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    It's June 2016 and Rangers are deid again. Sair yin.
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    Pretty much everyone I know is now voting Yes. I was a 'don't know' for a long time, as were a fair number of my friends. My wife was a confirmed No. We are all resolutely Yes now. There are a number of reasons for this, but the absolute disaster that has been the Better Together campaign, a cataclysmic mix of condescension, complacency and incompetence, has certainly contributed. Starting off with the suggestion that we could spend our £1400 post-'No vote' windfall on fish suppers for the entire family for 10 weeks straight (presumably washed down with Irn Bru and a deep fried Mars Bar if we were feeling especially flush), progressing through a series of endless warnings about what we could and couldn't do with our pound and our rapidly diminishing oil, followed by dire predictions of how we'd struggle to survive on our own, to the final coup de grace - that staggeringly patronising advert presumably designed to alienate and offend every Scots female capable of rational thought. Job done- if the job was to set the curriculum for a 'How Not to Win Hearts and Minds' course at Politico College. The hysterical anti-Scottish tenor of much of the English press hasn't helped. A recent cartoon in Murdoch's rag, The Times, depicting Salmond as a tartan tammy wearing, 'see you Jimmy' caricature, the would be leader of a so-called 'Tartan Caliphate' was so deeply offensive on so many levels it made Andrew Dice Clay look like Edith Sitwell. The Sun thought it was appropriate to give that ex Apprentice nonentity Katie Hopkins column inches to depict Scots as 'jeering monkeys, so excited by Fish Face's lies they start beating their chests and foraging amongst each other for fleas.' I care as little about this talent vacuum's opinion of Scotland and the Scots as I care about Marco from TOWIE's or George from Gogglebox's doubtless equally illuminating insights, but the fact that The Sun thought it was acceptable to run this trash, and yet continue to attempt to sell us a 'Scottish Edition', tells you all you need to know about the duplicitous nature and rank hypocrisy of the English-based MSM. We're approaching the time of reckoning, the time when Thatcher's policy of contempt (as illustrated by the introduction of the hated Poll Tax up here before the rest of the UK) finally matures to produce it's barren dividend. There is a reason why we have fewer Tory MPs in Scotland than Giant Pandas, and the beleaguered David Mundell has considerably less chance of breeding than Tian Tian and Yang Guang. Osbourne, Cameron and the Bullingdon Boys have done nothing to re-engage Scotland with the Conservative cause and Boris's buffoonish 'man of the people' act (his recent proposal to do away with that trifling legal bagatelle, the presumption of innocence, doubtless just another 'blonde moment') plays about as well up here as Farage's blazered pub bore. Farage is about to grace us with his presence in the final few days of the campaign and The Orange Order are about to march too, just in case the 'don't knows' have forgotten just how objectionable some of their prospective No bedfellows are. As the Independence vote looms there is a growing sense that the English are moving away from us, politically and culturally. There are those who would urge us not to conflate Toryism and the Union, and I actually feel sorry for the many good people of the North East of England and other provincial outposts, well away from Cameron and Farage's SE heartlands, not to mention the enlightened folk within, but we have the opportunity to get rid of unrepresentative rule from Westminster for ever and run our own affairs. It's simply too good an opportunity to turn down. For those BT voices, from all political parties, who say Scotland can't make it on it's own, I say this: We are a resourceful, creative, innovative, dynamic, tolerant, outward-looking but inclusive, enterprising people; entrepreneurial but with a social conscience. We have always been a country where the common good encompasses the needs of the weakest members as well as the interests of the strongest. This is the country of John Logie Baird. James Clerk Maxwell, Andrew Carnegie, Adam Smith, David Hume, James Watt, Alexander Graham Bell, John Napier, Alexander Fleming, James Hutton, Joseph Black, William Ramsey, Ronald Ross, John MacLeod, James Simpson, James Black, John Haldane, James Dewar, Robert Adam, Thomas Telford, David Livingstone, Mungo Park, William Paterson, Walter Scott, Robert Louis Stevenson, JM Barrie, Thomas Carlyle, Arthur Conan Doyle, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Ian Rankin, Robert Burns, Hugh McDiarmid, Alasdair Gray, Iain Banks, the list goes on and on. Nobel laureates aplenty, innovators, engineers, scientists, economists, philosophers, explorers, artists, architects, writers, philanthropists, pioneers. Are you really trying to tell us that we can't make it on our own?
