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    My guess would be they want the SPL/SFA not to deduct them any points, not to make them pay 'tarrier clubs' like Dundee United, not to chasten them, fine them, ban them, demote them, handicap them, obstruct them, or do anything but stand back, allow them to cheat their way out of paying their debts and welcome them back with open arms under the leadership of some new Rangers-minded, club tie wearing w****r. They want the authorities to stop hounding them for singing their songbook, to stop sending their players off, to stop referees giving decisions against them, and to do absolutely everything possible to ensure that Rangers and their supporters can do what the fcuk they want, when the fcuk they want, and to whom the fcuk they want, with no case to answer to no fucker. They are the people. ...just my guess mind you.
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    If anybody ever wondered why it is imperative that Mark Dingwall and his cronies get nowhere near The Rangers board they just have to read this!! These are the people who supported Whyte well after Rangers went into Administration. These are the same people claiming the 'Mhedia witchhunt' was all a 'Timmy conspiracy' against Rangers and the Protestant community as a whole. f**k it i hope we do get fucking liquidate and there are 2 Newcos...The bigoted fuckwits can follow Govan FTP 1690 fc and leave the rest of us following Govan United FC and we can start trying to rebuild the club and build bridges to get accepted back into the Scottish Game. f**k yer Protestant Community...WE ARE A FOOTBALL CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    10 point deduction each season and the other proposed penalties are being described by the BBC as stiffer penalties. For £134 million of unpaid debt it is hee haw. Absolutely hee haw. That could finance the rest of the SPL for how long? The essence of football is sport. One team against another. Running up massive debts, buying players you can't afford, rigging the voting system to ensure the two strongest grow stronger at the expense of everyone - where's the sport? If the competition is unfair there is no point in the competition. Drugs cheats get unfair advantages and get banned. Rangers had a huge advantage in Scotland. They have a huge support by comparison to all but one other and that's not enough. They cheated by taking an unfair advantage. There is no integrity in the behaviour of those within Rangers who have accrued this debt. There is no integrity, it seems, in those charged with dealing with such fundamentally immoral behaviour. It stinks. I didn't think our football could be any more of a joke than it has been for the last twenty years. Turns out I was wrong.
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    I find this notion quite interesting. It is true that they do indeed, as big as they are and have been, offer a clear and obvious current benefit to the Scottish game. But, and it's a biggy, what would they offer to the Scottish game bereft of the numerous, erm, boosts they have received over the years? What would Rangers have been able to offer the Scottish game had they not received a £40m boost from Joe Lewis' ENIC? What would Rangers have been able to offer the Scottish game had they not received a £20m boost from Dave 'loves the SARS' King? What would Rangers have been able to offer the Scottish game had they not received a £100m boost from David 'duped' Murray? What would Rangers have been able to offer the Scottish game had they not received an £18m boost from JJB Sports*? What would Rangers have been able to offer the Scottish game had they not received a £32m boost from NTL? What would Rangers have been able to offer the Scottish game had they not received a £15m boost inadvertently from Hector the Collector? What would Rangers have been able to offer the Scottish game had they not received a £45m boost from not paying Tax, NIC and social costs on £48m of wages**? Remove any one of those artificial never to be repeated again boosts and you devalue Rangers and by extension their marketability and further what they are worth to everyone else financially. Remove them all, which is what we are talking about here - a NewCo or OldCo will not ever be able to count on any of that financial support again, and what would the current Rangers side be worth to the other clubs? Do you believe that without all of those extra moneys, Rangers would be even close to being the shadow of a side they once were? And would they have as many fans travelling to away grounds? Which again poses the question: what will a new Rangers, without all that money, actually offer the SPL in the future that makes them so bloody indispensable to the the league? *They could kind of count on something like the JJB deal again, however that deal was signed at a time when Rangers were being propped up by many of the other financial boosts, and certainly at the very peak of the EBT usage - could they count on a deal of the same value? **In order to pay the players the same 'take home' pay, they would have had to shell out almost double as gross pay.
