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    Somewhere along the line we got lost. It's not about football. It's not about competition. It's not about entertainment. It's not even about getting fans to games; increasing attendances and promoting the game. It's about money. Which I could understand if the clubs were running profits and making owners rich. But it's not even that. It's about getting as much money as you can as quickly as possible so you can continue to vastly overpay a bunch of pretty shite footballers (whilst inflating their egos to the point that many of them are utter failures as human beings). The SPL deserves to die. They have a chance to rip it up and start something fresh, new and with some financial sense but they have neither the brains our courage to even try.
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    Long time lurker, first post. I live in the US and as much as I ish it were otherwise there won't be any pressure on this side of the Atlantic against Miller's bid. Irish America pressure groups have been in decline for decades and are riven by factionalism. When they do act it tends to be on issues like immigration reform (again a pressing issue) or easily graspable media issues like a negative portrayal in a film or TV show. If Miller was in a retail business that could be easily boycotted it might be a different story, but no tow company operator is going to let a far away soccer team influence a major business decision like buying a truck. As for general far right nastiness, anti-Catholic prejudice has declined so steeply in the US that most people have a very hard time taking it seriously when there are bigger home grown divisions. The ADL really won't care. The real question for me is whether Miller has any idea of what a rotten pup he is buying. Having spent many years in soccer pubs explaining my support of Celtic and Scottish football to Americans who are overwhelmingly fixated on the EPL, Mexican teams and a handful of global giants like Barcelona I can attest to how difficult it is to explain the nuances of the old firm to people who come from a sporting culture where nothing similar has ever really existed. US sporting affiliations are overwhelmingly local or based on personal history (where you went to University). There aren't political affiliations tied to teams like in Italy and Germany, and while some teams have been more popular with minorities because of groundbreaking players that changes when the players change (e.g. Boston in the NBA was for a time viewed as a "white" team, but that ended quickly). I have a very hard time believing that Miller grasps the nature of the peepul and how toxic the brand is throughout the UK. I'm fairly sure if Miller read a stack of Rangers Media posts he wouldn't understand what separates that cesspool from, say, an particularly active forum involving QPR. You need some background to get the "tarrier" references and the crab flute thing. On the plus side, if Miller thinks there is an untapped market for Rangers in the US he is delusional. The SPL only got on cable here this season and the EPL has been making converts at a very rapid clip. Watching the dregs that will be left after off-season departures isn't a compelling sporting case when you can in good conscience pick ManU or Barca to support, and unlike Celtic there isn't a large pool of people with a potential sentimental attachment to the idea of the club. Most Scots came to the US a very, very long time ago and to the extent thy think of their Scottish roots at all they think of glens, bagpipes and Braveheart not Govan, flute bands and Knox. In my experience the type of evangelical Christian who might buy ino certain aspects of Rangers....err...appeal loathe soccer almost as a point of pride. Celtics appeal in the US is limited compared to the EPL, but Rangers is nonexistent. I think Miller is probably a smart businessman and is planning to run the club with ruthless fiscal discipline, sanctions or no sanctions. I just don't think he realizes the backlash that will follow. Sorry for the long first post, but figured I'd add a perspective from this side of th Atlantic since the issue was raised.
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    With everyone's favourite Moroccan striker looking certain to leave Falkirk this summer, I feel we should take this opportunity to post our favourite photos of the camera friendly hero. This photo was all over the British press, even inspiring various photoshops on the Mirror's site The best night I have had as a Falkirk fan, getting it right up Rangers in their last ever League Cup game Getting Simon Mensing telt (although Mensing isn't alone in that, as Farid got just about everybody in Scottish football telt at some point this season) Please feel free to add your own
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    I liked this one from yesterday:
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    I lived in London for quite a while and agree that's a pretty common response to announcing you're an Old Firm supporter. I think you're glossing over the subtext to "is that the Catholic team or the Protestant team?". Lots of English people find the whole thing rather distasteful, archaic and rather beyond the likes of Southampton v. Portsmouth. This applies equally to both of course. I do think events in Manchester crystallized some per existing toxic stereotypes of Rangers -- all Chelsea and Millwall supporters infiltrating your spotless ranks, of course but it does tend to come up rather frequently when Rangers are mentioned. I also believe many people across the UK view Rangers as having defrauded the inland revenue in a time of acute austerity, and that leads them to view Rangers negatively. I think there is much less sympathy for Rangers that Portsmouth or Darlington, and that "toxic" isn't too strong a term. Your desire to peg me as a "pathetic loner" based on one post strikes me as a bit odd.
