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    Rangers are basically as fucked now as they were a month ago...the admin guys are (quite rightly) looking for miracle loopholes but even with a generous CVA the new owner(s) will need to flush away at least £30m just to get in the game. When that game is improving a terrible squad to compete with a superior Celtic side while making up a £1m shortfall each month with no realistic prospect of Champions League money for years, you must wonder what the point is. Furthermore, taking over Rangers on their knees is not the same as taking on Celtic 20 years ago - McCann knew television/European money would increase, a new stadium would pull in much more corpie money and the fans would flock back to a winning team. Rangers have already maxed out - to all obvious views anyway - stadium potential etc, the television money has already been there and, even worse, they have already mortgaged off revenue streams such as kit, catering etc. I can understand why D+P are continuing with the fight but tbh the sooner everyone involved in Rangers admits ripping it up and starting again is the way to go, even with a three year no Europe/lower league rebuilding period, the sooner both they and Scottish football can move forward.
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    I feel bad about this, but here goes.... Matt Dickinson of the Times - possibly one of the most respected journalists working for definitely one of the most respected newspapers in the world, writes an article about a football match. He asks some questions of your club's representatives and reports the response he received. While you may not agree with his conclusions, are you trying to tell us that he LIED? Bearing in mind anything submitted for publication in that paper would be submitted to legal advisers for clearance, why would he put his position and livelihood at risk by libelling rangers? Do you really think he is part of a conspiracy, committed to destroying The Peepil? I am satisfied that his article is truthful and accurate. I, and many other Scots, have felt the baleful influence of sectarianism and bigotry throughout our lives, from discrimination to physical violence. Your club, and their green Sisters, not only allow bigotry to flourish, but actively promote the retention of antediluvian attitudes to maintain your "special" place as "part of Scotland's heritage". This latest stunt with the Union Flags (not Jacks, unless ibrox is a ship) is, apparently, encouraged by the club. That tells anyone who is interested - and your clubs' behaviour is being noticed outside Scotland - all they need to know about what they stand for. KTID
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    for 15 years work coaching basketball the underpriveleged kids of Dumbarton, then a further 8 or 9 years coaching basketball in Grangemouth when I moved through here, and for the last couple of years the charity work I've done between running and making a twat of myself in Movember.
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    I don't know. Whilst Adam's allegations re Rangers have already been made, the explicit linking of this crisis with a profound failure of governance on a programme like C4 news will set the cat amongst the pigeons somewhat. Not only will there be lots of "but but but" whataboutery from the authorities' shambolically poor press operation, questions will also be asked of why the Scottish media has kept its mouth shut about such matters, for so long. I still think it unlikely that Rangers will disappear completely as a result of all this. However, collateral damage from this scandal- i.e. the sweeping away of the empty blazers, incompetents, petty minded empire-builders, disastrous lack-of-visionaries, sawdust Caesars and numbskulls that have been left in charge of the Scottish game, would be extremely welcome. A sustained week of scandal-stricken coverage on national news would leave a lot of positions in the hierarchy untenable. If Rangers are demoted to SFL 3 then it may even call into question the point of a separate SPL with separate governance. The whole experiment has been a disaster from the very start and has helped entrench the money driven-dominated-byt-the-bigot-brothers model of football that many people have become so heartily sick of. We'll see.
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    Finally, after a few weeks of holding on, my wife gave birth a wonderful wee girl at 02.50 am. I'm absolutely overjoyed. A picture of health, she got home this afternoon about 4. I'm not really an 'established' pie n bovril'er but I've continually read this thread and some of the assistance and tips and comments are incredibly helpful. I'll no doubt be back on for advice and assistance, but I'm off to change some nappies...
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    It's laughable the way certain voices are trying to suggest that the whole Craig Whyte affair is somehow the fault of the SFA. Can you imagine the sh*tstorm that would have followed if the SFA had attempted to block Craig Whyte's takeover? The Murray supporting media would have gone into meltdown if the man with untold billions had been blocked from investing in the Gers. This whole f*ck-up starts and ends at Rangers, the Rangers board and the Rangers chairman are wholly culpable. And what should happen now? Should the SFA conduct stringent tests on the various bidders in the frame to take them over now? What happens if they decide that none of them meet the criteria? Would be priceless if they did.
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    This. Student politics is for wanks.
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    Dundee beat Rangers 4-3 that same season, and Partick Thistle beat you 3-0 that same season. By your logic, both of these sides would have had a chance
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    It was Rikishi. He did it for The Rock.
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    Typical Cena; he doesn't even sell a car crash
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    Absolutely great question. Gers fans are trying to have it both ways 'Leave us alone', 'protect us', err, what we mean is WATP Why does Scottish football need Rangers if Rangers only win through financial doping and (together with the other lot) keep all other clubs too weak to compete?