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    You are wrong our clubs live in spite of your sectarian rivalry not from it, look at C*unty, a new SPL club, going from strength to strength. Where would they be without Celtic and Rangers? Worst case scenario, they'd be living in the Highland league, no TV deal, no big sponsorship deal but still alive and thriving and pulling off the odd cup run to the quarter final of the Scottish cup. No-one needs the old firm to survive. There is talk of European co-efficients, sh!te, lose the old firm and we'd still have a couple of clubs going into Europe, we'd lose a couple of places but we'd be rid of you lot so none of us lose out. You and Rangers bring only the spectacle of one of the most hate filled encounters in world football, you are no more than a freak show to anyone but yourselves. The only reason that anyone outside Scotland watches OF derbies is because there is a higher than normal chance that there will be some sort of altercation on the pitch or in the crowd, like watching formula 1 for the crashes.
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    Re apply for a league position and go through the procedure that Gretna/Elgin/Airdire Utd etc have all had to go through before them. That would be fairer.
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    Give them a chance mate. Not easy to give up 139 years of ALL of the above so quickly.
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    Can we not just get on with the darts? Really don't care about some no mark boxer.
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    Jim Spence- eh eh eh chick chick chick tell tell tell me this Chick - eh eh eh eh eh civil war blah blah Jim Spence - eh wh wh wh what do you eh mean Jim Traynor - eh eh eh what the fck is this shite?
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    This sounds terrible. I'm not a fan of eating food so hot that it makes me shite out my own skeleton.
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    Should bring back the reserve league and make a rule where you have to use a certain amount of under 21's. You have guys sitting in the stand every saturday getting paid a good wage because of the SPL subs rule.These guys are getting rusty because they aren't getting any game time. At least when you have injuries and suspensions they'll be able to slot in easier rather than throwing them in the deep end without kicking a ball for 2 months.
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    What's all this talk about automatically starting in Division 3. If they liquidate the newco should have to apply, and be assessed fairly against other applicants, for the vacant place in Division 3.
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    A newco should have to start afresh at the bottom of Div 3, assuming there is a place for them and they are the best candidate amongst all applicants.
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    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha........... ......ok, just for a moment, lets presume this is true, and lets follow the trail of such statements........... So, this Singapore Born Billionaire, with wealth off the radar, is planning to pay off RFC(IA) creditors with something like 5 to 10p in the pound, then bankroll them to the tune of hundreds of millions of pounds to win the Europa or Champions League? This will, of course, be at least four years away that this euro winning trophy promise impossible fantasy can happen, as they will not be allowed to compete in Europe for the next three seasons. And the knuckledragging, braincell challenged, true blue, union loving bigots, that are the Scottish Media Pretend Journalists RFC(IA) sheep follow followers, still swallow these claptrap fantasies and fairytales that is peddled out daily ? After all that has been revealed, and is still to be revealed (and you can bet some of the murkiest deceits will not see the light of day thanks to secret handshakes, backhanders and nudgenudgewinkwinks), about how this "institution" lied, stole, cheated and ran up massive unaffordable debts to local, national and international businesses, football clubs, government agencies, queen and country, and even football governing bodies, and who for nigh on the last 20 years has operated in a way that ignores sporting integrity, proper business practice and legal obligations........still the main thrust of news that surrounds them is how they MUST be saved for the good of scottish football, the peeeeeepul, scotland as a nation, it's worldwide appeal as a football club (sic)........yet f**k their creditors, HMRC and all the clubs in Scotland and in Europe that they have deceived and done over...........they will get pennies in the pond and be thankful for it...........and in a few years they plan to be back to spending far beyond their means, racking up more even debt, spending hundreds of millions, and winning european trophies........... For the love of god, allah, every decent human being, whomever........ Just kill this disgusting excuse of a football club, and kill it NOW.
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    What the f**k do the RST and the rest of the rangers fans exactly expect the SFA & SPL do for them? These c***s got into this situation all on their own.
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    Chick Young: "My understanding is". Lies - Chick understands nothing!
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    They've announced they've added another quarter million to their bill.
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    That would look so good as an advertising slogan on the front of the box.
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    Having read through your grand national blog I think I will back Weird Al as it reminds me of my girlfriend. 3.Weird Al 40/1 - Bleeds too often. 2
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    I don't understand the point. We already have U19's so why have U20's, surely the obvious option is to switch back to the reserve league but with a stronger control over the number of U20 players that need to be fielded. That allows both fringe and players returning from injury to get a game while also giving youth a chance to play against players with greater experience. I realise this is Motte's doing and in general what he has said over the piece I agree with, but just copying the way the Dutch do things isn't the panacea for Scottish football.
