struggled badly
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    Clegg is in the borders, as Renton says Cameron is appealing to "core support" (so Louden Tavern and Ibrox) while Miliband will be appearing in panto.....
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    Loving Spoonful - Summer In The City
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    Early opener for Lachlan here, a simply stunning strike.
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    George Galloway thinks he looks cool in a fedora. The man's judgement cannot be trusted.
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    Shull gets my vote for his never ending campaign.
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    ahh the good old Scottish oil,we will be richer than abu dhabi and oman,every one will have mercs and bmws and thousands in our pockets
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    No it's not. It is rhyming slang for an offensive sectarian term but you know this and it is exactly why you used the rhyming slang as the term is quite rightly banned from this forum. The statue is part of the memorial ya fucking idiot. You know i sometimes get a bit pissed off at other Rangers supporters having a go at you as it does get tedious. Then you go and do something like this and it reminds me why they are constantly having a go as they can see right through you.
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    Norway has 42 shipyards controlled by 35 companies. Last year these shipyards built more than 100 ships and employed over 25,000 people. The shipbuilding industry in Scotland needs innovation and diversification to be successful not Westminster.
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    And £1brox will be having them disconnected for non-payment of bills....
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    It's not just about England you tit. We are wanting independence from the Welsh and Irish to. Don't try and turn this into yes voters all hate the English because that's bull.
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    Of course not Kyle you fucking idiot.
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    Desperation is a stinky cologne...
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    Shit just got real ladies & gents.... Headline news 8pm in Thailand, Scotland's Independence i'm like waaaaaaaat, this is country that 95% couldn't point Scotland a map. We've famous!!!!
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    It's awful, and has been for at least a year now. There's no self-policing of the Yes campaign and the SNP, which allows absolute drivel to be passed off as golden nuggets.
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    Just a quick flit through that but 1) i hate appeals to authority, just becuase you are studying history and politics does not give you a privaledged position to commentate on 2) The fact that we are over represented at Westminster is not a sign of London largesse, it's a sign that no matter what you do, Scotland's representation in Westminster will always be peripheral: The system is broken. 3) On the NHS, and this is obvious, but since the bloc grant is derived from Westminster spending, any reduction in Westmisnter spending translates to a cut in the bloc grant, meaning ScotGov has to run faster just to stand still on delivering public services. 4) Using OBR estimates for oil is disengenuous at best, given they are the outliers 9and lowballers at that) for oil prices. Not to mention the record levels of investment in north sea oil recently. 5) We all want local government reform, it's never going to happen in a westmisnter system that can't evenr eform it's own upper house. 6) When someone manages to explain the tangible benefits of being 'at the top table' in the UN, beyond the imagined swagger it gives british politicians, I'll take that point seriously.
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    Alex Salmond has unilaterally decided not have a separate Scottish defence force after independence. Without consulting his party he has announced that all Scottish military personnel would remain under the command of the Ministry of Defence in London. He also hinted that he would agree to drop the demand that Trident missiles be removed from the Clyde. The Unionist parties accepted the radical change in policy with good grace and said although it was late in the day and some people had already voted, it was acceptable to alter the offer to voters in an agreed period of purdah. They didn’t ask why this policy hadn’t been proposed in the preceding two years and didn’t inquire how it dovetailed with the overall independence plan. ‘It’s fine with us’, said Better Together. ‘Constantly changing policy without consultation or detail or working out the implications is part and parcel of the democratic process. We welcome this intervention.’ As if…can you imagine the indignation and outrage that would erupt if there was a last-minute switch by the SNP or Yes? Can you imagine the gales of ridicule that would descend upon them from the scoffing Jim Murphys and compliant Press, not to mention the obsequious BBC which deems its role in our society to be page-boy to the great and good? Instead we hear grandiloquent statements about Devo Max – where the hell did that come from – or federalism – where are you David Torrance – and radical, even ‘huge’ powers according to Nick Robinson. It isn’t just the Unionist parties who have lost the plot – it is the entire country epitomised by the media which proves daily in this process how it lacks the critical faculties expected of normal journalists. Who in the media is this morning pointing out the flat contradictions between statements and promises between Brown and Darling or Brown and Balls? Labour’s own diluted proposals on tax-raising announced earlier in the year were ridiculed at the time. Now they form the basis of a ‘radical’ new offer verging on federalism. We are entering the world of 1984 where words mean the opposite of their original meaning. Democracy is being gazumped. Even the STUC is going public with its misgivings about last minute changes and lack of consultation. If this can be put together in days and fixed up in months how come it didn’t happen earlier… The world knows this is a last throw of the dice for a losing campaign designed to fool enough of the uncritical Labour constituency which desperately wants to believe no eggs need be broken. Some will read the dishonest drivel of the Record and give up their aspiration for real change, no doubt. But if the groundwork has been done properly, the movement is already too strong, the polls are behind the trend and it has become unstoppable. The UK is beginning to look ridiculous.
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    Disappointed to see McIntyre go. Hes leaving us a good squad, though and at least the transfer window has gone. I do wonder who he might come back for in January or next summer.
