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    I got aroused watching Countdown with Rachel and Susie the other day... .... seven letter word, no bad eh?
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    Yaaaaas. Buchlyvie 10k in under 50 minutes. First time I've managed it and so so happy to get that monkey off my back. about a dozen attempts last year and failed and managed it first time this year. Lets hear it for dropping a few pounds and joining a tougher running group. *Happy dance*
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    After 5 years in remission, my mum has been given the all-clear from breast cancer. Me and the wife have signed up to do the walk 10 for marie curie, those nurses dont get enough credit for the fantastic work that they do.
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    This is the best thing that's ever happened.
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    I wouldn't want to get up either if i had to wear some of the stuff you buy from amazon.
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    You even had to check? Next up will be 8MileBU's theory of relativity. If you fling a boomerang-shaped piece of shite towards Linlithgow at the speed of light it will have travelled through time as well space by the time it arcs back to Bo'ness providing the time required to step out of the way so it winds up hitting somebody in Grangemouth.
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    He may but I think you are a knob.
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    Absolute drop in the ocean, GD, compared to the eventual bill for all the cocks that'll have to be re-attached.
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    I'll order it on Wednesday when I have some cash again. I learned a wee bit about the country at school for a project, found it interesting..couple years later I start to learn the cyrillic alphabet. I mostly use a site called Interpals to talk with native speakers, a couple of them I speak to regularly on Skype to keep me going. Apart from the odd online source, watching Ukrainian TV and listening to local radio stations on my phone, that's about it. That was four years ago but don't get me wrong as much as I know enough to get by, I'm still a million miles away. There's no way I'll feel comfortable enough unless I was there speaking it every single day. I recently started to look into Russian which I assumed would be easier but I found it really difficult for some reason. I suppose the cyrillic alphabet is the first big hurdle - being able to read it (more so the road signs etc) the first time I went there when I just turned 19 it was a godsend - something simple like "інформація" - informatsiya - information. Locals couldn't be more patient, especially when they seen I was making an effort.
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    What did your clubs' old stadium look like? What are your abiding memories of the old place? Are you (honestly) in a better position the way things are now? Or would you prefer to go back to the good old days? It would also be interesting to see your memories about visiting the grounds that other fans mention too. As for Rugby Park - here's some crackin' pictures of how it used to be... I have only fleeting memories of the old place, but we are most definitely better off now. Yes, the 'new' Rugby Park is far too big for our needs, and the leg-room is ridiculous in all stands but the Frank Beattie, but it's home.
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    Once again we have the cheating scum that is the Rangers are making a mockery of scottish football. What next dump the paye tax cause they can't afford to pay. and mcCoist just says must be ok i done the sums on a fag packet. and a big man signed all the players and ran away. Utter joke of club and the man is no different .
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    f**k sake, I'm getting depressed reading about the depression surrounding the depression on the depression thread!
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    Stellarium is very popular, free and I like it. There is currently an active course on Coursera that is aimed at acting as an introduction to astronomy to uni undergrads, the first set of lectures covers 'positional astronomy' which is how the astronomers work out where things are in the sky. Might be too advanced for what you are looking for but you it could be worth downloading the first 3 lectures on week 1 for getting yourself into it a bit deeper than just recognising constellations.
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    Know what the poster means about loud women, there's one at my work who makes the entire canteen empty as soon as we see her approaching outside. At her hen night she had a giant inflatable penis and went around hitting men with it. Every week she shouts about drinking this and that and how a member of her family is in jail or up the duff or dead or something. She gets on the bus with some poor sod who tries to hide but she sits right next to him shouting about how her fanny hurts from last nights pumping. I think my worst nightmare would to be on a night out with her and her mates, I like a laugh and I'm not a prude but f**k sake tone it down a bit please.
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    David Bowie - The Bewlay Brothers
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    I'm not in favour of capital punishment, but if these beasts are getting stabbed/slashed/scalded in the jail, then who gives a f**k?