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    As Lichtie says, we're already full members of the SFA so in theory, nothing should change. I travel across the Borders every day for work (Berwick - Scottish Borders) and there is little obvious interest in border controls which would be damaging to local business (given the health of the cross-border economy, where people living in Berwickshire shop in Berwick, local farmers on both sides supply the dock, Simpsons Malt etc). There are large numbers of Border Scots who travel to Berwick to work and plenty of Berwickers like me who travel in the other direction, plus we have an increasing commuter population going to Edinburgh by rail. Border controls would be counter-productive because they would piss a lot of people off by making life harder for them and would have a damaging impact on a low-waged part of the country. As for Berwick Rangers, they train in the Edinburgh area and apart from Johnny Fairbairn, who lives in north Northumberland, all the other players are Edinburgh of Fife/Lothians-based. What will change for them in the event of a "Yes" vote? Not much as far as i can see. Busines as usual - scoring tons of goals and chucking away match-winning leads. As an Englishman living a couple of miles south of the great divide and supporting a team of Scotsmen playing in a Scottish competition, I have a lot more in common with Scotland than with the part of England that lies south of Manchester. That is a foreign country to me and many of my mates. I hope that whatever happens on 18th September, it works for you all and that the outcome is of lasting benefit to Scotland. Just remember that the rest of us will have to put up with a London-centric politics dominated by big business, corrupt bankers and public school toffs irrespective of which party is in power in Westminster. Even if it's a "No" vote, you have the chance to remove yourselves further from that fate than at any time since 1707. Just leave enough room for us to move across the Border if things get worse on this side.
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    Oh no. Benny doesn't believe me. How will I ever sleep at night if such a paragon or virtue questions my honour? You know what? I think I'll be fine.
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    If independence is a decision on whether or not to jump from a plane, containing a package that may (or may not) contain a parachute, does that mean the UK is the plane plummeting towards the ground?
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    At least it looks like they got Ally's brass neck correct.
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    Good thread. Ayr fans spunking, Dunfy fans swallowing.
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    Sums it up right now. Momentum is definitely with Yes.
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    With Cardinal Richelieu's hoor of a quiz over, the new season of the Film Quiz, in the second year of its two-year sponsorship by King Kebab, will be starting very soon. Most of you know the drill already, but here's a quick run-through of the basics: The quiz is weekly. Generally the rounds will be posted each Saturday with a deadline of midnight the following Friday. It's a mixed ability quiz so the questions will be of mixed difficulty. Usually there will be a theme to each round and, as ever, guest rounds are more than welcome so if you wish to host or submit a round of your own feel free to PM me. The rules: Answers should be sent in a PM to me- please start a new PM each week as I will be deleting my PMs regularly. Deadlines are as per the P&B clock and are not negotiable. Answers sent within half an hour after the deadline will be counted but will be penalised with a 1 point deduction. For people's names I'm looking for first and last names for full marks. I won't be fussy on spelling. For foreign films I'll accept either the English or the "local" name. The quiz is meant to be contested in good faith, and there is no prize, so please don't cheat. Round 1 will be posted this weekend. All welcome.
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    There are some butchers and shops that sell it in a round shape just to f**k with peoples heads b*****ds
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    Pissing myself that they think we are gonna get invaded as soon as we are independent. These folk are completely deluded. Yeah NATO are gonna say, no you are not welcome and leave their whole Northern sector unguarded. The fucking russian subs come through Barents Sea, down the Norwegian sea and between the gap between Scotland and Iceland. NATO will NEVER allow this most crucial area NOT be NATO controlled. NATO membership is guaranteed. Most of the US radar installations are based in Scotland these would be removed if Scotland were not a NATO member. Complete scaremongering
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    Davidson: "no army, more drugs". Teckle.
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    Ruth Davidson's fantasy land / strategic defence: 'First we take Kiev, then we take East Kilbride.'
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    I'm not voting yes for myself anymore. I'm voting yes for the OAP's that need to choose between heating, or eating. I'm voting yes for those sending kids to a foodbank to eat after having to work overtime to cover the bills. I'm voting yes for the people who have had children sent to fight in an illegal war, and never seen them return. I'm voting yes for the 600'000 living in the shadow of trident and the fear of a nuke. I'm voting yes to end a union which has used and abused our nation I'm voting yes to finish the Tories in Scotland for good. I'm voting to end austerity. I urge everyone to think of more then themselves on the day of the referendum, were voting for a nation, not a party, not a single person, we are voting on a nations future.
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    I'm just out of a meeting, generally most people in my office finish about half four. Some finance middle-management dork was asked to provide some figures, his real-life, actual response was "I've got to go and pick up the kids, so if you don't mind we'll just park that for now and review it when the sun comes out". WHAT??? That might be the worst thing I have ever heard in my entire life. I'm the furthest away from a violent or angry man you'll ever meet, but I genuinely wanted to staple this gorps throat shut. What is wrong with these c***s?
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    I finally think this could just happen lads. Lets get this over the line and take our decisions.
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    He choses who to "stand up for" based on race, religion or ethnicity. Not class. He is a reactionary throw back riding on the coat tails of social divisions to a fat pay cheque where he can find them.