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    A little thought for the good people out there who go on about sky ruling the decision on whether or not we lose Rangers. In 13 days time the Scottish cup final takes place at 3.00. When the FA cup final took place yesterday their was no games up against it and it had a stage all to itself. The Scottish cup final goes up against the Champioship playoff final and yet their is no reason SKY couldn't have put that game at 12.30 or 5.00. Sky maybe throw a lot iof money at Scottish football but they don't even make a secret of the fact they couldn't give a toss about it. They regularly put decent English games up against Scottish football on a Saturday or Sunday but to do it to the Scottish cup final is too far for me. We should not only tell Rangers to get to f**k but Sky too.
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    From McGovern's Twitter:
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    Appropriate punishment would be being booted out of the SPL, having to apply for the SFL vacancy & being turned down instead of Cove Rangers or Spartans, & so having to go play in the Juniors instead. Fingers crossed
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    I can't help thinking that people would feel a little better towards Rangers if they were being a little more humble about their circumstances and not so arrogant. If the admins had went about their job in the usual fashion and sold off half the team and most of the back room staff, they weren't staying in hotels a 45 minute drive away the night before a game, or wasting money on card displays while small companies go unpaid, people might be more inclined to accept the argument that they should remain in the SPL (albeit with some sort of points deduction/transfer embargo etc).
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    I wonder if I can claim a refund somewhere for the thousands of pounds wasted following hearts in a league that was corrupt and dominated by cheats for the last umpteen years? Disgusted that these cheating, fraudulent, thieving b*****ds look like getting their own way at the expense of football, integrity, honesty etc etc. If they stay in the SPL then Scottish football will be dead for ever, and anybody that attends an SPL game will merely be putting money into an organistation that is crooked and allows cheats and bullies to prosper. It bloody stinks.
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    This type of discussion is part of the problem. Why is it important that the co-efficient is improved ? Is it so that scottish teams can fare better in European competition ? Or, is it perhaps so that scottish clubs can earn more money ? If, like me, you take the latter view, you will realise that the game is turning more and more towards business as football becomes less and less relevant. We need to worry less about co-efficients and concentrate on improving player development and scottish football as a sporting entertainment. There are no teams in this country who have realistic aspirations to win European tournaments, it's all about chasing the cash. In the long term with reconstruction and an equitable distribution of resources perhaps things can change but at the moment it is in everyone's interests to forget about scrambling for the crumbs from the Old Firm table.
