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    I'd go the other way, in all honesty. History is full of individuals, corporations, companies, even clubs( ) who have tried to gain unfair advantage over their competitors. The true shame, for me, is in the way that those involved in rangers' demise have conducted themselves throughout the substitution of a facsimile club in their place. From: The dog-whistling soundbites of representatives. all the way from "we demand to know who these people are" through "rangers-itis" to the current moaning about officials, The manipulation of their fanbase by urging to invest in "rangers" when the IPO was actually in the Holding Company - and look how that's turning out... The threatening of those honest enough to state the truth and not buy into the whole club/company shite, The supine compliance of the governing bodies over rangers' desire for continuance - nothing at all to do with the SFA Chief being up to his eyes in the EBT affair, The pathetic behaviour of the tabloids in Scotland, who would rather buy into a lie than lose readers, To the worst of the lot - the Horde, who are quite happy to joke about the businesses (and the Queen) robbed by the club, and deep-down aware that rangers admitted liabilty in EBT cases where evidence hadn't been shredded in time was available - yet continue to validate their sad little existences with cries of WATP and 54 titles. Because, as of the death of rangers, it was obvious to anyone that it was "the company, not the club". I refuse to believe any sensible rangers fan can say those words without dying a little inside. All the while blaming every fúcker they can find, from Lawwell to the BBC, from Whyte to Murray, for the death of their club when they gave the shysters carte blanche to do as they pleased as long as rangers could get one over on Thame. An obsession which killed their beloved club. And, as a pleasing side-effect, doesn't appear to be doing their former partners a lot of good either. Maybe if the pair of them had paid more than lip-service to their anti-bigotry campaigns over the years, all this might not have happened. Small pond, two big fish. They never did get to swim to the Big League where they "belonged", did they? Well, fúck em. Years of being told how Scottish football was holding these two "giants" back just increases the schadenfreude as the tune changes to "Scotland needs us". No, we don't. We've shown already that only one club has missed rangers, and Scotland wouldn't miss them either.
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    ^^^^^ Member since August 2012, will be disappearing when things go tits up.
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    For anyone thinking about starting to record matches, but don't know where to start. I would say just try it without investing in anything special. Start with whatever you already have. If you have a phone with a camera or a pocket camera, take some footage of freekicks, penalties, or when you can see a good attack happening. Most of the time it will come to nothing, but if you are lucky, you will capture that goal. If you have video editing software, put your footage into it, delete the boring bits and merge all of the clips together. Get the software to produce a video and upload it to youtube. If you don't have video editing software just upload your separate clips to YouTube and use the YouTube software to create something. Expect to miss goals, expect kids to jump in front of you when your recording. Just take as much footage as you can and hope for the best. Once you get happy with recording on the equipment that you have, only you will know how to move your videos onto the next level. This may be a better camera, a tripod or monopod, external mic, field monitor, better editing software faster PC... the list goes on. But you may need non of these. I have seen fantastic footage on YouTube and thought that they must have fancy kit to capture the match, but then met them to see a small pocket camera running in video mode. You can get great footage with most cameras, just keep practicing. My first video was taken on my iPhone. It was dark and very shaky, it's now over 2 years old and 260 people have viewed it. We all start somewhere, and I still get kids jumping in front of the camera and asking if the match is gong to be shown on the telly!
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    IAN FROM CAMBUSLANG He was a caller on Superscoreboard earlier. A The Newcunto F.C. fan(ny) who stated he was heartbroken at the situation with his Club. I was laughing so hard that i had to stop driving and pull over to the side of the road. Troosers pished again.
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    I love the way the school he went to as a kid is seen as far more relevant to his consideration of legal matters than the fact he then went to Edinburgh, Oxford and Harvard. The Green Brigade (or groin brigade) line is a gem too. Any time I see pictures of the Green Brigade, I always get the impression that their ranks are bursting with Oxbridge and Ivy League graduates.
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    What's in the bag? As mentioned, I started with an iPhone. I then moved onto a DSLR which my wife bought me for one christmas. I now use a HD Handycam with the following kit which I have built up over time, and when the wife has not been watching :-) All packed up and ready to go. I use a video monopod instead of a tripod due to limited space at some grounds Lanc Controller on the monopod with adapter leads for the handycam Umbrella clamp to clamp the umbrella to the monopod on the odd occasion it rains Arm for Field Monitor Action Cams, waterproof cases and clamps for behind the goals on the net support poles Handycam and external mic to focus sound on the field rather then the supporters Field Monitor, spare batteries and hdmi lead All of it assembled I use the Monopod and Lanc Controller as I have shaky hands and the Field Monitor as your eyes are so tired after 90 minutes of straining to watch a 3" LCD.
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    Imagine being a Scot on polling day and actually voting away your own money, your power to make decisions and voting to maintain a democratic deficit. What sort of person would actually do that? What benefits would thing bring to yourself, your family or your country?
