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    This would have been my 27th year as a ST holder and thats never been the process for me. I get my renewal letter and have to actively do the renewal before the closing date. If I do nothing, its effectively canceled. They have no way to take my money. Moot point for me to be fair. Going to Ibrox hasn't been a pleasant experience for me for years, I only kept it up because it was one of the few things I did with my Dad since I was a boy (as it turns out, he's only kept it up for the same reason). I could just about handle sitting for 90 minutes and watching the football, putting all the other bawbaggery that goes with going to Ibrox aside (with the "Quintessentially British" pish and all the generally Neanderthal ways of your average vociferous Rangers fan). But finding out that the club has been cheating for nearly the entire time I have been watching them coupled with the fact that the club I watched all those years is now dead (I don't buy the continuation nonsense. They're dead, new club, new everything) I wouldn't have renewed in any case. And before anyone clever jumps in: I can think for myself, so you're bloody right I can walk away and I never at and stage jumped on that moronic bandwagon!
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    For anyone who missed the full story of Walter Smith's attempt to buy Rangers, heres a graphic reconstruction:
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    I'm hoping when the vote is taken Cockwomble will stand on the steps at Hamden and do the Caesar thumb down gesture to the baying crowd, release the lions onto the bears and the big bulldozer to the big hoose, hell if he's smart he'll charge SKY to broadcast it live
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    Sorry, but am I f**k as a Rovers fan letting 1994 go by without throwing this in! Happiest memory at Ibrox for pretty much any Rovers fan. FTOF!
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    1987 - Ross County finish bottom of the Highland League while Rangers finish top of the Premier Division. How the tables have turned.
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    The two in the foreground - is that Walter's EBT documentation they've found?
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    I won't shy away from the fact that walking out New Douglas Park on a soaking Tuesday night in March I wouldn't have been overly upset if we'd parted ways with McGlynn at the end of the season. I was far from the only one with that viewpoint as well. We'd been awful for months and things were showing no sign of getting better. But the difference in the team from that night forward was astounding. Absolutely astounding. And just as he took the stick for the preceding poor months, he deserves the full credit for that. We even finished higher than our budget would dictate in the end. He's pulled it out the bag for us every year for the last four - won a title, survived comfortably with the bonus of a Cup semi despite massive adversity (7 games in 14 days, christ. That was mental!), exceeded expectations with an incredible title challenge and then safety again despite looking bad at times. Nobody at all can grumble with McGlynn's time at the club. Sure, we'll moan about his subs, and his style of play at times, but all in all he's been tremendous for Raith Rovers. Absolutely tremendous, from top to bottom. This is terrible news. Terrible. Love you John.
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    I hope you're LISTENING to it - the story was in the Times on Monday, and Carr's scheme (among others investigated) required him to be employed by the offshore company. I think you'll find the players/managers/crooks involved in rangers' scheme were employed by rangers, as per the contracts actually submitted to the SFA. As all the rangers apologists have been telling us since day one, the "loans" came from a trust, not from the club. Carr appears to have taken his advice from a financially-savvy adviser. Your mob* took advice from a shady pornstar. You pays yer money, you makes yer choice. I have only been aware of you since the whole Sion/celtic malarkey blew up. In that time, you've managed to keep to a fairly consistent level of prediction accuracy. Do keep it up, if only for the craic! * Yes, YOUR mob. There is no way you developed level 47 skills in whataboutery while following a diddy team. Must be hard coming from Swallow Swallow to a forum where people have educated, informed opinions.....
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    Are Rangers less popular than a fart in a spacesuit? Watching them suffer was always gonnae be fun but this is epic. To think that out there their are diddy fans who don't read p&b and probably just have the on the ball tabloids and discussions wi his Mates to enjoy this. It's amazing how much putting the boot into Rangers has United fans from all over Scotland in all leagues. Once this is all over I will probably miss the unity most. It feels like its Rangers v the 41 other clubs, even Celtic joined in FFS. Rangers (remember them?) Used to sing no one likes us, we don't care. Well you were bang on the money with the 1st bit, the 2nd bit may just be what kills you. Make no mistake about it a lot of SPL chairmen will have had their yes to Newco mind changed by letters and ST sales. My club will play no part in this and theirs nothing I can do about that, what I will do is thank all you SPL ST holders who are doing the right thing and telling chairmen what we expect. From Gaz to the SPL 11, thanks guys.
