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    8. Lexi Collector Post count: 1,700 Reputation: Unknown due to ban What you said: “Funny guy with dece patter” “My Nephew. My Blood.” “The Decefather. May he Rest in Dece.” Did he get any first places?: Yes, two The poll: The man known as The Collector secured twelve votes, which led to him finishing ahead of craigkillie after the two finished level on points. His votes were two firsts, two seconds, a third, a fifth, three sixths, an eighth, a ninth and a tenth. Only the top three in the poll secured more top two nominations than Lexi Collector. The poster: John Lennon took The Beatles to America as a group. They laid down the foundations for the music that we hear today. Throughout the years this forum has seen different groups blaze up in a flame of glory before flickering out. That was until Club DECE rode that lightning bolt onto this forum called Pie and Bovril. One man started the movement, and that man was Lexi Collector. Club DECE began as a result of The Collector becoming disillusioned with the English language. Within this, however, he was able to find something which could make him look cool as f**k. He began shortening words, and the undoubted standout was “dece” (although I should point out that I also enjoy and use “qual” on a semi regular basis). Dece became more than just a word though. It was a lifestyle and a state of mind. In the context of this forum, it was a style of posting. Others added their influence as the club expanded, but the core aspects were laid out by The Collector. Those included a penchant for MD 20/20 (orange joob is the widely accepted favourite), the aforementioned shortening of words, pulling 8s and 9s, and generally just carrying oneself with a sense of swag. The summer of dece was in my opinion the greatest time this forum has ever seen. Its influence has permeated ‘real life’ as well – dece is a firm part of my vocabulary, and my use of it has led to friends, family and the last couple of girls I’ve been seeing adopting it as well (this is also the case for some other dece phrases such as v. v. v.). The Collector is wholly responsible for this. Away from Club DECE, Lexi Collector is probably best known for his interactions with his uncle Graham, who currently posts on this forum under the username ‘wingsoverperthshire’. I’ve already spoken about how highly I rate the patter between Eric and Graham in the write-up I did for the artist formerly known as PerthshireBell, but I think it’s worth repeating that they are amongst the best there’s been in my opinion at entertaining repartee (used my thesaurus for that one since I despise the word “banter” and someone would no doubt have posted this video). A Partridge video would have been pretty fitting tbh – the two are obviously big fans of the character and the name Lexi Collector is inspired by Eric’s passion for the Japanese Mercedes. My personal favourite interaction between the two was in PB’s emotional plea to keithgy and the other moderators to allow him to remain on the forum. The Collector revealed touching intimate details of his uncle’s relationship with this forum, which would have brought a tear to Gordon Banks’ eye. The insight they have afforded us all into their lives is admirable, to say the least. Lexi Collector has started other memorable threads as well, such as his complaint about a steak bake from Greggs which was lukewarm at best. This drew some abuse from the likes of StandFree03, which led to one of The Collector’s numerous feuds on here. It’s beyond my comprehension that anyone could want to argue with such a cracking guy (I found his slight sense of cheeky cockiness to be massively endearing), but it seemed a few of you did. This led to arguments, which would ultimately see Eric banned earlier this year. I am not 100% sure about why he was banned, but if his final warning was for calling someone a “junkie b*****d” as I’ve heard in rumours, it’s v. v. v. harsh IMO. The Collector has been a massive loss to the forum. I’ve spoken to him on a variety of subjects and he’s an intelligent guy. He knows his stuff on football as well, but this won’t be what he’s remembered for on here. I had him in my top ten; he’s probably my favourite poster we’ve had on here. I think it’d be swell if he was given the same opportunity that his uncle Graham was given and allowed to return to the site. His position in this list is a testament to his popularity. PS He also saw me in the street once and said that he “defs would”. This meant a lot to me coming from such a good looking, charismatic guy.
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    How to Mod a site 1) Read flagged/reported posts 2) Make judgement call on severity of the offence 3) Use sound judgement to determine if it should be ignore or the user should be suspended/banned 4) Press the correct button How this site is Modded 1) Read flagged/reported post 2) Have conference call with fellow Mods to discuss the situation because it's a really, really difficult job (and they don't get paid you know) 3) Come to a decison based on personal bias (the correct hand shake sees you get off scot free) 4) Press the 'correct' button 5) Pass the buck and deflect if your competency is called into question Pro unionist, anti club Dece Modding IMO
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    Oh, sorry. We'll go back to discussing what makes a chair.
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    I get the feeling that you haven't considered the fact that a lot of us could not give one single f**k.