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    I must be getting old, I thought the reference was 'Minder'
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    Does the following article say everything about Glasgow journalists in general and Jim Traynor in particular. Sycophantic doesn't do it justice. What an affront to impartial comment. It seems that the only victims in all of this are the Rangers fans. The reference to the fans on here, who are justifiably up in arms , as cyberspace nonentities betrays his own feelings of insecurity. If our perception of him is wrong and he is not an Old Firm crawler who will write anything that keeps him on the gravy train, why does he fail to balance his argument with reference to the bigotry and moronic behaviour from among the blue and green masses ? I would give anything for a sit down debate with him on the whole sorry episode that has unfolded, not in the last few weeks, not in the last year but over a long number of years. The circus clown that is Jim Traynor, evidenced by his ludicrous phone in where he takes pride in belittling people and making comedic references to what others regard as a serious discussion, would find himself struggling against people who would not even regard him as an intellectual equal , far less superior to us. I know there are some people on here who don't exactly further the cause of the genuine non-Old Firm fans but by the same token there are also plenty of contributers to Pie and Bovril who would be more than a match for this buffoon. For Mr. Traynor to have an opinion on people who post on this forum, he must surely read what's posted. Do us all a favour Jim, challenge a few of us to a serious discussion on the state of scottish football and the fiasco that has been the Rangers debacle. Alternatively, you can hide behind your keyboard and know that you can write all your drivel, emphasising the parts that suit you and omitting the uncomfortable areas from your diatribe. You won't need to argue your point with people who genuinely care about football. I for one would relish sitting around a table with journalists and fans of ALL clubs for a reasoned debate. Ironically, that will never happen because the domination of public opinion exerted by the media is so similar to the domination of the Old Firm in scottish football. There is no justification for either of these but in both cases there is a determination to maintain that dominance. Over to you Mr. Traynor. Surely you could hold your own against a bunch of cyberspace nonentities. No ? Thought not. Has Bill Miller left himself enough time to buy Rangers? By jim Traynor on May 4, 12 12:00 PM in rangersTHE trucker from Tennessee had better get his ass in gear. This Rangers takeover has already rumbled on too long and although the end of the road is in sight it's now a race against time. Can Bill Miller deliver his payload by next Friday's deadline set yesterday by Rangers' administrators Duff and Phelps? He believes he can and although this drama has a huge cast list of baddies who did nothing but over-complicate and delay what should have been a fairly straightforward administration process, the Ibrox club's fans finally saw light in the darkness. That the glare comes from the spotlights of Miller's heavy towing group rather than the Blue Knights' lantern shouldn't blind these supporters to the fact that right now Tennessee William's plan is their best hope. It is claimed his bid, which involves removing the club and assets from the top company into a holding newco while a CVA is worked through separately, is the only one likely to squeeze agreement from HMRC. It is understood the revenue weren't too impressed by the Blue Knights' offer so rather than the Scots it's the American who is close to becoming Rangers' next owner. But he has only a week to examine every aspect of Rangers' business, or what's left of it, and then sign and seal the deal, which means he'll really have to get his rig into boogie (Rangers fans should look it up, they'll need to get used to trucker speak). That he will eventually turn out to be their saviour no one can say but that same doubt would have hovered over the Knights had they been given the go-ahead yesterday. Even though Brian Kennedy and Gordon McKie, the man Kennedy would have appointed chief executive, as revealed by Record Sport on Tuesday, turned up to speak with administrators yesterday morning it was too late. The Blue Knights missed their opportunity a couple of weeks ago when Duff and Phelps made it clear all Paul Murray's gang had to do was come up with the £500,000 exclusivity fee. Ticketus were still with them at that time but were having second thoughts and now Murray, Kennedy and Ticketus can only shuffle nervously on the sidelines while Miller and his people weigh up the pros and cons. They'll be joined there by the fans, especially those who'd made it clear they didn't want Miller. But whether they like it or not it looks as though the keys will be handed over to him, although the supporters are entitled to proper answers. Miller issued a statement yesterday saying it's a great honour and privilege to have the chance to buy the club and although he stressed it is his intention to protect Rangers' history the fans need more. They need to see this man in the flesh. They need to hear him explain why he, an American with no emotional or family connection to the club, wants to be owner. Why? He's never been to see Rangers play. He hasn't even set foot inside Ibrox. What's driving him? But at least he has no intention