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    One of my regular golfing mates is an retired ex-heid honcho at SMG (STV as was) and he was regaling with us with a tale about The Krankies back in the day when they were into a wee bit of recreational chemistry and serious swinging. The story goes that wee Janette was being serviced doggy-style by her man whilst simultaneously giving some other bloke a BJ, and this was in their dressing room at some theatre where they were performing. Anyhoo, someone inadvertantly walked in on this little menage a trois and wee Janette's response was "Och, whit am ah like ? You must think I'm a terrible flirt !"
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    No we definitely do not.
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    I'm quite relieved that it's not just me who does this sometimes.
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    At the risk of incurring further wrath, I just want to clarify that it was an analogy I used when comparing the dead club to a large furniture retailer and as such can't see why everyone was getting a little uncomfortable about that. Lots of people have used analogies on this thread, most of them funny. Apologies if mine offended or was received as a little bitter suite. Anyhow, back on topic and with todays funny news about the new potential bidders it would seem that more hilarity is to come. Sofa, so good.......
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    Just looking through the CVA report and the amounts involved are pretty staggering. This wasn't just a little creative accounting, this was wholesale thievery. What gets me though is not the amounts involved, as much as the idiocy of SDM and the slew of charlatans that have been pulled into his wake. If you're wanting to sail close to the wind financially then go into construction or security where you can stiff investors right, left & centre. At worst you'll get a wee piece in a Sunday newspaper about what a rogue you were and maybe a couple of grumpy ex-partners trying to break your ribs with a carpet-hammer. Regardless, you can be sure your scams will create little by way of media attention. Don't buy a football club with a massive following of bigots who still think the sun doesn't set on the empire. In Glasgow. What did he think was going to happen? That all these people who were continually "sticking it on the tab" would be assuaged by regular puff pieces in the MMS? Y2K was going to happen? The global economy would collapse before anyone noticed? They'd win the CL and Broadfoot's image rights would clear the slate? I think he created a monster and then shat it. The gambles taken and the amounts involved smack of a man who got spooked and was too frightened of his "children" to tell them the truth. It's this sense of entitlement in a large section of the Sevco 5088 support that angers me most, but could you imagine being the figurehead of that mob and having to tell them you've been full of shit for years? Time to hand back the knighthood, sir. You're chances of getting your prosthetic over Joanna Lumley are slipping away.
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    Despite my reservations about some of the folk running our clubs, if their ST sales are looking rather low, I don't believe for a minute they'll think it's because us diddies are frightened we won't get to see the mighty Glesga' Rangers. They'll know damn well it's because we are concerned that they might vote the basturt' zombie offspring of the soon-to-be-deceased Rangers FC straight into the top flight of Scottish football. Some of them are daft, but they're not that daft. No to Newco. Simple as that.
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    Yes, truly incredible as it sounds, that's precisely the argument Traynor was using until a week or two back when the tide started turning a bit. I've since heard him concede that it's to do with fans actively wanting Rangers not to be part of the SPL. He still dismisses it as petty, short sighted and stupid of course, but that'll because he's a quite unspeakable dick.
