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    Dumbarton fans, on here and in the flesh, are mostly morons.
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    Facebook have been removing the FB versions of the video......
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    Dundee and Killie had greater success in the 60's both at home and in Europe.
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    I love John Part. "Phil is a master competitor... and tosser''
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    Glad you found the time to share your opinion with us though. Made my day.
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    I loved the 'wee team forever' banner. The desperation of it just underlined the fact that the Pars fans psyche from languishing down in League One is as damaged as the pitch was by yesterday's downpour. Superb
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    You're welcome. PS - for those unfamiliar, the order of Tweets on a timeline is bottom-up.
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    See what happens? If every Palestinian renounced violence and handed over every last weapon in Gaza and the West Bank, Israel would continue it's blockade of Gaza, it would continue to bulldoze homes and build illegal settlements in the West Bank, it would continue to indefinitely detain Palestinians without trial, as they always have. While it's right to point out that Hamas are a vile organisation who have committed war crimes, Israel can't hide behind that. Criticising Israel does not equate to supporting Hamas and the fact Hamas are run by anti-semitic zealots does not excuse Israel's own war crimes. Netanyahu and Likud don't want peace, they never have wanted it and they've never acted in a way which suggests they want it. They know fine well that their actions only serve to radicalise ordinary Palestinians and drive more towards violence, they know fine well that the only way there'll ever be a lasting peace is if Israel withdraws and lifts the blockade, demonstrating that there is a genuine willingness to compromise and work towards peace on their part, but the likes of Netanyahu, Livni and the bigots at the grassroots of their party are as repulsed by the idea of a sovereign Palestinian state as the bigots in Hamas are by the existence of an Israeli state. Fair point, but the extent to which Western governments so openly lend support - diplomatically, financially and militarily - to Israel where they don't with other conflicts naturally leads to the public of those states focusing more attention on Israel due to the contribution of their own governments to the situation.
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    Even more of a dick than he normally looks. Quite the achievement.
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    here's the highlights from yesterday http://youtu.be/CqWvsS-nz-s?list=UUFTTMhz7C6zIbItVJ_-TAVQ you lot will enjoy them more than our lot. Great day out, was my 1st time at Cappielow, great ground & top egg, chips n beans in the supporters club before the game & a few pints. Good luck in round 2. Grimbo
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    Dundee fans reminiscing about the team that played when their dads were bairns
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    Kid tripping and falling during Women's Marathon the highlight for me so far today
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    Can you explain hows odds work again?
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    If he did take 2 shits that will be a hell of a thing to lift off of fake turf.Hope nobody stood on them. Knowing Marko he'll probably sign them.
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    Led Zeppelin : Whole Lotta Love
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    He thinks you are a dick.
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    I'm sure he would have loved to, as long as it was someone elses tenners (particularly local businesses).
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    If it was this Tuesday, it's hardly enough time for people who are working to try and get it off, at least with it being 10 days away, I now have a fighting chance of being able to get the night off. I'd imagine I'm not the only one either. Also, it was good to see Fifes Finest keeping up their weekly tradition of making complete ar*es of themselves yet again after the game! Protesting outside the ground for their tenner back! It was hardly like Leishman was going to come out with his wallet in his hand and start dishing out tenners to everybody.