of paying Craig Whyte a penny let alone the £1 the disgraced current owner handed over to David Murray a year ago this Sunday. That should sit well with the fans and so should Miller's refusal to do a deal with Ticketus, who loaned Whyte the £18million to clear Rangers' bank debt on the strength of future season-ticket sales. The support can only pray Miller is genuine, that he looked and saw an opportunity to do something good with a huge sporting club that had gone bad. After a few years of constant speculation over their future and then the last 12 months of sheer agony and embarrassment they deserve respite and hope. And if the fans are spared the pathetic posturing and crass bravado which has surrounded the administration process that too would be a welcome change. Rangers have been used as a platform for wannabes for far too long and if Miller brings all of that to an end he'll deserve a measure of thanks for that alone. David Murray has been criticised for selling to Whyte who has been savaged for bringing the club down but there are others in the fans' crosswires. The administrators because it has been a long, drawn-out process which continues to pay off very nicely for them, although they'd argue the job ran over because of difficulties outwith their control. The game's governing bodies, who can't make up their minds what they want to do with Rangers, have also been accused but the bidders themselves failed to come up with "real" offers. They blabbed and briefed and constantly blamed administrators for dragging their feet when, in fact, most of the bidders kept asking for more time. Then they'd say "it's not our fault. It's the administrators. They won't hand over the club". And that was true. Absolutely. But true because the bids weren't good enough to take to the creditors. But everyone shouted and accused, unable to hear Rangers' last gasps as they lay at the feet of all the showmen. There is no doubt in my mind this club has suffered from the mock interest of too many who may have seen ways of making a fast buck. Opportunists all, trying to gain out of Rangers' woes. AND AS A SIDESHOW THERE'S BEEN THE PIOUS PAP OF CYBERSPACE'S SANCTIMONIOUS NONENTITIES. All in all this entire sorry episode hasn't exactly showcased the best of Scottish pride and spirit. Crimes have been committed here, I suspect. Crimes against honour and against morality. Crimes, also, against Rangers and their fans. Whyte, though, was the worst yet now, even after he's been exposed as not being a fit and proper person, there is nothing but glib comments and sneers whenever he surfaces. Remorse? None at all. Sympathy for the club's staff, who live with the fear of losing their livelihoods, and fans? More likely to get a kind word from the Devil or the Green Brigade. This has been one of the most grotesque episodes in Scottish football's history and I was there in 1994 when Celtic almost went down. But although they were saved at the last minute by Brian Dempsey and Fergus McCann, who outsmarted the old family dynasties ruling Celtic at the time, there wasn't the same degree of venom and vitriol from other fans. Of course Rangers' lot enjoyed it but this time it just seems as though a great many more have revelled in the Ibrox club's plight. And it also seems there have been unknowns trying to muscle into the spotlight and just as many pressing themselves against the walls trying to avoid detection. Anyone seen Donald Muir recently? You must remember him, after all he was the man Lloyds bank put on Rangers' board to make sure the club wouldn't ask for more and to get a buyer so they could get the club off their books. He has questions to answer, as do Lloyds. For instance, didn't they conduct any checks on Whyte or attempt to find out where he got the £18m from? And what exactly was Kennedy's game? He has enough money to buy the entire game and said he'd step in if he felt Rangers were being handed over to the wrong person. Why did it take him so long to team up with Paul Murray and his Blue Knights? And why didn't he make a serious bid and get the job done? Maybe it was always his intention to be last man standing and pick the club up at a knockdown price, which could yet happen if Miller doesn't conclude the deal at the end of next week. Last night hopes were high among those who have been speaking with him over the last couple of months but now it's his turn to break silence. Miller needs to talk to the fans because he needs them to make this whole thing work. Trying to succeed without them would be like attempting to move a greasy side up 18-wheeler from Beer Town to Gay Bay. (I told you, learn the lingo.)
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    Correct and it cost us nearly £1,000,000 to upgrade the main stand and build the away end stand. We were told in no uncertain terms that if it wasnt done we wouldnt be allowed in and that there was no facility to allow groundsharing. In a nutshell, money that would have been used to strengthen our squad was spent on the stadium, that never at any point had 10,000 spectators in it...even when the City filth visited!!Then fast forward to the end of the season when we got relegated and ICT won the 1st division. The 10,000 all seater was reduced to a figure that we could have accomodated in the Jackie Husband stand and they were told that they could ground share until their stadium met requirements We were shafted big time by the SPHell and have never ever recovered. When you see what this lot of cheating barstewards are gonna get away with it makes you want to puke!!