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    Ayr United: Petrofac Training Cup: 1st round Clyde (A) Match Interviews SPFL League Cup: 1st Round East Stirlingshire (A) Match Interviews 2nd Round Kilmarnock (A) Match Interviews Scottish Cup: 2nd Round: Alloa Athletic (H) - Match - Interviews 2nd Round Replay Alloa Athletic (A) Match - Interviews SPFL League One: Matchday 1: Greenock Morton (H) Match - Interviews Matchday 2: Stirling Albion (A) Match - Interviews Matchday 3: Forfar Athletic (H) - Match - Interviews Matchday 4: Stenhousemuir (A) - Match - Interviews Matchday 5: Stranraer (H) - Match - Interviews Matchday 6: Brechin City (A) Match - Interviews Matchday 7: Airdrieonians (H) Match Interviews Matchday 8: Peterhead (A) Match Interviews Matchday 9: Dunfermline (H) Match Interviews Matchday 10: Greenock Morton (A) Match Interviews Matchday 11: Brechin City (H) Match Interviews Matchday 12: Stranraer (A) Match Interviews Matchday 13: Forfar (A) Match Matchday 14: Dunfermline (A) Match Interviews Matchday 15: Stenhousemuir (H) Match Interviews Mark Roberts is sacked Andy Millen Caretaker Matchday 16: Stirling Albion (H) Match Interviews Matchday 17: Airdrieonians (A) Match Interviews Matchday 18: Stranraer (H) Match Interviews Ian McCall takes over Matchday 19: Brechin City (A) Match Interviews Matchday 20: Greenock Morton (H) Match Interviews Matchday 21: Stenhousemuir (A) Match Interviews Matchday 22: Dunfermline (H) Match Interviews Matchday 23: Stirling Albion (A) Match Interviews Matchday 24: Peterhead (A)
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    rUK lend us some sugar, we are your neighbour.
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    Progressive immigration policy for a Scotland full of Beyonce's and Lucy Liu's.
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    I always want St Mirren to do well but I couldn't see it after TC was appointed. If we are top by March I will be spending my time on the Dundee thread but you could try to get back to me
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    Man Utd spout a lot of self-righteous pish about their 'philosophy' of producing young players. Since the class of '92 what players have they brought through their Academy who have made any real contribution to the first team? Fletcher and O'Shea are about as good as it gets, which kind of says it all. Getting rid of the latest in a long line of academy graduates because they aren't good doesn't affect their identity in the slightest. What affects their identity is finishing 7th in the league due to having players who aren't good enough, like Welbeck.
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    I couldn't be a politician. f**k that, I wouldn't be able to keep my mouth shut for being utterly seething
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    The biggest foodbank apologists seem to be Daily Mail types whos only food crisis in a lifetime was when waitrose ran out of that coffee which comes out a civets arse. We were fucking broke around 1982 thanks to Thatcher. Family saw us through. A lot of folk these days don't even have that so where do you go when nobody has your back and a letter from the broo has left you with four quid for the week? It's outrageous and a solid reason why I'm yes all the way.
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    Eminem must be shiting himself.
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    People should keep politics out of football.
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    And we won't get the chance to rectify that record because Dunfermline got promooooooooooooooh noes!
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    That's why the loan system is fucked up - we won't play you but if you don't mind helping us whilst you play for your new teams that would be grand oh and you can't play in the big games against us. If you let a player go to another team then that should be it, they play against you and only do the best they can for the club they are playing for.
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    It hasn't changed my opinion at all, but it has informed me on a fair few matters that I hadn't considered before.
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    Training will be a hoot. If it is1949 and everyone is still using the WM formation. It wouldn't be a hoot for poor Saunders or Latouchent [or Fenlon], who will have to carry the half-time oranges.
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    Why is it good? Last time I checked Palestine is recognised by FIFA and more importantly the UN as a state
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    AS Don't you find it really cringey when people on the internet write scripts for imaginary events? MC Aye.
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    Was that when he was one of world football's supreme poachers? How things have changed...
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    And we're the Hamilton Accies: do the unthinkable and succeed following the win despite universal claims that we have no chance of doing well and will be a disaster straight from the start.
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    Am I actually reading that someone doing something 'a long time ago' justifies abusing, spitting on or otherwise ruining the paying fan's trip every other time they make the journey in the future to be acceptable? You couldn't make this up.
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    It'll be pretty funny when Dunfermline finish 2nd and fail to gain promotion again
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    The spirit of McGlashan lives on in this thread...
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    Have never understood P&B's trashing of Welbeck. While not an elite level striker along the lines of Suarez and Costa, he's a very tidy striker that will do a good job for an Arsenal that either can't attract or are unwilling to pay out for one of those top tier guys. Good business for 16m given the current market.
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    They must be skinto peddling this pish What the actual feck? They are 'free' but even then that is overpriced.
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    That's what you get when you have business minded people running your club .
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    But despising five different football clubs isn't?
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