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    What gets my goat is regardless of the outcome of this administration their return to the SPL is a fait accompli and, while they'll be a weakened presence in such a scenario, it goes against all the principles of fair play that the game is supposed to be about. Honestly, it beggars belief! Dunfermline finish (rightfully) bottom of the league, and we'll take our punishment. However, Rangers effectively cheat for over a decade, potentially end up owing the public purse best part of 100 million quid and deny many other businesses their financial dues, but are allowed back in to compete the next year as normal. It's so corrupt it's untrue, and the whole SPL administration - not to mention that of the other member clubs - are complicit in this retardation of our national sport. It is nothing short of disgraceful. They have always been a blight on our game and our country and in the moment of their resurrection every other turkey club will be culpable in the disreputable carve-up of the so-called Scottish competition.
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    American view of he current rangers scandal stolen from another forum. http:\\bleacherreport.com\articles\1...c ottish-soccer Imagine if you will an athlete. Let’s say he’s a 100m runner, and he has dominated the field for 10 years. He’s so successful, so popular, so charismatic,thatmany people considerthefuture of theevent itself depends on his continued participation, and success in, competition. He brings millions of dollars into the sport in sponsorship and television deals every year, and if he was to retire, no one would be interested in attending track meets or watching them on television any more. Now this athlete has been at the top of his game for many years, but time is catching up with him. It emerges that he has recently been using a new type of performance enhancing drug, and this discovery throws up the revelation that actually, he has been using steroids for his whole career. What should happen to our now disgraced hero? Should he be stripped of every Olympic and World gold medal he has won while using performance enhancing drugs? Should his personal records be removed from their placing in theworld records? Should he be banned from all competition for at least the minimum period prescribed in the rules? Or should he be forgiven and excused it all as a simple matter of expediency? We can’t have the money-tap for the sport turned off, after all. Can we? What’s more, years of steroid abuse have caused serious physical deterioration in our athlete, and he may have to retire from the sport. Should the sport pay for his medical treatment to allow him to continue? Consider then the curious case of Rangers Football Club. The most successful club in Scotland, they have won the Scottish title 54 times and claim over 100 first-class honors in their history. They attract the second-highest attendances in the SPL and their fan base probably provide the majority of the viewing public for SPL matches televised on Sky Sports and ESPN. Despite this, Rangers is in trouble. Since the club was taken over by Craig Whyte in May 2011, they have not remitted any of the taxes due to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) in Pay as You Earn (PAYE) tax and National Insurance Contributions (NIC). Under previous owner Sir David Murray, the club operated an Employee Benefit Trust (EBT) scheme from 2000 to 2010. This is a scheme whereby employees are paid (and taxed on) a very small percentage of their wages. The remainder is paid into a trust, which then gives “loans,” to the employee, which are non-taxable and never repaid. This is perfectly legal, but the key word is “trust.” The employee must “trust” the employer to ensure they are paid, “loans,” from the trust.Contractual payments absolutely cannot be made through the EBT. Evidence has emerged in the public domain which suggests that Rangers players were assured in writing that they would be paid from an EBT, and that they would never have to repay the money. HMRC maintain that the payments made to Rangers players in this period were contractual in nature, and therefore taxable. They have presented Rangers with a bill for £24m in unpaid taxes, and £12m in interest. Should the First Tier Tax tribunal find in their favour, a further penalty will be imposed, which could see the final bill reach as much as £75m. Since at least 1999, when a similar tax dodge was operated (Rangers admitthisand havecommitted to paying £2.8m to HMRC), Rangers has therefore used non-payment and evasion of tax to give the club a financial and sporting advantageoverevery otherclub. That’s not all. As Rangers has made payments to players which were not included in their contracts, the players involved were not correctly registered with the national association, and so ineligible. The accepted sanction for fielding of ineligible playersin soccerisforthematch to be recorded as a 0-3 defeat. Since 1999, Rangers has won the Scottish Premier League seven times, whilst fielding ineligible players whom they could not have afforded to pay if they were not avoiding making tax payments on their wages. To the outsider, it seems simple. Rangers must be stripped of all honours won during their financial “doping” years. It goes beyond even this. The President of the Scottish Football Association is Campbell Ogilvie. He has held influential positions with the SFA and SPL over a period of many years, going back to the 1990’s. At which time, Campbell Ogilvie was the Secretary of Rangers FC. Indeed, Campbell