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    This is coming from the guy who trolls every single Rangers thread. yer having a
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    hiya pals,im afraid im gonny be goin away for a bit so this will be the last youl hear of me im afraid. its quite a long story but alow me to fill yous in. my pals and me always play jokes on eachother on our birthdays it started as simple things like my pal derek who has a car and he can drive we tinfoyeled his car,completely covered and we all laughed, and then nathan henderson who still does the tablet and fudge sellin round the doors,we made a macaroon bar with a dog shit and some pencil sharpnins and he even sold it to alec thomsons grandad bill for 50p and we laughed. these were harmles fun but gary morrison took it two far at my birthday cos hed been pretending to be me on a forum called nambla-chat,i dinny ken what it is probably some eropean heavy metal band or some shite that hes into, but anyway he registered as young_chigsy_from_scotland_loves_old_cock and he used a pic of me from bebo and he chatted up all these old sicos who were pedophiles and this one guy from germany had just got out of jail and was on the forum and gary morrison chatted him up,as me, and the guy started sayin he loved me, exept it wasnt me it was gary morrison pretendin. but then he gave him my address and this german pedo turned up in scotland 2 weeks later on my birthday and tried to get in my house to kiss me and show me his willy and that. lucky for me derek was there and he went out and chibbed the c**t. lucky escape aye but i was angry at gary morrison for takin it two far,at the end of the day my bumhole is exit only and 57yr old hans weiner from dusildorf wasny gonny change taht and then i swore revenge on gary morrison on his birthday. gary morrison has boring birthday parties with all his family and that at his house and hes got loads of old ppl in his family but i was there with stevie hall and we were playin cod on xboxlive for ages which i like to do cos he has the hedset and i like to shout 'americans are gay' when americans are talking but i do it in an english voice and then there like 'oooh would you like a cup of tea' also in an english voice but anyway my revnge plan was simple. i was gonny pretend to go home at night but not go home and insted id hide under his bed until he went to bed then id jump out on him,,,,revenge and job done, chigsy style. i said i was away home and said cheerio to him and aw the old fuddy dudys and that but after leavin the livin room i sneaked of upstairs. before takin my hiding place i drew a cock on the head of a guy on his blink182 poster, then i got his anhaler of his bedside cabinet and rubbed my nob on it, well you cant have two much revenge when youv nearly been arseshagged i thought as i got under the bed. he got to his room sooner than id thought after fucking about next door in the toilet for ages, dirty wee c***s probably havin a chug i thought, then the door opened and the light came on, he had a pair of ridicilos baffies on like an old wifey would were and i was lookin forward two takin the piss out him for them later on. as the light went out and he got in bed i let him settle before divin out, jumpin under the covers grabbin him and shoutin 'GONNY SHAG YE, AM GONNY SHAG YE'. i didnt know gary morrisons 89yr old gran ethil from coatbridge always stayed at his on his birthdays as it was too late for her two go home,and i also didnt know that he always gave the old boot a shot of his bed and he slept downstares on the couch. by the time the ambulence got there id tryed to climb out the window but got stuck and had to get pulled back in by gary morrisons dad but nobody actualy battered me which i was happy about but they were all realy cryin and upset and that. i had to talk to the police later that night in the police station. i always thought manslaughter was a ps2 game but apparently im gonny have to spend a wee bit of time as a guest of her magesty and ive a bad feelin that the bum beastin i escaped the first time will come back and hont me. i suppose gary morrison had the last laugh after all altho he wont get a £5note in a card from granny ethil next yr so every cloud and that eh. wish me luck,ill need it. i hope i dont get a room mate who posts on the nambla forum likes.
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    Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want To Have Fun
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    Sorry what was that? It sounded like you said Counsel on behalf of RIFC argued that "Rangers are 1 of biggest brands in world" to which Lord Tyre retorted " it didn't stop them being liquidated"
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    World Cup tickets for Columbia Greece in Belo Horizonte confirmed. The ticket hunt continues.
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    Found compression shorts led to a lot of irritation so binned them in the end. Might work for you though. I got Nike Combat ones from Sports Direct for around £20. No thoughts on muscle rub as I have not used it.
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    Cheers, Shull - I thought there was one out there. Evidently the Green Sisters aren't as funny as their dead siblings. Do zombies welcome the chase? Wouldn't take much catching, if they're the traditional type - and we know how these lads love a tradition.
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    Guys, rumour has it Rangers were one of the world's biggest brands. Any truth?
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    Really good to hear that others like what I produce, I know that I still have a lot of room for improvement, but when you compare it against some of the lower SPLF leagues, we are all of a higher quality already. I'd love to get someone to take additional footage. The goal cams are fine for replays and a different perspective, but to have a cam doing closeups while i'm filming an overview would be great. Getting anyone to volunteer to anything in Junior Football is not easy though.