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    You missed Mark Hateley on Channel 4 earlier then. He more or less said that the SFA should have conducted some background checks and stepped in to stop Craig Whyte. There have also been numerous comments on recent phone-ins along the same lines suggesting a groundswell among some Rangers fans desperate to point fingers at those outwith the Ibrox set-up. Quite probably the same voices attacking sections of the media for not having investigated Whyte. I do agree with you that it's pretty weak for the SFA to have come out after the fact and declare Whyte a 'not fit and proper person'. But then their weak position may be simply a symptom of Scottish football and the Scottish media being dominated by two clubs. Go against them at your peril. So what do you suggest the SFA do regarding the 4 current bidders for your club? Should the SFA conduct a thorough check on the them? If they decide that the preferred bidder isn't 'fit and proper' should your club be allowed to die? Would you see that as a fair outcome? Just asking.
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    To say that The Rock is still shit is simply ludicrous. The Rock is the fcking man. There is no one better. Maturity isn't ever something I've looked for in wrestling either.
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    The day she pegs it will be as joyous as when Thatcher does.
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    She actually supports Hearts and you should show your ruler more respect.
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    Ha good point! Talking about 'The People's Strudel', threatening anal penetration with shiny, horizontally turned objects, declaring his love of pie, threatening to "layeth the smacketh down" on people's "candy asses", calling people "roody poos", The People's Eyebrow, threatening to check people into a mythical hotel, claiming on a regular basis that opponents had the bottom of a primate, The Rock N Sock Connection, asking people if they detect the aroma of his culinary efforts*, putting T-shirt's over Cole's/Coach's/other interviewers faces, doing impressions of Big Show/HHH/Vince McMahon other folk etc were all brilliantly immature and immensely entertaining. The best stuff in wrestling is fundementally immature. *That's a quote from one of Foley's books!
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    He tried the same thing on Newsnicht last night, only for the supposed expert on administration go 'err, not sure what you're talking about, really.' It's a shame to see Spiers fall into ranks with the rest of the Scottish media, swallowing the wish upon a star drivel fed to them by Duff and Phelps. Erm yes, we'll let Rangers - a club with no major income generating stream as things stand, and a track record of failing to pay taxes - pay back £19 million plus the inevitable £49 million second bill in 5,000 easy monthly payments. Her Majesty couldn't possibly say no to that. But if they do, presumably they're off to Wonga to apply for £63 million until their next pay day, which thanks to Ticketus, is currently, what, 2015?
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    Finished 5-1 , we played 4 trialists and the 2 at the back looked too slow ,they'll never make it !
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    I can imagine Spiers in a rage. Corduroy and tweed in a whirling mass of fury.
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    Following on from Athletic, there is the similar crest of Sestao River Club, based just a few miles downstream the Nervión. It's a beautiful logo but a bit over-detailed: Just across the bridge on the north bank is Arenas Club de Getxo, one of the founder members of the Liga. Head back across the river and towards Bilbao and take a right. You might find the home of CD Baskonia, who are a feeder club for Athletic but retain a logo that's particular to the area. The Basque clubs - especially those around the main urban centres - often have their roots in industry, often maritime business, and travel - hence the great emphasis on the river, the cityscapes, and also English-language words like River and Athletic and Club (also now a Spanish word but generally it was used in the English sense at the time of foundation.) If you go elsewhere - such as to Andalucia or Argentina - you'll also find plenty of English-language names and often a club namescape based around, say, mining or the railroads.
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    I wonder if that is seriously being considered? If they can re-negotiate the SPL's inequalities in finance and voting they won't be interested in re-joining the SFL. Celtic, whatever else they may be, aren't stupid so would surely negotiate in the event of a Rangers-free SPL. Only if Celtic pig-headedly insisted on the status quo being maintained would collapsing the SPL become a real prospect IMO. Sadly, it's all about £££££££££££££ and self interest for the laughably named "gang of ten", just as much as it is for the gruesome twosome.
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    Nah he looks more like the gay dude in Mrs Browns boys.
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    Also, if yer granny had a dick she'd be yer granda
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    , Meanwhile in Dundee https://www.facebook...&type=1
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    Congrats - although 17 hours to update P&B'ers is totally unacceptable.
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    Let them. Come on Newco rangers, head south. We wish you well. Just promise not to come back please.
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    Listening to the R5 show just now. I am immensely disappointed in the BBC for putting on such a one-sided and biased account of the whole story. All we are getting is the vilification of Whyte, sob stories about wealthy men taking a cut for a few months and the importance of Rangers to Scottish society. Rangers have brought systematic cheating and unparallelled hatred to our national game. There is a huge groundswell of feeling amongst non-OF fans (as well as Celtic fans) that many want this problem to be liquidated or at least be heavily penalised for several years and yet there is absolutely no recognition of this view. Any mention is simply disregarded as a couple of deranged Celtic fans on a messageboard, which simply is not the case.