Ogilvie was himself paid via an EBT during his time at Rangers.Both theSFA and SPL have launched investigations into Rangers’ conduct in the years since 1998, but there is no confidence within the Scottish soccer community that they will take any serious steps to dealwith Rangers’ wrongdoing. One thing Rangers cannot escape though, is financial reality. It finally caught up with them on 14th February when the club was placed into administration. This is a UK legal term which basically means thata court-appointed team take over the running of the company. It prevents creditors from taking legal action against it, and the administrator must take steps to make the company profitableto ensurecreditorsarepaid. The administrators may seek to arrangea CompanyVoluntaryAgreement (CVA)with thecreditors. This requires the agreement of 76 percent of the creditors by value. It means that all creditors would accept a pennies-to-the-pound deal. Once they are paid, for example, 30p for every pound owed, the company can exit administration and emerge debt-free. If the creditors do not agree a CVA and the company cannot pay them in full, it is then liquidated. All assets are sold off and the proceeds distributed evenly amongst the creditors.Asthemajority of Rangers’ debt is owed to HMRC, the chancesof a CVAareunlikely.It isthepolicy of HMRCto reject CVA’s. The most likely outcome for Rangers FC is that they will soon be liquidated. The club will cease to exist. Here’s where it gets interesting. The SPL yesterday published a set of proposed changes to their Financial Fair Play policy. Amongst them, is a proposal to allow a club, on liquidation, being allowed to transfer their, “share,” or membership of the SPL, to a new company. This would mean that should Rangers be liquidated, their directors, or anyone else who wants to buy their stadium, training ground and players, can do so and be given Rangers’ place in the SPL. Effectively, this would mean a debt-free company, called Rangers FC, playing in blue shirts at Ibrox Stadium next season, while HMRC and other creditors (Rangers are in debt to possibly as much as £134m) are left with nothing. One of those creditors is Heart of Midlothian FC, from whom Rangers signed full-back Lee Wallace. They still owe £800,000, which is unlikely ever to be paid. Another is Rapid Vienna, from whom Rangers purchased Nikica Jelavic, whose goals were instrumental in their winning of the SPL last season. Rapid are still owed £1m, and despite Rangers selling him to Everton FC for £5m in January, Rapid are unlikely to ever see their money. Effectively, the SPL propose to issue a cheats’ charter,and coincidentallyI am sure,just as it looks like Rangers are to be liquidated. Nothing like this happened just four years ago when Gretna FC were liquidated. Rangers FC is in serious danger of being liquidated because they have lived beyond their means for far too long, in the process distorting the market in Scotland. It has abused the tax system to give itself an unfair sporting advantage over the rest of the clubs in the SPL. It has bought players from other clubs it could not afford to pay for and had no intention of ever paying for. And the Scottish sporting establishment, governing bodies and media, want everything possible to be done to facilitate Rangers, who have destroyed the sporting integrity of the Scottish game, escaping the consequences of their self-inflicted troubles. To return to our doped up and physically damaged by self-inflicted wounds athlete, it appears that in Scotland at least, all the stops WOULD be pulled to ensure his continued participation in the sport. We can’t allow the money-tap to be turned off, after all. Can we?
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    My guess would be they want the SPL/SFA not to deduct them any points, not to make them pay 'tarrier clubs' like Dundee United, not to chasten them, fine them, ban them, demote them, handicap them, obstruct them, or do anything but stand back, allow them to cheat their way out of paying their debts and welcome them back with open arms under the leadership of some new Rangers-minded, club tie wearing w****r. They want the authorities to stop hounding them for singing their songbook, to stop sending their players off, to stop referees giving decisions against them, and to do absolutely everything possible to ensure that Rangers and their supporters can do what the fcuk they want, when the fcuk they want, and to whom the fcuk they want, with no case to answer to no fucker. They are the people. ...just my guess mind you.
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    I really, really hope that when you struck out with the burd, you shrugged your shoulders and said something along the lines of "Nae bother darlin, I've got a Cup Semi Final at the weekend". Then turned away, fist clenched in the air going "YYEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!"
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    You'd have thought the people would be used to late penalties by now.
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    Isn't that EXACTLY why most of us want him to stay, not be removed? If we can't get rid of them, (because the SFA, SPL, meedja etc. won't let them die) then at least let them carry on getting more and more fcuked up
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    The Iron Shiek is having an arguement with Greg Hemphill on Twitter. LINK
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    Not jealous at all mate - hope it's as good as the Man Utd game a few years back! Tell me ma.......
