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    One or two decent performances of late does not make up for 12 months of utter garbage.
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    I think you will find Real Madrid are the most successful club in the world having won the European Cup/Champions League 8 times, Rangers even the old club never even got to a CL or European Cup final. Plenty of other teams ahead as well. If its comparisons from domestic football it wouldn't be that difficult and is more a reflection of the quality of opposition in Scotland compared to leagues around the globe which renders your boast meaningless and never a gauge on how Rangers have ever compared with clubs around the world.
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    Amazing that Nick's password on his work laptop was "Nick". Top quality security there.
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    Hopefully their verbal offer met with a suitable verbal response.
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    This is absolutely fucking laughable coming from an Aberdeen supporter. Remind us all,when exactly was the last time your club done anything of relevance in Scottish football by winning a trophy,i'm thinking 1995/96 when you beat Dundee. Absolutely laughable for a club that's supposed to have relevance as a force in Scottish football. We now await this new club nonsense.
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    We know what we are having and have it down to two names. I was at consultant on Monday, I was 34+3 but measuring 38! So not being allowed passed date, booked for a sweep on 4th march and induced later that week if i haven't gone. Had another scan and baby doing grand
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    After Montrose's excellent late equaliser yesterday, you could be forgiven to think this is about a proud Montrose fan. Actually, it refers to Rangers v Berwick the other week, where Andy Little scored a hat-trick. In order to honour this truly monumental day in Rangers history, one Rangers fan has went to extremes to always remember the feeling of putting watching his hero put 3 past the absolutely fucking beautiful Ian McCaldon. I found this by searching Berwick Rangers on twitter, amazingly he'd tweeted it to Little, who somehow hasn't found the time to reply. Sometimes, there are no words.
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    I hate that people continually have to try and appear edgy and controversial in an attempt to appear cool. Today is a perfect example. David Beckham signs a 5 month contract with the ludicrously rich PSG and decides that every penny from his prospective salary is going to be donated to charity. He's quite correctly applauded for this self-less act that is going to improve the lives of many people. Great, right...? Nope, not for the "look how controversial and cool I am" brigade, apparently it's no big deal "because he can afford it", "it's just the same as me giving a pound to a bum in the street" or "it's just a PR stunt". So what? Why is it any less laudable if he is rich or if it is just to boost his reputation? The man is giving, I would assume, at the very least a million pounds of his own money to charity. Can people not just accept this for the fantastic gesture it is? Does there have to be negativity imposed in everything?
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    Tonight's show recording is at nugent4nil 31012012.mp3.
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    So we've now got a Croat, Serb and Macedonian - I think we'll need Paddy Ashdown in to mediate!
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    Lyle Taylor to Kilmarnock Lyle Taylor ‏@lyletaylor29
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    According to a Swiss Twitter Sports page we've signed 6ft 3 Swiss striker Orhan Mustafi on loan from Grasshoppers.
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    Benoit Le Moal just spotted at Glasgow Airport apparently.
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    According to a wholly unreliable source on Twitter, Saints want 60k for Craig to leave tonight. Falkirk due 25 %.
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    The trouble with that reveal tactic is that it will cause a huge shift in the way fans feel about Kirsty. I for one would start to feel incredibly sympathetic towards her.
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    About the same as when St Mirren pumped your mhob at Hampden I'd say.
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    Not tempted by the old chestnut, ''I hope she didn't feck him, it's not big and it's not clever'' This is in no way reflective of any personal opinions.
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    I don't really know what that's meant to mean, so here's an amusing picture of Danny Dyer.
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    Still no word on that Jim McAlister transfer. Both Adams' should resign immediately if they can't pull this one off.
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    Probably when the Orcs find out the addresses of non-rangers posters, and their windows.
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    Similar to the earlier comparisons with Celtic and St Mirren i'd say, very similar.
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    Carey has been outstanding in both of our games at Hampden and last night against ICT, no questions about his firness level given his performances and on current form should not be dropped.
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    Once Twice Three times....
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    The wonders of modern technology, eh?
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    It'll be fucking great if Hibs somehow end uo finishing away down there again. It's looking more likely by the week.
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    Good to see Dummett back, I'd keep Carey in there until his form drops, though.
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    That is brilliant news. It means that this was a false alarm Heart of Midlothian Champions 1895, 1897, 1958, 1960, 1965 & 1986
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    Its about time they scrapped the transfer windows, they are fucking shite.
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    Have you priced turtle eggs on the open market?
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    Thanks for making the whole nation proud ya bunch of monkeys!
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    Changed, no more boobies from Enrico. just to show i'm no bigot i've went for the Green Ranger. He is a Ranger, that's green, named Tommy, who plays a flute Eat yer heart out Nil By Mouth
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    There are issues in tiers 1/2 currently: an unbalanced SPL split, 1-up-1-down, the chasm of relegation. Moving to 12-12 solves this. Doing so via 12-12-10-10 is preferable to 12-12-18, IMO. True - on P&B alone, we've probably seen half-a-dozen proposals for top-tier size... over a dozen for all levels... and dozens of details (for promotion/relegation volume, play-off formats, etc.). But this proposal does seem to deliver * 1 governing body * smoothed-out financial distribution * much more promotion/relegation opportunity into SPL * pyramid * relaxed ground criteria * other details (e.g. ending 11-1 voting) which everyone wants.
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    Also looks like nobody thought there was a valid claim, or reason to publicise the rejection of the claim, except..... Guess who? It's a conspiracy, I tells ya! B..b...but we're the most successful club in the world! You can't tell us no! We want! We want! Waaaahhhhh! Pathetic.
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    Both sets of gloryhunters could do with brushing up their Burns: "O wad some Pow'r the giftie gie us. To see oursels as others see us". They might not like what they see, mind.
