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    Let me get this straight - even assuming that the website you're linking to is reporting only hard facts*, you're saying that because a sheriff got caught with his dick in a hooker, wasn't immediately fired** and was later hired by HM, that points to a) fundamental corruption and b) implies that HM aren't suitable candidates to investigate your club's corruption? This is, without doubt, the most retarded argument that you've come up with yet, and that's quite an achievement. *And of course, you're operating a laughable double-standard when it comes to the factual accuracy of blogs. **It's against the law to fire people because they've been accused of a crime, by the way. "Innocent until proven guilty", remember? I know you're familiar with the concept because you keep insisting it be applied to your club, in another ludicrous double-standard. You lot really are shameless, unembarassable horseshit-merchants.
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    Get it roon ye ! Cuter?
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    Sauchie Juniors 0 Bonnyrigg Rose 0 McBookies.Com East Superleague 2nd February 2013
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    You were given a perfectly valid reason - it is too funny to miss. There's a massive amount of rage seeping through these forums and having walked away from multiple millions of debt and then had that ignorant cvnt Green proclaiming the joy of being debt free, you'll excuse us all laughing like fvcking drains at The Rangers. Horrible club and the sooner Green follows through and resigns from the Scottish football system the better. You're a blight on our game.
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    Yep, BBC 1 at 10.30 tonight - same time tomorrow night for the Sunday highlights.
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    Epic point-avoidance; evidence presented - nil. Still enjoying The Journey? Going by the match thread, it turns out that you've been right all along - We are only here to see the Rangers... Get pumped.
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    My signed copy arrived today. Glorious scenes.
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    Sally to Rosie + Kevin: 'I'm going to make you both eat my apple pie tonight'.
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    Don't enrage them, geezer - they're going to crush everyone and win the SPL when they eventually haul themselves out of the arse-end of the league, remember? Also worth remembering at this point - the boycott of this game was 100% inspired by the certainty that Rangers would get pumped like Ron Jeremy's leading lady, but without the affection or warmth, and all that chat about abandoned matches and SPL votes was just a lot of transparent lying sh*te designed to pretend otherwise. The whole of Scotland is laughing at the jokers. Rotten team, rotten players, rotten manager, rotten fans (who were too scared to show up for the pumpfest BTW). ETA: All gone quiet in here all of a sudden, for some reason.
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    1) What possible benefit would I gain by pretending that Mrs R. is a lawyer? It wouldn't make my comments any more credible, so why would I even bother to make something like that up? Or is this kidding on that the Mrs is a lawyer just the kind of thing us Plastic Paddies would do, to undermine Rangers, much as rigging a panel against Rangers is just the type of thing us Plastic Paddies would do? 2) If there are plenty of concrete benefits for Celtic and the SPL - beyond mere bragging rights, that is - what are they? Can you list them, so I can laugh at them then shoot them down? And on bragging rights - nobody in the country who takes an interest in Scottish football outside your club thinks you won those titles fair and square, without cheating. Absolutely everyone thinks you're scandalous, shameless cheats, and most of them will continue to think that even if your lawyers manage to squirm Rangers out of culpability. So we already have the bragging rights, don't we?
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    Only just caught up and have to say say that Chris Fewtrell excelled himself with two absolute classic episodes. Every single scene was a winner and the dialogue was so good that virtually every line was quotable. I've been looking forward to the revenge episode for some time and it was miles better than I could ever have hoped. I don't know what the neighbours will be thinking about my sporadic shouts of "Brilliant!" and "Genius!". I'm going to have to re watch those episodes in their entirety.
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    Perhaps, but it was mainly a criticism of the fawning masses, the "canonise him now!" reaction. I do think it is a wonderful gesture. Call me an old cynic but I suspect ulterior motives, at the very least it's 'good PR'. Obviously he just had to tell everybody about his charitable donations and get it all over the news. I'll just leave this Spitting Image video here...
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    My favourite part is that the main text seems to have been typed up using Notepad: Notepad FFS. Presumably it was a hard-working British pensioner who doesn't get enough state handouts to own a copy of Word.
