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    If it's of any consolation, we were much happier when Rangers died.
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    This weekend I've had a birthday, a win on the Grand National and yesterday I saw Queens win a cup. Now this. I just need a Euromillions win and a bl*wj*b from Mila Kunis to complete the set.
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    Looking forward to lots of people making dicks of themselves on social media about this.
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    I heard Charles Green is trying to buy her history.
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    You can criticise Thatcher and her policies without being a total cunt about it though. You can "not mourn" people without being a tasteless disrespectful twat of a human being with gifs and grave dancing. People talk of hating her for the inhumanity of her premiership. What kind of greater humanity does celebrating the death of an elderly woman afford? Surely we're better than that? Surely the best riposte to inhumanity is to behave like we'd expect the compassionate and caring society to do so.
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    A horrible, anti-social bitch. Many people's lives were badly affected by her right-wing ideology and some whole communities torn apart. I don't believe in an afterlife, but if there were one she would go straight to hell. All her sympathisers on here can go f*ck themselves too.
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    Outside her london home amongst the flowers
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    Whether you agreed or disagreed with her politics, there's no question that Thatcher presided over one of the most difficult periods of British peacetime history. Structural economic chaos of the '70s, the death of the post-war consensus beginning, let's remember, *before* she took office, when Callaghan committed Labour to monetary controls, and increased global pressures: the plight of the most vulnerable cannot be said to be said to be solely of her making, independently of these conditions. If the UK was to avoid terminal national decline, that old system needed wiped out. It took its causalties, and no government is perfect. Many things could and should have been done differently. That much is true. But you need only look at the modern world and to see that even the likes of China explicitly acknowledge the huge creative and innovative benefits of participating in a market in which you are competitive. Such a system, of a property owning democracy, can and does empower those across the spectrum to pass on a better legacy than they received, even if it has its blind spots. Andrew Marr said a few years ago that we were, like it or not, rebel or not, the children of Margaret Thatcher. He was right. But we're not children any more. All of the children of Margaret Thatcher are now adults. Let's stop being the rebellious teenagers and use her passing as an opportunity to take responsibility for our own path in politics. We don't have to define ourselves as for or against her to take the right decisions for the 21st century. We live in a time where it is not just the UK that is in decline, but the traditional global dominance of Europe itself. We have to take control of our own political future and we do that best not by looking back, but by looking forward to the potential of a better tomorrow.
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    If it hadn't been for Maggie we would all be speaking Argentinian now.
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    You think this thread should be closed? Like Rangers FC are? Make believe? The administration led to Rangers FC going into liquidation. A brand new club pretending to be Rangers has started out in the Third Division? That is beyond any of our wildest dreams... and its REALITY! You're not Rangers anymore!
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    All this "don't speak ill of the dead" stuff is just guff. When a powerful political figure dies its downright dangerous to only allow praise. You cannot allow history to be whitewashed because of some ill-founded idea that the dead are immune from criticism. Those people who say we should show respect for Thatcher should maybe try showing a little respect for the people whose communities and lives were destroyed by Thatcher and her policies.
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    i dunno, Germany gave their steel and car-making industries limited subsidies during the hard times and managed to keep them alive to this day. The result is that they are still a big exporting nation with healthy heavy and medium industries who make good cars, while we are fucked and struggle even to attract call centres these days.
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    Please do not assume that 'younger people' don't know about Thatcher. Her legacy lives on, their families will likely have suffered and told them and you never know they might actually be interested in politics. I was born in the 80's so clearly won't have felt what she did like someone born in the 60's but despite not having the full experience I am fully aware of what she has done. Others will be as well.
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    Spot on Granny. The youngsters probably are all on hearsay and stories from older family members about "that wummin" and all that. I was young at the time when the first recession was about. My old boy played the game, lost his business and we were fucked. I remember the sole of my shoe coming off playing football and having to go to school the following day in wellies as we were struggling to keep a roof over our heads as he was on the dole. My grandmother had to buy my shoes as our cupboard was bare. This was the Four million out of work days (seasonally adjusted to 2.4 million or some such shit). You can point to the mining communities that never recovered. You can point to the steel industry that was sacrificed on ideological grounds. You can point to the Poll tax or the deregulation of the City that has fucked us over now, thirty years later. I have never been so poor in my life as we were then. I'm glad she has gone.
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    nah, not really. you can argue long and hard about how the industires affected should have done more to modernise, more to realise that rationalisation was inevitable, more to future proof their own industries. No one is saying that Arthur Scargill wasn't an idiot who doomed his own industry to a fight they couldn't win. The salient point though is, that for whatever problems the industries had, Thatcher's solutions were worse. If she was a doctor, and you had a problem with an ingrown toenail, her solution would be to amputate at the ankle. ... and that's before you get onto the whole poltiical ideology and culture she helped advance in this country, the one we are living with today.
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    Died of a stroke eh? Could she have begun to lean to the left in her final hours?
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    It wasn't just the miners she shafted. When she was in power, I worked for the MOD and she even shafted her own employees, the Civil Service. She was determined to attack the unions wherever they were, as she saw them as a threat to the power of government. She had no scruples, and didn't care who got hurt by her actions. I hope we never see her like again. I've always regarded her as an arrogant b*****d,.