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    Nothing seems to be happening. The new stadium will be five years old on Jan 31 this year. Tesco bought the old ground and we all thought a Tesco store would be flung up on the site as part of the re-generation in this area of Paisley. However, as time passed with no sign of work starting, there were two rumours. One was that Tesco couldn't get permission for the new store to be big enough and the footprint of the stadium site couldn't accomodate a big store, a petrol station, the car park, and so on. The second rumour was that Tesco never intended to build on the site at all - they wanted another site on Renfrew Road, near Chivas bottling plant, and only bought Love Street to stop another supermarket chain buying it. Tesco just flattened the old ground, fenced it off, and sat on it in their land bank. At this moment in time, Tesco are constructing a new store just up the road in Linwood - on the site of the old Linwood shopping centre (1960s concrete monstrosity that had fallen into vandalised graffitti-strewn disrepair). This work is well underway. The most likely scenario is that if the economy picks up, Tesco sells the Love Street site for housing, or perhaps an extension of the businesses attached to the nearby airport. Maybees aye, maybees naw. The timing of our deal with Tesco was the jammiest thing - a year later and bingo, the banking crisis, financial meltdown, probably zero chance of our BoD brokering such a deal that got us sorted with a new, modern, but admittedly a bit soul-less new midden. On the whole though, it's our soul-less midden. Bought and paid for and fit for purpose with an award-winning playing surface, and vastly superior dressing rooms and so on. Job's a good un'.
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    Getting called an attention seeker when that's not really the case is rather offensive; especially when you take the nature of the matter into consideration.
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    If you prefer Pro Evo controls you have absolutely no right to play FIFA. Scum.
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    I can see a significant number of legal actions if the Rangers go into administration. I'll be suing them for having to have my sides stitched.
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    Hmmmmm thought you said the club never went into liquidation just the company? Now you're agreeing that the current club is a continuation of the same entity that went into liquidation?! Make your mind up mate.
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    I love our 'diddly' team. Was up yesterday to get my lottery winnings. Game was off but my son was allowed to see round the ground, In through the players entrance, into the boardroom, walk up the tunnel, get on the pitch etc. Totally priceless memories. Also spoke to Davie McGurn, he was suggesting May before he was back !!
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    Rarely, but when they do, they eat it enthusiastically.
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    Can't understand anyone (the Facebook Mafia primarily) who wants him to be killed in prison or be the first to try out the new form of Capital Punishment which is dreamt up the moronic element of our society to be honest. He probably wants to die, so the fitting punishment is for him to suffer through the 29 years in jail he was sentenced to. Ideally it would be longer and there's always the worry that he'll somehow get parole when he's eligible for it but that's the system at the moment unfortunately.
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    I would be all over both of them like a dug eating beetroot tbh.
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    And to top it off I can honestly say that is first time I have ever left a football stadium with a loaf of bread under my arm.
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    Must've used the wrong end of the toilet brush.
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    Dennis and Gloria are just awful, awful characters.
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    What Labour voters, I was one of those Labour voters in 97, I lasted 6 weeks before I came to the conclusion that I'll never vote for them again, there are plenty of people out there with a similar view point, Labour no longer represents huge swathes of the people that vote for them,once YES manage to get this message across you'll be suffering death by duvet for the weeks after the referendum vote. Perhaps Salmond and Co don't want to score too early.
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    In fairness, drugs are fucking brilliant.
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    That's a very generous offer. Appreciated. As a way of reciprocating you PM me your address and I'll send someone round to pick up your toys.
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    Absolutely brilliant thread. brilliant pictures so far with the old pavilion pre war ariel view pre redevelopment another ariel view before the main stand was redeveloped 1960's i think main facade 1960's again main facade with tram. looks 1950's my favourite of all these pictures Inside looking from east end of stadium
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    Subbuteo stadium of every young boy's dreams...
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    Dow's better than Erskine IMO, has more experience at this level. Although I do agree, a loan would have been a good thing for him. This Erskine loan is just opening the door for him to leave in the summer without costing the club any more money.
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    10th Feb. I saw a trailer the other day on Fox and it said they will now Air on a Monday (1 day after the US). Instead of a Friday
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    In addition to a points deduction they should have to permanently change their home kit colours to green and white and Ally McCoist should be placed in stocks in the centre of Glasgow for a day and be pelted with slightly rotten food by the public and he won't be allowed to eat any of it once it's over with. They should also be forced to send the Pope a free season ticket each season from here on out.
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    Me too, I raq'd my brains but couldn't find one either.
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    Ppl hu thynk itz ackseptable tae tok lyk dis. Fucking do one.
