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    Shitebags that like to sit behind strangers at football games and get all hard. C. tilwedie
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    Big boy had a "pee pee" sitting on the toilet before his bath last night. And learned to sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" at Nursery today which he's been regaling us with since.
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    What a creepy shit-stirrin' b*****d Michael Moon is and his younger brother that's just arrived is a complete tosser! Get them tae f**k!
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    We haven't signed Colin Samuel.
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    latest top 10 odds Kreuziger was 6th at the Giro, while John Gadret 4th at the Giro is also a decent shout. Would be nice to think Tom Danielson would have a shout at top 10. I`ve just taken Cunego @ 6/1. Would avoid Luis Leon Sanchez, has had a miserable season so far, anything he achieves at the Tour would be completely out of the blue. Roche crashed out of the Dauphine recently, but will ride the Tour, who knows what shape he`ll be in though?
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    Its part of Microsoft Office. One of those apps that no-one ever uses and hardly anyone knows is there, like Groove
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    ^^^ From the boy who rated Aaron Conway.
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    As soon as id read up this this point i knew it would be cringe worthy.
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    Paddy power roulette online. £100 in. £2500 out....Hello Zero is all av got to say
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    I'd gladly take a cord at Morrisey and Bono's funerals, and let the b*****ds drop into their final resting places. Pair o' cnuts. Veggies are twa links short of a hamper.
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    I'm more of a matching shoes kind of guy myself.
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    Oh and don't go by the estimated size from scans either, Niamh was meant to be little. Doctor stood at end of my bed and told me they were inducing me as she was small....6.5 hours later I had a 7lb 11oz baby! By myself...no epidural no forceps, no stiches..........my 5lb 7ozer, epidural forceps and 15 stiches!
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    Katatonia - Viva Emptiness, what an album
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    Ah but how many of them have you tried to add a dozen times over two different networking websites? Usually people only add a person on Facebook if they know them. If that person declines their invitation to become friends, normal people take the hint and don't try again. You, however, are not normal. I don't know you, I don't actually want to know you and I will never become your friend on Facebook or Bebo.
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    I've got 3 tickets for Peter Kay on Sunday. They're not for sale, I just felt like telling you all.
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    1 x t shirt and 2 x pairs of glasses
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    "Who hears when animals cry?"
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    Forgot about Barnard. Yes, fair point. He came and took everything too, though he did occasionally miss completely much as Robinson did.
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    Oh look it's dungeon & dragons boy. Fucking weirdo.
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    Here we go again - the usual detractors slating a player before he's even pulled on a rovers jersey. For god's sake, give the lad a chance. Ok, his stats might not make for great reading, but at the end of the day, the game is played on grass, not paper.
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    free tickets to the gun show. pm if interested.
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    I don't give a flying f**k what it is, do you just expect me to sit back and let a couple of no marks bad mouth me ?
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