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    *reads rest of thread* emm yes Sir(is Sir applicable or should it be Lord? ) You're in the game. Would you like a choice of the roles Just please don't hit me
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    The only way that could have been better if is if he'd said "Great story" instead, the possibilities for "The Room" quotes would have been endless. Think it's already been mnetioned, but these "Scotland where..." groups are fucking horrendous.
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    Thanks for your help, McKee. Would it be a good idea to just submerge the iPod in orange juice before I freeze it? Might as well make an ice lolly out of it.
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    Probably best, otherwise it will lose all it's flavour.
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    A call back from the archives. Some bellend on mine changed his middle name to "Grohl". He's obsessed with Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters and he's a drummer(bet he knows f**k all about Nirvana) He changed it then this pretty sound guy that the bellend idiolises ripped him about it He's also just posted on one of my statuses with "cool story bro"(my status was that I was making some eggs and cracked the egg into the bin and put the shell in the bowl) a whole 30 seconds after I posted it. I think I'll just post cool story bro on everyone of his statuses from now on until he un-friends me, ye know, for shits and giggles.
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    Microwave for 3 minutes, it'll be good as new.
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    Sometimes Anderson will turn up and hit a 105+ average and other times he will be utter stinking and go out of tournaments early he's always been like that and I don't see much changing. People are being too dismissive of him to win a major though he has plenty of time and of course the talent to do it. He sold his pub to concentrate fully on his darts so I don't think it's a case of him not being bothered with darts or that he doesn't really like it. He just seems to me that he won't let a defeat get to him in the way that it would other people but I think that's just his nature and realises there is more important things in life than arras. It's kind of like when your football team gets beat at the weekend you will have some fans that it will put them in a mood all weekend and others who forget about it after 5 minutes of full time, it doesn't make them any less passionate. Regarding Huybrechts being a top 16 player he has a long way to go and everyone in the top 64 of the PDC should be aiming for the top 16 such is the talent in depth these days.
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    "Skinny Fat Ass" Punks promo was pretty damn good though. I hope to f**k Stephanie does return as this would make my penis happy.
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    Come Chrisy, tell us what's happened.
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    Go the Crucial website and use their memory scanner. It will tell you what you have, the capacity of the motherboard and sell you compatible sticks
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    My white middle-aged male Post Office lets foreigners buy stuff. Honestly, why do people feel the need to say anything other than "corner shop"? The other information is just completely supplementary and unnecessary.
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