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    List has been updated. Posters are now alphabetised. 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    Well he got a reaction out of you, you've got to give him that. You gave him exactly what he wanted, you played right into his hands
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    Apparently a while back some roller coaster got stuck and the people had to rock it to get it moving again. Well some absolute genius decided to put music to it, and I'm currently sitting pishing myself laughing at this. Clicky.
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    People on the news acting shocked that the floodplain their house was built on... erm, flooded. "Nobody would give us home or contents insurance." No shit. As much as I feel for these folk who have lost many of their possessions and can't afford to replace them, the general lack of awareness is shocking. How many folk find out where the nearest river, what elevation it is above it or whatever is before buying a house? "Ach, it's a good price and it's got a decent sized back garden for the kids. We'll take it."
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    Knee Naw, Knee Naw, Knee Naw.
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    I thought it was good. I've enjoyed every episode this series so far. I often find that watching the repeat is funnier than the first time for some reason.
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    Two out of three judges ruled in our favour regarding the EBT's being loans. Get over it, no matter how you lot try to spin it, the judges ruled in our favour. Deal with it.
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    It seems that a bid was rejected to buy Kilmarnock FC today and i came on here and found Norman posting his usual pish about Rangers. You'd think that he'd show some interest in the team he claims to support.
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    Simple things like highlighting your unquestioning faith in the RTC, the IRA writer and the disgraced bungler? How you lauded them? Your reverence for their utterances? Your criticism of any who dared question the validity of their hate-fuelled nonsense? Credible?
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    Yes but you said theirs an, "Usual p&b orc style of spelling, punctuation and grammar". Their isnt. This is a shabby and lazy stereotype that isnt worthy of you. Were no different to other fans on the board who's grammer is the same as us even if were called currents.
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    Should he not be out looking for his daughter rather than getting pished?
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    They don't put sirens on for bowel patients in case they scare the shit out of them
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    That quote from Capone at the end was an instant classic. Beautiful.
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    Although the questions were not directed at me, here are my answers: 1. No we did not misuse the EBT scheme in fact we used it properly as has been agreed by the FTT. 2. I firmly believe we would have won most if not all of those trophies without the use of the scheme. In fact the main beneficiaries were the players (who received tax free money) and who as usual get off scot free.
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    We can excuse Ross thingy and Dundee as they are new. According to ESPN - Hearts, Killie, ICT, Celtic, St Mirren and St Johnstone are all down. Only Abergreen, Dundee Hibs and Hibs are up. SPL average 2012/13 = 9,558. SPL average 2011/12 =13,861. So, who's at it? ESPN? Hmmm? Were you convinced when Doncaster gave his recent SPL 'garden of roses's speech?
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    This guy Tweets pictures of old Panini stickers. https://twitter.com/OldSchoolPanini Some of them are fantastic
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    Poor b*****d. Plead guilty, Philpy at least that way the judge will take that into account in passing sentence.
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    Well he got a reaction out of you, you've got to give him that. You gave him exactly what he wanted, you played right into his hands .
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    The order for liquidation came on the 14th of June after the CVA was rejected by the HMRC. At that point the SFA and SPL memberships were terminated with immediate effect because the club was to be liquidated.This is what is in the associations rulebooks defining a club when liquidation has been ordered on a member club. Rangers PLC or (Rangers FC in the SPL commission) ceased to be a club on that date the 14th of June when liquidation was immanent.It doesn't matter if the liquidation process wasn't in action but the fact that liquidation was going to happen that meant the licences were revoked or terminated with immediate effect. We should leave this till the SPL commission has given it's ruling. I wouldn't give too much to the MSM as they change their stories from day to day when trying to get viewers or mugs to buy the papers.Pre June 2012 Rangers are dead ! After June Rangers the club is separate from the company Rangers the club are definitely DEAD though but the clone lives Also I can't find the fucking rules and regulations on the official SFA website FFS coz it's a maze and won't let anyone see them ! does someone have a link to them ? PLEASE !
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    What you mean is "two out of three judges ruled in our favour regarding the EBTs being loans in the cases where we hadn't already admitted they weren't." So why did rangers' representatives hold up their hands in the other cases? On a totally unrelated point, have they paid that shredder company their £444 yet? Because it looks like the bargain of the fucking century from where I'm standing!
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    You really need to stop making stuff up. There were 111 trusts of which 108 were actively used. 81 were for Rangers players and 27 for Murray Group employees (FTTT decision, para 96). The rest of your post is fiction and not very good fiction either.
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    Is a typo in the text the best you can do? Probably fair just to concentrate on the bottom line facts then. Rangers weren't found innocent, but in fact guilty. Only not to the extent most had thought. That's guilty. Not innocent. The opposite of. HMRC served the tax demand. Rangers appealed. A diluted verdict was delivered. HMRC will probably appeal. Tables turned. This may take a while. The great unlikeables should probably keep their powder dry for a while yet. In the meantime you have your great adventure (which of course is where you actually (not really though)) want to be.