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    HibeeJibee has already debunked this on here, I'm sure. Barring Celtic and Motherwell, our clubs in Europe performed pretty much as expected (with very decent results against Luzern and Groningen) You've also got a bit of a brass neck attacking Scottish clubs for poor performance in Europe. How did Rangers get on in their last few European campaigns? 1 win in 22, was it?
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    Thanks for the high school history lesson. Sorry to disappoint you, but this referendum is about the future. Not for a few years, for ever. Imagine that, the people who live in Scotland making all the decision all of the time. Hope you don't boycott too much, you'll get hell of a thirsty down there.
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    Just don't let his da hear anyone having a go at him. He disnae like it. #kessockbridge #squarego2004
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    Oh. Kincardine. Here is your wee list of doom revised.... Currency....The pound. CU or or no CU Central banking.... Not in place. Agreed. Will depend on when rUK stopping being arses over CU. Financial regulation. In place. Existing UK legislation will be enforced until a new regulatory setup. Can't see temporary legislature to keep existing UK in place being too much of an issue. A plethora of other regulatory authorities...... As above A constitution......Not in place agreed. However the formation of such is one of the great plus points of independence Tax regime both personally and for companies.. Already in place. See financial regulation. Welfare regime.....Already in place. Again all thats need is a temp legal statute, until such time as Holyrood decides change. Welfare systems..... Already in place. As above Possibly the largest IT project in world history to write new programs from scratch....Absolute bollocks unless you have evidence to counter. An approach to diplomacy. Not in place. Duh. Obviously...However more a political issue than one of cost Diplomatic missions.... Err...we will have our share of UK embassy property etc thanks. Would think a similar setup to other small EU countries would do nicely. Relationships with entities like NATO and The UN.... No cost inherent. Again a political issue Consulates....As above...see diplomatic mission European Union integration, timescales and conditions.... Without going over the whole EU thing. Its a political not cost issue Defense policy. Not in place. Err obviously. Again a political issue. And one where we can reasonably expect a big saving. So there we go. Fixed it for you. By the way if you are going to call someone else an "imbecile"...best learn tae fuckin spell it first eh.
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    Fucking right it would be worth it. Stop being an apologist for accepting second best.
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    Keeping talking to the soft no types and the undecideds,keep chapping the doors and handing out leaflets,now is the time to work harder
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    Why Murphy is so agitated and why Scots' MPs are in a state of panic. Gravy train goes off the rails.
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    Radford wipe this one also please !!!
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    It was the year Alois Schicklgruber came home one night from the customs office with a raging boner...
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    St Mirren have an excellent airport.
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    Cowden fans would be welcome in just about any pub in the area, don't talk shite.
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    I'd ban you purely for this attrocious "Bradford" patter.
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    You must have left early Calum; it finished 3-3. Wise old sage Bold Rover scored a penalty late on, before a piece of off-the-wall brilliance by Compliment Sandwich secured a point. The boy Sandwich is said to work away a lot so is not always available for selection, but he showed his class in this thread
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    Yeah, through cheating, by playing players that you obviously couldn't afford.
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    Don't be. I firmly believe that the Buddies will remain in the top flight of Scottish Football forever. They will never be relegated - ever. Bookmark this.
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    The bookies know nothing. You can ask them to give you a price on anyone, place a bet on it and they will automatically make them favourite because of the betting.
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    He could blame the pitch any time you had a bad result In all seriousness he'd be a good appointment for Queens and I'm quite surprised County didn't go for him.
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    Forrest is decent, but he needs a move to a bigger club than Celtic til we find out if he's good enough for the national side. Perhaps if he goes up a level from Celtic to Hull, Burnley etc we will find out.
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    But after the first year you won't be able to afford shopping much.
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    Unfortunately I don't agree with the fundamentals of psychoanalysis; although they are interesting, I've never attempted to psychoanalyse anyone on here. Though with thinking so, it does demonstrate your poor grasp of anything remotely related to the study of the mind.
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    Oh dear.... Ian King, chief executive of BAE, has indicated in a letter submitted to the Scottish Affairs Committee that shipyards on the Clyde would likely have to close if Scotland votes for independence. The future of the yards at Govan and Scotstoun is directly tied into the Type 26 frigates and Mr King has said BAE would build the ships at a location compatible with the contract awarding process of the Ministry of Defence. The indication comes from a letter submitted to the chairman of the Scottish Affairs Select Committee Ian Davidson, Mr King stated “the major investment decision known as Main Gate, will be made by MoD at the end of this year” after the referendum on 18 September. Mr King also said that “in the event of a Yes vote, and as we have made clear, we would be required to discuss the future of the Type 26 programme with our customer, the MoD. It would be for the MoD to determine how the vote affects the final decisions they have yet to make on the programme, including the future location of the build of the ships. We would take our customer’s lead in these circumstances. We cannot determine this outcome in advance, or without the direction of the MoD.” Mr Davidson said: “This shows clearly that, as we have previously stated, the only guarantee for the future of shipbuilding on the Clyde is for Scotland to remain part of the United Kingdom.” A view shared by the industry and MoD itself. Still everyone knows those yards were only kept open by England for political reasons, a lot of English shipbuilders lost their jobs because work was sent to Glasgow so much. https://ukdefencejournal.org.uk/bae-indicate-shipyard-closure-event-scottish-yes-vote/
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