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    Asked Hartley last night about this game. His reply was "We will pump the hibs as there is only one real team in Edinburgh" He was pished last night, what a man. Some great photos with him aswell. Even one with him doing the famous "shh"
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    Is it unrealistic to expect better than the shite season we've just had? Is it unrealistic to expect the chairman not to accuse us of not being real fans for daring to criticise a team which is clearly under-performing?
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    With the tax problems at Ibrox HMRC looks set to get the keys to the big hoose. The plan to rename the famous stadium the Inland Revenue Arena....or the IRA for short. Plans not confirmed however, they're just provisional.
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    Good to see the GB Paralympic Team getting together for a good old fashioned bonding session.
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    Was thinking that last season when Lennon, Lawwell & Reid were intimidating referees.
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    The Legend walking onto the Hampden pitch for the Semi- Final with my son.
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    Yeah, but look at the sh!t they put on it every fortnight! Badoom, Tish!
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    There is a Glasgow Council pitch beside the M8 just behind ASDA and the Benburb Juniors ground which would suit Rangers Amateurs just fine.
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    Sent this in the direction of minister for Commonwealth Games and Sport, Shona Robinson Dear Mrs. Robinson, As a football fan and a proud Scot, I implore you to intervene in the issues surrounding Glasgow Rangers Football Club on the grounds that the whole affairs has substantial potential to damage Scotlands' reputation for integrity. This crisis will affect not only sport, but the way in which Scottish businesses are perceived on a global scale. The Scottish Government has a duty to protect the reputation of Scotland, which must take precedence over any individual or company. The impact thus far has caused severe damage to Scottish Footballs image. Should the laws of the game, the ruling bodies and the law of the land be flaunted so blatantly as to allow Rangers to remain unblemished by the whole affair, in whole or in part, this becomes a stain on the nation. Something you must not stand idly by and watch. The Scottish Football Association were quick to enlist the help of politicians to make a blueprint for the future. I note with some interest the utter lack of sound bytes from these same people during the single most important occurrence in scottish football history. Perhaps this is a question you may ask of Mr. Henry McLeish should you happen to cross paths. We, the people of Scotland, whether by nationality or residence must be represented in this saga. The recent SPL survey takes the view of fans into account and an overwhelming majority (96%) of these fans demand to be heard. A wider public opinion on the matter must be sought. To leave this matter solely to footballing authorities is akin to our government condoning cheating on moral, economic, social and political levels. You must act now before this festers any further. It is paramount that distinction is made between the breaches in football and business and that 'clarity' is brought to the situation. Football must deal with the football issues. Business must be addressed by business concerns, but you must step in to address the issue of integrity. Something that Scotland as a nation must not consider to have 'commercial value'. As host nation for the upcoming Commonwealth Games in 2014, we must be seen in the purest of lights. Copy paste and send, flood the inbox, tell your friends.........you know the drill And I'll be disappointed if no one posts a Simon & Garfunkel reference........
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    Ultimately Traynor like the majority of pundits that write for the rags need to kiss Rangers and Celtic's soiled cheeks or a daily bases or they're out of a job. Another reason I'd love Rangers to die.
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    Eh... his claim is that hardly any of those posts exist, therefore he wouldn't be able to find the posts to prove his point.
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    He wonders why people weren't as vitriolic when Shellick were on the ropes in '94? The Record sent a bloody hearse and a wreath.... Here's a clue, Jim... THEY WEREN'T CHEATING.