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    Appreciate I've not put that the best way. To sum up, I can't see how a director for 15 years would be fronting a bid for someone like Whyte to turn St Mirren into Rangers. However, it is possible that some other members of his consortium do intend to do this but haven't let him in on that part - although using the Rangers company secretary as your lawyer probably isn't the most subtle way to go about that! Whole problem could have been averted if McGeoch had actually told everyone the "Who, what, where, why and when" of his bid. Anyway, enough of that on this thread. Is it not about time the Stand Up Guy surfaced again with more deluded ramblings?
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    fairly sure that the queen, rather than having the trogs singing their loyalty to her, would be more impressed by your lot paying what they fecking owe to her revenue n customs...what a show of loyalty that would be from the 'quintessentially british club'...far more impressive than the usual displays of hatred to people who have a slightly different religion. Dont think the thread should be bogged down by the whole flag debate - but despite some of the rangers fans claims, no one here is taking offence at the flag per se...its that it is being used a tool to raise funds by appealing to the lowest common denominator amongst of firm fans ie bogotry..again. the union flag has NOTHING at all to do with rangers fc and NEVER has. If they wanted a symbol for the club fighting for survival they would have used the club crest or something which has some relevance to the actual club. By choosing the union flag they are ignoring football all together and aiming for the bigot pound. I can see why they are short sighted enough to do this cos they are desperate and dont think they could have gotten away with anything more obvious.This would have been a real opportunity to raise the clubs profile away from petty hatred and pitch themselves as being in the 21st century (which who knows may have helped to attract a real investor )...but they instead reverted to type. shame really but then this is why there is so little sympathy from the rest of scottish fans.
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    I know, i maybe shouldnt bring this up being a Celtic fan, but i think exactly the same about Rangers & The Poppy. The fans have hijacked the symbol for there own gains, to show everyone how "british" they are and as a means to get one over on Celtic.
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    So how do you train to run 1/4 mile, carrying a 2-foot flaming object, without getting lifted? "Dear Dougie,We are delighted today to confirm your place on the Olympic Torch Relay. You have made it through the selection process, you have passed background and security checks, and you will have your moment to shine as a Torchbearer carrying the Olympic Flame! We have done our upmost to make sure that you carry the Flame within an hour from the home address provided with your nomination. Your slot is in Falkirk on 13 June 2012. Please note, this is non-transferrable. We will let you know the time and exact location approximately four weeks before the day of your slot. You are now part of the London 2012 team. We will be in touch soon... congratulations again, The London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay team"
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    27 points behind, 24 to play for. May I be the first to point out that Morton's promotion challenge officially expired today?
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    I finally got the "Why did the chicken cross the road?" "To get to the other side." joke today. "The other side" refers to the afterlife. My mind was blown when I realised.
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    It's the only kind of supporters you lot have.
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    Would be better if they actually didn't do walking away.
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    Absolute tune. Haters gonna hate.
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    Not forgetting, the Falkirk fans who have said one of their young defenders will be a Scotland regular for years to come. ETA: It was you.
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    Austrian side FC Wacker Innsbruck have taken the novel step of making their shirts this season completely incorporate their badge. Here is the club crest This season's home, away and third shirts Not a fan of the shirts I have to say, but it's an interesting concept.
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    Similarly, I've been wary of the FC Koln logo...
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    Alloa's wasp works out more than Brønshoj's wasp.
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    I think that Caleyking and Carlos both worked in my old work, although I don't think either of them encountered those three guys. the alcoholic guy used to say 'koneecheewah' (Japanese for hello?) all the time, I mean all the time. One of the guys on the desk spoke Japanese after doing a semester in Uni over there and I think we started saying it to him as a joke but Neil just said it all the time, constantly. Especially when he was excited, like when we were going to the pub. The conversation would go thus: ME: "So coming to the pub tonight James?" James: "I think so, should be good..." Neil (interjecting): "Doo be doo, you guys going to the pub?" Us (awkwardly): "Er, yes..." Neil (face lighting up like a dementd Chirstmas tree: "Koneeeeeeecheewaaaaaaa!" A strange chap. He left to work for Scotrail.
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    I am sure that will be played at Ibrox this weekend to 'celebrate' your Tainted Title
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    Sure you speak for the whole of Scotland. You fucking tit.
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    BT are obviously shite and the forum wasn't online when I last checked at about 12.30 today, just got back and checked it now and it's back. I thought Raw was absolutely shite. I know they don't want to really go at each other 2 weeks before Mania incase they get injured, but I thought the segments were shit. The Rock is still shit.
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