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    Jocky's thoughts on Scotland v USA can be found here. Next week will see an exclusive excerpt from The Tartan Special One hit the P&B homepage. In further exciting but slightly terrifying news, I'm going to be a guest on Off the Ball on November 30th. Hiya Stuart and Tam! Hiya pals!
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    Its not sectarian no matter how many times you say it is. What religion is that word aimed at exactly ? The ibrox religion ? I'm confused.
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    "It gives me great pleasure to be here today..." "Naw it doesnae" "...with great admiration I've watched the community of Craiglang grow and flourish..." "Naw ye huvnae" "...my father grew up here in Craiglang and he always had the greatest respect for his home..." "Naw he didnae" "I only wish that he could be here today to see this..." "Naw ye don't" "I'm sure he would join me in congratulating Craiglang today as we open this wonderful facility, for this building is a magnificent addition to a caring, thriving, forward-thinking community..." "Naw it isnae"
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    Its like going back to Victorian times........pointing and laughing at the lunatics, you know its wrong but you just can't help yourself, I feel a bit ashamed, and then I think, on the other hand, these fucking wankers deserve it.* *dick-heads like VT and that swampy twat, not Victorian people with a mental illness.
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    Due to the use of a gif from one of the worst TV shows ever made, I regret to announce that Yoda's positioning on the list has been withdrawn. More to follow.
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    Reece Donaldson played the full 100 odd minutes the ref decided on today. He certainly looked the part today & hopefully will settle in fine. He deservedly picked up the sponsors man of the match award for his display.
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    I can confirm that: I was beeling at Farid's award. I do love a bit of Christopher Nolan (although a new appreciation of Paul Thomas Anderson has seen the focus shift). I have an exquisite taste in jackets in general, bright yellow raincoat aside. I'm #aesthetic as f**k and despite being new to the lifting game, I'm seeing #all #kinds #of #gainz (I also have a new appreciation of MD). I am putting serious consideration into reviving the Katy Perry avatar. Kind words from Marshmallo. I certainly did not offer a two year's supply of Orange Jubilee in return for a good write-up and a place on the list.
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    Jim Sillars = One of the founding fathers of the SNP? He was only an SNP member for around 10 years in the 80's/90's. He's a ex-Labour MP who joined the SNP only to spit the dummy when he fell out with Eck and has sniped at the party from the sidelines ever since. Some "founding father"
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    If asked I'll say nothing but good things about this place and the people who post here. P&B made me. I'm fully aware of that. This whole writing a book thing wouldn't be happening without it. The acknowledgements section of the book includes thanks to "Dave McDonald (Div) and everyone at Pie & Bovril". It's a genuine and heartfelt tip of the cap to this site and the good people who make it what it is. When I punch Stuart Cosgrove in the crotch live on Off the Ball I want you all to know I did it for P&B.
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    Please cease posting. You're boring the entire forum to death.
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    I wonder how these perma-ragers would react if they took their kids to a zoo to see real elephants? "THOSE ELEPHANTS AREN'T WEARING TROUSERS, THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS, FUCKIN MILEY CYRUS"
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    Could Belfast Tim be any more of an obnoxious arsehole? Ok, we all know you don't like rangers but the man has a horrible condition which is incurable and means his last years will be immensely hard for him and his family. If you don't want to show any sympathy then don't, but to come on a thread and actively use his condition to score some cheap points is about as low as any normal human being can get. You however feel towards The Rangers and their fan base, this man came to our country to earn a living for himself and his family and is in no way involved in the sectarianism and bigotry that you peddle on a daily basis, and does not deserve the ridicule you are attempting to dish out. The statement he put out was not an attempt to wind up Celtic fans. He has a connection with The Rangers fans and has heard them using this phrase on a regular basis, and feels that it sums up his own feelings on his situation and can be a rallying cry he and his family can use in his forthcoming battle against his illness. If you want to noise up The Rangers fans there are plenty other threads to do it. Fernando Ricksen-- good luck in your coming battles and No Surrender
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    Just woke him up to tell him that.
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    He is also known to brighten the day of female shoppers with kind remarks as to how pretty they look, generally making them feel better about themselves in the process.
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    Sauchie Juniors 1-3 Newtongrange Star McBookie.Com East Superleague 16th November 2013 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ilObrHtVfk
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    http://www.bankofengland.co.uk/monetarypolicy/Pages/biographies/williamdowson.aspx William Dowson is listed on the monetary policy of the Bank of Englands website as the agent for Scotland. Therefore he's representing Scotland on the MPC. This post would surely not exist in the event of a yes vote. So the point of Scotland losing representation on the MPC stands. Glad we've cleared that up. Member of Parliament? What you talking about man? In your opinion. In the opinions of the people of Edinburgh SW and Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath they're doing well, well enough for them to be continued to be re-elected by the residents of those constituencies. Scottish people, elected by the people of Scotland, sitting at the very top table of British policy making. Why surrender this representation? I love how this is meant to be sarcastic and disparaging. The implication being that bookies don't know what they're talking about. Er, i don't know how to break this to you, but bookies do know what they're talking about. Have a look on your local high street. They ain't daft, and they don't offer odds of 5/1 on anything lightly. That's the current odds on a yes vote winning, incase you were wondering. If you want to bet on no you'll need to suffer odds of 1/8 on. Well guys, i hope you all have a fun Saturday evening on this thread. I'll need to love you and leave you, will try catch up with it later. Peace.
