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    One liquidation, two liquidations! Ah ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
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    And the subtext to the Dave King piece is... Convicted tax criminal Dave King was contacted by the sports editor of the Daily B'bag in a desperate attempt to sell copies of the early edition to the dispossessed orcs. Speaking from his "Lodge" outside Cape Town, King, castigated by a South African Judge as a "glib and shameless LIAR" was happy to speak about how he felt his brush with the South African Revenue Services,would benefit a club that was already at ease with a convicted VAT criminal on its board who had done porridge in SW2 for a £1.5m accounting error in 1997. "I'm a complete spiv myself" stated King, "but I was unable to get a piece of the action when the club was liquidated in 2012 because SARS had me by the 'nads". Asked about his plans for Scotland's newest club, King, acknowledging that the hordes were the dumbest and most easily lead section of the human race quipped "they owe me £20m, and under the curcumstances, I want it back - this should be quite straightforward". Pressed on the technicalities, King expanded "I'll be 'jetting in' next week on premium economy to dot the 'i's and cross the 't's. I anticipate that by threatening the orcs with ****** domination for the next generation and beyond, they will channel all their financial muscle into my SARS repayment account". Speaking further he suggested "there are a number of ways to go about it, but my main aim is to instil insecurity amongst a section of society that are more gullible than farm animals. Under my tenure, the team will be wearing Orange strips home and away, although the socks will be purple on away matches so the referees know who to send off and award penalties to". King was also pressed on the "war chest" that would be made available to the current management team. "McCoist is too fat to make sensible decisions" King said after discussing the situation with Peter Lawwell. "I have upmost respect for him however, as he has shafted the dispossessed in a truly admirable fashion, and trousered more penny shares than lifetime sales of 'Penny Arcade'" As the interview concluded, King elaborated that he would "return The Rangers to their rightful position as the most disrespected rabble of bigots ever to be wholly supported by a national football association. "We were the people" exclaimed King triumphantly, and integrity will not get in the way of this historical farce". (copyright - Henry Trumpington / KDS)
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    inalienable adjective Definition: protected from being removed or taken away Synonyms: unassailable, inviolable, absolute Antonyms: vulnerable, assailable, unprotected, conditional. "Each door is held in the open position by a suitable friction clutch, which can be instantly released by means of a powerful electro-magnet controlled from the captain's bridge, so that in the event of accident, or at any time when it may be considered advisable, the captain can, by simply moving an electric switch, instantly close the doors throughout and make the vessel practically unsinkable." - White Star Line, 1911 "Stocks have reached what looks like a permanently high plateau." - Irving Fisher, Professor of Economics, Yale University, 1929 "Under this government, Britain will never return to the boom and bust of the past". - Gordon Brown, 1999 "The bad news for Scottish football is this is as bad as it gets for Glasgow Rangers" - Walter Smith, 1998
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    Wouldn't it be nice, even for just one day, if Sevco and Sellik fans on here could debate/argue about football without mentioning religion, terrorism, what school someone went to etc. Even an Irish sounding surname ramps up the paranoia levels!!! The them and us obsession is truly pathetic. I'll accept sometimes its so daft the rest of the tolerant people can get a giggle but it makes you wonder if parts of Scotland will ever grow up? Loonies
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    Dave King's mate's been on the tweets @Pmacgiollabhain: I wonder why potential Administrators are being sounded out for a certain legnedary clumpany. Say it isn't so Graham. @Pmacgiollabhain: Why is a very senior chap from Deloittes in Glasgow today from London? #ImportantMeeting
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    Their tickets are given out as "loans" which don't need to be paid back, this is confirmed with a "side letter". Later on when it turns out that these tickets are actually for the wee merry - go - round at Strathclyde Country park and not a sporting event it will be determined that this is neither fraud nor cheating, but deliberate and sustained piss taking.