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    Both liked to f*ck miners.
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    I like your sig. The Badge on the front of the JerseysIs more important than the names on the back of course, wee diddy teams in the Irn Bru leagues don't have names on the back
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    That's Christianity fucked then..
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    The good thing is she gave life's failures someone to blame everything on.
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    That's right, because to recommend not reducing oneself to basest levels is obviously to support the Conservatives.
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    Give up mate. I've tried this logical thing of saying that if they want titles to endure, they must accept penalties; or if their debt free, they must accept that it's a whole new enterprise. They just are so used to getting precisely what they want, that they can't even recognise the point. They're Oldco for good stuff; Newco for bad. They really do want to have and eat cakes.
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    Sorry guys & gals, bit behind the news over here. Just seen the 9pm news and the mention Maggie is dead. The report went on to say, within a little tribute, "Margaret Thatcher, during her reign as Prime Minister, devastated the country of Scotland, this now look like the people of that nation will vote for Independence in the year 2014" The world is looking .
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    To me what she did to heavy industry was not what bothered me most. It was her policies which caused the gulf between rich and poor. Bobby Murdoch summons it up nicely. She encouraged greed; get rich quick;short termism and a winner takes all society. It was inevitbale we were going to end up where we are today. The media and general population always try to blame it on foreigners during bad times when really its the really unhealthy gap between rich and poor.
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    I'm celebrating because I seen a good chunk of my family, tradesmen, chucked out of work. I'm celebrating because many people within my family were left with f**k all. Take your righteous shite elsewhere, because I simply don't give a shit.
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    I was born in 1984, so technically I'm too young to give a crap - except that you can't help but be affected by her policies. It didn't jsut stop when she elft office: The neo-liberal fantasies she put in place are still with us. The de-industrialsed regions and broken communties, the centralising of all growth on the city of London and the squandering of the north sea reserves to cover that growth. All these things occured on her watch, and were enabled by later governments. She helped define a social and economic epoch that we are still living through.
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    Interesting approach to reporting the news in different regions. BBC Network news all sombre. Reporting Scotland starts with Sally McNair stating that "We have Scottish reaction to the death of the woman who introduced the poll tax".
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    Breaking news, ATOS have passed her fit to work.
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    "Ding dong the witch is dead" only 79p on iTunes spread the word try and get it to weekend number one!
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    Tell you what then - you quote my entire post. To do otherwise is misleading. I quoted your entire post, but not until after you'd had ample time to realise your error and address it. To then accuse me of relying on false data was, frankly, hilarious - if you wanted to find out how many titles each team had won, would the Primeira Liga entry not be the first (but not the only - cross-check always!)port of call? It's fairly obvious the Porto entry has been "massaged" in such a way as to make them appear more successful than Benfica. As to my feelings for the two Glasgow clubs - on a sporting level I despise them equally - although there is obviously a somewhat deeper loathing of an "institution" which believes I am a second-class citizen. Pretty natural, really. I don't suppose many Jews voted for the Nazi Party. Sporting considerations, however, pale into insignificance beside the uncovered cheating, lying, arrogance, and complete lack of humility from rangers and their fans in the last year. This is a forum post, not a full-length book, but you know exactly what has gone on, who the victims are, and who came out of the whole shitstorm claiming "debt-free!", "same club", and "54 and counting!" (or is that 55 now? Oh yes, you're counting that one, you said). A shameless odyssey of lies, legal technicalities, abandonment of creditors, stealing from the taxpayer - and none of it rangers' fault. Seriously, Tedi, they make me sick to my stomach - and I really have to question the moral compass of anyone, no matter how long they've follow followed, trying to defend them. Up until they went tits up, a case could maybe have been made for them to be allowed to continue as they were. After the behaviour of all concerned - and I'm only going on what has already been confirmed - that any kind of team is still playing at ibrox is a national disgrace. Business as usual, then, according to the late Mr Archer.
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    IDS claims she's still fit for work.
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    There are simply not enough reaction gifs on the Internet.. Let's just remind any of those giving her plaudits, this is a woman who masterminded a £57 billion (yes, billion!) transfer of wealth from the public to the private sector in just one decade.
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    Screwed the working classes to the end - I had her last year in a double with rangers. f**k the State Funeral - there's a load of empty holes in Yorkshire we could drop the bitch into.
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    Saville and now Thatcher. Great 12 months for minors.
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    f**k that evil c**t right in the c**t. Horrible person who I hope rots in hell.
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    Apparently she's not dead, it was just the holding company that runs her....
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    Fleetwood Mac ~ The Chain
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    Thatcher has you all rattled.
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    The days under Wilson, Callaghan and Heath were all great though. Let's not forget that, when the unions dominated, things were amazing.
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    If anyone is near Tranent right now I'd appreciate it if they could go round to my dads grave and tip a glass of Glenffidich over it ,he always said he wanted that when Thatcher died.
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    People thinking the hashtag #nowthatchersdead means Cher's dead. How thick do people get?
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    Could have swore I heard someone shout 'YAS!!' at my work there...
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    Well , what can I say. I will treasure everything about today until the big man comes calling . Love this town , love these supporters and love this team of ours .
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