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    Dave King needen't worry. The Sevco have already spent, spent, spent, to romp 'Div3 and Div2'. In some respects I understand what they did. Big club dies in liquidation, and their new clone club attempts to look and act just like the dead one - so not much in the way of humility, learning from old mistakes, or assembling a team on a budget more suited to the new club's actual situation. No Siree - the new club acts like they're still big shots... You can see the thought process in every director/manager/spiv's head... Must. Act. Like. Rangers... Must. Keep. Up. Appearances... Must. Get. It. Up. Celtic... Fcuk. The. Lot. Of. You... Which brings me to the part I do understand. Signing guys like Daly, Kyle, Shields and Law etc. Undoubted 'SPL' players to play in Fizzy Pop 3? It was the only way to get 50,000 bums on seats, and my God, haven't the spivs needed to rape that 50,000 for their cash. The spivs would never have sold STs in the numbers needed if they'd signed (with all due respect) Gareth Wardlaw or Paddy Cregg types - who, allied to their old heads and kids would still have won Fizzy 3 mind you, but that wasn't Rangers style, so it sure as hell won't be The Sevco's style either. Anyway, bit harsh to have a pop at the Sevco when Gretna did exactly the same thing - threw cash at certainly Div1 standard players, and a couple of SPL standard players to rape the arse out of part time postmen and shop workers on their rampage through the leagues. Look how that ended up for Gretna though, eh Sevco? So, aye, I understand their thinking on that front - need to fill Ibrox or it is game over without even passing 'Go' and collecting £200 - but the rest of it? The manager's truly astounding salary? The spiv's truly astounding salaries? The hotel stays, the rest of it? Were there actually any staff compulsory redundancies anywhere in the organisation? Happy to stand corrected if there were. The spivs are ripping the pish out of it. It really is tough on those decent, genuine Sevconians who supported the dead team, and are slapping on their make-up every day and cheering for the newbies like they're the old club. These guys actually DO deserve better - unfortunately, their idea of the 'better' they deserve is signing 12 million Tore Andre Flo's, signing Laudrups and Gascoignes, getting it up Celtic and rogering Barcelona in the Champions League. They will never learn. It's not in their nature. Gretna Mk2 or whatever you want to call it. It's inevitable unless in reaching the top flight, some utter madman buys into them in a Vincent Tan style and they can go off on one all over again. Tick Tock!
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    As tender as your arse once Ally's finished with you.
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    A couple courtesy of @jailender and @Groundtastic 1987 v 2013 1990
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    Subbuteo stadium of every young boy's dreams...
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    Yes, it was a good line. He also opened the door for me to talk about my favourite subject. It actually represents progress for him. Last week he was calling me a c**t and meaning it, for the heinous crime of quoting a newspaper article in a discussion of Dean Shiels' wages. He's also right of course. I am indeed frequently bewildered by everything in this entire saga. If Bendarroch has a firm handle on it all, then I'm not only impressed, but once more bewildered not only by how he manages it, but also by how convincingly he conceals it.
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    Never a Scottish League ground, but an interesting story from Edinburgh. In Victorian times there was a gasworks between the Royal Mile and Calton Hill. It closed and on the site a football ground was built - notably used by Edinburgh Emmet Juniors. Big crowds were attracted, courtesy its city centre location. In 1926 it was compulsory purchased and turned into the corporation bus garage, latterly the Waverley underground carpark. A few years ago this was demolished, and after much legal wrangling is to be used for the 'Caltongate' development. Today the site is bordered by: the Royal Mile (S); Council HQ beside Waverley station (W); East Coast Mainline (N); and Canongate kirkyard (E). 'Tight' fans used to watch for free from the curve of Regent Terrace on Calton Hill. In those less PC times, it was known as the "Jews Gallery". Incidentally the Motherwell? team bus which got jammed under a railbridge recently did so at the foot of New Street, between the gapsite and the council HQ building. Edinburgh Emmet were successful Juniors averaging 2000 in the years before they lost Bathgate Park (named after a bailie - councillor - who helped them obtain the gasworks site).