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    Waterboys - Whole Of The Moon
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    My Beer festival starts tomorrow, got Timothy Taylor's coming in to do a meet the brewer night for me. Here's the list of beers I'm starting with... Adnams – Oyster Stout – 4.3% Ambers Ales-Choc Orange Stout – 4% Box Steam-Steam Porter – 4.4% Batemans-Salem Porter – 4.7% Castle Rock-Black Gold – 3.8% Church End-Rest in Peace – 7% Exmoor-Beast – 6.6% Grafters-Over The Moon – 4% Great Newsome-Sleck Dust – 3.8% Highland-Orkney IPA – 4.8% Kelham Island-Pride of Sheffield – 4% Mighty Oak-Oscar Wild Mild – 3.7% Oakham-Citra – 4.2% Orkney- Northern Light – 4% Rebellion-Mutiny – 4.5% Steamin Billy-Bill’s Porter – 5.3% Timothy Taylor’s – Dark Mild – 3.5% Timothy Taylor’s – Boltmakers – 4% Titanic-Compass – 4.1% Thornbridge-Jaipur IPA – 5.9% Williams Bro’s-Joker – 4.3% Ciders Broadoak-Perry – 7.5% Lilley’s-Crazy Goat – 6.8% Mr Whiteheads-Devils Device – 8.4% Skidbrooke-Farmhouse Dry Cyder – 5.5% Snail Bank-Summer Fruits – 4% My favorite bit of it all is seeing the cellar like this
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    The QC is on the Bralt, i'm sure he'll explain it all to you...
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    I don't think Dave King has told them that bit. Let's make it easier... Why the hell should the club give Rab his season ticket, when he hasn't given the club his money. How will Ally afford new players when Dave King is giving the Club weekly installments. How can they offer a contract when Dave Kung might withhold payment for a couple of weeks. What gives this crook the right to column inches in the Scottish press? Why are the press entertaining this nutcase?
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    WKR then, WKR now, WKR forever. You are the complete WKR. HTH.
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    A claim straight out of the 'well, Mussolini was kinder than Hitler, plus he had the trains running on time' book.
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    Is that a sympathy vote for DJ's obsession with me after your own recent outing on that very subject, WKR? And 'shitebag'? FFS
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    One outfield player out injured and you spiral towards the relegation playoffs, wow. Good job two outfield players never got injured!
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    I never said I'm undecided, I just don't trust anyone else with my money...simps Couldn't care less what others decide, that's up to them, I just don't buy into everything laid out in front of me as seems like taken for granted loyalty + gullibility seems to = freee moneey for anyone with influence and the gift of the gab.
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    That thread, on its own, should be used as a response whenever someone asks why they'e never considered fan ownership. What a parcel of suspicious, paranoid bigots. Popular Front of Judea? Fúckin' tarriers!
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    I would certainly put money into a trust managed by Dave King, and I'm not even a Rangers supporter. In fact as soon as I get the £1.2 million pound promised to me from an exiled Nigerian banker for which I've only had to give £20k I'll probably put a few bob Mr King's way.?
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    Deep Purple - Strange Kind Of Woman
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    You are deluded then, the company I work for is not incorporated. Were it to be incorporated tomorrow it's est. date would not change. You've sunk so far as to make up stuff to associate the team you currently "support" with a bunch of cheats. Edited because I can't spell.
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    Savage Garden - To The Moon And Back
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    James Taylor - You've Got a Friend
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    Another major voice in support of the union.
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    phasma - I meant European Human rights.... ( so not us / china etc ) - I just thought I read somewhere quite recently that there had to be the chance of release ? I'm not sticking up for anyone BTW - It seems reasonable to me that these guys should never be walking the streets again - cutting someones head off in broad daylight !!! But I thought that that there had to be an " idea of rehabilitation " ..... ? As far as I was aware - I thought the people that were locked up " indefinitely " were people with " psychiatric disorders " such as the Yorkshire ripper etc - even that had a flaw in it as if you could " prove you were sane " or prove you were NOW sane you could be released..... I'm sure there are P+Bers who know better than me though
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    Stopping Celtc is more important than a sustainable well run club. What an absolute joke of a team. Any decent fan with a modicum of common sense would just walk away surely?
