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    The world is a very different place since the Act of Union in 1707 and we no longer fear wars and trading is more open. As I believe government should be local and Westminster has not served the interests of the Scottish people the argument for the union comes down to our economy. I am not convinced our economy would be significantly weaker post independence and nothing has proven the great belief people have that 'England subsidises Scotland'. When people get into that argument I tend to find they have a severe lack of understanding of how the economy works and what a deficit actually is. EDIT: Basically it's about having a strong as possible local government without compromising the economy and I don't believe independence would
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    Just read through this entire thread and its given me the courage to finally talk about what I've been living through secretly for at least ten years. At high school I was really happy and had lots of friends and was popular, life seemed easier and when I was around 13/14 I started going around with a different group of friends more often. For whatever reason one or two of them conspired behind my back and made up lies about how I told someone not to fight back when one of them was fighting them. I was mates with this other person but this was an outright lie. Outside school I was attacked without warning by one of my so called friends and all the rest backed them up. For about three or four weeks I had to put up with abuse and my life was hell. I've always been quite quiet and didn't really respond and try to find out why and who did this. After I while they let me pal about with them again but it was never the same, they were quiet aggressive towards other groups who I used to be friendly with so there was slowly only one group I could hang about with. I went about with them after school for a while but looking back the friendship seemed toxic and when we were out I was always drinking loads and taking drugs to try and cover up this and stop me from being so quiet. It was around this time that I wised up and realised that the friendships were really one sided, apart from one or two friends. I started hanging about with them more but unfortunately they both left and joined the armed forces and I lost contact due to this and working shifts and weekends. I started to stay in at the weekends drinking heavily and stopping exercise, I guess it was then that my depression really stared. I went from one dead end job to the next. I ended up at the same place as one of the original group of friends and not only did he ignore me I noticed him laughing and talking about me with others at a table. Mind you by this time I was quite fat and I didn't really give a shit about my appearance. I also had to out up with a few ex friends pissed up at a football pub at was at with my old man and they started taking the piss. After the third company in a row shut down, a week after I finally got a full time contract, I managed to land my first decent job in over five years. I was determined to make a go of this job and really tried hard to get along with my new colleagues. Unfortunately my boss had other ideas and began a five year cycle of abuse and torment. Little by little I would again see colleagues turn against me for no apparent reason. I had no clue as to what was happening until I looked up a bullying site and it was almost like looking in a mirror. I started following their ideas and documented everything for over six months then as soon as I approached them about it they ran to hr and complained about me. I had to face the md and hr, who was basically the bullies friend, taking pot shots at me and calling me paranoid, even though I had written evidence and even one recording of them at it. I was told either to shut up or I would be sacked. After five years of this and it realising that it was making me ill I had to leave. Looking back it wasn't the jibes and put downs that were hurtful it was the outright lies and seeing decent people suddenly become enablers just to fit in and start the cycle of bullying. I did manage to tell one new start about what was really going on and the helped me immensely. I also had to get help from my family who helped me deal with it. I used to come home and just sit and feel terrible, sometimes I was close to tears and one day having tea with my mum and dad I just borked down and had to tell them about it. From this low I started exercising and lost three stone, I also stopped drinking pretty much. Despite me losing three stone the arsehole boss decided that it was just a baggy jumper. On top of this his sidekick left and I took on at least half of his tasks and did them well, despite getting abused and sabotaged. I managed to get out of there and moved into a new job and a new house. Unfortunately my new neighbours were weirdos and had a dispute with the previous owners and were still taking it out on me. I have had to suffer them banging about and complaining about stupid stuff since I moved in but recently it has got better. One day when I was again spending a Saturday night on my own I was watching a film and part of the plot was about death. I suddenly had a panic attack and realised that for the last ten years or so I have been locking myself away from society instead of facing up to what one or two arseholes have done to me over the years. I got back in contact with my original friends and little by little I managed to get back on contact. I sent a really heartfelt message to two of them, one of which was the person I suspected of lying all these years ago, and they completely ignored it. Eventually I managed to meet up with them and had a quite uncomfortable night at a concert where one of them openly said that they didn't want to sit near me and another tried to make out I was gay or something. Not all of them were like this though so I continued to try to prove myself with them despite this. This was around a year ago and I can count on one hand the times I have been out with them. I went out once or twice with work colleagues and had a much better time with almost complete strangers, I think this says it all. I think I need to speak to a professional about how to deal with the last ten years and maybe how to trust people again. I know that it was just bad luck but sometimes I get really introspective and down and start to think that somehow it must be me, like because I'm quiet and have decent manners that people just take advantage and walk all over me. Because of the bullying I can now see it coming a mile away and have nipped it in the bud straight away. I realise that people abuse others because they are insecure themselves and it is a sign of weakness. I have never been diagnosed for depression but I was incredibly withdrawn from society, apart from work and family for around ten years. Sometimes I feel angry and disgusted about why I let this happen but can't really talk to anyone about it. Part of me wants to be normal and go out every weekend but usually my negative side wins and tells me to stop trying to contact these people as you keep getting hurt, like some sort of self defence mechanism. I did actually think about physically attacking one of them as in my mind they were responsible for ruining a large part of my life. Maybe I do need to confront them, but why would any other friends care now? It certainly pisses me off and I think about it at least once or twice a day, every day. I'm guessing that this tone comes across in a lot of my posts on here. I just wish that I could flick a switch and stop thinking about it and find a decent group of people who can appreciate me for who I am, I get on fine with work colleagues but they all have their own lives and I am scared of opening up to them. I've thought about Internet dating etc but always feel like I'm not ready or perhaps someone would run a mile if a told them what I've been through. All I know is that since the panic attack I know myself that something isn't right with staying in and wasting more time. Sorry if this is a big read but I wondered what others might think about this situation. I don't feel suicidal or anything just constantly annoyed and this takes a lot of energy out of me and I get highs and lows as a result.