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    Who the f**k in 1999 decided to lumber their kid with the name "Harold"?Any time I here that name this image that comes to my mind.
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    Yeah, there's a number of parallels going on with former senior figures attempting to ring-fence cash, a tax-case bubbling away in the background and, what amounts to, an advance on future season tickets. The difference this time is that Rangers fans have been through the looking-glass before. Surely they won't sit back and do f**k-all again?
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    Your old and new clubs fascinate fans of many teams, as well as students of criminology, tax law and mass manipulation. One of my posts from yesterday, quoted above and given positive rep by fans of many of those clubs, obviously shows why your accusation of me being "wan ae thame" is right on the button. It doesn't stand alone, but it saves me rooting through to pick up any other examples of my allegiance. You may not be the thickest berr on this board, but you're making a strong claim for the title.
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    My favourite red-card at a game I've been at was for the notorious Chic when he played for Dundee. It was New Year's day 1997 and Saints were absolutely horsing Dundee. With about 15 minutes to go, we went 6-1 up and Super Chic lost the plot, walked over to his own Centre-half (might have been Robbie Raeside) and floored the guy with a beautiful right hook. Definitely one of the funniest things I've ever seen on a football pitch. The ref sent him off, despite Roddy Grant pleading on Chic's behalf - I think Roddy thought if he stayed on the park he might flatten a few more of the Dundee team. Saints won 7-2 by the way.
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    I've tried that, but without any success. Plenty of "love what you do" and "would love you to do the highlights again" etc but nobody stepping up to the plate to offer their help in any capacity. I dare say some people think what I do is a 2 minute job!!! Might have to seek a transfer to another club! Ha ha...
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    Should have told him 'you'll never walk a loan' I'll get ma coat
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    Goodwin is becoming a bit of a liability of late with his handiness. He's got to cut it out and I thought he was smarter than to carry on doing such stupid, needless shite under intense scrutiny. This whole 'Maureens' patter, though, is utterly chronic. Like drawing-air-through-your-teeth-and-curling-up-your-toes, levels of shite. Midden and mínge at least had a bit of relevance.
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    Yes , a w****r who has lifted aloft the League Cup , which no w****r in a St Johnstone strip has ever , ever , ever done !
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    First and foremost with a groin pull - rest for a couple of weeks. Take it from someone who has had a recurring groin problem that failing to do so is a BIG mistake. Ice it regularly as well and use the techniques shown here once the pain has gone away for a couple of weeks before running again. Victoria Parkrun again yesterday after another week of just gym work. Did it in 18 mins 34 secs which was not too bad given the windy conditions. Did another wee 5km run this morning around my area. Quite a hilly course and did it in 19 mins 51 secs. Glad to be back running again and am going to start building the distance up over the next few weekends.
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    Oscar as a kitten. Oscar now. Ollie as a kitten. Ollie now.
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    Smudgie boy 'mouse assassin'.
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    Here is my cat Bella taking a front row seat for the Arsenal - Bayern game. And here she is keeping an eye on my Double Decker and cup of tea.
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    Here is my cat Steve, holding my Jaffa Cake while i drink my tea.
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    The best gifs (IMO) were in the Euro 2012 babes thread.
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    Oh, do f**k off. Do you know what percentage of this country's spend is welfare? Try and do some research. Gideon Osborne & co delight in brainwashing the likes of you with this shite. I suppose you reserve as much rage for the likes of Starbucks and Amazon who dodge paying the tax they should? Open your eyes, son.
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    A Law Lord has spoken in a court of law and he says legally in a court of law in session speaking on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen ? Rangers were liquidated. Where's the Gay Bears Rights Campaigner Tedi to refute and debunk what a real Law Lord said in a real court of law and has spoken the truth legally in a real court of law "thur as died as a dodo".
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    The WKR lite is still bitching about the cup game thread lol Imagine carrying it on to another thread....
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    Taken from CM, re the change in judge on the tax case Fair hearing then :D
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    Yet if we are to believe slimcharles (and I wonder who he is ?)he isnt entirely lost to the forum as he seems to have crawled back using a alias,the behaviour that he found reprehensible in other posters. Got to be honest here chaps,the only thing missing since scampy left,is a patronising little p***k who wound up other posters then grassed them to the mods.And as for his ban,well didnt he actually say that you have to be a special kind of moron to be banned from what is just about the most fairly moderated site in existence? Of course if you're going to ignore all sorts of warnings and try to repeatedly tell the owner what to do...... As far as XBL is concerned,well weren't we all just a bit tired with the constant bitch-fest between him and the other raging diva,the mummy's boy known as SF03?In fact SF's banning would clear the last of the dross and the forum could proceed on its merry way. I'm a first time poster but long time reader,so don't bother with the alias hunt boys. PS. Lets keep the site Swampy and XBL free!!!
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    fs theres 3 different rangers threads where you are the last poster whiterosecelt
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