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    Damn there goes my PS3 session tonight, bear baiting it is then.
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    I don't see why so many who are anti-Rangers are getting all wound up about the legal costs of the SPL Commission. The Commission already stated that the inquiry was about the operating of the club from the old company,The Rangers Football Club,Public Limited Company,nothing at all to do with the new company operating the club,The Rangers Football Club Limited. It's all there in the summation from the Commission and it seems that the SPL have shot themselves in the foot with this. So the way i read it is this; every club that is a member of the SPL,that will be the 12 that play in the SPL,is a shareholder of that league and may well have to pay up in equal terms to clear this cost. If that's the case then that's even more pleasing to add to the fact that our titles remain in the record books. Quite how the inhabitants at the piggery in the east end of Glasgow will feel about that i'm not quite sure,a bit annoyed perhaps.
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    Its an emotional decision. And it isn't my only reason for independence, I've provided reams of other reasons in the past. But one reason is that I believe that my country (Scotland), should have control over its own destiny, just like, say, Ireland or Germany has. What kind of justification do you expect me to provide for what is an emotional reason? I believe that we're a nation, and as a country, we should have control over our destiny. I want to see us representing Scotland on the world stage, not representing Britain, which is a state that I see as a foreign country. We are not Yorkshire, we are Scotland. As far as I'm concerned, that is enough of a reasoning for me.
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    I just googled to find an alternative definition for 'nation state' and ended up registering for a forum-based political roleplay game. And I'm still having a more productive day than all of you.
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    So, what is the point of all this? Some people want Scotland to become a sovereign state, this is the more technical term that everyone and their dog understands when, on the ballot paper it says ' should Scotland be an independent country' Everyone gets that. Moreover, while the function of independence is to bring about a system of governance that meets the specific needs of our nation (by functioning as a state - or independent country) it is not surprising that many, in a country (or state, or nation, or whatever) often thinks of itself through a prism of left wing poltiics should see indy as a short cut to bringing about a more social democratic future, and given that the high profile right wing voices are all contemptuous of the idea of independence, there is no one really to challenge the notion that indy should be about the construct that allows a new politics to flourish, rather than being aobut one specific form of political thought. So what, really, is everyone arguing about?
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    Mott The Hoople - All The Young Dudes
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    Ah yes - legality, history, political studies, economics...all those dusty academic studies that hold absolutely no relevance for our brave leader of the people. Seriously, this is poor, poor stuff xbl, and all you've succeed in is showing how utterly intransigent you are when faced with the little niceties like how you actually frame your points of reference. You expect Scotland to take its place in the EU without words and their definitions mattering? You think that those in positions of legal authority and political power will just say, "oh aye, I see what he means right enough"? Look, maybe it's worth pointing out that the 99% understand the concepts and what they want, but it will be, as it is always is, the 1% who will decide exactly how this will work to make you realise that your "common man" schtick might divert the conversation on a football message board, but it will never, ever mean a damn thing when push comes to shove on this. Law, politics and power all depend on semantics, they all depend on debate and argument, and most importantly, agreed definition.
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    Ad Lib...Ive been supporting independence for Scotland for as long as I can remenber, I've voted for the one party, (SNP) all my days as they were the only viable party who would ever have been in a position to deliver it (as we are now), Ive being doing this since you were running about sucking a dummy tit and wearing nappies, so please dont fall out of school and land in Uni thinking you are in any position to tell people what Independence means, because it means a lot of different things to a lot of different people
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    And this is precisely why, if the independence camp want to win, they have to stop the groupthink, which Better Together will largely get away with. "Cause we're a nation m'kay" short-circuits the best justification for independence. Indeed not only is it unpersuasive to people who don't consider nationhood particularly relevant to the question, it might actually be actively off-putting to those who identify with a British nation and perceive Scottish independence as an attack on their sense of being. Now of course that second group are wrong about the existence and nature of that threat, but to prove them wrong and to make them RECEPTIVE to the instrumental arguments of benefit of independence we actually have to reject the nationalistic reasoning, even civic nationalism, of the SNP and of the xbl "m'kay" mentality. We have to show them that governance exists independently of national identity and sense of belonging, and that governing institutions relate to political, not cultural, communities. We have to show them that Scotland is a better political community because of its capacity to deliver democracy in its structures in ways that Westminster can't or won't. We have to show that it will be better able to give communities control over their affairs. We have to show that it better serves things like the defence and international interests of the communities that are pooling together resources to form that state in the first place. These are the fundamental questions. That's why the constitution matters on independence. That's why local democracy matters. That's why it's not about the Scottish nation. If you think that it's predominantly or only about nation, then you really don't understand the question. There isn't an inherent moral claim to a certain basket of rights and responsibilities for sovereigns states, let alone nations. Their claims are instrumental, to more fundamental values, and that essential truth calls for a more nuanced debate about what this question really asks us.