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    From The Bears' Den When are these "utter, utter CVNTS" going to get it into their collective brain cell that everyone at the SPL, SFA and every other club in Scotland can quite happily live with themselver. YOU and nobody else, YOU got YOURSELVES into this mess so shut the f*ck up and do something about getting yourselves out of your own crap. And it will take a hell of a lot more than the £1872 quid you scraped up to save your f*cking *rses. Huff and Puff get this for 3 hours of tea breaks.
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    Yes, they are Rangers and they do what they like. In the event they get liquidated and the newco has to apply to get into div 3, could you imagine the uproar if someone actually had the studs to say welcome Sauchie or whoever It would make the day they get liquidated seem like an ok day in comparison, i might actually cum without touching myself
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    I caught a wee bit of the Radio Clyde phone in tonight. Gordon Dalziel could have played Derek in Ricky Gervais new show about a lovable simpleton.
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    More like Emile Broxskey.
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    Lichtie23, its fuckin MACARONI cheese, what's this mac pish aboot??
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    Darlan, Silvianco Conti and Finians Rainbow £25 treble. £20 single Harry Topper in the 4.15.
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    Put it this way, H_B: the man has hands like shovels, and I've passed many a lift test.
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    They could have announced it any time...you think a few hours before a likely announcement on the preferred bidder was coincidence? It was an exchange in the negotiation/bluff about Rangers coming back into the SPL.
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    The way things are going I would look at the opinions of Rangers fans and think "these poor b*****ds, no one will listen to them anymore, all they can do is scream 'its not fair' like a toddler that's had his favourite toy taken of him for hitting the other kids with it". As someone said earlier what did they expect the SPL to do, sit back and let that club get away with it?. The SPL had no choice but to deal with this newco scenario.
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    The Lupe Pintos deli shops in Glasgow and Edinburgh sell dried Bhut Jolokia (aka Ghost) chillies that are - according to Wiki- 401.5 times hotter than tabasco sauce, although they are no longer the world's hottest chilli. They recommend you wear rubber gloves when handling them! The hottest thing I've ever tried was the Curry Hell dish at Rupali's in Newcastle a couple of months back. Me and my flatmate, who both like spicy food and would make curries as hot as we could stand, went along. We had a main meal each and a portion of this curry hell between us for afterwards. Normally if you eat it yourself you get it for free, your photo on the wall etc. but we were just in it for experimental purposes. Despite having a vindaloo as my main course, I managed 6 mouthfuls or so of this before I admitted defeat. The watering eyes & nose, the sweat and the burning mouth I could fight through, but I felt I was going to vomit copiously should I have one more bite, and this feeling lasted for about 2 more hours. My mate managed 3 mouthfuls and that was with 2 mango lassis to cool down. We asked the guy what was in it and he said 7 different types of chilli. He also said that you get a lot of stag do's coming in and while some people can do it, others get nosebleeds, or collapse to the floor in pain. Aftereffects included waking up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat with a searing ball of fire at the bottom of my ribcage that wasn't for moving up or down, and feeling like I was pishing Agent Orange the next day. There's clips of this thing on youtube, including Gordon Ramsay trying it. I'd recommend it, but only once. The inferno pizza, by comparison, I now put hot sauce on.
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    :o He actually expects that the creamies will be in the title race. Fuckit, close them down, raze the buildings to the ground and salt the earth, these c**tos believe they'll get away with it and that nothing will change apart from the names of the owners. Not acceptable
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    October 2017 Really good month. We had Roma (2nd) and Juventus (3rd) to deal with. We did a good job. Solid win against Bologna and it was good to see Izaola getting his first few goals of the season. We were under a lot of pressure against Roma and didn't look like doing anything until the 80th minute when we scored. We looked the better team for the final ten minutes but couldn't break through the sturdy Roma defence. The game against Juventus was brilliant. You're probably thinking "Aw, you were lucky again". Well, you're wrong. Here's the evidence: Sensational performance. Unfortunately, our finishing was dire and we couldn't capitalise. I was actually shouting at the screen as Izaola decided he wanted to chip the ball into the net instead of simple rifling it home. Still, a very positive result - and we're still unbeaten at home. Last time at this stage we had 7 points and now we have 11. Certainly a very big improvement and with a few really good results too. Pleasing. As an aside: I accepted. I'm not sure why I accepted - as this game is about Pro Vercelli and no-one else - but I thought I might as well since they asked. I don't like international management too much but I'll probably stay for the World Cup in 2018 since we've already qualified and see how it goes. I'll probably resign after that, though, unless I want a pop at the African Cup of Nations presuming I qualify.