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    Only by a mangled look at the evidence. Clubs that have won several European Cups are more successful by any remotely sensible measure.
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    Capping players just for the sake of it is a dreadful idea. I hope he only gets capped when he actually deserves it.
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    Bo Dallas is a wee fanny. He just has the look and mannerisms of a generic babyface written all over him. Plus he has no physical presence at all. In doing the 'complete rookie spot' of the armdrags on Barrett, he looked like a complete amateur. The best this wee flange can hope for is a few matches on Superstars before a return to NXT. If they were going to fire another guy up from NXT then it should have been Kassius Ohno.
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    This is the bit that gets me too. I'll concede that having Rangers in the game contributes 'something' to it financially. It's of far less use to the rest of us than they think though. Their presence boosted the size of the old TV deal, but they and their sister club took the lions' share. They got big gates at home, which of course benefited only them. Away from home, they took a bigger support than most, but this support cost lots to police and put decent home fans off, as did the aforementioned TV Deal. And of course, Clubs outside the top flight existed without seeing any of the money they 'generated'. And yet, they seem to think that we're all hanging on for their crumbs. It's as if all these dozens of teams which didn't liquidate can't possibly survive without the only one that did. Once more, it's all upside down. The idea of Rangers boycotting everywhere is a lovely one. They really haven't a clue.
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    Went to see Jiro Dreams of Sushi the other day. Fantastic.
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    Thanks not got a scoobie what to do but no doubt will pick it up as I go along
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    Draw something is a game for single mothers.
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    I never felt more like sinking the booze When Robbo scores and the Hibees lose Oh Robbo, you've got me sinking the booze
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    Ex Dundee United and Hibs Player Mixer Pit A Line Oan
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    Good old Leigh Griffiths. I think the blog's a champion idea. I only wish they'd granted my request to ghost write it for him. According to the rejection letter I received, my effort is, and I quote, "in the hands of the club's legal team". Sakes. I thought it was bang on the money. Here's an extract - "Life is good in Dundee. When I say good, I mean it's a seemingly never ending onslaught of abject misery and pain. I've been housed in a teepee in Caird Park. According to Bob 'Hefty Love Cannon' Brannan (that's not my name for him, by the way - he walks around with a name tag saying exactly that) it's the 'best o' the teckle', the finest accomodation in the city. Who am I to argue? Afterall, I was born, raised and educated in a portaloo at the top of Leith Walk. The training regieme at Dens is nothing short of insane. It begins when we're taken into the city centre and told to do laps round the aisles of Tesco Metro. Shoplifting is encouraged. Rab Douglas treats it like Supermarket Sweep, and runs round filling a trolley before bolting out the door while Tony Bullock distracts the security guard with his sword swallowing routine. We reconvene at Dens and empty our pockets of any stolen goods we managed to get hold of. Our glorious leader, Jocky Scott, surveys the booty. This is how he picks the team for Saturday. The 11 players whose contraband has the highest monetary value start. Paul McHale returned once with a Lion Bar and Tesco Value toilet roll. Jocky took him to one side and berated him mercilessly. 'Em no wiping meh arse wi that, McHale! Jocky needs the two-ply luxury bog roll ya daft c**t! Dinnae even like Lion Bars either!'. Poor Paul is unlikely to get a game for the rest of the season after that episode. Having warmed up at Tesco, it's down to some work with the ball. Only we don't use balls. Jocky insists we'll become better players if we learn to play with plastic bags filled with human hair. I quietly asked Colin McMenanin where all the hair came from, and he pointed out Gary Harkins sitting by the side of the pitch being shaved by a team of barbers. Harkins is hairier than a gorilla. He gets an all over body shave then goes from being as smooth as a baby's bum to hairier than Teen Wolf in less than 60 seconds. It's really quite remarkable to watch, the man's a freak of nature. As we do passing exercises with bags full of Gary's hair Jocky patrols the touchline, stripped to the waist, bellowing at us through a megaphone. He splices motivational encouragement with lines from his favourite Beastie Boys songs. 'That's it lads, keep it up..................I'm tellin' all y'all this is sabotage!.................keep it on the ground lads, one touch to control, one to pass....................you gotta fight! For your right! To paaaaaarty!.....................easy ball lads, that's the game'. His mood often sours when we have a bounce game. I must have fallen out of favour with the man. As we're playing he'll howl 'WHA'S IN F*CKING CHERGE HERE? GRIFFITHS YA C*NT, GET OVER HERE!'. I jog over, terrified. He puts the megaphone down, spits on me, and asks 'Leigh, wha's in f*cking cherge here son?'. Shaking with fear I reply 'Ummmm, you are boss'. He nods. 'F*cking right I am. Now get back in the game ya wee fanny'. I get no further than 10 yards away when he's bellowing through the microphone again 'GRIFFITHS YA C*NT, GET OVER HERE!'. I turn round and jog back. He picks his nose and wipes it on my chin before asking 'Leigh..........wha's in f*cking cherge here, eh?'. 'You are boss', I stammer. He tells me to get back in the game again. I get about 10 yards away and he's at it again 'WHA'S IN F*CKING CHERGE HERE YA C*NTS?? GRIFFITHS!! OVER HERE YA WEE RAT!!'. This cycle goes on and on. One time it went on past the point where the rest of the team left and went home. Back and forth I went for hours, Jocky bellowing at me through megaphone with his top off, calling me all kinds of names and asking who was in charge before sending me back to a bounce game that wasn't even going on anymore. As darkness fell he eventually left me be. He strapped on a jetpack and took off out over the Main Stand, shouting 'ok Leigh, good session son. See ya tomorrow'. As he vanished over the horizon I dropped to my knees and cried. God I miss my portaloo at the top of Leith Walk.
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