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    Winning at Hampden is fucking great.
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    Is there not eventually an event horizon whereby any sane, reasonable Sevco fans decide that this new club just isn't worth the bother, leaving the club to be supported by the type of thicko's who fall for the breathtaking "SEVCO ARE THE MASTER RACE, ALL GLORY TO THE MASTER RACE, JOIN US AND YOU WILL BE REWARDED, ATTACK US AND YOU SHALL BE CRUSHED BETWEEN THE MIGHT OF THE ORANGE AND BLUE WAR MACHINE" propaganda now (officially!) coming out of Ibrox. Officialy! Not even some crazy fan group or the slaverings of Leggo but official stances of the company itself, ffs! I mean I'd be mortified if Thistle were serving up the utter shite in official club statements coming from Traynor at the moment. Ah well, don't worry though, at least on the pitch you've got superstars like Fran Sandaza, without "paying overinflated wages" against semi-professional clubs.
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    It explains why they'll get 17,500 more tickets than Celtic
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    There were many Rangers supporters dissatisfied with Murray for a variety of reasons and many more openly skeptical and abrasive on Whyte. Looks to me like you're talking complete shite again.
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    Traynor is already showing his worth to all of us who are part of The Rangers Family. I have a photo of his fat phisog (does anyone still use this word and how does one spell it?) stuck on the door of my fridge as a warning to my weans about too much snacking.
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    A letter to trading standards would sort that rogue out Stoney.
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    So yesterday we got £200k for Mark Stewart ( ) and now today Chris Smith is away back to Ayr until the end of his contract. What a fucking brilliant last few days.
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    EH ? WTF ! what planet are you on Tedi ? the graph I showed is from Rangers official website and was updated today from yesterday clearly showing RIFC shares dropping.In just over a 5 week high of 93p they have plummeted 16p to an all time low of 77p that's around 20%.I see there's been recent activity from the hive today selling blocks of shares to each other to up the value their desperation knows no bounds. Now let's look at Celtic's shares over the last 3 months you numpty ! they are worth far far more now than they were 3 months ago after a spike in January. Now Tedi if you notice Celtics shares have went from 38p up to a whopping 56p excluding the spike so it's fair to say if I bought Celtic shares in November 2012 I'd be looking at a 50% return in my investment So in your haste again to shoot me down you've made a cnut of it and left looking stupid as usual Celtics shares are running at a huge profit over the past 3 months.
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    I'd hazard a guess at yur burd!
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    I don't think him joining Sevco in an official capacity was the tipping point for anyone concluding he's a c**t.
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    Herald article today: Rangers condemns attacks over debt Rangers FC has condemned "malicious" attacks on its future in a row surrounding a proposed winding-up order from an investment firm over a £400,000 debt. I have to say, I preferred the days when the press used to refer to "malicious attacks" as "our own factual news reporting". Still, if we're now allowing Jim Traynor to change the word "news" to "malicious attacks", did anybody see the malicious attacks about Findus horse pancakes in the malicious attackspaper this morning?
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    Scarlett Johansson, 'I shot JR guy' from Father Ted and Kirsten Dunst.
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    No.....its a new brick but it does retain the history and any previous achievements as part of its former structure. The old brick, previously bought is liable for the previous purchase price paid.
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    That's some statement. The Rangers surrounded on all sides, a cynical media, deliberate campaign of misinformation being waged against them, a repetition of the possibility of sinister forces at play. He even mentions a schism within the Rangers' supporters! I predict that in his next statement, Herr Traynor will officially reveal details of the Revenge Weapons which will be unleashed against Rangers' enemies and will utterly destroy them. Chuckle, Chuckie über alles!
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    Here we go again - on P&B all day, every day. Desperately pretending to work and not get sacked for spending all my life online. Perhaps a fighting fund for those sacked due to excessive P&Bing should be started now The The Sevco have started a new chapter in merryment giving.
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    Sanchez would have sent the text to the wrong person. Interceptions everywhere
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    Kilmarnock face winding up order, its Armageddon for Scotland and the end of football north of the border. Newco face winding up order, it's because they're just sooOOooOo succesful. GTF
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    I know your new here m8, did nobody tell you not to mention the "Hoose". Tis punishable by " brick through windae" you're not safe even in Ayr. PS that's not a valentines brick. They cost 1 weeks DLA.