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    I realise there may be a few reasonables like yourself TK but the majority lapped up Whyte, grovelled for Green and were completely hypnotised by Ally and Walter whenever they were wheeled out to rally the troops. There was simply no avenue to have someone like Wallace (assuming he is what you think he is and I am reserving judgement on that) installed. Why? Because the old cheaty club, spawned a brand new equally cheaty club. The SFA and SPL did contortions to please and accommodate anything that wore blue and whistled the appropriate tune. They should have stepped in, they should never have allowed, Whyte or Green anywhere near Scottish Football, for our sake and yours. The only disgrace bigger than the death of the old club is how the new club were accommodated. Just mind boggling. It looks like this will come back to haunt them. Same old ludicrous spending, same old ultra-arrogant "sink us or we'll sink you" attitude, same old out of control bigotted fans. The opportunity to have a shiny new club, well behaved, contrite, enjoyable for you ordinary blokes and a positive influence in the game up here missed. By miles. So if and when the wheels properly fall off again it'll be you and the band of decent rangers fans (said through gritted teeth) that suffer. But in terms of collateral damage I am afraid the numbers mean it is well worth it. Sorry pal. Blame Murray, blame Whyte, blame Green, blame Ally, blame Walter, blame the sycophantic idiot majority of your fans. But save a healthy chunk of bile for Reagan, Cockwomble and co. They totally shafted you, by not totally shafting the old/new/borrowed blue mess that appeared post CVA rejection. The best thing they could have done was suspend the club for a year. Cowards.
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    Should demand our rightful place back in the 84 European Cup Final before even thinking about talking to them. Final to be replayed with the squads of that time.
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    Tom English is very-much one of the good guys and writes intelligently and articulately abut rugby too. Sure, some Rangers fans have issues with him (but then some Rangers fans have issues with everyone) but I think he writes well and cogently. Tom (seeing as you're bound to have an account here) take a trip to Buckinghamshire and allow me to buy you a pint.
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    Same here actually, not being a resident of the finest city on the north east they used to be a fairly regular sight, down my way. But they are like wasps in October now. Only the really grumpy, big, fat ones left, for some reason still buzzing about, lost and just waiting to be put out of their misery
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    Fats Domino - Ain't That a Shame
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    Austerity measures? Where? Carnoustie hotel? In his previous appearance, did he not attack the over-spending? That guy really is just an attention seeking pillock. I really hope he does eventually tale over, guaranteed to be a fun ride.
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    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Saw the Glen Sannox correction of Dave.J, wasn't sure, googled it and now has a wee patronising joke type post IMO.
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    I don't think there's anything that could give you an intellectual boost.
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    It's ok the folk on the roof were all sitting down. If they stood up the stewards would have been all over them.
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    That view of Arthur's Seat in the background is class. Edinburgh is tremendous.
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    I suppose that if his beloved RFC go bust again, McCoist now has the option of committing suicide by jumping off his wallet.
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    McCoist: 'But it's my job to give our players the best opportunity to perform': resign then you fat useless f**k! Incidentally Rangers were staying in the same hotel when I got married there. What a bunch of thick fucks that Dutch contingent was. Bert Konterman couldn't work the ice machine and Fernando Ricksen couldn't work out which way the patio doors opened. I asked Mols if he was up for an autograph - his face was a picture when I then signed my name and handed it to him. My best man even got it into his speech. Thick fucks then, thick fucks now, thick fucks forever!
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    What did your clubs' old stadium look like? What are your abiding memories of the old place? Are you (honestly) in a better position the way things are now? Or would you prefer to go back to the good old days? It would also be interesting to see your memories about visiting the grounds that other fans mention too. As for Rugby Park - here's some crackin' pictures of how it used to be... I have only fleeting memories of the old place, but we are most definitely better off now. Yes, the 'new' Rugby Park is far too big for our needs, and the leg-room is ridiculous in all stands but the Frank Beattie, but it's home.
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    Majid Nawaz tweeted this picture George Galloway really is the most odious man in public life. The tone of his tweet, the grubby sexual imagery, the put-on piety. If he gave an undertaking that he'd never return to Scotland following independence I'd volunteer for the Yes campaign. Usual sectarian dog whistling that we've come to expect from the indefatigable George. Vile man and an embarrassment to Scotland.