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    August/September 2017 Last time at this stage, we were 15th in the league after six games - 2 wins, 4 losses. We had scored 3 and conceded 12. Yas. We shouldn't have beaten Inter. Should we? It's Inter Milan. We shouldn't be beating them. We did, though. We did beat them. We didn't deserve to beat them. Ledesma is a hero. The loss against Fiorentina wasn't unexpected and their two goals came in the second half. Not too bad a result, I guess. 2-2 v Parma was disappointing. We were up twice and were pegged back almost immediately. They were the better team though. Was good to see Micheli score and Pereyra getting his first from defence. I was not happy with the Livorno game. Livorno are one of the favourites to be relegated so losing that was a massive blow. Both teams had a sending off, they did first, but we never managed to capitalise. The win against Empoli was good. They, again, were the better side - but a late corner came in and Pereyra headed it home again. Good three points. Palermo should have been 0-0. In the 90+3rd minute Rizzi gave away a penalty and Romelu Lukaku slotted it in for them. I was absolutely fuming at Rizzi. We (somehow) managed not to concede before that and he goes and ruins it. Still, we're doing better than last season. Double the goals scored, half the goals conceded - and we have an extra point. Our home form is good but our away form needs an improvement. Still, if things stay the same and we don't have an absolutely horrendous break-down again, we should do reasonably well. Here's hoping anyway.
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    Give them a chance mate. Not easy to give up 139 years of ALL of the above so quickly.
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    Chick Young is a lying delusional sycophantic arse licking useless waste of oxygen. His only reason for being on earth is for the rest of us to laugh at the pathetic creature
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    Petty doesn't really do this justice, BD. Obviously none of us can begin to understand what you are going through, so it's incredibly trite of me to say that I'd opt for the option that gave me the best long term outcome, irrespective of the risk. I suspect that's the operation. Life's full of risks and this is right at the top of the list but people who don't take (calculated) risks seldom, if ever, achieve. My very best wishes to you and your family. They must be going through all the emotions that you are. TP.
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    It'll be a cracking atmosphere at Wembley, and we certainly can't go into it in any better form. Liverpool's suspensions will certainly be a positive for us, hopefully we can capitalise on that and their poor form. We have nothing to fear and we've got every right to be positive going into the game. We're on the match with Moyesey's army!
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    10 point deduction each season and the other proposed penalties are being described by the BBC as stiffer penalties. For £134 million of unpaid debt it is hee haw. Absolutely hee haw. That could finance the rest of the SPL for how long? The essence of football is sport. One team against another. Running up massive debts, buying players you can't afford, rigging the voting system to ensure the two strongest grow stronger at the expense of everyone - where's the sport? If the competition is unfair there is no point in the competition. Drugs cheats get unfair advantages and get banned. Rangers had a huge advantage in Scotland. They have a huge support by comparison to all but one other and that's not enough. They cheated by taking an unfair advantage. There is no integrity in the behaviour of those within Rangers who have accrued this debt. There is no integrity, it seems, in those charged with dealing with such fundamentally immoral behaviour. It stinks. I didn't think our football could be any more of a joke than it has been for the last twenty years. Turns out I was wrong.
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    The SPL can go and f**k themselves. Shown up for exactly the money grasping c***s that they always were but laid bare now. Get it to f**k.
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    Every club in Scotland other than Celtic will benefit if Rangers die. Celtic are the ONLY club in Scotland who are reliant on Rangers' survival for their own future success.
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    When you go into the gents and you don't know what urinal to choose.
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    The flappy bit of the trolley where the kids seat is was pulled over the handle. She was sitting in the trolley with her legs hanging out and I was leaning on said flappy bit. I moved off the flappy bit quite quick and it sprung back and skelped her on the forehead. We were about 15 at the time. She went home crying and her Mum came down on her bike to give me a row. Rowan Atkinson should've used that scenario for a 'Mister Bean goes dating' episode.
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    Celtic fans trying to gloss over their clubs use of pro IRA symbolism to flog stuff.
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    Not football, its the nearest place you can buy jelly I believe. For some reason all stocks in Scotland are sold out
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    Christian was brilliant back in the day with Edge but I'm not a fan these days, he just really annoys me but for his ring ability he's a decent mid-carder. His stint at main eventing in my opinon was pretty poor but I guess he deserved it after all those years.
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    Celtics shame just wont go away.
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    ...me ma, To wipe away all the tears, No trophies for 17 years, Tell me ma me ma. ;-)
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