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    f**k oldco, f**k newco, f**k sevco and f**k seb coe. The team formerly known as rangers have been trying to get out of Scottish football for years and do you think they would have given a flying monkeys what state they would have left the game here in? Whether it was the Atlantic league, EPL or lower English leagues, them along with selik have been doing their utmost to escape the SPL with scant regard for what the consequences would be for the provincial/diddy clubs. Well they have got what they wished for and look at them now...on their knees pleading to be let back in to play with their old pals. f**k them. All the hysteria about how Scottish football will go breasts aloft is a lot of pish IMHO. Imagine sevco are told to get tae from both SPL and SFL, they cease to exist. Clubs have to 'cut their cloths accordingly'. It might be a heavy hit to take for a few seasons til contracts are seen out and shit but so be it. Selik will romp the league for a few years til their crowds start to dwindle with the monotony and the Sky money will be gone. Clubs will need to survive on ST and gate money, sponsorship deals and a nominal fee from council telly for a highlights package. Selik will no longer be able to attract players of the calibre they have just now due to their inability to pay the same sort of stupid wages as just now. The gap will close between them and the rest, therefore the other teams will be able to start the season with something to play for for the first time in about 30 years. Punters will start coming back to the 'wee' clubs cos the seasons not a forgone conclusion and Scottish football is cured. That is exactly the way it will pan out if the right decision is reached on 4th of July. Anyone who disagrees is wrong.
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    Everyone in Scotland needs to stop looking down their noses at US football. The idea that the US is a football backwater is both stupid and roughly 20 years out of date. Their national team f&cked Scotland 5-1 last month, and beat Italy 1-0 IN ITALY, last February. This was achieved on the back of a thriving league, which IMHO is at least as good as the SPL. MLS average attendance was 17,000 per game last season, with Seattle drawing over 38,000. Seattle have Microsoft as sponsors, in a five-year deal worth approximately $20 million. I.E. football is attractive to big-name companies in the US. Celtic went on preseason to the US in 2010, losing to Philadelphia 1-0, and only relying on a penalty to beat Seattle 2-1. They have been there before, and lost there before, and so have Rangers(remember them). NOT a good advert for Scottish football. The MLS is strong and WELL RUN (are you listening Cockwomble/Doncaster). It is able to attract sponsors and investors, such that the price for a new club is now roughly $40 million. Compare that to the spivs, wide boys, and vultures circling over Club 12 FC. No-one apart from regular fans wants to put money into Scottish clubs. Saint Mirren has been for sale for over two years, with no takers. Where is the money, where are the "real football people"? I would prefer the MLS to have a second tier, and use promotion/relegation, but the franchise system has been used for decades in US sport, people like it, and it works for them. They at least have money men who want to invest in/own sports clubs, and sadly we do not.
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    Split's the city, Hajduk's the name. Good effort though, A+++++++ would read again
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    Phew, sounds like your big team are out the woods then
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    Wee update from our side of things in case it hasn't been mentioned- Season Ticket renewal forms went out last week with most people having them by the weekend. 200 definites so far with what really is an enterprising proposition from the club. Gauging opinion on our fans forum, almost unanimous disapproval of Newco entry but some will back our club regardless and will buy without knowing outcome. Time ticking to pay by direct debit with a deadline looming. What a terrible position all supporters have been put in by one club's cheating
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    "Love me, love me, say that you'll, in particular, love me"
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    I saw this thread and thought I'd throw up my own achievements! Jumped on the scales at the start of the year and had hit 20 stone (fat b*****d!), so decided drastic action was needed! Decided to hit the weights again and sort my nutrition. Went with a low carb (except on training days where I allow myself "complex" low-GI carbs, so that I can have the energy to make my lifts) and high protein eating plan. Kept the calories in a daily deficit and stuck to 3 meals a day + my 3 daily protein shakes (slow release caseine-protein shake in the morning and before bed + a whey protein shake immediately after a workout). Worked out a work-out plan to suit my routine (also drafted in a mate to work out with, so had to work out which days we were both available). As it turned out, we had to go with a 4 consecutive days of weight training, followed by 3 days rest. To ensure as much of a rest on each muscle group as possible we opted for a 2 days routine which we do twice in the week. Day 1 - Chest, tris, shoulders, and core/abs (Monday + Saturday) Day 2 - Back, biceps, and legs (Tuesday + Sunday) Day 1 being a "push day" and Day 2 being a "pull day", so this gives the "pull" muscles a chance to rest while we train the "push" muscles, and vice versa. I also try to get in 2 games of badminton a week, though due to time constraints of late, this hasn't been as frequent as it should be. It's been working. Feeling a lot better for the clean eating, and also for the weight training. Noticing size increases and definition in my arms and legs. Also lifting about double what I started lifting just 5 months ago. Still got some fat to strip before I'll see definition in the abs and chest, but have lost 3 stone and 8lbs so far. May just keep you all up to date on here as to my future progress. My twitter has regular-ish updates, so if you fancy following me, it's @mikestewartbass Cheers!