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    Su-shitting-perb line-up for a fiver. Gojira should deffo be headlining though.
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    There was nothing wrong with Reilly's form before we started to play 4-3-3. He suffered from playing in a semi wide position as he is more of a penalty box type of player. When we changed back to 4-4-2, we should have reverted to the same front 2 who had done so well in that system. But, having not played well in the 4-3-3, there was justification for dropping him.
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    But, but, but...you sad BDO were going to kill is stone deaderer than a dead thing in September? Meanhwile - record crowds, top of the league, 54 and counting, debt free, tax man fucked over, diddies and plastics alike clutching at straws, blogs being deconstructed, Naggin, Shaggin and Mingin wearing the Emperor's new clothes, Hearts clinging to life, Killie for sale, Abergreen on Groupon... That last one is worthy of a genuine, belly-aching laugh - Abergreen on Groupon.
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    Ryan, what a stupid fucking name, red neck.
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    It's their programming, too many of them are programmed to lap up all the bullshit that they are told by shysters. The minority among them who are in control of their own minds and actually do attempt to question the shyster bullshit are quickly shot down by the many among them who are programmed to believe and obey what their masters tell them to believe. Bendarroch for example as below...
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    Welcome back, Colin. I trust you had a braw time on your travels. Now, drop everything and focus on this thread please.
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    Before liquidation you say? That means there was 2 clubs on the go at the same time then? Same club you say ?
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    Only Ragers fans will defend their corrupt dead club to the hilt They know & I know and everybody else knows that they used a dodgy method to increase their restricted wage budget to bring in players they wouldn't have been able to afford otherwise,to create an unfair advantage over the opposition that the opposition didn't use to be more competitive to win tainted titles and cups. They eventually got what they deserved IMO when the cheating fuckers got liquidated and nothing will save the club from extinction except pay the debt that Whyte created and Green will not pay the debt to revive the old club from death as it means forking out tens of millions to be the same club Rangers fans always followed but now follow follow the Clone Rangers and that is far more profitable for Ticketus & co.
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    I got a tart from Babestation to do the 1-5 gesture. Pic and transcript of our chat is on my Twitter
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    A wee bit. No as silly as yours mind. "Fat internet troll".
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    Well fair enough, but there was nothing in your original post yesterday afternoon to imply that you were distancing yourself from Green's argument. Indeed, the 'But there's a twist...' part of the post is your own words and suggests an endorsement of what Green claims, so don't criticise anyone else's powers of comprehension please. What you're also doing above is conflating the issues of the BTC and the SPL commission. Clearly the two are related, but they're not synonymous. To see them this way is either to misunderstand the distinction or more probably, ignore it because it suits you to do so.
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    f**k me, those were the days! Shame about the threats issued to an innocent entertainer by scum who reckoned he was stealing money from the cause, but that's rangers fans for you. Glad somebody's being paying attention, BTW. Funny thing - after all the lies and abuse I've had from the orcs*, I made a major f**k-up with calculation on here a couple of days ago, and not one of them spotted it. Another poster pointed it out about an hour and a half later, and I went back and edited it to show what a moron I'd been. You'd have thought that would be meat and drink to them, but they never even noticed - too busy thinking up "amusing" nicknames and slanderous lies, probably..... * And I know I'm not alone.
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    Has anyone actually seen Charlie this week? Biggest day of his new club's short life, according to the fuckwits on here, and the shyster has gone to ground. OK, I'm in Englandshire, so I may have missed the blanket coverage of his latest bollox plans, but he does seem to have gone awfully quiet. No dinners in Ulster with fancy tablecloths? No World-domination speeches in Spamland? No top-level discussions with Adidas to arrange some friendlies with Real Madrid? Purely to raise the profile of the Spanish minnows, you understand - ICBINR like to help the unfortunate.... Maybe his trial of MS Office has run out, and he can't publish any more PowerPoint extravaganzas? Where's Chuckie? We demand transparency!
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    Robbed a shop a couple of days ago expecting major loot. All I got was what must've been around 6 days takings and 2 charity tins.
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    Someone who likes their thuggery to be unimpeded by a sudden cloudburst?
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    Tight b*****d could've at least got him an HMV voucher or something.
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    I'm amazed at the number of deid grandparents that read Facebook.
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    That says more about you than it does him.
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    I hear they use a different ambulance with an alternative logo if patients have ophiophobia. Or bowel cancer.
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    How well managed will the patients health be when then ambulance creams right into the side of an unwary car? Or do we all have to listen for the sound of Sigur Ros drifting across the air to know that its an ambulance with a heart attack patient?
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    They use the siren when the driver in front of them is blind and the blue light when the driver in front of them is deaf They use both if the driver in front of them is Magee
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    Depends if the driver has a hangover or not
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    From 40p ew lucky 15 and 50p accumulator (outlay £12.50) got back just over £6570
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