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    Nah I still have more sympathy for you. Her's is through choice
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    In fairness, drugs are fucking brilliant.
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    Robin Trower - Shame Of The Devil
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    Just interested in how people know it's the same CF and not someone copying ' her' style. Like Monkey i've only seen them mentioned on P&B and nowhere else. I've still to read these mythical emails too.....
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    When do we start to panic? I know we're only out the playoff position by goal difference at the moment but we could realistically find ourselves down in 8th place if results go against us this weekend. It's all very annoying when you consider how good we were at the start of the season and we did have a decent gap between ourselves and teams below us. I appreciate that Murray and the board are not wanting to go all gung ho with transfers and that there are probably players on the radar but the lack of activity is a bit of a worry. The return of Watson and McGurn may just allow us to finish in a more respectable position. On a more positive note I see we've shifted 1400 tix for the Hibs game. No bad going when you consider our average home support so far this season.
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    It was the White City stadium. The other one was The Albion dog track. St Anthony's junior ground is also in the photo to the left of the gasometer. Tinto Park (Benburb) was close by but not in this photo I'm sure. Prob out of shot to the left.
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    Played the full 120min scored his penalty and had a very good game in general
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    remember, i did say, "...putting the cart before the horse..." i have, yes.
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    Not seen them anywhere either. Although you must say that in recent history there has been a pretty robust system of quickly silencing charlotte and removing inconvenient tweets. The threat and weight of the meedya hoose seems to be ever present. Notice a lot of fuss and bother down south regarding offensive tweets at Stan Collymore. Seems easy enough to bring the might of the world down on an anyone not aligning with the communication strategy of cheatco. Saying you are going to murder a guy coz he is black, not so easy to deal with apparently. I agree that the immediate vanishing of anything charlotte puts up is a pretty good indicator that it is credible. I mean if it was all just bullshit you could hold it up for ridicule like legoland and the great Speirs buying ruski twitter followers bullshit from Chris Graham. What a sad, sad state of affairs he is. Nonsense usually manages to discredit itself.
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    So nothing much to report then. Rangers still exist and still on course for the next stage of the great recovery. Awe well, back to the telly then.
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    Nah, I wish Williams had knocked the loud mouthed c**t clean out.
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    I say we keep playing our youth and see where it takes us this season. Players like Laidlaw, Callachan, Vaughan and Donaldson can all improve together with game time. These players mixed with the likes of Cardle, moon, Elliot and Anderson should have the basis of a solid outfit. Us as Rovers fans just need to be patient. Falkirk did it with their youth players, let's get right behind ours.
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    Absolutely brilliant thread. brilliant pictures so far with the old pavilion pre war ariel view pre redevelopment another ariel view before the main stand was redeveloped 1960's i think main facade 1960's again main facade with tram. looks 1950's my favourite of all these pictures Inside looking from east end of stadium
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    When pundits, commentators etc. say stuff like "The Zidane's, Suarez's and Messi's in this world...." Using their names as plural makes no funking sense
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    'Pray for the mother, can't imagine how she's feeling' 'BURN THE WITCH' Away ye go.
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    It was a nothing story. Given that Gascoigne was friendly with Keith Houliston and stayed at the Nith a few times and we then had Goram it was easy to put two and two together when nobody had even considered adding them up at the time. What probably happened is somebody said "I wonder if Gazza would consider finishing his career here" and it grew arms and legs. Certainly I've pretty sure nobody ever actually spoke to Gazza about moving here and we didn't "miss out" on him.
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    Nowhere near it. Gavin signed for us the first time in September 2007 as a 14 year old after leaving Rangers youth set up. He left to join Carlisle about a year later but re-signed for the youth set up in March 2009 at 16 when Gordon Chisholm was manager, though he had nothing to do with the youth set up. It was Andy Irving who brought him back in I think. He's been with us ever since, though he was loaned to Gretna for most of the 2010/11 season which was Brannigan's full season in charge. It was MacPherson who first signed him to a full time first team contract, though he had previously made his first team debut under Brannigan before that loan spell at Gretna.
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    Galloway fuckin off to one of these middle east shiteholes he seems to love would do nicely. The guy's a c**t.
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