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    How funny would it be if someone came along and punched that dog in the face.
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    Too many puns now #notdece #forcingit
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    I didn't see it as a nazi jibe, but one his percieved delusio of indy supporters. Dunno what he;s on about interms of the SNP in the 30/40s though. I actually skip past a lot of you and Reynard these days - reminds me of the glory days of the Old Firm Forum!
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    Just woke him up to tell him that.
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    Hey you joined in. An alliance of bigoted half-wits. It's a beautiful moment.
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    with 10,496 posts, surely you disparaging P&Bers is like David Cameron lambasting 'them F***ing Tory B^st^rds'
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    I didn't like #dece to begin with but gave it a chance. Really is top bantz. Partick Decele.
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    Maybe he just misspelled fantastic?
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    I understand the process of liquidation of the RFC plc is still on going and probably will be for the next couple of years, much has to be unraveled such as what was Duff & Phelps role in the administration process and how does this will affect the liquidation process since the process of liquidation will be stop start likely due to future legal proceedings. It is possible that money is still tied up among the paper trails and holdings the previous company had under Craig Whyte and it could be messy and drawn out but very interesting all the same. All the same I'm sure the Rangers fans will still refer to the creditors as vultures even though that money belonged to the creditors in the first place. It was those creditors money that was misused by the likes of David Murray and Craig Whyte .......and got to laugh at this, Rangers fans money that was misused as well. Well you can't put a price on loyalty can you?
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    I thought they were failed social workers and failed lawyers, now they are just masquerading as them. Which is it?
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    I'd say I'm definitely more of lurker, but that is because I like to let people do the arguing for me. DANCE FOR ME PEASANTS!
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    After a lot of consideration I have officially changed my vote from undecided to yes. It may change back though.
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    My post was written in a red mist so couldn't imagine it being legible let alone agreeable You are spot on though, most people don't have that much of say in who they support, it's how they're raised. With my dad being a Rangers fan i was always going to be a Rangers fan, i've lived in numerous different places all with different football teams, what should i do then, change the team i support every time i move house? They deny it but it's quite simply jealousy, they don't like the OF as we win everything, they deny the jealousy and say it's because of a monopoly, a monopoly which started from both clubs being the most attractive and supported teams in Scotland. They bleat on and on about how unfair this is and accuse OF fans of not properly supporting their teams, supporting our clubs due to bigotry rather than a love of football. From my viewpoint they spend most of their time obsessing, bleating and crying over how successful the OF teams are, moaning about bigotry and basically anything other than supporting their own football teams. If they stopped trying to play the poor wee downtrodden victim card and started supporting their teams then maybe, just maybe they might be able to compete and become a successful football club. Bitterness and jealousy turns people into horrible creatures and i think there are just as many "diddy" team fans that get caught up in "All OF are bigoted c***s, yadda yadda" than there are OF fans that get caught up in sectarianism. I love diddy team fans that couldn't care less about the OF because they support their own teams. Others should learn from them.
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    Why are we talking about whether Reynard is a hypocrite when we could be talking about: Those are some pretty damn interesting headlines. Particularly like the first line in the Scotsman's article:
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    "Its is the equivalent of Hitlers bunker in here." Quote from Reynard, yet not a peep out of you. You should probably save your outrage for the Daily Mail comments pages, mate, it's full of hypocrites like you.
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    Only youth players. To get the senior players details you need to ask in the club shop.