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    I honestly can't believe some of the ICT fans being so against Shiels getting the gig. He'll bleed ICT blood for you, try and get young boys through the system, will be prominent in the local community and I reckon he would do a magic job. If he does get it, I'll be massively jealous and may even have to make ICT my wee team.
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    More lies from an orc again ffs !, now you've posted pathetic pish implicating me in starting a wee PM gang now , and how have I been outed ?, surely the orcs know how to send a PM on P&B ?, and how is this accusing them of doing the same ?, or now am I now to believe the orcs don't send any PM's at all and are completely innocent from ever sending a PM to another orc ?. What's pathetic is that Benny posted crap about a PM gang in the first place and it has made the chump look like ?, well a daft fucking orc who will use anything to score points as he sees it. It's all about getting one over the P&D's with that donkey.
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    Sauchie 1 v 3 Newtongrange Sauchie started well and looked the side likeliest to score but it was Nitten who opened the scoring when the leftback was left to pick his target and his cross was put away and they went in at half time 1 up . 3 mins into the 2nd half and Nitten scored again when Sauchie toiled to clear and another cross was headed home . A couple of mins after that Sauchie scored and pushed for an equaliser but Nitten weathered the charge and began to dominate and deservedly scored a 3rd with a screamer . The Nitten No6 , Tansy ?, got injured late on in a 50 /50 ball and it looked bad . I hope he's ok but the noise when it happened doesn't bode well for him . Nitten No9 was best man on the park and the difference between the teams . Could the Nitten lads let us know how the injured player fares please .
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    It was supposed to point out that the snp are saying the thing you accused them of not saying. And the pound is guaranteed. We will be using it.
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    This isn't unionists moaning, this is nationalists moaning. Do you agree with your fellow nationalists concerns? If not, why not? He is the most senior figure in the country when it comes currency. He's going to have a big say in the future of an independent Scotland, and his shadow agrees with him on this. Yes or no question for nationalists: Would you like Scotland to retain representation in the parliament where key fiscal policy decisions are made regarding our currency? I say yes, what do you say? Yes or no question remember.
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    You will be able to use it.
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    It was quite annoying have a genuine nice guy in charge of your local rivals. You want to be able to hate the rival manager. You also want them to be incompetent. Therefore, the return of Charlie Christie gets my vote.
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    Johnny Kidd & the Pirates - Shakin' All Over
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    Aye it was a stoater of a night, got my photo taken with Win as well. Out of the new tracks i'd say Reflektor, Normal Person and Afterlife were the pick of the bunch but it was Sprawl II and Wake Up that were my highlights. Also, i've got to say that the dress code worked brilliantly and not just because there was plenty of tidy birds in the audience I'd say 95% of the crowd made some sort of effort and it certainly added to the atmosphere.
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    Get them telt, jagfox. If any c**t wants to argue their non-calling-it-lorne point here I'm prepared to engage in physical combat over the matter. In other news I plan on presenting Stuart and Tam a signed, semi-naked author portrait of myself live on air on Off the Ball. The photo is dangerously erotic. It's me going taps aff holding a football. It's a whole new definition of Sexy Futba.
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    Natalie Imbruglia - Big Mistake
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    No matter how many times I've seen it, on it must measure in the dozens by now, the Flasheart episode of Blackadder Goes Forth never ceases to absolutely end me.
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    I'm playing micro cash just now, much prefer it to live. Have no patience for tournament slogs.
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    There's a certain irony that someone who spent so long looking for the greatest pie, needed only to have looked in the mirror.
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    HO !! Ya shower of f'kn arseholes !!!! Take yer Old Firm pish to the relevant brain-dead forum for your pile of bile ya f'kin cocks !
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    Fucking hell, are you seriously trying to claim No Surrender is not a sectarian rallying cry and is acceptable language for a prospective director of a club with loyalist paramilitary links and historical problems of sectarianism? You can't be that stupid so why pretend otherwise?
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    I reckon he understands it as a club motto rather than some tribal war cry. It's clear that he relates it to his own situation rather than having a go at the Catholic community of Northern Ireland...
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    "Join us at the GFT, run by a pr*ck who's spotty and specky."
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    A few of you might have come across it already, but we have an homage to David McGurn at Tell Him He's Pelé. The Witch.
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    "Mibbe if ye huv a jobbie, Martin, yer maw cin wipe yer arse fir ye, Martin."
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    The best song is clearly Pure Shoars.
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    A light tooling never done anyone any harm.
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