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    Of course this article can be used to beat up the Sevco loyal, and have another laugh at their expense. However anyone with the slightest interest in either Scottish businesses or Scottish football must read this with feelings of total humiliation and frustration. That such a bunch of shysters and crooks should have been able to get their hands on such a significant Scottish business and football club is shameful. A stain on a nation. We can feel anger about what has happened since the man with 'wealth off the radar' appeared How the media experts played along with the fraud, the supporters who sucked in up in a totally unquestioning way, and the authorities who connived and colluded. Those laughed at and threatened from the Tax Case blog to P&B and Off the Ball have been the voices of sense and reason. Everyone else who has been involved or guilty of getting it wrong for so long and so often should acknowledge this. We can say we must make sure this type of thing never happens again, and people like Whyte, Green should never be allowed to run a football club, or hopefully any company ever again. But the best way to stop this, is to make sure we never create the opportunity for people like them to exploit the situation. So who created this one? David Murray is a standout, aided by Campbell Ogilvie who was in the cesspit up to his knees waving it through while pocketing the dosh (tax free), and of the course the SFA. A body which only matches its incompetence with its poisonous behaviour behind their closed doors. All projects that deliver any public money via the SFA must be terminated by the Scottish Government while they clean out the current brigade and bring in a new regime that is honest, capable and more concerned about Scottish football than being preoccupied by their own personal gain. Ogilvie goes first.
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    Right - I was in hospital, on the docs table, having what's known as a doppler test. This was the last test of two immediately prior to seeing the surgeon who was to tell me what and when my op would be. As this was going on, I wondered why the doc was leaning on my chest and asked as much. He wasn't leaning on my chest at all - my heart had fucked up again. Next thing I'm in another hospital in the casualty dept and just got out again last night. The problem that arose resulted from the underlying heart disease. I've also now learned that it's heart bypasses for me and, thankfully, not a transplant. However, they managed to get the test data they need and I'll now finally meet the surgeon who'll operate on me this coming tuesday and find out when he and his team will do that. A step closer to getting fixed up. Thanks again to all for both the encouragement and the humour - it really helps.
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    We had our dating scan yesterday, our second child is due on the 6th November I can't wait
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    That Whyte and Earley have apparently been raping pension funds comes as no surprise. What's really disgraceful is that articles like this are appearing a London based magazine. How inept are the MSM? Surely it's about time our fat doughnut eating, idle b*****d "investigative" journo's got off their arses and actually did their jobs. I don't believe there is any sort of conspiracy of silence. I just think the MSM are lazy b*****ds.
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    I can categorically assure you that no-one feigns boredom after reading one of your long posts.
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    According to a judge, not wearing a helmet lets drivers who kill cyclists get away with it. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-edinburgh-east-fife-22397918 This isn't a flippant remark. If some c**t deliberately tries to kill you on the road and you end up badly injured or worse, any claim to the Criminal Injuries Board will be reduced because you weren't wearing a helmet. Should rape victims who end up pregnant be castigated for not being on the pill?
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    Mate, my dad got a by pass about ten years a go and it was a new lease of life for him. He's as healthy as a horse and it really changed his life. Good luck with it. Hail Hail
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    The Rangers confirm their interest in Clark. http://www.rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/item/3890-mccoist-keen-on-clark I think this move has been pretty inevitable for a while. It's win/win for Rangers and Clark, but I don't think it's necessarily a lose situation for Queens either. Obviously 40 goals is a hard thing for any team to replace, but then we have scored more goals than a normal season (almost a record breaking amount), so it's not like a normal Queens side having to replace 40 goals. The word replace doesn't really fill me with any great fear anyway since Johnston has been so faultless in the players he has brought in. As it stands Clark has had one excellent season for us, and one incredibly poor season. There are obviously numerous other factors to be considered about why this is, but another player with a similar record instantly springs to mind - Derek Holmes. Clark will be remembered fondly because his poor season preceded the good one. Holmer did things the other way about though, and is sadly now some sort of hate-figure. There are several examples of players that have ripped the 2nd Division to shreds, and then looked mediocre in the 1st. Remember last season "The Moff" was going to single handedly win the league for Ayr? Despite potentially writing himself into the Queens record books, no-one has Clark as their Player of the Year, some not even featuring him in their top 3. There are still several aspects of Clark's game that require work (his hold up play and first touch are poor) and he is yet to prove himself at a higher level than the 2nd Division. It's very strange to feel this apathetic about a 40 goal a season striker. The East Fife game was probably a microcosm of his season, largely anonymous and then pops up with 2 goals! Age is on his side, and he will go into next season brimming with confidence, although that might soon disappear if he isn't featuring very regularly for The Rangers. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on his career with interest.