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    Might I suggest that perhaps you are doing it wrong? Why not start with something extremely mild, just so that you get used to it. Thats why kids don't start straight on the madras, they start with mild stuff first. Its like anything, if you're not used to it, there is a good chance your body will need to get used to it. So if a vegetarian, after 20 meat free years, decided to have a bloody steak, there is a good chance their body would react horribly to it. The same applies to hot curry. If you go to a country like India or Sri Lanka, the people there don't sit there sweating and suffering while they eat. Why? Because it is what they are used to, and because there isn't a macho "how hot can you go" culture. They eat at a level of spiciness that they feel comfortable with, and their tolerance changes depending on experience. So if this is what is happening to you when you eat spicy food, then simply dial it down quite a few notches, and get used to it. Curry can taste absolutely amazing, and wee bit of heat can really add to it, but people shouldn't be suffering for it!
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    Petty doesn't really do this justice, BD. Obviously none of us can begin to understand what you are going through, so it's incredibly trite of me to say that I'd opt for the option that gave me the best long term outcome, irrespective of the risk. I suspect that's the operation. Life's full of risks and this is right at the top of the list but people who don't take (calculated) risks seldom, if ever, achieve. My very best wishes to you and your family. They must be going through all the emotions that you are. TP.
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    A rabid Raith Rovers supporter? For 10 pages now, you've played this loyal (no pun intended) supporter who'll follow Rangers thru thick and thin. You seem to have conveniently forgotten that you sacked going to watch them a couple of years ago and decided you were a Raith fan.
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    It's no you I was on about mate. You are just a consistent roaster wherever you post Any way, back on topic. Yon Rangers mob avoid bills like their fans avoid soap, eh?
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    yet the two of you won't stop posting i love going to watch the 'well!
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    Fans of every other club know that an OF free league would flourish. With Aberdeen/United/Hibs/Hearts, even major town clubs chasing a championship, their fans will follow. Was well evident back in the 80's/90's. The last full house at Brockville was when Aberdeen avoided relegation & entered the play offs in 94. A competative product, & TV companies will be chasing a deal within a season. Anybody in Glasgow that wants to watch Scottish Senior football? There are two clubs still there to cater for that.
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    The SPL can go and f**k themselves. Shown up for exactly the money grasping c***s that they always were but laid bare now. Get it to f**k.
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    Every club in Scotland other than Celtic will benefit if Rangers die. Celtic are the ONLY club in Scotland who are reliant on Rangers' survival for their own future success.
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    KILL IT!!! KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!! There is no God
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    I don't know, but if Gok Wan and Harvey Price had a child, It would resemble it.
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    A common avatar amongst supporters of that other mob and a well known sign from South Armagh..
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    So a pizza with some chillies on it then?
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    Clydebank were still in the league when Airdrie United tried to join the SFL and after being rejected for Gretna they then took over Clydebank.
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    Hmmm what tradition was this? Would this be the 'tradition' that was denied every year by the Rangers board. Guess what religion Pat Lafferty was.. Don Kitchenbrands brother was a Roman Catholic Priest..and did John Spencer not end up playing for your club as well..Good wee Catholic lad that he was. The Rangers board have made noises about leaving the Scottish game and after reading some of the small minded pish in this thread i can see why some would see that as appealling. Personally i would rather remain close to our roots and our true traditions of a Scottish Football Club. The idea has most certainly been more driven by the celtic board and with Desmond and his pal...Is it O'Neill? i can understand why as then they might invest some of their considerable combined wealth and they have the finance to take their club to a whole new level. You are the hypocrit..You don't want what is best for the Scottish Game you just want what is best for your club alone. You actually want to rid the Scottish Game of it's strongest clubs by fair means or foul. You want to rid our game of its unique selling point.
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    Not football, its the nearest place you can buy jelly I believe. For some reason all stocks in Scotland are sold out
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    I didn't realise you'd given up watching Falkirk?? I decided to miss an away game 2 and half years ago and realised I didn't miss it. I've been to 3 away games since. I then started missing home games and have realised I didn't miss it. When I have gone to games I've wondered why I bothered. Its a complete and utter waste of money. I too can't believe I wasted so much time and money on football.
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    Watched Drive last night after glowing reviews on here. Thought it was poor, maybe I was expecting too much. Gosling was playing the quiet mysterious character, but all it made me think was that he was bored out his ass through it all. 4/10
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    He looks like a shite version of Gregory from Gregory's girl
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