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    Ahhhh. I see your problem - you're Rip Van Winkle and slept through the last few years. Rangers died - It was hilarious. We all laughed. We are still laughing. Quite a lot of us will probably never really stop laughing at rangers. But wait... there's more... After your team died a completely new team was formed using some of the players/staff/facilities of the old (now dead) club. This new team have been almost as entertaining as watching the old team die especially with the added bonus that they could possibly follow in their predecessors trailblazing footsteps. Throughout all this the fans of the old and new rangers have provided us with a huge amount of laughs on a daily basis. It's been awesome and long may it continue.
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    As above, played like a fiddle to the end.
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    I didn't think I'd heard of the Collector until this thread prompted a search. Stunned to discover he's one of the Livingston weans that plagued the First Division forum for years. Also struggling to get my head around the entry criteria to Club Dece, too, unless a "solid 8 or 9" applies to the Constitution and Comeliness statistics in Dungeons & Dragons.
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    A Club Dece lad finishing on an 8. #standard
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    People need to remember that Lexi Collector was also LiviCurryCider and a million other shite Livi aliases. He is not deserving of a place in the top 10.
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    Old Rangers got to vote whether or not New Rangers were admitted to the SPL, this is not an opinion but a documented fact. Nothing to do with hating either incarnation. To pretend it is an opinion is pure denial.
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    I'm voting Yes even though my job is with a UK Civil Service Dept. I can't watch this opportunity role past because there is a risk I won't get a transfer into a Scottish Govt Dept. If that was the outcome I'd go and work down there for the time it took to get a move back. I haven't read through the 13 pages on here but why anyone would think that a country with the history we have can't manage ourselves is beyond me. For a start, setting oil aside, the future is surely in harnessing wind and wave energy in a more effective way. Surrounded as we are by water on 3 sides, with our weather carrying a default setting of "shite" we are superbly placed going forward. We're a country of 5 million and we'll have more than enough to hit the export market. I really can't be done by folk saying we won't have a currency (like we're not going to use the pound or the euro). Of course we will. Common sense tells you that for trading purposes England would be sensible to share the pound given the cross border market. Folk might think that market isn't huge but when you see the reaction to when Ireland needed a wee hand you understand how important their economy was to London. I work with a fair few folk in the north of England and some of them would be quite content to row in beside us because they have no sense of community with those who make decisions on their behalf. Look at the people Scotland has produced. Look at the talent we have. We would punch well above our weight as a small country and we'd make a far better fist of things that the Italians, Spanish, Portuguese or Greeks. Anyone who can't see past the confusion of transition isn't looking hard enough. Let's get a govt we vote for and take decisions that we sign up to. I've yet to hear a positive reason for staying as we are that has carried any weight at all.
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    This sort of crap from Alex Wilson just makes me laugh. During the era he speaks so warmly of, the club operated an openly sectarian signing policy. It's difficult to think of a lower standard of behaviour, or one where integrity was more conspicuously absent.
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    Swampy's banned, XBL's suspended, Mandela has died. There's a pattern forming here...
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    First They Came for the Nationalists and I didn't speak out because I wasn't an Nationalist Then they came for the DECE Bois and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a DECE Boi Then they came for the Box Office and I didn't speak out because I wasn't Box Office Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak for me. Martin Niemolller wouldn't stand for this...
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    Some folk are awfully f'kin precious about this website FFS !! If cyber world is this f'kin harrowing for folk I wonder how they ever deal with real life ! Mibeez starting a Facebook page or an online petition will help !?
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    I've said a few times that undecideds and soft no's get jumped on far too much here. It doesn't make Yes seem very appealing and it is true that Yes supporters have the ground to make up and the onus is on us to do the convincing. As for LunarC though, just vote No. Nobody gives a f**k.
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    I'm a defo Yes vote. I was very sceptical before but plenty of research and debates later and I've decided that we can certainly do this. Unfortunately I still think majority will "shit it" and vote no ( which would be a tragedy) so I'll be trying my best to convince family, friends and work colleagues to vote Yes.
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    Good poster but by all accounts an absolutely dreadful human being.