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    Ah but would you take a lie detector test on Jeremy Kyle?
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    It does grind my gears that Dungdee could get into the SPHell on the back of this. Those fuckers screwed the system twice and should have been napalmed instead of deducted points.
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    The new 'business model' will be the same as the old one: calling on the 'staunch' support to renew their bigoted ways, while hoping to buy enough success to lure the social inadequates who think it counts as judgement on their own wholly inadequate personal lives. In one respect, they start from a stronger position than at the start of the Souness years: they have a generation conditioned with success. If they can field a competitive side within the next ten years then they'll be up and running. The knuckledraggers will be back out in force (as they will be, en masse, if they get in any league next season) which gives them much higher revenue than all bar one club in Scotland. Which is why every effort should be made to strangle this NewCo at birth. It is a unique opportunity to finish this poisonous Glasgow love-in once and for all.
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    Eeuurgh ! Chicklet teeth - CHECK Crap wig - CHECK Orange skin - CHECK EBT/Tax Dodging - BEING CHECKED
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    Brilliant answer - I'm 46 but think I'm still be on this thread when I get the golf clubs on retirement day :lol:
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    It'd also be funny to see Ally McCoist playing a 5-4-1 away to Elgin.
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    Yes - they should apply for entry to the SFL and be evaluated on the same merits as any other bid. The 3 years of audited accounts is discretionary as far as I'm aware, and Spartans have already indicated they won't apply. However, if such a bid failed, then the club should suck it up, apply to another league and wait for a future application opportunity, or the pyramid system to be realised. I don't think the club should get any special treatment from anybody. Edit: missing words - it's early.
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    Ah big Dunc !!!! One of my claims to fame is that big Dunc was held in handcuffs in the annex to my office as he was due an appearance at Cupar Sheriff Court which was just upstairs in the same building (place was under renovation). As he was in handcuffs (behind the back), I was sooooooooo tempted to take the piss by asking for his autograph
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    The blatant bias in the punditry during and after the England game tonight has been nothing short of embarrassing.
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    Pitch: Invite Daly, English, Thomson, Spence, Cosgrove, Cowan to be panelists at a P&B football forum where we can ask the real questions and get the real answers without the WoS media bias. Hold small forums at regulated supporters clubs with a spokesperson from the relevant supporters trust/associaton to discuss the issues as we have here and a Q&A session with the journos in question Invite someone from D&P just for a laugh........ Have one empty seat for a Rangers fans group representative to put their views across..... Ok, the last two are unlikely..... It's an opportunity to put the questions that have been raised on here directly to the few journalists who haven't towed the OF party line. The ones who have put out a reasonably objective viewpoint. If these journalists are as representative of the non OF view as it seems, I would think they may be open to the opportunity to gather some real on the ground feeling from supporters, not just online, but in person. The forums could be filmed and put online exclusively for P&B and made available to the journalists for wider distribution. We'd need to cover journalists expenses and general costs through tickets at as low a cost as could be attained (£5?) but all costs and expenses would be 'transparent'. We could do this at every club, or if costs were prohibitive just arrange a few select locations after a consultation/poll here on P&B. I have several colleagues willing to do this from a technical stand point ( filming, sound, lighting etc) and there would be no charge for these services. And to be fair, it would be a right good laugh and a few pints to boot. I did this same thing under a Daily Record banner a few years back with Peter Martin hosting, but every day it turned into an OF love in with Murdo, Hately, Traynor, etc. This would be the other side of the coin.... Obviously, requests to the relevant jounos would dictate if this was even possible, but no point enquiring with them as to their position if there isn't the demand on here. Pitch over
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    My first flat was this bogging wee number in Dalry. My favourite neighbours were the fucking bum balloons above us, who's bedroom was right above ours. Usually you'll know your neighbours are shagging because you'll hear some kind of rhythmic noise and go "that'll be the bed getting knocked about because their riding" - not the case with these dafties. The Betty was one of they "noisey customers". But not an "ooo" or "ahhh that's the spot" kind of noisey. For the entire duration of her getting her bacon vault filled in by her man friend, at the top of her voice, she'd make this noise which was identical to the noise Dr Zoidberg makes in Futurama when he skuttles away. A sort of "WOOOOOP-WOOOOO-WOOOOP" noise. That. Every night. For about an hour. I really should have evened the score up by blowing into a kazoo the whole time I was getting my hole but sadly I didn't think of that at the time.