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    I don't know of anyone that wouldn't rather have seen all the debt paid back. I hope at least a CVA will be arranged, but I think we all know liquidation is on the way. Hell, getting rid of the bigotry would be a blessing; and probably easier to do in the 3rd division when all the glory hunters forget to turn up at 3pm on a Saturday. The club know fine well that many fans support the drop to division 3; I don't personally know of anyone who is against it. However, the other SPL clubs will be making the decision... they're the ones who need to forget about the contents of their wallets. Well, if that's the opinion you have of Motherwell, Livingson, Dundee, et al. in recent years who have come out of administration with a CVA then fair enough. I can't blame you. Wow... it's friendly around here. I'm glad I popped my head up to say hello
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    Certainly another contender but it would be interesting if SPL would go with it. Surely the short term value of such a deal to member clubs would outweigh the long term Football wide future ridicule of "isn't that the country with/which had the funny league name" ....just as for short term gain they'll face the football world's riduclue of "isn't that the League that allows cheats to the tune of £150million odds in it unpunished."
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    It's not a universal view. I value sporting integrity over everything else and will be disgusted if we are allowed to stay in the SPL as a newco next season. There's at least some honour to be found in taking the appropriate punishment (relegation to the 3rd) and working our way back up through the ranks.
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    I have much sympathy with Partick, they did the right things, but were utterly shafted. Relaxing the numbers of seats, ground sharing and the deadlines to allow ICT in was wrong. Funnily enough on the Michael Johnston thread an ICT fan moans about ground sharing, undersoil and the costs of stands etc. I dare say county will moan over 6,000 seats. Too many easily understood rules have been changed to suit letting individual clubs in.
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    When the Jags came bottom of the SPL several years ago after spending a fortune building stands for the 10,000 rule, Inverness were due to go up, without a 10,000 all seater stadium. The rules were clear, all member clubs must have their own SPL compliant stadium, growndsharing was not allowed. Instead of the Jags staying up and Caley remaining in the 1st, a vote was taken to back this, but a few clubs not being happy with this called a second vote, this second vote was taken allowing Caley to share with Aberdeen for 6 months and only build 6,000 seats. We abided by the rules including at the time undersoil heating and cost us a fortune at the time whilst the SPL changed the rules (Par for the course as we know), this nearly put us out of business and we have had to cut back since to make ends meet, but hey maybe we should just set up a newco and ask to get back in the SPL
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    Even more smug, arrogant and poisonous than usual yet still strangely victimised at the same time,
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    It would also mean that Rangers ( in its current guise ) have no players to fulfill next weeks game.
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    Said it before in my letter to my club and the SFA and SPL, but if this goes through and they get in unpunished, Scotland will forever be seen by the rest of the world as the country that condoned cheating in association football. More corrupt than South America and Italy combined. That's a nice tagline for the SPL.
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    Aye, 'cos it was rangers that beat them in both cups this season.....
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    Jesus, does that pessimism runs through all non Celtic and Rangers fans, put Rangers where they should be, and the SPL vote to better Scottish football, I'll moan, but we'll get a more stable game which in the end gives me a better product. I want Celtic to win every single game we play in, I don't want to know that we'll win every single game we play in. It's the essence of the game
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    Outstanding article about Hogan's history of lying. http://franticplanet.wordpress.com/2012/03/09/the-mad-lies-of-hulk-hogan/ If you haven't already, I'd recommend listening to the 'Hulkster in Heaven' song it references. A tribute to a wee lad who's died of cancer, and he spends most of it singing about himself.
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    Well this thread has been a lot of fun. Now obviously, any Morton fan can provide - and some have already done it - the punchline that no matter how shit Morton have been, Queens have been significantly shitter. The point is however, that no Queens fan has suggested we've been going places (other than Methil etc). Don't forget while enjoying this thread, about the one started on the SPL forum at about the same time. Throw in the Colin McMenamin one on here and it's clear that foresight is not a specialist subject in Greenock. So in a season where someone strolled to the title and we made bottom spot our own, I'd like to thank Foxbarton and co. You've provided me with far more entertainment than anyone Gus chose to field this year. Thank you.
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    But yet your club are so desperate to prove to everyone how british they are, And you are telling us nobody cares? That's rather sad and pathetic, All they years of attention seeking for nothing.