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    My mate James played drums for Mogwai on the USA/Canada tour and Asian (I think?) when the Mogwai drummer was off for personal reasons. He also came up with the name for the last album after hearing a ned in a shop shout it at a shopkeeper. My St Mirren was draped over his drumkit for the US/Can tour.... evidence.... 'Friend Of The Night' is the reason I could not go back when I started to like Mogwai. 'How To Be A Werewolf' is probably the most effective and uplifting song I know. 'Mogwai Fear Satan' is probably my favourite song live. The 'Burning' DVD version is sh*t hot, and every time I see them live, I always look forward to that bit about 8 minutes into it.... y'all know what happens then... Definitely a band who are to be seen live to be experienced properly. The bounce off the crowd is sort of essential there, but I would always recommend to try and get to know songs before seeing them live. To the noob, it just sounds like really loud noise, but to others who have heard the tracks before, it is basically deafeningly loud versions of blummin great music. '
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    Indeed, because a brand new "club" cannot waltz straight into the SPL Lord Nimmo Smith What about clubs whose premises you regulary visit and who you profess to support? No, its a limited company. The term "club" is a throw back to the beginnings of football when they were all "clubs". The clubs then incorporated and became companies - but the term "club" is still used today - its in the name of the limited company - "St. Mirren Football Club Limited" Club and company are the same thing - hence why the brand new club called The Rangers was denied entry to the SPL and was denied entry to the SFL Division One. Rangers are dead. You now support a brand new "club".
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    Performance has dipped in the last couple of games, although obviously it's nice to still grind out the wins despite that. The penalty kill is good at the moment though, which makes a change.
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    "but not overly so"? Bloody hell, man. Is there an unwritten rule whereby only charity above a certain percentage of ones overall net worth is deemed acceptable? How much should he have donated to charity to deserve plaudits?
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    Never heard so much rubbish in my life
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    It's not, it ceased to be in 1972.
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    I genuinely cannot believe that you've just attempted to justify scooping your own faeces out of your anus with your bare hands and smearing it on a wall in a public space.
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    Problem with the army is that wars aren't much of a spectator sport, all the matches are on TV.
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    About time you were retired. You're shite.
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    If the wee shite turns his back on Scotland, I'll never set foot in Somalia ever again.
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    Hilarious failure to understand the mentality and legal restrictions of lawyers IMO. Things lawyers like - large quantities of money. Things they don't like - large quantities of ignorant football supporters deluging their offices with whining complaints about irrelevant bullshit; going to prison for fraud; being struck off for professional misconduct. I'm going to take a wild, risky stab in the dark guess and say that HM are in this for the money, and that none of their employees are going to risk a penny of it by messing with the outcome. Edit to add: It's also hilarious to see Rangers fans stating that the SPL has brought its woes on itself by employing a firm that the Ibrox faithful suspect of overtly Timmy sympathies. There isn't an entity in the land that wouldn't fall foul of their suspicions, as a brief browse of this very forum would conclusively prove, because they've voluntarily turned into the biggest band of insane paranoids in Scotland. The idea that it's even possible for the SPL to protect itself from Rangers fans' glowering suspicion is cracked and mental.
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    seems thomo thinks youre all morons... from thomo yesterday... "In sum: 1. there is no conflict of interest for Harper Macleod 2. the SPL position on this does appear to need clarification and I hope to bring it to you next week 3. Rangers fans do their club no service by stirring all this up with internet fiction"
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    He's arrogant and tactically inept. But he would definitely be interested in taking the job.
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    You can repeat that as often as you want. It won't make it true. To fill in the missing point from before, Lord Nimmo Smith did not say Rangers ceased to exist. Though he did say they ceased to be an SPL club. Indeed he and his colleagues say such things as the club "was owned and operated by Oldco" and "is now owned and operated by Newco". This contrasts with your view. I think I'll go with "LNS" and his legal colleagues.
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    Yep, the company no longer exists. But that doesn't necessarily mean the club (or other business) ceases to exist. It can be run by a new company.
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    My larger hauls of greenies seem to accompany my post about Rangers and reconstruction. Put me in charge of Scottish football now.
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    When people who were bad at sports at school complain about rugby. I can't sing but I appreciate there are people who can and they sing badly written songs imo
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