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    I disagree completely. The reason the site is unstable is that Betfair decided that they needed to "upgrade", which largely involved adding lots more games of chance to part fools with their money. Fair enough, their share price is tumbling so they need to find ways to increase their revenue. Hence the announcement that they are moving offshore. However, if you are going to add such upgrades, make sure that it doesn't start destroying your core business by making the entire site crash every weekend. If you are a customer and it comes to about 2:45pm today and you are laying across dozens of markets and the whole site crashes and you have absolutely no idea what has been matched and what hasn't, this isn't good. If you have traded prices pre-game and have a massive liability that you do not want and suddenly can't trade out of, this isn't good. If you happened to be betting on the India v South Africa cricket game in-running, and had a massive liability that you intended to trade out of later, this isn't good. Betfair may not be screwing their customers intentionally with the site crashes, but they are screwing them none the less, particularly when they deal with the fallout from it, or rather don't do anything to deal with it. If as a business you cause massive inconvenience for customers by having a service that they are paying for unavailable for large periods of time through your own incompetence, any sensible business would compensate those customers in some way by offering some sort of refund/upgrade/discount. Betfair as usual will offer nothing. The busiest day of betting this week has pretty much been wiped out completely, yet the points decay will still be 15% come Sunday night and many people will be paying higher commission as a result. If this isn't screwing people, then I don't know what is.
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    My son has recieved a conditional offer from Napier
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    Right, you would be the Bookmaker effectively, therefore you would need to offer someone an outrageous price (odds) for them to take the bet in the first place. Not knowing an awful lot about Politics I'd say around 100/1 might get you a nibble or two. In order to win £1 here, you would have a liability of £100. In short, you'd need to have £100 in your account to try and make £1. You would obviously make your money back as there is little or no chance at all of the bet going against you, but in order to lay something you need to have the money to back it up, in case your bet doesn't come in. So, if I was to take you up on your bet of 100/1 for a tenner and somehow it came in, you would owe me £1000. If it didn't come in, you would have made a tenner. A good story about laying happened at the start of this season. A chap on Betfair layed no corners in the Wigan V Chelsea game at 999/1. He was saying there would be at least one corner in the game and to try and win £15, he put up a liability of £15,000. In this game there were no corners so he lost £15,000 trying to win £15. Follow?
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    Your mrs is called Barry Gerraghty
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    She's a bird so won't have a clue what's going on, just cheer like a mentalist every time a horse crosses the finish line and keep her drink topped up all day. By the evening time she'll think you're a gambling genius and will be wetter than an otter's pocket. Fact.
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    Iain Gray casts serious doubt over the theory of evolution.
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    I am seriously worried about tomorrows weather. It's ruined my life enough already - snow just f**k OFF AND DIE.
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    Indeed, put me off my stroke when Mila started carpet munching Natalie - all I could think was "oh no, her vag sill stink of benson and hedges"
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    He's the man who has stepped forward to defend the cold dead Union though, and the craven North British will vote him.
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    Listening to an album for the first time, and not realising that it's on shuffle until half the songs have played.
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    Meh. At least I can do some essay work now the football is off. Edited to add:- Eathquakes, tsunamis, snow in March? It can only mean one thing....
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    Snoooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!! :D
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    Can't say I've came across this yet. Incidentally, how many people does everyone know that say "lol" even when they're not laughing or it's not something remotely funny they're 'loling' at? It does my fucking willy in.
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