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    "You'll have to speak up, I'm wearing a towel."
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    http://www.tvandfilmreview.com/2013/04/01/game-of-thrones-s03-e01-valar-dohaeris/ I write my reviews on Game of Thrones on our main website now. Have a look if you're interested.
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    It's reasonable in its definitions but it misses the point that nobody cares. In the context of an independence debate it's deeply clear what 'independent country' means.
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    I expect they will just hand the buckets of cash over to the visitors on those days!
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    Homer shows off one of his inventions.) Homer: Now, here's my everything's okay alarm! (Alarm beeps loudly) Homer: (Shouting) This will sound-- (Alarm beeps loudly) Homer: --every three seconds-- (Alarm beeps loudly) Homer: --unless something isn't okay! (Alarm beeps loudly) Marge: (Shouting) Turn that off, Homer! (Alarm beeps loudly) Homer: (Shouting) It can't be turned off!
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    They are indeed right here. In this thread. In their entirety.
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    The Doors - Riders On The Storm.
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    Mastertons' middle name isn't Kyle by any chance ? I fully intend to get to one of Dunfermlines last three home games by way of support - Raith scarf included ! Just don't ask me to buy a pie
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    But it's only "going on" with a few hand-wringers. In the context of the independence debate, nobody cares about this. I don't think this can be denied. Everyone involved knows what "independent country" means in the context of a referendum. Those suddenly convinced that this is a Really Big Deal that Totally Matters would do well to look at opinion polling regarding the public's priorities. "Precise definition of country" is conspicuously absent from literally every poll carried out to date on this subject. Outside of this thread and a few well-fed newspaper columnists, nobody cares about this. At all. Because it's not an issue, and everyone knows exactly what "independent country" is shorthand for.
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    There is no argument. It is purely a display of pseudo-intellectual snobbery.
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    Bob & Marcia - Young, Gifted And Black
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    It's been a great season and for all those running Morton down for falling away/failing, if you're not closer to us than we are to Thistle, please observe my middle finger. Our squad was built for a tilt at the title and it's credit to the chairman, the manager and the squad that we'll either do that or be agonisingly just short. Morton do have to figure out how best to run the club and where we are heading to, and to try for the SPL title this season was to go for the quick fix. I think we need to build now and the recent establishment of a decent youth set up and community engagement is a great first step. We're very fortunate to have a Chairman who loves the club and has sunk a fair chunk of his own money to keep us afloat. Scottish football as a whole has deep rooted issues to address, more and more clubs look like they may go to the wall, and it's turning into a self interested battle to be amongst the last ones standing. I hope my club is one of those to remain and this season gives me hope that we will be.
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    http://www.skybluestalk.co.uk/threads/29164-Pressley Poor b*****ds.
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    The Beautiful South - You Keep It All In
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    Despite what the university politics clubs would have you believe social demcracy, the NHS and the welfare state are consensus issues within Scotland and Scottish civic society.
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    And at what point do you dull lawyer types accept that I, like 99% of people, dont care about your pointless nuances? They simply arent important to the average person.
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    Quite right. And that is why the debate rages throughout Scotland. About whatever you just said.
