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    Probably the only thing more tedious than Orcs and Dense Boy keyboard-farting at one another is Orcs and WRK keyboard-farting at one another. Page after page of "You're stupid!" Nuh-uh! You're stupid!" "You're a bigot!" "No, YOU'RE a bigot!" "You're obsessed with me!" "No, you're obsessed with ME!" Goodness sake - can we get these guys a room, and leave everyone else to discussing and debating the (hilarious) continuing downfall of The Rangers, "pleasing" gifs, updates on how many season tickets have been sold, how many tea ladies have been sacked to keep Sally in pies, the astronomically unrealistic budgets and "plans" and photoshopped pics of "Big Hoose Guy"?
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    Before the match Sorry for the picture quality
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    Everyone needs to watch this video, twice.
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    Nadir Cifci "The bad players on the pitch will always look for the best players on the other team and swear at them "
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    Reckon yesterday was a pretty unacceptable performance. It's time to face the reality that too many of the younger players simply aren't good enough over the course of a season. Many are decent in individual games but simply lack consistency. Of course all players, even the best ones, will go through spells where they aren't playing so well, but too many of our players do it too often and are shown up against the better teams. Also there is no excuse for how weak and how easily the team were out-muscled. The team were given, rightly I think, a bit of a 'bye' in terms of performances and results and the younger players were given a chance to prove themselves after the near death of the club. Some have taken this chance and should be kept on, but others should not be kept on. We can't afford to keep paying those who aren't good enough. Some of the more senior players should also be allowed to leave. I feel the time for letting some players off with too many poor performances and mistakes is over. I'm not saying that we be critical of players and boooo them, but I do think we really need to have a look at the squad and accept that some aren't good enough. Obviously we don't have the money to go out and sign a whole load of players, but if players are allowed to leave and thus free up wages, we should be looking to improve areas. The defence is the main area, as frankly we've been pish there all season. Morris started off well but has simply not lived up to his inexplicable hype. Page is pretty poor and I'm not sure where all the great praise for him came from. Williamson simply isn't a defender and should be used more as a winger. Did you see his laughable attempt at a tackle for Cowden's third yesterday?! Thought Whittle was very unlucky to lose his place to Grainger. I'd punt Grainger and play Whittle at left back. He isn't actually that good going forward/on the wing as has been proven recently. The midfield is an area where I think we are alright if we can keep key players but we need width. Geggan got the POTY and for a reason; would love to hold on to him. Falkingham has been poor over the last few games, but I thought had a very good season overall and would love to keep him. Husband flatters to deceive too often I feel. Forbes has been a disappointment. What we really need to strengthen is width I feel. Upfront we've been really unlucky with the three main strikers being injured for so long. Hope we can keep Wallace and would be pleased to see Shankland and Moore back if we can get them on loan again (and hopefully if Moore recovers). Those three and Smith would be brilliant. The main change I'd like to see however is in the management. For some reason some people have called Jeffries a 'legend' Utter garbage. He is nowhere near that and never will be for the Pars. I'm afraid his record can no longer be ignored. Whilst it would be harsh to blame the relegation from the SPL on him, he was unable to do anything to halt the slide. The points deduction cannot be blamed on the relegation from the First Division. Even after the points deduction, it was still in our hands to avoid the playoffs and we blew it. Then came the playoffs, with two disgusting displays away from home and ultimately a relegation. Then this season the slump towards the end of the season was highly alarming. The performance at Stranraer was poor and the performance at Central Park was terrible. However we still had the chance yesterday to do it but turned in an utterly abysmal performance, probably the worst of the season. Even the game at Station Park where we were pumped 4-0 we played better (quite a bit better actually). How long can he get away with such results and performances now? I'd also like to see Neil McCann go as I don't think anyone who peddles the bullshit that 'Scotland needs the 'old firm'' should be at the club. Who to get in? Not sure and it's not my job, but there are plenty of options I'd imagine. Just not Kenny Shiels! Finally I want to comment on the Leishman thing before the game yesterday. No idea why so many are attacking him and spouting pish about how it was 'all about him' or 'ego driven' etc etc. Leishman is in no way exempt or above criticism, and should he do anything to deserve should be rightly called out on it. But all he did yesterday was to take a unique opportunity to tell thousands of fans who aren't usually at East End about the Pars Lifeline scheme. He tried to get the fans to quieten down so he could them about it. That's all. As for the aeroplane thing, he was encouraged by loads of folk to do it and only did so for about all of three seconds. If he didn't I'm sure folk would rip him that too. Can someone explain how those actions make it 'all about him' or were 'ego driven'? How dare he try and raise awareness of a scheme that helps raise money for the club! What a dick! Boooooooo!