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    Not long home from this game. I was toying with the Ross v Nairn County friendly or Elgin v Stirling Albion, but I hadn't been to Dudgeon Park before and fancied seeing how Brora would fare against a middle of the road League 1 side. Judging from two live games I've seen from Brora in the last year - including this one - I have absolutely no doubt that they would hold their own in League 2, despite some obvious flaws and an ageing defence. I think they would have been a better proposition had Richard Hart been playing because they lacked his guile in midfield - I'm not up to speed with them so I don't even know if he's registered and just injured or working, or if he's retired. Brora played a fast, direct 4-4-2 with Sid Mackay dropping off Zander Sutherland, as they typically do. Stenhousemuir went 4-2-3-1 with Kirs Faulds and Bryan Hodge at the back of midfield, with Seam Dickson as the #10 flanked by Josh Watt & Jamie Reid. I think Scott Booth wanted Stenny to have a slow build up play, with the centre-backs staying short and very wide to collect the ball from the keeper Hamilton, but Hamilton wasn't having it in the first half and mostly played long. He does have a great throw on him though. Brora didn't let Stenhousemuir settle at all during the first half. The tempo was set in the first ten minutes when Ross McMillan was caught dawdling on the ball in the left-back area and then Faulds was dispossessed about 25 yards out. David W made a good point about Clyde's pace, but Stenhousemuir badly lack any pace up front. It wasn't Scott Ferguson or David Weatherston that Brora were facing, it was Martin Grehan, who couldn't drop short much because Dickson wouldn't go beyond him, and Grehan didn't win much in the air against Grant Munro. Brora could play a high line and their central midfielders didn't let Hodge get on the ball at all, while Dickson spent too much time with his back to goal rather than side-on to try to make the most of any space behind the midfield. Brora were able to control the game for spells because Stenny just couldn't string more than a couple of passes together - the cycle of losing possession, facing the direct ball behind the full-backs and having the Brora midfield in their faces before losing the ball again perpetuated. Reid didn't do as much as I would've liked, given how promising he is, but he's a young winger and won't turn it on in every game. I was told to expect good things from Watt, but on the whole he wasn't very good. It was almost as if he was scared of getting the crunching challenge by Ross Tokely, who dominated him for most of the first 90 minutes before he was knackered. The big challenge that got a yellow came around the hour mark and Booth latterly went 4-1-3-2, moving Watt to the right and putting Dale Gillespie on the left. Probably the best bit of Stenhousemuir play came when Watt stayed on the right flank after a corner around the half hour mark, where Watt skipped past a tackle on right touchline at about the half-way line, carried the ball inwards about 20 yards and slipped a through pass for Grehan, who was about to pull the trigger when Tokely slid in from nowhere. Watt skinned Tokely a couple of times but that was in extra-time when the defender could barely get up after tackles anymore. The first goal was from a Sutherland inswinging corner, which either went directly in - as the tannoy suggested - or it took a glance off Grant Munro at the near post. In either event Munro's presence was enough to put the keeper and his marker off. With Brora going in ahead, I thought they were going to improve in the second half and close the game out. Booth had a different idea, as he clearly insisted on the short game from Hamilton and the back line at half-time. For the first couple of minutes Mackay and Sutherland really harried McMillan and Alan Lithgow. McMillan was slicing a lot of his passes and clearances on an arid, bouncing pitch and Hamilton often looked dodgy with some of his passes, so it was worth Brora continuing to press high. However, Hodge and especially Faulds began to play from the back as well. The plan was clearly to have Brora's midfielders push up so high to allow the band of '3' to have space behind Grehan. Booth was instructing Dickson to hold his runs until later to time the sucker punch better, but it never arrived. It was a slow build up and a chipped ball behind the defence that won a throw-in high up, which brought about an innocuous penalty where first Munro went to ground then his centre-back partner Scott Houston (I think) put in a clumsy challenge. The game was unsettled for a good 10 minutes after that, with Faulds sharp with his passing (much more so than Hodge) and the right-back Robbie Duncan coming on to a game, before Brora started getting on top again. Sutherland scored early in extra time due to "pussyfooting around the edge of the box," according to a loudmouth Stenhousemuir director. Hamilton put a flat kick out after yet another back pass and they were punished for it. I never saw Sutherland's third goal. I don't think Stenhousemuir made a clear cut chance after their goal, maybe a Lithgow header from a corner that he glanced away from the penalty area just before the end of extra-time. Ryan Miller looked to cut in on his right foot and had two absurdly wild sliced shots, one of which went out for a throw in. Watt looked reasonably dangerous on the right flank with more space as the game moved on, but his final ball was below standard. Brora were making the better chances and Mackay was close with some of the umpteen offside calls against him. Not once did Stenhousemuir try to turn the defenders and make them face their own goal, which was disappointing to see. Brora's front four are all small, nippy players and while their defenders are some of the best cloggers at clogging around, they're still cloggers. A team with pace will keep them too deep and won't be able to release the ball on the counter that the front four would thrive on. One of the few times they pressed Brora's defenders resulted in Tokely putting a square ball across the pitch that Stenny intercepted but the final ball was mistimed. Overall, there wasn't anywhere near as much about Stenhousemuir as I was hoping for.