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    Merry Xmas fellow Arabs and Arabest in the new year! x
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    Water really is just very useful for the job. Neutral pH allows it to dissolve metallic and non metallic ions equally, the fact organic molecules (more on that in a minute) can be both hydrophobic and hydrophilic with respect to H2O means that you can create specific water enclosing membranes - i.e. you can start to use simple organic molecules to create structures like cells. Another thing going for it is the fact that it's small molecule size would mean it would ordinarily be a gas, but for the polar nature of the molecule, this hydrogen bonding holds it into a liquid state - it's very easy to get energy in and out of the system, so that any water environment is thermodynamically quite stable, which allows for quite a quiescent enviroment for life to flourish. Carbon, is the other big one. Carbon has a flexiblity in forming compounds that is virtually unmatched aside form silicon, it can form long covalent bonds with hydrogen and oxygen to form organic polarisable molecules that become the building blocks of proteins and then to DNA. The reason that is important is that we can consider any instance of life in terms of information storage and transmission, what you are can be reduced to the map of your genomes, each repeating instance of certain proteins in sequence, like a bitstream of data. Life, at it's most basic is the ordering of information in unique forms which are then repeated, spliced, overwritten and re-ordered. Why carbon is important is that it allows for the construciton of a great many different base molecules ot form the proteins that become the DNA sequence. Other base elements would not be able to form the variety of molecules Carbon does, and thus would limit the number of more complex structures that could be formed. That limitation would inevitably restrict the amount of information that could pass from generation of life to the next and would stunt the growth of any evolutionary tree. Carbon,then, represents an optimal state of formation of information carrying molecules. So, yeah, we look for those elements, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen, as these are the elements that allow the formation of complex molecules and further into more complex biochemical structures. That's not to say they ar ethe only ones. Ammonia could easily replace water, as a cradle for life to form, and silicon could conceivably form the base of long complex covalent chains, as carbon does - but it has the disadvantage of not forming double or triple bonds as easily as carbon, also, unlike carbon it has a strong association with oxygen, oxidised silicon forms a solid, oxidised carbon forms a gas. Think of that in terms od respiratory systems. We breathe out carbon based gas - imagine trying to cough up silicon oxide (or sand, as it's more commonly known). Now, that might be thinking too anthropomorphic and respiration might not be based on oxygen elsewhere, but there is no doubt that the exchange of energy between carbon and oxygen is an optimal reaction in comparison to most others. Silicon also lacks chirality: carbon based molecules form left and right handed mirrors of each other in sugars and proteins, important in allowing for the replication of DNA. Finally, there is a far greater percentage of Carbon than silicon in the universe. Making life based on carbon, a higher probability. Again, there is nothing to say that life could form without using DNA, it is probable, however, that in terms of reordering and replicating information, you require to build complex molecules, and while alien life might not exhibit what we'd recognise as a double helix DNA strucure, it's not a bad assumption that it would be based on chiral carbon chains. So, we go looking for environments that would support the formation (or at the very least, survival) of such molecules (I say survive becuase it's possible that these chains originated in comets that then crashed to earth, all life, may be extra terrestrial!) water, we know is a fantadtically benign environment for life to originate in - but it's not just water, being a rocky and volcanically active place, there has always been oases of energy that allowed complex carbon chains to form without being too volatile that they were destroyed. This in term enables the formation of life. Could life originate on Jupiter? the gas giant possibly could, but without a relatively constant energy source, could life arise, maybe in the upper atmosphere? the problem there is that as soon as your carbon atom is heavier than the hydrogen that makes up the majority of Jupiter's mass, so it sinks down towards the core, where, under immense pressure and heat, it strips any attempt at a complex molecule back to it's base elements. Places like Europa are of interest, as we are fairly sure it has an acitve geothermal core and a nice big ocean: energy, a thermodynamically benign environment to regulate the energy and carbon. Finally, we cannot escape the basic anthropomorthism of the search, we look for water and carbon and oxygen becuase we know it works. It could work with ammonia and/or silicon but we don't know how and all oour chemistry suggests it would be a less than optimal set of circumstances. That's not to say it couldn't happen though.
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    Same, shame we live in such a cloudy country! Also, one of my favorite videos on the side of the universe
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