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    That's because you're rather dense.
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    Not as funny as when Rangers went bust.
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    Thought we played pretty well to be honest.
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    You define yourself by who you support? That is quite sad really. Who I support is a miniscule part of my life, what defines me are my experiences in life and how I have let them affect my ego. Supporting a football club is insignificant in the grand scheme of things, you should try opening your eyes, there's a magnificent world out there waiting to be discovered.
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    Jim Bowen should come out at full-time and goad the fans with images of a Swansea away trip.
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    Derek Riordan will be spinning in his grave.
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    Masterton deserves a hefty boot to the balls.
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    This. In a role reversal of these events it would be EXACTLY the same. They are mirror images of eachother and whilst the names would be different we'd still be hearing the same utter shit from the green versions of "Bhennett", "Bhendarroch" ,"Thedi" and other like minded denialists. Would be no less fun for us Uber diddies though.
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    I say we should be banned from Europe for at least 35 years and banned from the scottish cup for the next 589 years
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    This is some European Tour by Hibs, brilliant entertainment.
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    Big poster on side of the hibs stand.. Zero and seven, do these numbers mean anything to you.... Haha that'll be getting taken down in the morning
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    Our friends will be pondering what to post on P&B when they get hame the night - my guesses are: Malmo were class, and we gave them a standing ovation as they left the field; Hibs won't play teams of that class every week; Hibs will be strong enough to avoid a relegation struggle; Hibs are still showing signs of gradual improvement under Fenlon; Fenlon does well in cups - who else has led non Old Firm clubs to two consecutive finals? To be fair, the is some truth in some of the above, if indeed this is what they say. Still - six-scud at hame, though - ooft!
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    Donald Fagen - Ruby Baby
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    Siege mentality, defiance, cheap prices and guaranteed victories. A potent combo.
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    Na, GazFFC is a troll who deliberately tries to get a rise out of us. He usually fails but at least doesn't get too upset about anything Morton-related. Monkey Tennis on the other hand is genuinely upset that we don't care about him, and pounces on the Morton fans' posts as they genuinely infuriate him. Look at the three posts on this thread between full time on Saturday and his post. Nothing to write home about but he couldn't help but jump in feet first, such was the seethe at a good result for Morton in a game that mattered to the fans. I'd say there's more of a likeness between him and the Raith fan Andy C, another who absolutely despises the Morton fans on here to the extent that you feel it adversely affects his everyday life.
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    dif·fi·cult /ˈdifiˌkəlt/ Adjective Needing much effort or skill to accomplish, deal with, or understand. Danny Lennon would find it 'difficult' to define 'difficult'.
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    Lucky you didn't go ahead and do it in the style of a P&B tear stained resignation thread after all because you'd have to take a lot of stick when you turn up on Tuesday morning under a pseudonym and wearing a Highland League team's strip.
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    This thread is the equivalent of Chinese Democracy, or Duke Nukem Forever. Sorely disappointed, I must say.
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    You do love a bit of pedantry don't you Ted ? Whilst a moralistic angle is indeed present in the debate around your favoured teams' demise/reincarnation/duplication, I believe you fully understand the depth and breadth of feeling towards them....you nawty wee man Clubs across the country have (and some still are) gambling with their financial security by operating outwith their means in a bid to achieve success and, in doing so, recouping their money. Where your team is different from the no marks like Hearts, Dunfermline, Gretna, Livingston/Meadowbank and Dundee (Mk I & II) is that they won all these things by dubious practices and proclaimed themselves as worthy champions when the truth was they were anything BUT worthy. So you see Ted, when you are screwing the system and win honours (sic) it is far more insidious than a normal run-of-the-mill administration of a less "successful" club. Indeed I may be inclined to go further and suggest that other clubs' efforts to keep up with your,now proven, unaffordable, spending actually led to their current difficulties. The fact that businessmen perpetrated these failures with financial gambling/doping doesn't even flag up on your radar because you were too busy singing, drooling and clapping. Like you still do today. Who knew?