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    Ayrshire Post 30/7/14: DEFIANT ROBERTS EYES PROMOTION "I am disappointed to be out of the Challenge Cup but my priority is improving on last season's strong league placing. I don't care what the fans are saying, we will do our talking on the park."
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    Hi Kev. First off, it's refreshing to have a No voter on here's who's willing to debate and talk about things, so please feel free to stick around. Regarding the £, a Government minister who would be involved in negotiations with an iScotland told the Guardian "Of course there would be a currency union". Anyone who isn't trying to troll could see there is no reason why we would not keep the £. Again, only those looking to troll would suggest there would be any issue in becoming an EU member state, pretty much immediately. Scotland has been in the EU for 40 years, it's clearly in the interest of all member states. A senior EU member told Scotland on Sunday that an iScotland's application would be treated as a "special case" as we're already signed up to core requirements such as gender equality and workers' rights. On tax rates, to quote the Scottish Government: " On independence, Scotland will inherit the tax system and the prevailing UK rates and thresholds for all taxes. Decisions on specific taxes - including tax rates, allowances and credits - will be made by the Parliament and Government of an independent Scotland. For the first time ever there will be a guarantee that taxes will be set by a government that has the support of the people of Scotland. Independence will provide the Scottish Government and Parliament with the powers to set tax rates and thresholds which are right for Scotland, allowing Scottish Ministers to develop policies that will deliver sustainable economic growth and a fair society." Seems fair enough to me. Yes there are some aspects of independence that we can't say for definite what will specifically happen, but you could also level that at Westminster. There are also a whole host of other reasons for independence. I'll post this, for a third time, as it rings true to me on so many levels: "“For anyone planning to vote No in September, you have to be completely certain, beyond any doubt, that you are comfortable with the direction the UK is headed. You have to accept that the wider UK political landscape is being shaped by the far right, and that the mainstream parties (ostensibly the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats) are being inexorably pulled ever rightwards in the scramble for votes. You have to be comfortable with the marginalisation and victimisation of the poor, with the dismantling of the Welfare State, the widening of wealth inequality between rich and poor, and the continuing erosion of workers rights. You have to accept that nuclear weapons and aircraft carriers are more important to you than education, healthcare and welfare for the elderly and vulnerable in society. You have to accept that, even if you do care about these things, your vote at Westminster will make no difference to the outcome. If you accept all these things unquestioningly; if you can reconcile your personal politics with what awaits a No vote; if you can consider all of these issues and conclude that a Westminster government can deliver the kind of society you believe in; then by all means vote No. But if you sleepwalk into this referendum, without making any effort to consider the case for Yes; if you squander this incredible opportunity to transform our politics, reclaim democracy, and build a society we can once again be proud of; then I can only hope that, when the full calamity of your decision is revealed to you, you can come to terms with your choice.”
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    Go on Gumtree Filter to cars under £1000 Look for advert where words are misspelled Arrange meet Go to garage site Kick left front tyre Sigh Offer £200 Buy car Spend £10,000 over the next ten weeks sorting car Scrap car for £50 Buy ex-showroom car for discounted price Wonder why you never scrolled down
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    I'd say they've been going on about Scottish athletes more than English ones. The Home Nations always get the most publicity, followed by the host nation. Scotland are both and are getting plenty of coverage accordingly, can't see any real problem tbh.
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    I once managed to finish a main course at the Culloden Moor Inn next to the Battlefield. Those who have eaten there will know that is one of the greatest things man can achieve.
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    Aye, you're snookered if it's busy.
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    Well said and the critics on junior teams tend to be the ones who never give anything back in return. A bunch of critics are what they are and its far easier to be critical as opposed to being constructive and doing something to help your local club.
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    No bother. Now it's eniterly possible that Lex, the generally intelligent, forward thinking and not at all prone to making a total arse of himself guy that he is, is not using the word "nationalist" to mean supporter of Scottish Independence. Perhaps he's making a general point about the nature of national identity and wasn't jumping on the comments of one slightly ignorant guy to try and relate it to a whole group of people he disagrees with. We'll never know. LOL. You're a weird guy man. A weird, slightly racist guy.
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    Both the Cowden and Kelty Hearts games went ahead after the downpour which hit the area.
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    The last time Phil Taylor beasted anyone this comprehensively he ended up in Dunfermline Sheriff Court.