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    My wee boy is 3 months today and weighs exactly a stone. He was born with Down's Syndrome which came as a huge shock to us as we were considered "low risk" when we underwent the tests. There was something like a 1 in 1180 chance and unfortunately we were it. We were told around 15 minutes after he was born that he had certain characteristics indicitave of a chromosomal condition. Looking back it did seem that the paediatricians had him over at the weighing station for longer than seemed necessary, however it was a bit of a traumatic birth (forceps) and he is our first child so we didn't know any better. When we were told our world just caved in on us. I nearly fainted, had to go to the toilet to compose myself and only came back so soon because my wife was in tears. We didn't really take anything in that we were being told. Because it was a night birth we were taken to a room and then left in the darkness, confused, scared, angry and helpless. What should have been the happiest night of our lives turned out to be the worst. Because my wife was so upset I had to be strong for her, even though I didn't feel it, and I suppose this helped me come to terms with it a lot sooner. I had two choices - collapse in a heap of tears and self pity or man up and look after my family. When I looked at him I realised nothing really mattered apart from the fact he was here. He was so small and helpless and had never harmed a soul in his life so any bad feelings I had were soon replaced. As for the future - who knows? We'll just have to take things as they come. He is such a good baby and is no hassle at all. He smiles away and laughs occasionally and has just started making all the baby talk noises which is good. I just hope we can do enough for him so he can lead as normal a life as possible.
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    SCENE III. Friar XBL's cell. Enter FRIAR XBL FRIAR XBL Swampy, come forth; come forth, thou fearful man: Affliction is enamour'd of thy parts, And thou art wedded to calamity. Enter SWAMPY SWAMPY Father, what news? what is the prince's doom? What sorrow craves acquaintance at my hand, That I yet know not? FRIAR XBL Too familiar Is my dear son with such sour company: I bring thee tidings of the prince's doom. SWAMPY What less than dooms-day is the prince's doom? FRIAR XBL A gentler judgment vanish'd from his lips, Not body's death, but body's banishment. SWAMPY Ha, banishment! be merciful, say 'death;' For exile hath more terror in his look, Much more than death: do not say 'banishment.' FRIAR XBL Hence from P&B art thou banished: Be patient, for the world is broad and wide. SWAMPY There is no world without P&B walls, But purgatory, torture, hell itself. Hence-banished is banish'd from the world, And P&B's exile is death: then banished, Is death mis-term'd: calling death banishment, Thou cutt'st my head off with a golden axe, And smilest upon the stroke that murders me.
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    Not when you take into account who wrote it.
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    Or perhaps you can just accept that this is just a football message board and not a public sector organisation.
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    King Billy in the background...possibly in more ways than one.
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    I know what you mean but people shouldn't think like this. Saying you're not allowed to feel bad because people have it worse than you is like saying you're not allowed to be happy because people have it better than you. The only experiences you can have are your own.
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    Everyone's laughing because it's tainted. Infact soiled. It is a record without value or merit. I think you do the rest of the world a great disservice in your simplistic description of them.
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    What primary school did you go to?
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    For hundreds of years my community has enjoyed cheddar cheese and pineapple on a stick.
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    fair fucks to him, can do what he likes.
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    It's a yes from me. This is the most exciting political choice we will ever make in Scotland. It's a chance to create a country from first principles. We've got so much potential and so much ability. It won't be easy, and it won't happen overnight, but we've got the chance to radically remake Scotland here. People talk about it 'being a disaster' or 'we couldn't afford it'. I disagree. I call a country where 20% of children grow up in poverty a disaster. I call a country that spends billions on nuclear weapons while people use foodbanks a disaster. Literally all the politicians agree that Scotland is financially capable of becoming independent. If that's the case, then it's simply a question of priorities, and how you organise your spending. People can have differing opinions on Salmond, and that's fine, because the vote isn't about him, but he made a quote that sums up how I feel about independence. 'Bairns, not bombs.'
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    Off till Sunday. Would be rude not too
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    Personally, I'd get on with my life instead of getting my knickers in a twist over a football forum.
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    May the odds be ever in your favour, VT.
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    So long as you stick to hackneyed reviews of pies I reckon you're safe tbh. No need for the arse-kissing.
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    Cunning plan to prevent Confidemus being revealed as #1 IMO.
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    Good to see another cult addition weeded out. Struggling to think of the eight posters in the running tbh.
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    Energy efficient lightbulbs. You're in a rush and have lost car keys and need some light to aid in the search. Flick the light on and I swear it gets darker. Takes about 20 minutes to get anywhere near to what I'd call 'bright', during which time I could have just have used an energy-sapping gid bulb for 5 seconds.
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    Picked this up today, somewhat pleased by this.