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    When The Whistle Blows is a brilliant lampooning of shit like Mrs Brown's Boys. I watched 5 minutes of Badults last night. Literally within 2 seconds of the opening credits I knew it was going to be insultingly dreadful. It was so bad that I genuinely considered suicide. Just for a nanosecond mind, and I instantly dismissed it as ludicrous, but Badults is shockingly awful. The laughter track alone must have taken up 97% of the budget. They would have been as well just playing the laughter track on repeat throughout the entire thing. It would be exceptionally irritating, but it might eventually make you lose your sanity and find it amusing. Not Badults, but the laughter track. Because no mental state known to man, or even the animal kingdom, can account for Badults being so shite. I'm pretty sure even plant life finds it offensive in how soul crushingly shit it is. I swear I saw a tree outside slowly move further and further away from my window when Badults was on. Badults makes me yearn for actual armageddon. I'm going to be out in the garden every night it's on with 15 vacuums turned towards to the sky in the vain hope of somehow sucking down a massive asteroid to smash into the planet and kill everything on it, just so we don't have to suffer the visual and aural atrocity of Badults. I think I'm genuinely being swayed towards murder, or at least some kind of truly despicable crime. I can rest easy knowing that no crime I ever perpetrate will be as bad as Badults.
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    New centre half, Michal Habai, snubbed a last minute move to The Rangers. So fu*king pleasing.
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    8 pints, 5 pints, 8 pints and 4 Sambucas, bottle of Tequila, 6 pints, 6 pints and a Cointreau and lemonade.
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    I can imagine the bbc article First club to represent Scotland in Europe banned for being total shi*e That's it I am away to support our East of Scotland team they could prob be promoted to the top league and competing before our senior team get a grip.
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    Nice. I never knew that. I found this, and with the late, great, Bob Crampsey introducing, you'll no doubt enjoy this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtnifBsyA-w
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    You can't see much European football these days being an Aberdeen fan.
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    It also allows me to substitute "me" in the chorus of that famous Aqua song. Something that I do every day, especially when particularly embittered proles with a chip on their shoulder can hear me, because I'm that much of a w**k.
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    Is it necessary to spend £200k on a player nowadays? Surely there's enough talent available on a free.
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    He didn't he said it was a "hypocritical bigot type post" and he was referring to this phrase; "I have no idea what drives them, guess its always been the way, part of the rearing process no doubt." He has a point.
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    Tell me you understand the fundamental difference between agreeing a CVA and being liquidated. A CVA doesn't mean you dumped the debt, it means you came to an agreement to repay it. A bit like your new company did to Hearts for the Templeton deal. Dundee therefore cannot be compared to Rangers. If you want a comparison see Third Lanark, Airdrieonians and Gretna. What happened to them?
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    Well, don't be sorry - just f**k off and don't bother me then, if I'm that unworthy, don't reply to my posts. Sometimes saying nothing says more about a person. You're obviously unable to stop yourself. Away back under a slimy rock, you fucking nobody. Spoken without a frothy mouth. Sent from the front seat of my yamaha, 600.
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    Personally, i think dvds like that are a waste of time. It is good for encouraging people to lose weight and they will by doong it. However, what happens at the end of it? Do you go back to the start? Do you just keep doing the last dvd constantly? My issue is that, although it is good for getting people, who may not usually be, active, at the end of the dvd they may lose interest as there is nothing to follow it up. So they lose all this weight by doing insanity and then put it back on when they dvd finishes and there is nothing to keep them motivated. It is the same with all these celebrities who lose weight. They then put a dvd out, which is great. But then they put it all back once it is over. There is a girl in my work i can relate this to. She was going to insanity every lunch and losing weight. Dvd has finished and now she has became lazy and doesnt really go
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    Carla proposing to Peter, wasn't expecting that. I liked his description of himself as a skint bigamist alcoholic bookie. Anna really has turned into an unpleasant person now. The looks she was giving Tim when he was telling Faye he was leaving were pretty nasty. No surprise to see Roy's way of coping is to research absolutely everything about the disease. Good to see him staying relatively strong.
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    :: swoon :: That must be you for the year.
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    Talking Heads - Psycho Killer
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    Disgracefully the Orkney and Shetlands constituency haven't had their vote reflected in the resulting government since 1945 - that's 68 years. What's your point caller?
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    Or like the sarlacc pit from Star Wars
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    I'm watching Knocked Up on itv2. I reckon it should have ended with the child being stillborn and it turns out they didn't need the baby to love each other after all. Sent from my GT-I9505 using Pie & Bovril mobile app
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