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    I've asked this in a few places and had no response so maybe someone here can help. I'm wondering what the threshold of people who make the 'but Hamas were hiding fighters/weapons there' justification is. A house with rockets allegedly hidden underneath it with children inside - tough shit, they shouldn't have been in their home, their deaths are collateral damage, blame Hamas for making us bomb it A hospital with rockets allegedly stored nearby, filled with those already wounded by the conflict - tough shit, shouldn't have been in hospital, five deaths and hundreds of injuries are collateral damage, blame Hamas for making us bomb it A shelter for those made homeless by the conflict, with rockets allegedly stored nearby - tough shit, the civilians shouldn't have been in a shelter, 15 deaths and hundreds of injuries are collateral damage, blame Hamas for making us bomb it What's next? Does it progress to bombs killing hundreds at a time, always saying tough shit, they shouldn't have been there, it's their own fault? I'm wondering where the proponents of this argument draw the line on how many civilians is too many before you say 'we can't attack this target with that number of civilians in the area.' Hamas hiding rockets in a building with 500 civilians in the vicinity? 1000? 5000? Or do we take that argument to it's logical conclusion of a 139 square mile prison camp with 1.8 million people in it who aren't allowed to leave, with Hamas storing rockets amongst them - tough shit, shouldn't have been there, killing every last one of them is collateral damage, blame Hamas for making us bomb it? There is a right to a proportionate self-defence against attacks. There is no right to indiscriminately kill civilians. There is no right to attack UN shelters. Those are war crimes and they are utterly indefensible.
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    Clearly total nonsense, but whoever made it up, well done - even if only to see StandFree bricking it !
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    Was a very poor game. Hibs look better than last season, not that that would be difficult. They were happier to pass it about at the back than us which annoyed me immensely, as we often just resort to hoofing the ball up front and lose it. We were far too pedestrian, with little movement, and players stood around looking for a pass whilst they and others simply stood still. Armstong and Ciftci were all to frequently coming back to take the ball off the defence as they had no service. Dow simply wasn't involved. The subs when they came on showed far more urgency, and started creating chances, one finished nicely by Erskine. Telfer was brought in as an attacking midfielder, but he came on for Paton in the deeper role, and made an impact, asking for and moving the ball quickly. It was scary how much not having Robertson as an outlet on the left impacted on our performance
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    Best part of the game was the seagulls
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    he's 6'7" not 12'7"
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    Dundee should take all 9 points this season in the derby . Utd are shit
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    Some of your posts come across as if you're giving folk a row for discussing things that are not official. Whether that's intended or not, that's how it seems. You simply cannot stop speculation. You'd be as well trying to put a genie back in a bottle. And if folk choose not to look for an answer but prefer to be lazy, you can't change that either. Finally, a relatively small number of people actually use this place so how can you say whether the effort is worth it or not based on what you see from maybe 10 or 15 people on a football forum? Whether these folk decide not to use the club website is neither here nor there. The club needs the website, you're capable of running it and that's what matters. You say you can't please anyone. The truth is you can't - and never will -please everyone. So stop trying to please everyone. Update the site when the club gives you stuff to put on it and try ignoring a lot of the pish on here instead of being drawn into one argument after another. That's a much bigger waste of effort than providing a decent website service for those who do use it.
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    That's a silly idea, do you have any idea how much it costs to hire a thunderstorm?
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    Traffic - The Hole In My Shoe
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    Rather worrying that we've had a Monklands derby without the Rovers fans relaying stories of bricked buses, overturned wheelchairs and crying children. We can't be doing it right.
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    I like the Morrissey's song that goes "can we fix it?" "Yes we can"
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    Everybody that uses the internet and supports the Yes campaign is a bullying moron; Scottish people will soon murder rabbis, priests and Imams because they don't offer same sex marriage; most of Hammas are quality c***s but some of them are right arseholes but more Israelis are morons so that makes it okay; Celtic fans have the right to post pro-IRA statements if Britain "invades Ireland"; tries to appear clever by throwing 'Marxist' and 'socialist' in where they don't really make sense. That's about it.
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    I'm generally very picky about what movies I give my time to. Given this, I thought Inception had glorious potential with beyond horrific execution on every level bar special effects. The movie WAS special effects. True garbage.
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