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    Tell her. Tell her that, along with her glorious friends, she's a beacon of angelic light in an otherwise dark, dark place filled with horror, pain and a moustachioed folk hero whom they should flee from should he come within a half mile radius. Tell her we're glad to be alive quite simply because her and her wonderful, Mrs Claus-clad pals walk the same earth we do. Tell her we said "Hiya!" I'm serious about The Tacheman here. That man would ruin them, and not in a nice way. Just looking at photos of him might be risky. His powers should not be underestimated.
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    Jim Spence ‏@bbcjimspenceSt johnstone season book sales affected by renewal offer only going out ten days Ago. No typo 200, (two hundred) so far Expand Reply Retweet Favorite even still, only 20 sold a day??? thats a shocker
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    Many of us are 'intelligencia' mate who have P&B open on office desks on the laptop while pretending to do productive employed-for work! :lol:
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    Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. You're wronggggg. You're wrongggg. (Thanks to Dr Percival Ulysess Cox)
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    I saw Dave King's comments tonight. Didn't surprise me one bit. They want a mega-rich individual to come in and out the goodness of their heart, spunk away a fortune on making sure Rangers win the SPL and get it right up Sellik. Here's the thing though (and I invite anyone to argue against this)... they could find a mega-rich investor tomorrow, and they'd cheer him through the doors of Ibrox just as they did with Whyte. He spunks millions, signs players no-one else could afford, and Rangers win, oh, let's say, 5 in a row. That isn't enough though. Instead of spunking millions on Jelavic and Papac types, they want him to spunk tens of millions on players capable of winning a European trophy. They hold up banners saying 'We deserve better', 'show us your money' and 'put up the cash or get out'.... etc. To summarise. Unless they discover that Bill Gates is a closet bun and good proddy, who is willing to spunk the Microsoft fortune on allowing Rangers to make Barcelona and Manchester City look like Benburb Juniors, nothing else is good enough for the peepul'. Are they deid' yet?
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    When this is allover and done with - I mean the football side, obviously, as the legal shenanigans will make Jarndyce Vs. Jarndyce look like a fast-track case - we should invite Thomo, Jim Spence, Cosgrove and Cowan, and Mark Daly to visit every ground in order that we, the REAL fans of Scottish football, can show our appreciation and pay homage. None of these men should ever have to pay for a Killie Pie ever again (although knowing MJ, he'll mibbes offer a multibuy discount ) All shall hail that rare breed - the True Journalists. We owe these guys a massive debt.
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    I'd bet Partick outsell most clubs in terms of away shirts sold so I reckon they'll still make more money than if they just had a bog standard away shirt. The problem is how long before the novelty of a mental strip wears off? If it does of course. Marseille seem to get away with having mental away shirts season on season, although they're a bit different in that they're a foreign club who are relatively high profile, I doubt there are many neutrals (read: "neds") walking around Glasgow in Partick away shirts just because they look cool.
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    Raith Rovers away kit for next season will be red