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    I'm not pissing on anyones chips, but the Rovers take a kiosk to sell tickets on two afternoons and the business plan pays off, GM must be the worst non rent boy in history.
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    Want another go at trying to get his name right? I realise you're new to this, don't worry you'll get the hang of it soon.
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    I love it when you resort to that one Benny, you know that the behrs are getting a right doing in the slagging stakes when you trot that old chestnut out. Thanks for the oxygen.
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    Ibrox has long (and rather foolishly) been referred to as Castle Greyskull. So it's reasonable to suggest Parkhead is Snake Mountain.
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    Bit in bold made me smile, hope the op went well
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    Diaz beating Condit is far and away the most amazingly stupid thing said in this thread.
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    Just thought I would mention that this typo made me laugh. Carry on.
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    Don't worry. St Mirren could still do the treble, why dont you support them this season?
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    Rangers will be turning in their grave at these statements.
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    Better get a cairry oot then.
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    Sorry to be a bit boring, but this is the best bit of advice on this topic. To all the people talking of buying new equipment; Spend half the money on lessons, and buy half the equipment you were going to.
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    Not one penny should be spent on players. The league's gone - spending money on players would be a huge waste of money. Use it to pay down the debt.
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    I'm aware ostriches don't actually bury their heads in the sand, just as I'm aware that Rangers fans don't literally shove themselves face-first into beaches either. On the other hand - I suggest that fifty thousand ostriches would have been far more likely to produce some kind of effective opposition to Craig Whyte and to save Rangers from liquidation and rebirth as a new entity. After all, ostriches have far longer attention spans than most Rangers fans, and they're more difficult to outwit. A wild ostrich *has* to focus on its surroundings to survive, whereas the average Bear wastes years speculating about suspiciously Catholic-smelling plots against them, even while a lion in an HMRC Hector suit and hat is knocking on the front door. Conclusive proof of my theory - I never saw a single ostrich at Ibrox waving a banner with "WE DESERVE BETTER" written on it; I never heard any ostrich angrily demanding that a club on the verge of financial armageddon spend even more on wages and transfers. Rangers fans did both although to be fair, 99% did exactly what they're best at instead - whining, and nothing. Frankly, if I was a Rangers fan, I'd be begging for an ostrich to take over the day-to-day running of the club. I imagine an ostrich would possess more acute business acumen that Charlie Green and would have the sense to run a third division side on a far smaller wage bill. Hell, an ostrich might as well take over as first team coach as well, while I'm at it - a randomly-picked flightless bird would probably have more perceptive tactical awareness and better man-management skills than McCoist, and it would certainly cost a lot less to feed.
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    Gonnae stop arguing about pish each of you have said? Or claim to have said. It's clogging up this thread with meaningless shite!
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    Anyone that supports Dundee is a c**t.
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    There's a status-happy girl on my facebook who would appear to be pregnant - and every time I look at my newsfeed, I am treated to a whistlestop tour of every nuance of her uterus. She's saying the child's arrival is imminent - and it's just struck me that I must have been reading this shit since last summer! I hardly even know the bloody girl!! The best of it is, if I was to meet here somewhere I'd politely enquire how things were going; and she'd politely reply "fine". Civil niceties in order, we'd both go our separate ways - but on facebook it's completely different. I genuinely can't believe how public people are with their most intimate private lives on fucking facebook. Worst of all is that her profile picture is still the almost pre-requisite mirror set, 45 degree, duck-faced, pouty, parody of sexuality favoured by an unlikely proportion of people. It sits awkwardly with the mental image of a woman lying in a bath of warm water to alleviate the pain of braxton hicks (whatever the f**k they are - my newly-gained knowledge of their existence is another thing that I resent).
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    Jan 1st 2013 : 18 stone 0 lbs Feb 1st 2013 : 16 stone 8 lbs Delighted so far and whilst I personally only see a little bit of a difference, feel alot fitter and muscles starting to take shape in legs and arms.
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    Never heard so much rubbish in my life
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    Ched Evans is innocent though.
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    Kicking the booze has taken years off Charles Kennedy....
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