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    I was a Yes last time and nothing has changed, I have been to Estonia, Moldova, Norway, Slovenia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Georgia, Macedonia, Iceland, Cyprus, Republic of Ireland and Croatia and every one of these countries are doing just fine and not one is asking to lose its independence. Most of these nations don't have the same resources that we have Scotland and Scottish produce is known the world over but I envy everyone of these countries for having the guts to do things for themselves I really don't understand why anyone wants Westminster to make our decisions that's like giving your wages to your neighbour and him giving you back what he thinks you deserve and then making all your important decisions for you and no one would ever do that so why do they want our country to? Surely the best people to make Scotland's choices are us the Scots? Independence will probably cost me my job (HM forces) but I will be delighted to sacrifice it for what is right I can always get another job, Scotland is a country not a region do what is right for the future and vote Yes in 2014.
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    Aye. Sure they are. Speaking from a purely personal viewpoint - once you get past the revulsion at decades of bigotry, cheating and criminality, the demands of you lot to hang on to "your" history (as long as we don't mention creditors, liquidation, overlap of clubs' existences, being found guilty of cheating yet being shit at it, amongst other stuff) is absolutely fucking hilarious. I don't believe I'm alone in this opinion. Oh, alright, then. Congratulations on a World Record expenditure to win the rangers' first trophy. Well Done.
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    While you, sir, are clearly an oddball!
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    Myself and Eric went up to Rialtos as discussed (you not remember?) but only stayed for one. Town was dead. Take care mate
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    I'm not at all surprised to see Craigkillie listed on the countdown(coz he was on countdown but get cuffed, like ,lolz). Haz! f**k me I'm pissed. Do you know the F1 motel doesn't even provide soap or showering gel ! Falkik c***s.
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    Can you please stop mingling with zero pointers who fail to make the top 50 please. I am known by association with you and have my beige office status to maintain. Thanks in advance.
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    Maybe not but I am fairly sure that the rhebels advert is loaded with irony, given the greeting about the walking away gif.
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    The treatment some other Killie fans give QLP is shocking. However, the treatement that QLP gives other Killie fans is also shocking. The way MJ runs our club is shocking. AJ's tactics are shocking. It really is a shocking situation.
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    I've experienced a couple of these moments, but the one I cherish the most happened in Aberdeen airport. It had been a long, painful day and I was excited to be back in Sunny Scotland, heading home to Dundee for a Steak Pie and a couple of pints with my pals. My work had really stepped up the pace, but I'd somehow managed to scrape through my deadlines in time to make my flight. I was shuffling through the terminal — minding my own business — when I felt that familiar, abdominal tensing that told me I needed the bathroom. 'I should probably go to the bog before the long, arduous journey down the A96', I thought; so I immediately looked for the wee stickman icon and followed the terminal's way-finding system towards the closest shichter. The next thing I remember was reminiscent of a scene from Apocalypse Now. It's all a bit of a haze, but I must have been intending to do a shit (if i remember correctly, casually passing the time by reading some banal report about Sevco). As I settled into one of the bleached-white cubicles, an unsettling groan echoed from the cubical next to me. 'Shit', I thought, 'maybe this stranger is seriously ill, having a heart attack or at the very least is a semi-conscious, functioning Rangers fan reading the same embarrassing dross as me?'. The reality was worse, as the only thing functioning was his arsehole and several thousand cubic metres of methane. Before I had time to react, my new-found co-pilot on the Toley Express hit the accelerator. Hard. I can only describe the continuous stream of noise that followed as a guttural, bone-shaking 'BPVVVVVVVVVVVVV-ARGHHH' effort. This happened over and over and over and over for about two or three minutes, seemingly without break. Two to three minutes doesn't sound long, but I promise you it is. I couldn't even move, such was the shock. With hindsight, I'd say the noise was like dragging a large leg of meat over an iron railing, while simultaneously tearing up a copy of the Financial Times. Anyway, after this worrying explosion of activity, I heard the pan flush and a belt being buckled. The door was opening. 'Hold on a fucking moment', I thought — 'I've just sat through all this and I'm not even going to see who the culprit is' ... so I concluded my own pitiful effort (which probably didn't even merit a wipe as I was so traumatised by the pyrotechnics next-door). Ready to face destiny, I opened the door to be faced with... ... what looked like a boy approximately 12 years of age. The c**t didn't even look bothered — he just finished washing his hands and walked out the door. The only conclusion I've been able to draw from this is that I was sitting next to the b*****d lovechild of Thor and Fat Pat Butcher fae Eastenders.* * I name him 'Thatcher' ETA: Forgot to mention, it sounded like 100% pure farts coming from the poor c**t, therefore not a 'shitting story'.
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    I read on twitter that there are kids in Glasgow getting their Christmas meal this year from a food bank. We have 98.8% of the UK's oil and we tolerate this? Do they have food banks in Norway?
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