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    The best "long weekend" of my life So much still to do but the picture all Saints fans wanted to see is below.
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    Congratulations to St Johnstone on lifting the 2013-14 Scottish Cup... Attention will soon turn to 2014-15's competition, which looks likely to be one of the most interesting in some time, in terms of variety at least. By my reckoning several clubs will be making their debut in the cup and it should have its largest-ever entry since Victorian times? There will be a variety of new entrants. During the course of the season East Kilbride and Gretna 2008 have obtained the licence, and with it membership, and will be entering for the first time. As will Lothian Thistle Hutchison Vale from Edinburgh who qualify as champions of the EOS League and are also cup first-timers. Some recent entrants will also be returning. Linlithgow Rose Juniors have obtained their licence and according to their website University of Stirling will qualify courtesy their runners-up position in the Lowland League... presumably the 2 southern byes now being assigned to the LL, not the EOS and SOS champions? If so both they and Spartans, and Brora Rangers and Inverurie Loco Works, will get byes into R2. Qualifiers from the Juniors will be Bo'ness United (East Superleague) unless they are caught by Linlithgow - they're 4pts clear with 3 games to play... Auchinleck Talbot (West Superleague)... Culter (North Superleague)... plus the winner of Glenafton Athletic v Hurlford United (Junior Cup Final), either of whom will be making their debut. Under the current rules licensed clubs are exempt from Preliminary ties. So assuming that stays, and the byes are rearranged as I mooted with the apparet University of Stirling situation, I think that would mean a breakdown of entries as follows: [Note #1 - BSC Glasgow, of the Lowland League, can't enter yet which is why only 13 of the 14 LL clubs are listed]. [Note #2 - claim has been made that Banks o'Dee have got their licence and membership, but I haven't seen this substantiated anywhere. If it is true, they would enter in the First Round under "Juniors", and there would be 8 ties and only 7 byes in the Preliminary Round]. Preliminary Round (7 ties + 9 byes): Highland League (2) - Cove Rangers, Fort William Lowland League (6) - Dalbeattie Star, Edinburgh City, Edinburgh University, Gala Fairydean Rovers, Selkirk, Vale of Leithen Clubs from the Non Professional Game: EOS League (5) - Burntisland Shipyard, Civil Service Strollers, Coldstream, Hawick Royal Albert, Lothian Thistle Hutchison Vale SOS League (3) - Newton Stewart, St Cuthbert Wanderers, Wigtown & Bladnoch Juniors (5) - Auchinleck Talbot, Bo'ness United*, Culter, Girvan, Glenafton Athletic/Hurlford United Amateurs (2) - Glasgow University, Golspie Sutherland Competition Proper First Round (18 ties): 16 clubs from the Preliminary Round Highland League (14) - Buckie Thistle, Clachnacuddin, Deveronvale, Formartine United, Forres Mechanics, Fraserburgh, Huntly, Keith, Lossiemouth, Nairn County, Rothes [assuming licence reinstated], Strathspey Thistle, Turriff United, Wick Academy Lowland League (5) - East Kilbride, Gretna 2008, Preston Athletic, Threave Rovers, Whitehill Welfare Club from the Non Professional Game: Juniors (1) - Linlithgow Rose Second Round (16 ties): 18 clubs from the First Round Scottish League Two (10) - Albion Rovers, Annan Athletic, Arbroath, Berwick Rangers, Clyde, East Fife, East Stirlingshire, Elgin City, Montrose, Queen's Park Highland League (2) - Brora Rangers, Inverurie Loco Works Lowland League (2) - Spartans, University of Stirling Third Round (16 ties): 16 clubs from the Second Round Scottish Championship (6) - Alloa Athletic, Cowdenbeath, Dumbarton, Livingston, Raith Rovers, Rangers Scottish League One (10) - Airdrie United, Ayr United, Brechin City, Dunfermline Athletic, Forfar Athletic, Greenock Morton, Peterhead, Stenhousemuir, Stirling Albion, Stranraer Fourth Round (16 ties): 16 clubs from the Third Round Scottish Premiership (12) - Aberdeen, Celtic, Dundee, Dundee United, Hamilton Academical/Hibernian, Inverness Caledonian Thistle, Kilmarnock, Motherwell, Partick Thistle, Ross County, St Johnstone, St Mirren Scottish Championship (4) - Hamilton Academical/Hibernian, Heart of Midlothian, Falkirk, Queen of the South Great to see a number of new faces in the tournament, and with the pyramid going live it will be interesting to see how clubs from the SPFL fare against Highland and Lowland opposition, and how the HL and LL clubs fare against the EOS and SOS clubs (and Juniors!). One other point of note is that, under the new UEFA regulations, the cup runner-up will not qualify for Europe even if they lose to the SPFL Premiership winner. Only the cup winner themselves can now qualify for the Europa League so in the event that someone (i.e. Celtic) were to do the double, the extra slot would go to 4th in the Premiership. Scottish Cup 2013-14 will live long in the memory, from Albion Rovers giantkilling to St Johnstone winning their first major trophy... so bring on 2014-15.