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    Superb. Stung by Hately's fine performance, Davie's bravely staking the claim of an earlier generation of Rangers players to talk unmitigated shite too. Manager of the Year? - I seem to recall Davie Wilson as the worst manager in Queens' entire history in the late 80s. He's very qualified to therefore comment on McCoist.
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    Sevco article from 'City Slicker' in Private Eye. Crooks charter.
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    It's a vigil, just as they would want. Seriously all the best on the "orange two for one Tuesday " Post your candles here, it may p them off but it will put a smile on their thin grey lips.........
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    I'm really not looking forward to tomorrow's episode tbh. The trailer for it just made it look pants to me. The fact Lady Vastra and Jenny are back is massively contributing to my lack of excitement towards this episode. I really could not stand them in A Good Man Goes To War and they were a contributing factor towards my hating of the last christmas special. I'm dismayed that they have somehow become popular tbh. Anyone who has ever called for them to get a spin-off should receive a lobotomy. With a hammer.
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    Judd Trump is undoubtedly a total fucking chopper.
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    Don't be a twat. The_Kincardine is one of the best posters on this thread.
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    Best version of that new Armin song is the Giuseppe Ottaviani remix IMO.
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    Your lack of wanting to know is even more bizarre
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    Adam just choked on his beer at the mention of Hayley's shipshape Woody.
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    I can pretty much guarantee that Allan Johnston demands, and gets, more from his players every week than McCoist does. That would certainly be one of the downsides to a move for Nicky, he would be working with a far inferior manager
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    Oh, it's dealt with. I'm just perfectly clear now that you've no right to be taken remotely seriously, or be treated with an ounce of respect.
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    Looks like Green was going to sack McCoist Quote If Rangers win the SPL or the Scottish Cup by the end of 2020, I'll issue a grovelling, personalised apology to each and every Ted on P&B that requests one. On a scale of probability, I'd say that Hibs winning the Scottish Cup or Not-Celtic winning the league are considerably more likely, largely because most Not-Celtic teams aren't absolute financial and sporting train wrecks in the way that Rangers currently are.
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    Two things we've learned from County's resident right-back today: 1) Croatian driving licences don't work in the UK, and 2) footballers don't always dress to the left. Oh, sweet, sweet Kova. Ohh yeaaaaaaaah.
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    Its 11 SFL clubs who were pissed off at the vote taken by the SPL last week so have resigned from the SFL to join said SPL they are pissed of at
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    The somersby cider advert "I've downloaded?" No you've had a sip of possible shit cider, this advert has successfully put me off ever buying that brand
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    Aye Gary Naismith will be signing for us. Believe it when I see it
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    "Yaaay maccydees 4 tea tonight" "Omg wrong order, how can u fuk up so fukn badly" "Trying mcd's again tonyt, betta no fuk up" "Fukn Mongs 4got ma ketchup, lick ma manky ring"
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    The Spencer Davis Group - Somebody Help Me
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    David McWilliams - Days of Pearly Spencer
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    Saved ma last Greenie for ya SHULL eta I had to delete one of yer smilies to get mine in.
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    Who gives a f**k what you think you celtic fud
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    There's really no need to go starting a blog in order to tell stupid lies Bennett.