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    This thread provided a great source of comfort as Rovers huffed and puffed through a dreadful season. And just when you thought it had given all it could we tank Morton at Cappielow on the last day to go above them and still some Morton fans are talking about needing someone to take them to the 'next level', clinging to an ancient cup win and best of all posting pictures of Allan Moore with the Scottish Cup. Beautiful. Thank you Foxbarton. Gone but not forgotten
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    OK, I'm sick of this. If Rangers can cobble a newco together, Johnston & Co are taking it up the arse, and it's a done deal. The term 'sporting integrity'... fcuk sporting integrity. It's every man for himself in this jungle. So, let the newco in - but what are we getting? Punishments: Let's have some punishments. Maybe the gang of ten can hold out for some other stuff. Bigger league? Play-offs? More equal distribution of TV money? Something surely? Gie's something. Or, is it newco with fcuk-all change, fcuk-all punishment, and fcuk-all hope of anything remotely better coming out of this disgusting charade? Welcome to the jungle.
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    Later that evening it was revealed that the Association is considering disbanding the SPL and SFL entirely and replacing them with a new National Football League. The SFA did not comment on the possible position of a newco Rangers in such a league.] Oh my aching sides. The NFL. The Broncos will walk it. Neil Doncaster can kiss John Elway and Peyton Manning's arse.
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    Rangers' over spending resulted in teams like Kilmarnock, Aberdeen, Dundee United and the rest of the SPL to increase expenditure and get themselves in to debt. Each side is now paying for that debt by servicing their interest each year and can no longer compete at the level they did before hand. For Rangers to emerge from this financial doping with no debt and the ability to start again while the rest of the SPL is servicing the debt they accumulated to keep up the competitiveness with Rangers in the 90s and early 00s is nothing short of disgusting.
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    Are you honestly trying to tell me that if she came up to you choking for it on a night out you would say no?
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    OK. I'll bite and tell you why my grave dancing shoes are on standby. My wife had to go to Barcelona on business a while back. She arrived there the day after Rangers played Barcelona in the Champions League. Nothing she could do about the date, her meetings and seminars with Spanish colleagues were in place. The dates were locked. On Las Ramblas, she witnessed large groups of Rangers fans who were staying on to make a week of it, absolutely rat-arsed, openly urinating in the street and shouting 'Fcuk the Pope!' at full volume, mixed in with the usual sectarian songbook. I don't think I need to elaborate on her and her Spanish colleagues reaction. After a couple of days pretending she was German, at the airport on the way home another large group of Rangers fans came into the terminal. One of them had a ghetto blaster on his shoulder, and it was blaring out a loyalist CD at full volume. Airport security approached the group to challenge them, and the guy with the ghetto blaster shouted in their face "If youse don't fcukin' like it, youse can just get tae' fcuk. Fcukin' feenyan basturts'. Again, I don't think I need to tell you what she was feeling. Embarrassed, embarrassed to be Scottish, to be associated with this in any way. My wife isn't a football fan, she didn't make this up to have a dig at Rangers. You'll notice that I haven't even mentioned Manchester, Barcelona 72, the Rangers trips to Newcastle and Birmingham, the stoning of the Villarreal team bus, the sectarian warnings and fines from UEFA. I haven't mentioned Rangers fans invading the Love Street pitch in '77, or Rangers fans playing flutes and urinating in Celtic's 'Jungle' during the Scottish Cup semi final between St Mirren and Rangers in the early 80's. I could also mention being pelted with coins at the Hampden replay. Hell, I could even mention the Rangers fan at Ibrox who, while I was simply buying a match programme, spat at my feet and asked me (about two inches away from my face), why a 'feenyan basturt like me' was at Ibrox. That incident marked my last ever trip to your midden. Never went back, wouldn't give Rangers the sweetcorn oot' ma' shite, much less any of my money. The sooner your football club gets shot between the fcuking eyes, the better.
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