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    Yes you must pm Sebu and he give you address. You send St Johnstone scarf and make Sebu happy. Yes.
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    Vanzy - legend. Right time to go but terrific servant for us. If you are stuck for something to read this off-season may I suggest this? makes War and Peace look like a pamphlet: http://terracepodcast.net/scottish-premiership/2014/5/19/hot-goal-time-machine-st-mirren
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    Totally agree. It was only a few months ago that some of our fans were seriously suggesting we had four or five better options than Wright (and Anderson) at centre back. I think Tommy Wright sums it up best. On Tommy Wright, again agree with what you said about him too. As wily as they come but then we saw that with the way he approached the Rosenborg tie with such positivity and in total contrast to the defeatist rubbish from Pat Fenlon. He did it against Minsk too and we more than had the measure of them in the only real sour point of the season. We got what we deserved at Tynecastle in February for making stupid mistakes but we were deserved much more from our European campaign. Wouldn't put it past Wright and this group of players to kick on in that competition come July and August if we get a wee bit of luck with the draw.
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    Also, can I just say that Sweet Caroline should be our St J anthem. It's played at every home game right? We should be singing that song 5 minutes before kick-off, scarfs held aloft, every home game. it could easily become our "Walk Alone" or "Sunshine On Leith." Can you imagine every Saintee singing that - would be class. Should organise it for the next European home game. Get a song sheet on every seat.
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    Your club's extensive experience with life support machines would be greatly beneficial at this time. Thank you for your concern.
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    It's surprising the amount of fans who swallow the P.R and take it as gospel. The clubs finished, the damage that has been done is far too great to rectify. Long term contracts which are crippling the club, Whytes claims on the club, the neglect of coaching and scouting systems etc. Our fans have woken up far too late.
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    Had to be done, apologies in advance
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    The Undertones - Teenage Kicks
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    Agreed. Love all the pointing and laughing and I am keen for the humiliation to continue. However if the dream of there being nothing left but a smoking hole in the ground, some folk in jail and all those memories isn't going to come to pass, then the goal is for there to a be a team, probably called rangers, probably in glasgow, no doubt in blue (maybe in orange) being run properly, not cheating, not stealing, acting in the best interests of the game and displaying the nation and it's favourite sport in a positive light. For that to happen, walking away right now is the correct course of action. The issue is, quite a lot would have to not come back too. Tedi, we seriously disagree on a number of points but it deeply saddens me to think that for you no rangers = no football. I watched not far off 9 hours of live football this weekend, none of it involving my team and lets be fair, there hasn't been many end of season "big games" for the dons recently, but I have still watched most cup finals over the last 20 years. I would be distraught if the dons did a sevco, and utterly embarrassed if my club was in the state newbunz are in now. But the idea of giving up football just because my team isn't there is like giving up eating food because marmite had been banned. I just don't get it mate.
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    Looks like EEP with 10 minutes to go yesterday.
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    First congratulations to Saints. At least we got put out by the eventual winners. Seem contrasting posts on here about the United fans. You'll always get some idiots on occasions like these, but both United and Saints fans have seemed absolutely class whenever we've played them. Back in 2010 when United beat us in the semi-final, their fans were very gracious in winning saying that they wished us all the best for the rest of the season. Also, has there ever been a more sour club than Dundee? Quite funny that they're trying to rip into United who've achieved so much more over the last 30 years.
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    I honestly don't know where this pish comes from. The 2nd tier may be more competitive next year than our league but for the past 20+ years it always has been. The quality certainly won't be better and the top league will still have comfortably higher average attendances.
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    Chris Spedding - Motorbiking
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    I'm just, generally, a glass half full kind of guy, tbh...I always live in hope rather than expectation with the Pars, lol.