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    Jim's suspended anyway because he got his twelfth league booking, I think. Luckily he can't be assaulted by Boyd this time around.
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    King states: ‘ It is correct that anyclub must, over the long term, operate within its means but in the short term Rangers needs a significant once-off financial boost that cannot be met from the current revenue stream.’ Was that not what the £22.5 million raised by the IPO less than 15 months ago was meant to do?
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    Everyone is entitled to their opinion and why does it matter how many times I post and where I have posted ?, it's a free forum to post where ever and when ever I please. And I noticed the Polterfhud gave you a greenie when he was the most obsessive poster on the BRALT by a country mile at one point !
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    Yes the SNP are to blame for about half a century of poverty in Easterhouse, Glasgow.
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    If we qualify it will be scary the amount of Scots that will go. Whole generation of football fans will be wanting a piece of the action. Me and most of my mates are already discussing plans. Touch wood.
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    Yet if we are to believe slimcharles (and I wonder who he is ?)he isnt entirely lost to the forum as he seems to have crawled back using a alias,the behaviour that he found reprehensible in other posters. Got to be honest here chaps,the only thing missing since scampy left,is a patronising little p***k who wound up other posters then grassed them to the mods.And as for his ban,well didnt he actually say that you have to be a special kind of moron to be banned from what is just about the most fairly moderated site in existence? Of course if you're going to ignore all sorts of warnings and try to repeatedly tell the owner what to do...... As far as XBL is concerned,well weren't we all just a bit tired with the constant bitch-fest between him and the other raging diva,the mummy's boy known as SF03?In fact SF's banning would clear the last of the dross and the forum could proceed on its merry way. I'm a first time poster but long time reader,so don't bother with the alias hunt boys. PS. Lets keep the site Swampy and XBL free!!!
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    Has she rotated her head like an owl?! What might be her back could also plausibly be her front.
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    Cunning plan to confuse sevco fans IMO, wandering around dundee shouting ho yous c***s, where's ra falkurk grund at?
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    Greens statement was worded so that it could cover a few different scenarios, you're not stupid Rico
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    Something Ecto'd this way comes... This lassie is a fine specimen of the 'Old School', a pure strain of True Raver. Observe the white gloves. She's not wearing those because she's a mime act, she's wearing them because she's Hardcore. Observe not only the Rez vest, but the Rez logo tattoo. This dame fucking kens. She's paid £25 for an Eccie. She's danced for 19 consecutive hours in an abandoned warehouse in Ayrshire. She's fucked every Bam Dancer in a half mile radius under the pretence of it being the Second Summer of Love, and the bairns she fired out as a result are all named after techno DJs she saw at the FUBAR. Moby! Yer fuckin' tea's oot! If you were to shout, "Whistle posse - MAKE SOME FACKING NOISE," at her she'd instinctively go tonto and start bellowing the song of her people, which is a high-pitched screech that could fell entire flocks of geese flying south from the winter at heights up to 3000 ft. If you could stop her jaw swinging long enough for her to engage in conversation, every single sentence coming out her near-toothless mouth would be prefixed or suffixed with the phrase "back in the day". Hardcore, you know the score, oggy-oggy-oggy, oi-oi-oi. Just when I was warming to this saucer-eyed buffoon I clocked the 'tiocfaidh ár lá' on her arm and thought much, much less of her. "Our day will come," indeed. I'd hate to be the one to burst her Ecto-bubble and inform her day is long gone. Still: Rave on, sister. Rave the f**k on.
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    "Wires" by Athlete certainly arouses emotions in me. I'm not normally violent, but that song makes me want to tear the throat of the singer out.
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