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    robbie to spartans is something i've heard from a good source... and on an entirely seperate topic here is a picture of a huge tap!
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    If it turns out that this potential transfer talk has all been BS to get us to buy our season tickets early and we don't end up with McManus, Berra and Goodwillie by the end of the early bird sale period then frankly, I will be livid and will be taking the following actions. First, I will: Buy, drag, kindly invite over a Thai bride and get her to buy a season ticket. Second: I will then write a very strongly worded letter which shall start thusly, "Dear Thompson Jnr, ye tightfisted, slapheid b*****d" and will explain that I'm pure bloody raging about the conduct of the club and that I'll no be back ever again until Jim McLean is chairman once more. To prove it, I will include my season ticket with this letter. Third: I will use the wife's season ticket to continue going to matches. I'll also be jumping on any opportunity to go to hospitality like a homeless man on a packet of Monster Munch that still has a few crumbs left at the bottom, secure in the knowledge that I've made a stand and put Thompson in his place.* * This method was derived from the book, A Dummies Guide to Protesting by Fifespud.
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    The Byrds - Turn Turn Turn
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    Faith Hill ~ This Kiss
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    Johnny Russell worth more than your entire club. That's no fantasy.
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    Goodwillie will be a good move for player and club. He needs game time and utd get a quality player More promising than boulding and graham anyway
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    You people re ruining this. Shut the f**k up.
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    Normans getting angry again, as i said - he's not as smart as he thinks he is...
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    Absolute bawbag. How's that for you?
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    Hellboys dad is bigger than your dad ............... Plonker.
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    My 17 year old son is now insured to drive our car.yasss.no more taxis,minibuses or walking home after a night out.
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    Ah got it lol. Hope this is being cleared up soon. Begins to turn into a saga. Just let Livi show the papers (in public or to STV or any other media) then we know who is lying...Livi or Elliot
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    Why discuss it? Because: 1. It discredits the argument that Scotland would become an economic wasteland 2. It blows the "uncertainty" argument out of the water 3. It is a positive economic story, when all we ever hear is the negative. 4. To put a negative spin on it - the uplift appears to be due to the potential for independence. What if that were to fail? Would Scotland voting No cost jobs?
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    The stocks and shares expert role on here as already been filled by Hellboy. Find yourself another niche....
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    Come now, let's not de-rail this thread any further with a discussion on the merits of tabloids using "lie detectors" to try a man in the court of public opinion and just accept the fact that legally, and as a matter of principle, the man is innocent.
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    I'm quite annoyed we didn't get to see a pissed up GreatJon Umber swedging away with the 8 guys it takes to pin him down.
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    Suzanna Reid to cheer me up at the end of a nightshift...........
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    Nothing like easing yourself back into it! Fairly gentle 5 miles tonight. Feeling good. Might either try a hill or two or attempt some speed work tomorrow provided I still feel that way by the evening.
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    Echo and the Bunnymen - Killing Moon
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    I bet if the poll data wasn't so enormously discouraging that they'd be paying a lot more attention to it. What you describe is really the equivalent of refusing doggedly to look at the news of how the war is going, when fighting a skirmish with the enemy in your local trench. I met a few of the Yes Scotland campaigners in Falkirk High street a couple of weekends ago. They really are relentlessly positive and smiley. Reminded me of the Jehovah's witnesses. With blue t shirts.
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    Liam you first referred to the UEFA website trying to point out that Rangers weren't recognised, whereas Dunfermline wre. It was pointed out to you that UEFA do not record lower league clubs history on the website, that was shown as being correct to. You were then asked what official body has ever stated that this was a new club, once again you failed to address that question, quite simply because this has never been stated. Then you were asked,under a football context do UEFA recognise the history and continuation of SCC Napoli, a club that has went through the liquidation process. Once again you declined to answer the question,again simply because you know that UEFA recognise that clubs continuation, as it does every member club that has went through the same or similar process. Get used to it, Rangers Football Club is recognised by all official bodies as one and the same football club from 1872.
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    My last exam was yesterday. It wasn't great, but I can finally relax and enjoy my 3 month long summer before *hopefully* starting Uni in September. Got Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi and T in the Park all coming up in the next few weeks as well and before I know it, the football will be back. Pleasing/dece.
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    Appears that Lexi has previous with this type of statement
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    Deuce is Spanish for dece m8 #Muydeuce M. M. M. Deuce discoteca, EMO
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    Or indeed, anyone with any problem on any phone ever! Sent from my GT-P5110 using Pie & Bovril mobile app
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    Read back some of the posts on this thread and just look at how open and brave some people have been in talking about and discussing theirs and others condition. Maybe then you'll realise what an utter fucking dick you are.
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