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    I'd probably say that East Stirlingshire might be slightly more of a "no-mark" club than Accies. If Hamilton win over the two legs then they deserve to be a Premiership side, no matter what their attendances or stadium are like. To be fair, Accies have suffered more than the rest of us in this part of the world for local people choosing to support Glasgow bigots rather than their local side. For that reason, their fans probably deserve a bit more success. As someone else pointed out, they are a different side altogether than that under Reid, and will add to the Premiership's roll call of sides giving young players a chance should they make it up. I hope they do it.
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    He can cut his arm off to distract from the horrific tattoo on his leg.
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    Could be a good season ahead...
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    a bit quiet on here right now so... I walked into a bar in Glasgow and this massive mental looking bloke came over to me. He had a Celtic FC tattoo across his forehead. He leaned into my face and growled, " So, what fucken team do you support, then?" "Celtic, obviously," I replied His face went purple with rage and he roared, "Well I'm a Rangers fan and some of your mob did this to ma heed." That's the last thing I remember...
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    Black Sabbath - Iron Man
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    He obviously did the ST. in the same size as CELTIC before an SFA guy told him only 2 teams were allowed in such a large font so he had to revert to the diddies size for JOHNSTONE F.C.
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    Obviously everyone wants the youth system to work out for all parties. But sometimes it just doesn't work out, in Donaldsons case anyway. We will have Laidlaw, Callachan and Vaughan in the squad again next season. We have a 17 year old full back representing Scotland. The youth system is changing anyway, with Rovers joining the other Fife clubs in developing talent together. Whether this turns out to be a good thing, is another thing though..
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    The New Horizon space probe to Pluto has so far registered an outside temperature of -274.8 degrees celcius, almost 2 below what should be 'absolute zero'. As it will never return to Earth, scientists may never know whether it is a calibration error or if our fundamental understanding of physics is flawed.
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    If this is true then why are so many backing a man with what 40odd tax convictions whose business plan is basically 'for every fiver Celtic spend I'll spend a tenner of my kids inheritance'?
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    Was it not Minty's 'close' relationship with RBS that started the whole thing off ? You can hardly blame Craig & Charles for dodgy banking.
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    Apologies to all but I'm C+P'ing my result today. Best ever. Your results 8 out of a possible 10 A superb score. Really well done! Share your results. How do you compare? Congratulations! You beat the average score of 5 for this quiz I am now like a dug wi' twa cocks.
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    You really come across as a very bitter person with an inherent hatred of the only person who steped up to the plate and tried to save your club. You seem ungratful to the man who done his utmost to keep Rangers from dying and when he failed you turned on him, shame on you. P.S. just for shits and giggles could you please tell us how much you and your family lost?
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    Hope there will be a "route to the final" compilation during the build up, just like at the weekend. Hibs highlights played at x2 speed to the benny hill theme, naturally.
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    Maybe prostitute got better of Sebu this time
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    How good would it be, though. How good would it be.
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    Incredible day. Not even drunk, but I will make sure that I am totally wasted by the end of Sunday. Hasn't quite sunk in yet that I've just witnessed my team winning the Scottish Cup. Funnily enough, I thought we played nicer football against Aberdeen in the semi-final, but every player gave it their all today. Well done, guys. Oh, and they played my song after Saints lifted the cup. And quite a few people were actually singing along. They knew the words. A total dream.
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    You appear to share more than matchday experiences with Tedi. Of course fans of Dunfermline, Hearts and others celebrated when their clubs managed to survive. Now, 1. Which of these clubs stole from the Treasury in order to survive? and, 2. Do you feel that rangers fans did anything constructive in order to avoid the club's death? You show me any other club which stooped to criminality in order to survive, and I'll castigate them just the same. And just to clarify your revisionism: 1. No-one was relegated to D3. A new club was admitted. 2. Your old club was not "financially cheating". They were stealing. From the Queen, at that.
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    He didn't lose anything. The £20m was money he should have paid in tax, but he found a convenient place to stash it instead. It wasn't Dave King who was the shareholder in Rangers - it was 'Ben Nevis': You can confirm this here: http://www.murray-international.co.uk/news_archive/rangers_football_club/news02.htm The shares 'Ben Nevis' owned were frozen, and then seized by SARS along with all the other assets - and while the court case was playing out, Rangers went into admin and were then liquidated. So, the cash was stolen, and he would have got away with it if it wasn't for those pesky SARS kids - but once they were onto 'Ben Nevis', it was gone.
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    For a few days Norman stopped posting - Things were discussed and there was very little bickering and sniping/ Guess who returns and the thread is turned into a complete and utter shitfest.
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    Awesome, replacing one total bellend with an even bigger total bellend At least with Tokely in charge it won't be the players in the dressing room getting assaulted...
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