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    It would be politically damaging for the SNP to come out in favour of a new currency. Imagine the opportunities that would give the unionists to stoke up the hysteria about changing currency when visting your auntie, etc. Its not in the Yes campaign's interest to paint independence as any more of an upheaval than necessary. For most people all a separate currency represents is extra hassle with no immediately visible benefits. Those debating monetary policy are living in an ivory tower: sure its an important issue, but the political factors far outweigh your economic concerns which are of negligible interest to the wider electorate.
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    All my exxes live in Texas Texas is the place I wanna beeee All my exxes live in Texas Thats why I hang my hat in Tennessee. Love K-rose. Sent from my GT-I9300 using Pie & Bovril mobile app
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    K-Rose is underrated. I love to feel the rain on my face, taste the rain on my lips.
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    It's a strange set-up from what I can gather. The club virtually had four back-to-back promotions from the bottom of division of the Northern Alliance League into the Northern League. They played from the old Carlisle Rugby League ground next to main West Coast Railway line. Then there was a massive fall out with the landlords who were the Railway Club IIRC and I can't remember if it was their first or second season in the Northern League but they were locked out of the own ground on health and safety reasons for about six months and had to play all their home games away. It ended up in the courts and it was some lawyer who followed another Northern League club took their case on and won it. I went to their first home league game when they joined the Northern League, an August Bank Holiday Monday fixture against Whitehaven and I was amazed how small the crowd was. Their support is paltry to say the least and I'm surprised at that because I thought they might have attracted a few fans with Northern League football on offer to a few curious United fans when the big team were playing away or not playing but it just hasn't seemed to take off which is strange. There are no other English non-league teams within 20 miles of Carlisle so I'm surprised it hasn't caught on. It's rumoured they are one of the top four payers in the Northern League this season. They have been signing some pretty high profile players from the North East so I'd safe it's safe to say they won't be travelling regularly across the A66 and A69 for just the picturesque journey. They do seem extremely ambitious but with such minimal support you can't help but think why and where it's going to end. The club don't appear to have entered this season's F.A Cup or F.A Vase which is strange. There has been some stand-off regarding the threat of legal action regarding posts about on them Nonleaguezone forum. I'm not really sure what's that's all about. They got a lot of support on there from fans of other clubs when they were locked out of Gillford Park but it appears as though someone may have took umbrage about comments regarding funding and it's progressed from there. The rumour regarding a ground share with Gretna is that the FA won't sanction it because it's in Scotland. Their current ground is decent but with them applying for promotion to the EvoStick League but I'm not sure if it's up to the standard.
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    They genuinely look like the worst people on Earth.
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    This is a brilliant thread, I'm delighted to have discovered it. There's a guy I used to work with who I'm friends with on Facebook. He's a simple man with simple pleasures and his timeline is nothing more than observations about St Johnstone, Liverpool, how well he's played at fives, what he's had for dinner (or a "munch" as he calls it accompanied by a picture) and if anything interesting's happening at his work. He's an irritant, but you can forgive him. His gran passed away recently. A sad affair for any young man to bear, but the number of status updates about her death has reached Diana-esque proportions. On the day she passed over, he put three updates: the first was how she was the strongest person he knew; the second was the last thing she said to him; and the third was about how she died the same day as Maggie Thatcher. It appears as though he'll show off how much he's grieving for his gran at any opportunity. He has changed his name on Twitter to "RIP Gran 1923-2013" (I don't follow him but he responded to one of my tweets) and also got a tattoo to celebrate her memory. Check out this monstrosity: When he put up the picture, one of his friends wrote "Hahahahahahaha", a fair response to such an awful tattoo. Thi led to his father and his girlfriend saying the guy was "scum" and would "rot in hell" for making fun of it. There's far too many thick people on the internet.
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    Looks like a cross between the boy from the Fine Young Cannibals and that polisman that Moaty shot in the pus.
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    Mate, I've got a big bank account, drive a nice car, wear GANT polo shirts around the house and have the option of doing 1 of 3 placements around the UK, which'll make my CV look fucking dynamite. I'm fucking brilliant right now - I couldn't give a f**k which ex-techy college I roll into whenever I can be fucked.
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