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    I have to be honest, I find the historical status of geographical regions to be irrelevant. If Westminster was working for us, I'd be all for the union - but it isn't and as a result I would rather Scotland was independent than maintaining the status quo. I would however also be in favour of independence for London or any individual region (eg. Cornwall, hell even Yorkshire if they want it!) who wants to take back control of their own affairs. The fact is, we are discussing whether a bit of land stretching from Wick to Gretna and its surrounding islands that is known culturally as "Scotland" should become an independent country. The fact it historically was an independent nation before really doesn't have any bearing on the future but the fact it was will inevitably play on the identity and the emotions of the electorate. The two things really shouldn't have any bearing on the debate - but sadly it will.
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    Correct! His first game in interim charge at Cappielow is the only game he hasnt won and even that was a game we blew due to Murrays stupidity on two counts (the penalty and the sending off) In our last 11 games we have had 10 wins and one draw which is an incredible performance from the players Archies record P 9 W 8 D 1 L 0 F 24 A 4 PTS 25
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    Rumble 2000 for sure. Wrestlemania... take your pick from VII, VIII, X, X-7, XIX, XX, 21, XXIV, XXVI.
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    So Scottish footballs premier derby game will be the Highland Derby? Pleasing.
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    Yes, but I thought we were going to stick to talking about football?
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    The cold is a diddy disease: man the f**k up. If it were bad AIDS then you may have had reason for complaint.
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    In tears every time I watch this.
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    An amazing moment. That man could bring peace to the Middle East. I was sickened at Eileen's attitude regarding the apology. It seemed as though she wanted to get it out of the way and felt a quick word would sort it, despite the hideous error of judgement she'd made. Surprised that Karl didn't grab a handful of Stella's backside when they started to snog there. Or maybe it's only Sunita's peach that floats his boat. Anybody know what George Michael's real name is?
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    Oh, a zinger! I'm off to kip - can't compete with this level of verbal gymnastics.
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    Really? How do you know and why do you care? I could never imagine about making a post regarding Celtic's finances. I really do not give a f**k. Whereas you Rhabids feel it's important to discuss Rangers. Why do you even bother? Why are we so important to you?
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    Well done County. Hope to join ya'll up there Tremendous achievement.
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    The Old Course was awesome today. I couldn't believe how good the greens were for 1st April. They were soooo slick (probably about 11 on stimp) and soooo smooth. I was round in 74, which I am really happy with, especially as the course was playing it's full length for yellow tees. Highlights were a birdie on the 1st, an eagle on the 5th (bizarrely, this got me a half with my friend who I was playing with who also got an eagle), and a birdie on the 18th. The 18th was playing into the wind which, together with the flag being right at the back of the green, meant that I nailed a driver and still left myself with a 4 iron into the green. The road was well out of reach off the tee today, even for the longest hitters. I hit the 4 iron to 30ft and left myself a downhill putt with 5ft of break from left to right. I was probably more likely to 3-putt than 2-putt, but I took my time reading it, struck it where I wanted to and it dropped in the hole dead-weight. An absolutely perfect moment that I will remember forever.
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    A quick Google search would reveal that, for 2012, China (and Hong Kong) owns 8.1% of the US's national debt. US individuals and institutions own 30.4%.
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    The principle that people shouldn't get state support for houses with more rooms than they need, in order to ease pressures on housing stock for those on the waiting lists, is a fairly sound one. Indeed Labour introduced something very similar for those claiming housing benefit to live in private rented accommodation The problem is the way they're actually implementing it leads to absurd results, and takes insufficient account of the actual size of rooms.
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    Makes you wonder what Masterton was going to do with the share money? Another visit to Switzerland? Is that where he took the season ticket money and early parachute payment from the SPL?
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    After the misery of watching our national football side recently it`s just great to watch and support a guy who for all the frustrations he can cause us is a truly world class sportsman. Long may he continue to both torment and delight us.
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    The look of shock when you realise just how short Chris Evans is in real life.
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    I'm currently editing a thesis for a student, and I've just caught myself writing "be very specific" in response to an unsupported statement. Damn you P&B.
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    Are they a Guns 'n Roses tribute band?
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    1 title push in 20 years even though the owner throws cash at the team and now they think they are johnny big bollocks. Know your place Morton, know your place.
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